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July 05, 2008

Thanks For Nothing

Yesterday, July 4, was a wash. Literally! When it wasn't raining pitchforks and tomcats it settled into a constant mizzle that caused a few towns around here to either postpone or cancel their fireworks.

I spent most of the day deleting comment spam, closing comments on posts, and rebuilding this effing blog over and over.

Damn the spam. Damn the spam!

Since the Fox Movie Channel was showing Independence Day overandoverandover, we watched that. Believe it or not, I'd never seen it before. I love Harvey Fierstein and Mary McDonnell; I was so sad when they died. I actually yelled "They killed Stands With A Fist! Bullshit!"

Yeah, so, with the rain there was no cooking outside, so we had our oven broiled burgers in the house, after which I bored the younglings to near insanity when I pulled out The Civil War.

And that was only the first tape! Imagine how they'll get when they watch the rest of it!!!

Shut up.

Instead of watching live fireworks, we tried to watch them on TV. The Travel Channel screwed to pooch, IMO, with their coverage of the fireworks at the National Mall. We watched the Macy's display from NYC instead.

On television.

Oh well, last year we sat in a cemetery trying to catch the festivities from surrounding towns!

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