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August 31, 2005

A Kid's Dream Come True

Who wouldn't have loved to have been able to swear in school?

To a kid I'm sure this is cool, but as a parent, I have to say this is just irresponsible and doesn't do much to teach our youth any kind of respect.

Makes it hard for parents to enforce respect also.

via Assumption of Command

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Diaper Rash Proves Fatal

Did you know that diaper rash can get so bad that a child can die?

I would have never thought of this either, if it hadn't been for this story out of the Pittsburgh area. This mother's child had diaper rash so bad that he died!

Now, in reading this article I noticed that the father of this child had been deployed to Iraq and the defense attorney made a big deal out of that. Call me crazy, but what does this have to do with it? If the mom needed diaper rash cream, just head over to Tractor Supply and get some Bag Balm. Seriously, in those rare instances when my kids had butt trouble I slapped that on and it cleared right up.

But here's the bigger issue: didn't this woman know how to, I don't know, CHANGE A DIAPER? Anything wrong with her ability to at least get a warm, wet washcloth and cleanse this child's rear end?

That whole "my husband is deployed" angle is asinine. Yes, it's hard to deal with all the family things alone, but give me a break, changing a diaper is not brain surgery.

As to her "maturity level," that's a crock of hooey too.

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I was thinking...

You know I "adopted" a soldier through Soldiers Angels; I've written to him and I actually heard back from him, which was great news to both me and my mentor.

But I got to wondering about those out there who've also decided to write to soldiers, airmen, sailors...those who oppose this war, oppose the President, so on and so forth. What are they saying in their letters?

I just wonder, I'm not being critical of the, um...er..."opposition" I guess I'll call them. I know their intentions are good, they just want to make someone overseas feel better, but I'm curious as to the content of their correspondence.

I shouldn't throw stones, I shouldn't even ponder this. My first e-mail to my soldier was pretty lame, just an introductory kind of thing, the whole "you tell me what you want to talk about" thing. Believe it or not I didn't jump up and wave the flag, but I did tell him that I respect him for what he's doing...I know he can't tell me where he is or what he does and I didn't even ask. I figure this guy would rather hear about stuff other than the MSM or what my political standing is.


I have a headache.

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August 30, 2005

A New Kind of Blogging

Forget Right vs. Left...

Forget politics...


Hector Vex has Experimental Blogging!

Today's experiment is especially good...

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Missing Out

I've mentioned before that Brooks & Dunn are going to be in my area Saturday night (along with Big & Rich) and how I'm not going.

Oh, I really wanted to go, but Husband isn't a big country music fan, and I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to go with me, so....

And besides that, the "Prodigal Son" a.k.a. Husband's oldest brother, is going to be in town, and Heaven forbid Husband doesn't drop everything to run up there. The younglings and I are not going up.

(That's one of the reasons for my bad attitude today, by the way.)

So I shall have to content myself with listening to B&D's new CD, which I'm getting today. A poor substitute, really, as they put on an awesome show.

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Out to Destroy

This picture just about sums up my attitude today. I'm cleaning the house (actually taking a break right now) and sputtering the whole time.

Why why WHY is it that Husband gets his damn whiskers all over the bathroom sink?

Why won't Son figure out how to aim that gun when he's going to the bathroom?

Why is Daughter determined to follow me everywhere, and then run around with her potty on her head?

I hate cleaning the house.

Is it too soon to teach Son how to clean his toilet?

The remnants of Katrina are hitting us, which means rainrainrain. This does nothing to improve my mood, as my sinuses are now on overdrive...which for some reason makes me sick to my stomach...and tired...I just want to go back to bed. My head hurts so bad; I feel like if I bend over my eyeballs will fall out of my head...like eggs...ooey gooey...ugh.

(And, you know, I have such a thing for Anakin Skywalker I just had to post this picture.)

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August 29, 2005

"Nips Akimbo"

I like to peruse the Adam and Eve catalog, maybe once in a while even buy something, but I don't, you know, go out in public with it. I mean really!

h/t to Go Fug Yourself

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What do the Troops think?

There have been plenty of people who are talking about what is happening in Iraq and questioning what we should do. I think the average Joe Sixpack out there can see that a lot of this debate is purely political. Many of the key points argued are simply regurgitated talking points along party lines, whether they be from the liberals or conservatives. Both sides have reports and articles from Iraq that support their side, both claiming support from the majority.

Now, I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I got sucked into it pretty quickly. I heard about sites like MilBlogs and the Mudville Gazette and was immediately draw to reading the blogs of folks who are serving overseas. With all the debate on Iraq, I really wanted to see what the folks over there had to say about it. If anyone wants to get a better idea of what is really going on over there I strongly suggest reading these blogs written by our military members (if you haven’t been following them already). Looking at them from an objective standpoint, you would still want to consider the impact of the personal bias of the writers and the impact of the military’s scrutiny of these blogs, but these are perhaps the most unfiltered primary sources that we will have for this war, written by the men and women fighting it, as they are living through it.

I haven’t hit all of the blogs by folks over in Iraq and Afghanistan (I don’t even know if anyone has a good count on them out there), but as I read, the overall impression I get is that they see the positive effects of what they are doing, they believe in their mission and they think we should finish the job. The other major impression I get is that they don’t think the American people are hearing about any it. Don’t take my word for, go peruse the blogs yourself. I would love to quote all of the ones I have had the chance to visit, but I think GroovyVic would cut me loose if I did. Besides, it’s always better to read it directly from those writing it, so instead I’ll include some of the links below. It is definitely worth your time to find out what our troops have to say.


Mudville Gazette
Michael Yon : Online Magazine
Boots In Baghdad
Ma Deuce Gunner
From My Position... On the way!
The Gun Line
Assumption of Command
It's a living... sorta
Live in Iraq

Courage Without Fear
Live from Iraq... Latest Posts
5th CAG’s Experiences in Iraq

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August 28, 2005

Play Somethin' Country!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh b-o-y!

The new Brooks & Dunn CD will be out on Tuesday!


I'm so excited!!!

Since we're not going to the concert on Sept. 3, I'll just have to get this CD on Tuesday and listen to it overandoverandoverandoverandover...

I did get to see these guys about a year ago, and it was a great show.


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August 26, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Well here's a bit of good news: today one of the other moms called me and we talked for almost three hours about the school district our kids are in, the teachers, the "pencil rule" our sons' teacher has instituted...we just gabbed and gabbed.

I think we're both concerned about the same things as far as the school district, and after talking to her I'm worried and giving serious thought to putting the kids in a different school. It's that or I run for school board...and no one wants to have GroovyVic in a position of powwah. Trust me. Looks like I'll be going to the school board meetings this year!

It also made me think that maybe I should dust off my teaching certificate and get my butt back in the classroom...on both sides of a desk. I could get my Masters and really kick some butt.

Who knows?

Husband came home really early from work today. I was surprised, pleasantly so, and right now it's all rainy, and we're here together...it's like we're the damn Waltons or something.

I had to stop myself from starting another blog today. I got myself in a tizzy because the original intent of this blog has fallen by the wayside because I've got some rather vocal readers from the other side who never hesitate to try to tear me a new one. While I wanted to blog about politics, I've found that I get easily frustrated with these damn comment arguments; and while I love to write I keep hearing that one little weenie guy saying over and over in my head "Any idiot can have a blog" and I just say FUCK IT.

Yes, I dropped an F-bomb.

But I got sick of all the harping, so I'm leaving the bulk of the political stuff to my co-hort Randolph Dudetooth. I also tried to coax someone else into contributing, but I don't think he's read this here blog thing yet...I spy on you all with SiteMeter, so I know who's reading when.


Oh yeah, as for indulging my writing passion, I'm sticking to old-fashioned pen and paper. No need to inflict that kind of punishment on you all.

Goodnight JohnBoy....goodnight MaryEllen...goodnight Erin...

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Git outta there!

Shout outs and a bit of concern for this blogger and this blogger.

Get the hell out of Florida already!!!

Confederate Yankee has some good advice for you...

But seriously, just take care, willya?

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Happy Belated Hot Guy Birthday

One of the hottest guys of all time, Sir Sean Connery, had a birthday yesterday. Happy Happy!!

Big thanks and h/t's to The Llama Butchers for pointing this out.

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My Candidate for 2008

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Hot Guy Friday

No eye candy today, sorry.

No one caught my eye this week! But I'm still taking suggestions.

Call this a bye week, shall we?

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August 25, 2005

I'm bawling...

Ex-Donkey has a link to a site that has be bawling.

Go check it out.

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This Gets My Blood Up

This is asnine. This is disgusting. This is, in my opinion, a low down dirty stupid thing to do.

Protesting outside Walter Reed? Stupid.

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Show Big Daddy Some Respect!

My big pimpin' daddy has broken with tradition and (gasp!) posted about politics.

He says he's "feeling social," so pop on over and read this and tell him what you think. He gives feedback much better than I do.

Hector has also changed the look of his blog...is there something in the air that we're all making changes lately???

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It's disgusting...

It's disgusts me to know that this year's incoming Freshmen at colleges were born in 1987.

Last night on NBC Nightly News (yeah, one of the rare times I watch televised news of any sort) they had a story on the class of 2009. We hear this stuff every fall, when these kids were born, how they've always had VCR's, cable or satellite TV, MTV. (By the way, do you remember MTV? Music Television? When they actually showed music videos? )

Anyway, it isn't that these kids don't know who Jackie Gleason is (I do) or can't remember a President past Bush 41 or (ugh) BillyJeff. (BTW, I remember back to Gerald Ford.) It's the fact that these snot noses (ha ha) were born when I was 17 years old.

I looked at my husband and said "Holy crap, when did I get so old?" It has gotten to the point where I actually hear myself saying "When I was your age." And I'm only 35! I'm stunned because most of the time I still feel like I'm 18. It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman at college! (I was so nervous I broke out in hives.)

This thought rattled around in my head most of the night...right up until I fell asleep on the couch...at 9:00 last night...and missed Mythbusters.

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Here's my big First Grade Son. He was so excited this morning he was up and out of bed at 6:40 a.m.! He also picked out his own clothes today, what do you think of his choice?

Son wasn't even sad to be going back to school, no whining or tears (yet) and he was really excited to carry his new Aladar (Dinosaur) lunchbox. I think it was the prospect of seeing all his friends that made going back to school easier, and the fact that he's an official "big kid," at least in his eyes, because he's not in Kindergarten anymore.

Son didn't cry...but Daughter did! I think she was a bit scared that Son and I got out of the truck and walked away from her, and then her brother got on this big yellow thing and took off up the road. She kept sobbing Son's name over and over...but by the time we got back up the hill to the house she had quieted down. I think Daughter figured out she wouldn't have to fight with her brother for toys to play with and "the seat" on the couch.

She's happily watching Elmo and dancing around the living room right now.

But I can't help but wonder if, since seeing her big brother go off to school, Daughter will be a bit more agreeable when her time comes. We'll see...

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August 24, 2005

Getting Ready

It's the day before the First Day of School, and we've got to get that backpack ready to go. You know, make sure we have all the required school supplies, everything has Son's name on it...then we have to go through "The Battle of the Clothes," laying out what Son wants to wear...and then pack that new dinosaur lunch box.

I try to let Son make the decisions regarding a few things, so we fight less. But I fear the biggest fight will come at 8 p.m. tonight when he'll have to go to bed. He's so used to staying up later to play Star Wars that he may get the D.T.'s or something.


Pat Robertson is a wanker.


There isn't anything else to move on to right now! I promised Son a "last day of vacation" lunch up at Burper King...I've got to dig that Scooby backpack out of Son's closet and find the pencils...

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August 23, 2005

Oh boy oh boy!!! GO BUCKEYES!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited about the start of college football season?


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New Look

Yeah, I changed the template again. I really liked this one, and since a fellow and favorite blogger has changed his template, I decided to pick it up.

Hope you like it...

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How ya like me now?

Get your position here

h/t to The Llama Butchers for this one

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I've Adopted...

...a soldier currently serving in Iraq. I'd mentioned this before, my decision to do this, but I still haven't heard from that other place, so I went to Soldier's Angel. When I opened my e-mail this morning, there it was! My message telling me who my soldier is.

Is it weird to say that now I feel like I'm a part of things? Like I'm not just on the sidelines anymore, I may actually be doing something nice for someone who's probably over there wondering if he's getting smoke blown up his camo pants.

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August 21, 2005

"You will try..."

I saw on Amazon that SW Episode 3 will be out on November 1.


Santa Claus is going to be bringing us the revamped original trilogy, and Episodes I and III on DVD. (We already have Episode II on DVD.) Film festival at Groovy's house this Christmas!

Reviews are subjective, you're all entitled to your opinions on "Sith," but as for me, I'm going to watch it every day just for that yummy eye candy Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christenson.

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August 20, 2005

Hi! I'm Randolph Dudetooth

Hi! My name is Randolph Dudetooth. You might remember me . . . ok, perhaps not. I’ve recently started reading through blogs (when time permits), but don’t really have the gumption to start my own. GroovyVic and I go way back, and since we share similar interests and views on many things, she graciously offered me the opportunity to post on her blog. As she mentioned, I was debating on what I should post about, and luckily enough, it came to me last night.

I am guilty of stereotyping, especially when it comes to politicians. So, I normally take anything they say with a grain of salt. But, last night I heard a speech by a member of Congress that really struck a chord with me. Representative Murphy (PA) spoke of a familiar topic, the media, and began with a neat little story from history (you can’t go wrong with that). He related how in the midst of WWII, as the Germans were lobbing their V1 and V2 rockets on the city of London, they had no way of tracking their weapons to see where they were going. So they listened to British radio and had their spies in England read the papers. They knew the media would tell them exactly where there rockets were hitting. However, the British media of the day voluntarily cooperated with the government and ran false stories to deceive the Germans. If the V2 hit a farmer’s field they reported that it barely missed Parliament, and with this seemingly small thing they helped to lessen the effectiveness of the enemy’s attacks and helped to win the war.

Representative Murphy noted that you don’t see this today. In fact, it appears as though the opposite is true. It seems as though the biased mainstream media is not only watching and waiting for us to loose, but they are damn near aiding and abetting the enemy. He relayed how he had recently returned from Iraq and while he was there he was interviewed by Fox News. They asked how it was going and he said it was going surprisingly good and he began to relate to them all of the good things he had just witnessed there. Then he abruptly quit the interview because he knew it would receive no air time in the US since he was not trying to pump the “acceptable” doom and gloom that the media wants when they talk of Iraq. Needless to say, that interview never aired.

We don’t get to see the evidence of this to often, but the recent live interview by Matt Lauer over in Iraq was a great example. He asked some soldiers about morale, to which they responded that it was good. It wasn’t what he wanted to hear, so he followed up with: “Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re probably telling the truth, but there might be a lot of people at home wondering how that might be possible with the conditions you’re facing and with the insurgent attacks you’re facing. What would you say to those people who are doubtful that morale could be that high?”

The soldier responded, “Well sir, I’d tell you, if I got my news from the newspapers I’d be pretty depressed as well!”

Lauer, not satisfied, then tried to bait him into saying that we should leave Iraq, but Capt Powell socked it to Lauer once more: “For those of us who have actually had a chance to get out and meet the Iraqi Army and Iraqi police and go on patrols with them, we are very satisfied with the way things are going here and we are confident that if we are allowed to finish the job we started we’ll be very proud of it and our country will be proud of us for doing it!”

Recent polls (I know some of you just love polls) by the Pew Research Center show that 60% of Americans (count me in) believe that news organizations are "politically biased in their reporting." I don’t think any discerning person who sees what is reported and does a little digging would disagree with that. I mean if Iraq is as bad as the picture they paint why didn’t Capt Powell say so, why don’t we hear most of the soldiers returning from Iraq saying so? If the anti-war movement is gaining such strength why were there only 1600 vigils with perhaps tens of thousands of people the other night, not 16,000 vigils with millions of people?

I’ve held the opinion for some time that the mainstream media is biased, but Congressman Murphy made me start to consider that perhaps some of these folks aren’t much different than propagandists/traitors like Lord Haw Haw. I mean you’ve got Geraldo drawing out battle plans, special reports “exposing” weaknesses and showing how easy it would be for terrorists to hit our vital infrastructure (and damn near planning it out for them), and headlines showing how each terror attack comes closer to wrecking our economy. Can they be so dense not to think that terrorists are watching and listening to everything they report, just like the Germans in WWII (I mean where else are the terrorists going to get their info folks)? And if they are conscious of this, are they not aiding the enemy? What about the reporters who were detained by Coalition Forces in Iraq because of their apparent outright cooperation with the insurgents (their uncanny ability to show up 10 minutes prior to, and in the exact location where attacks against Coalition Forces occurred). I know, they’re out there reporting the “truth,” but I doubt anything other than ratings and political agenda guides the media outlets these days (so much for any kind of moral conviction, let alone patriotism). I’m just a little sick of the mainstream media trying to loose this war and brainwash us- this isn’t Vietnam. Too many in the media are guilty of being propagandists if not outright treason. They hung Lord Haw Haw, but I doubt anything will be done to those in the media helping the enemy today. If nowhere else, perhaps history will see these traitors for what they are and give them their just reward.

There’s a lot more I’d like to jump into, like the whole absurd idea of cutting and running out of Iraq, but I will save that for another time. Until then . . .

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The Big Night

I'm sure you're all slightly interested in finding out how the big night out went. Well, it wasn't as great as I'd hoped it would be.

After all the planning and worrying, packing and pressing, I forgot my damn makeup. There I was, in the hotel bathroom, just about in tears because I'd forgotten to pack my makeup! Luckily for me, Husband's buddy's wife was there to rescue me. I guess I looked alright, at least Husband said I looked good.

The dress, that beautiful red thing, well, it just sort of hung there. I got one compliment the whole night. Oh well, what was I expecting? One of local news personalities was there, and her red dress looked a lot better on her. Of course, her breast area looked a lot better than mine...

Husband got some special recognition he wasn't expecting, so that was nice.

There was a funny incident: while telling Buddy and his wife about this here blogging thing, I mentioned that I have a couple Liberals who come over to yell at me. The wife of one of the other guys at the table says "I'm a proud Liberal, so no jokes please." I looked at her and said "Hey, I'm just talking about the Libs that yell at me, I'm not making jokes about you all...yet." And for the rest of the evening she shot me these "I'm being polite but I really hate you" looks. By the way, the one compliment I got on my dress was from this woman's husband. Buddy's wife said "Yeah, it does say 'Republican' doesn't it?" just to sort of rub that woman's face in it. I just rolled my eyes...what ever. It was a dress, people, not a political statement.

Honest and for true, folks, I didn't make any jokes one way or another about politics, or even talk politics. I spent most of my evening talking to one of Husband's co-workers about country music.

I can't say I had a particularly great time. Husband took a picture of me, but I haven't even downloaded it off the camera yet to see how I looked.

Next year, please, remind me not to anticipate this so damn much.

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August 19, 2005

Don't deliver pizza in Erie...???

Okay, oh gang of happy readers, make a note to watch "Jerry Riviera" this weekend, as he'll be talking about the "Pizza Bomber Mystery" that all got started two years ago in my hometown area.

I've talked about this before, and like I said, I was pregnant with Daughter when this happened, and saw NBC and MSNBC reporters scurry around Erie, and watched their broadcasts while I was in labor with Daughter.

Lucky for you they never caught my pregnant arse waddling around the area where the bombing ocurred...I used to by groceries in that shopping plaza.

Anyway, watch this because it really is kind of an interesting case.

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Blog Shout Out

I just came across this blog and suggest everyone take a peek. This man offers up some great commentary on recent events; scroll down to read "Cindy Sealed the Deal" especially.

h/t to Rightwingsparkle

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He's coming...

Randolph Dudetooth is coming, I promise. He just asked me what his first post should be about...he's a "blog virgin" so be gentle with him!

I told him he'd better do a good job, or I'll drop his rear from here. Now I know the powwah of the blog side...hee hee hee hee.

Sorry, I'm a little giddy from Magic Sizing fumes; as the good and dutiful wife that I am I pressed Husband's shirt for tonight, and since I had the ironing board out I did the rest of the ironing too. Wooo! The fun and frivolity never ends at Groovy's house!

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Pretty Up! We're Goin' Out!!

Tonight is the "big dinner" thing for Husband's work. On your left is a pic of us from last year.

Ha HA HA HA...kidding, just kidding, we all know who that is in the picture. I wish, right? Nudge, nudge, wink wink....

But anyway, tonight is the night. I'm not so sure I'm looking forward to this shindig, I have to be on my "best behavior" and everything...which pisses me off, like Husband thinks I'm going to burp really loud, stick my spoon on my nose, tuck my napkin into my shirt collar and pick my teeth with my fork?

Come on, that was our wedding, folks!!

Ha ha ha tee hee haw haw haw haw haw *snort*!

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Hot Guy Friday


Yes, I know he's been here before, and well, do I really have to start that "this is my blog thing" with you all?

Anyway, he's here because he's one of the voices for the new movie "Valiant." Now, before you all shake your heads in disgust with old Groovy, just hear me out.

I've read a couple of reviews for the flick, and they weren't positive. Maybe it is over kids' heads, but hey, I might like it (the commercials looked funny at least) and even if it is a dud....Ewan McGregor people!!!

(I'd also like to add that I was at a loss for hot guys this week. Come on, send in those suggestions!)

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August 18, 2005

Say "HI" to the new guy

I'd like to introduce a contributor to Fiddle Dee Dee! Yes, someone has agreed to join up in this mad escapade, so in the future look for the occasional post from Randolph Dudetooth!

He'll be stopping by once in a while to drop a post, make some comments, what ever he feels like. I'll let him talk about himself if he wants.

Make him feel welcome, willya?

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She'd better take her Citracal

Madonna better watch out. Bones take longer to heal up when you're 150...ooops, I mean 47.

Whyyyyyyyyy do we even care about this?????

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Great Googly Moogly pt. II

I am a Yankee. I am not offended by the song "Dixie," I like the South and I like Southerners.

This is what political correctness is doing to our history!

The American Civil War (War of Northern Aggression), its causes and effects, are a part of our history. Like it or lump, but stop trying to ignore and change it!

Ram that down your musket.

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Lord, Lord, Lord...

An interesting part of the "Stop the ACLU Blogburst" from a fellow (and much beloved) blogger.

Someone at church (yes, CHURCH) said, when I asked the same question, "They are afraid of the truth."

Amen, amen.

via An American Housewife

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For Crying Out Loud!

Great googly moogly people. What in the name of Peter Piper did I move in to?

Here I am, worrying about the younglings education and class size and the school budget (not to mention my own budget), and the Governor of the state is facing criminal charges.

And if one of you, just one, says something about President Bush in reference to this I will smack your heinie!!!

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August 17, 2005

Look over there...

...up in the right hand corner...right next to the "next blog" button. See that "flag" thing?

Good gracious, they're after me! Good gracious on a pony!

They're coming to take me away....ha ha hee hee ho ho ha ha hee hee blah blah blah blah blah...

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I'm just gonna say this about that...

...and this is it, I promise.

I found this interesting blog via Elephant in My Coffee.

Go and give this blog a look-see...

And that's all I have to say about that!

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In-laws BEWARE!!

Not that I would ever do something like this...and it is a boneheaded thing to tie up the Feds like this, but still, it's tempting, no?

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Hey hey, ho ho...

It just so happens that I'm going to be in Pittsburgh on Saturday....wonder if they'd get cheesed off if I yelled something like, oh I don't know, "Get a haircut, Hippie!" or some such trite, forty year old sentiment.

Yeah, Husband told me about this last night. Apparently the cops over in the Iron City are about as tolerant of this kind of stuff as the NYPD. It could get interesting, but knowing me and my big mouth I'd better stay clear of it. I'd probably have the ACLU after me then...and get nasty comments here for my pains.

Ah, that blessed First Amendment, huh?

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Photographic Proof...

...of the bygone headbangin' days of GroovyVic. Of course, this is my senior picture, so I've dressed up a bit. I usually ran around in shirts that said either "Silly Rabbit, Trips are for Kids," "Yabba Dabba Doobie," and let's not forget those "Co-Ed Naked" shirts....mine is still hanging in my closet....and I confess I'm wearing my 13 year old "Camel Hardpack" shirt right now.

The Rocker Never Dies!!!

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Kill the Wabbitt!

This one will tighten your colon...and probably get those PETA people after me.

Let me begin by saying that we did hit a rabbit on the way home last night. Neither Husband or I thought to look at La Tahoe and we didn't. Therefore, it was quite a shock to me this morning when one of the attendents came out at the gas station to tell me I had a dead rabbitt stuck to my truck.


This woman was nice enough to take the rabbitt off La Tahoe and dispose of it. She was really nice about it...

Bugs Bunny hitching a ride was probably why Pinky, the guy who works on La Tahoe, was pointing at me as I drove by. I just waved and waved...I didn't know any better.

So, after the younglings and I got home from Wal-Mart, I hosed the bunny blood off the garage floor and off the truck. Believe me, I called Husband at work just as soon as I pulled away from the gas station...and he laughed and laughed and laughed.

Anyone who knows me who reads this is probably right now laughing and thinking to themselves that this is "typical Vic."

Oh, hey, I'm a lethal weapon on four wheels. Yeah! I once killed a deer with a Buick Regal.

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My Thoughts Exactly

This is precisely why I'm just not saying anymore about it.

h/t to Wuzzadem

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"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair..."

Well, actually, it's only the County Fair, but I can't think of any songs about a county fair right now.

So, we took the younglings last night and had a pretty good time. We didn't go on any of those rides, mainly because we didn't have enough $$$, nor did we indulge in any "fair food" for the same reason. (Although I would have killed for funnel cake!) As it was, Husband and I wound up eating most of the younglings' corn dogs (blech) and people watching (blech).

We probably had the most fun looking at the antique tractors and farm implements and touring the livestock barns. The kids went nuts over all the animals...and Daughter was so excited about the rabbits! It was cute. It was her first time at a fair...

As we were on our way out, Husband pointed out a Democrat Headquarters booth. We looked at each other with mischief in our eyes, but didn't do or say anything. I did say "Hey, let's go see if they try to register us to vote!" but common sense got the better of me.

See, I can keep my mouth shut....some times!

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Shake yo' money maker!

Shout outs to Ex-Donkey for this Dancing Hillary clip.

Um, er, okay...shake it...???

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All My Blogs...

...Blog for Tomorrow... ...Port Blogs... ...Search for Blogs... ...The Blogs and the Beautiful... ...Guiding Blog... ...The Blogs and the Restless... ...Blogging Light... ...The Edge of Blogs... ...General Blog... ...Blog Hospital... ...Another Blog... ...Blog's Hope...

(Hey, this is more fun that that penis joke...)

Reasearchers and those Nielsen people can reason all they want, but this SAHM generally turns off the TV, or better yet, finds a good classic movie to watch during the day...or "One Life to Blog..."

Ha ha ha ha ha...!!!!!!!!! I am the Susan Lucci of blogging!! Tee hee, ha ha ha ha ha *snort*...

I do not watch the soaps anymore. They got a little ridiculous to me a few years ago. But, in this article, they do mention that the ratings for "Paula's Home Cooking" are up, and that's true for this household. I would rather watch Paula Deen cook!

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August 16, 2005

Doing Something...

Yes, GroovyVic is going to get off the couch and actually start getting involved. After talking to some of the mothers with kids in school with Son, I've decided to start going to school board meetings. I need to see for myself what all these other parents are complaining about, especially where this levy business is concerned. I need to get involved. Perhaps I'll even join up with the PTO again, who knows.

Then, I just read somewhere about Reform Ohio Now. I've bookmarked this page, I need to look into it when I get more time, but perhaps I'll get involved with that too. Just getting on here and ranting and raving isn't doing me any good, and I need to look at what's going on closer to home before I complain about the country as a whole. I admit that when I lived in PA I was very interested in the state's goings on, but since moving to OH I've slacked off a bit.

And I started something new last night, but as it has to do with church I won't go into it here. Suffice to say, I'm going to make an effort to get more involved there too.

Add to this the "big dinner" Friday night for Husband's work. I'm no "social butterfly" these days, but I can get out and mingle, and part of said mingling is to get Husband out there too. He's one of those "stand in the corner" kind of guys, and I keep telling him to get out there and get some positive name and face recognition. Schmooze!! So, clad in my new sexy red dress, I shall do my best to get Husband remembered. But, sadly, I'm not going to talk about this here blog stuff; Husband says I'm like a politician when it comes to this!

And if a decent picture is taken of me in said ensemble, I just may post it for you all to see.

So, feeling good about my decisions, I'll go now.

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*Reader Beware*

A new way to have fun with the word "penis."

May I humbly submit the following titles:

"Harry Potter and the Penis of Fire"

"Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Penis"

"Penis Floats"

h/t to The Llama Butchers

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Who's Gonna Buy This?

I want to know, who's going to shell out the money to buy this?

Personally, and this is just me, I don't give a small rat's heinie what music this man likes to listen to while he gets untensils polished...and I think you know what I mean here.

And while we're on the subject, I didn't really care about what was on Bush's iPod either. Remember that? When it had supposedly been hacked in to?

Who cares?

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August 15, 2005

"I was just made by the Presbyterian Church"

A hilarious translation of Star Wars Episode 3.

big h/t to Ex-Donkey Blog for this one...I needed a good laugh!

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The non-post

I'm really not posting today, so I'm not here. I'm disgusted, fed up, and cranky...

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The Evening News

Tonight was one of those rare nights I was able to sit down and watch both the local and national newscasts. The lead story on the local news tonight was about a one year old girl who'd been severely beaten and is now in critical condition after having had surgery.

While this story sickens and saddens me, what really stuck with me was the Sheriff. He was interviewed live...and his voice broke and he was in tears. I've never seen this before, and it touched me.

What kind of monster beats a child? What kind of moral idiot would beat a one year old child so badly that they have to have surgery? The Sheriff said that even if this child lives, she'll be crippled for the rest of her life. A young, beautiful life is cut short.

I'm angry about this. As a mother, heck as a human being I'm upset about this. It's like that old saying "You need a license to drive, to catch a fish...but any asshole can have a kid."

So true.

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August 14, 2005


Please, somebody tell this is photoshopped. Please tell me she did not do this on purpose.

I think I'm gonna be sick...

via Tales of a Wandering Mind

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Very Interesting...

Check this out. And in Mosul, huh?

via RedState.org

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August 13, 2005

This Just In!

“There are two roads to the reformation for mankind - one through misfortunes of their own, the other through the misfortunes of others; the former is the most unmistakable, the latter is the less painful … we should always look out for the latter, for thereby we can, without hurting ourselves, gain a clearer view of the best course to pursue … the knowledge gained from the study of true history is the best of all educations for practical life.” - Polybius

Just a fancy way of saying it's a lot easier to learn from history than to make those mistakes all over again on your own...

hugs and kisses to Husband for this one

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Mr. Neeson goes to Washington

Just read over at LIBERTAS that Liam Neeson has signed on the play Abraham Lincoln. Looks like Steven Spielberg, oh he of E.T. fame, is making a picture about President Lincoln.

About damn time, I say.

The story, Neeson said, "speaks to our time."

A commenter agreed with this, sending interested readers to read about "Copperheads." In reading this, I have to agree that it sounds a lot like the Progressives today (read Liberal Democrats.)

Know do you see why I always say to look to our history to understand our present?

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August 12, 2005

VF update

On Tuesday I sang about going to get the latest edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Yeah, well, that never happened...remember my rant about gas prices? It all turned into a wild goose chase; the bookstore up at the excuse for a mall didn't even have it and didn't know when they were going to get it. I guess they'd had quite a few people asking about it, and that lady behind the counter was less than friendly to me once the words "Vanity Fair" came out of my mouth. But I made her shut up when I plopped $150 worth of books on her counter 15 minutes later.

I like to start Christmas shopping early, gang, and I snapped up every Star Wars thing I could find.

I asked my husband, oh he who works in that gem of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, if he could, perhaps, stop by the Barnes and Noble after work for me? Pretty please? Well, that didn't happen. He wanted to know why I couldn't go to the library and read it. I said to him: "The library won't let anyone take magazines out. What am I going to do? Sit there for eight hours and read it?" (For I like to read that magazine...)

Well, last night he surprised me and bought me a copy. There was Jennifer Aniston, smiling up at me from my kitchen counter. I thanked Husband profusely and began to read. I also tore out a subscription card and will be mailing it this morning. No more chasing all over this armpit of Ohio!

If you haven't seen it, you should, just for the Aniston pictures alone. I hope, really, that Pitt sees those pics and eats his heart out.

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Hot Guy Friday


It was 1987 and Lethal Weapon had just been released in theaters. The scene where Mel's character gets up...off the bed...and he's naked. I saw that posterior and the angels sang.

Well, not angels, but it was quite a moment for that seventeen year old girl (me) watching it. I became a Mel Gibson fan then and there.

This is not to say that I see his movies strictly for his bum, he's a good actor too. This also doesn't mean I've liked, or even seen, all his movies. I did not like Conspiracy Theory; that scene with the eyes....reminded me too much of A Clockwork Orange, and I wasn't crazy about that movie either.

To this day I can't watch We Were Soldiers...and it even has last week's hot pick Sam Elliott in it. That movie makes me cry way too much. Serious, ugly faced, Titanic crying, folks.

So, the question is out there: "Did ya see The Passion of the Christ Vic?" Yes, yes I did. I liked it. You know I don't flout religion here, so that's all I'm going to say. I liked it.

I had always liked Gibson as an actor, but after seeing that movie that caused all the hub-bub (and let's face it, how many people saw it because of the controversy?) I had respect for Gibson as a person with convictions, and he stood up for those convictions. I like that these days...he made this movie and didn't seem all that worried about what Hollyweird would think about him.

The best thing about Mel Gibson? Besides his booty? He's a Three Stooges fan! You've gotta love that. Personally, I'm a Curly fan....

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August 11, 2005

Old dog learns something new

Isn't it amazing what one finds out in the blogosphere?

This blogger, at first, was not someone I wanted to talk to. She basically rips me a new one, but she does make me think...and gets me to stop my mouth from writing checks my butt can't cash. But I've been reading her blog, commenting, keeping things neutral, as it could be said we're on very opposite sides of the political fence.

Today I went over to see what was new and she talked about writing letters to our service people! What a great idea, really! I don't always agree with her, er, passionate discussions, but she does have a point with the magnets on our cars thing.

So I linked to the site she mentioned, and I'm going to do it! Go check it out, it may be something you'd like to do also.

See, an old dog can learn something new...!!!

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"It is your destiny..."

Son's Halloween costume arrived yesterday. Yep, he's going to be Darth Vader...don't worry, I didn't order one of those $60 jobs.

And yes, I know, it's only August, but I like to beat the rush.

Anyway, I had Son try it on, and it fit, and he would not take it off. He ran around the house in the costume for the better part of two and a half hours before he complained of being too warm. Well, it slips over his clothes, so I wasn't surprised that he was so warm.

Add to this the recent acquisition of the Episode 3 soundtrack, and this child was in galactic heaven yesterday!

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School days, school days...

Okay, gang, this is why I've considered homeschooling my younglings.

Big h/t's and applause to Somewhere in FL for reading my mind...

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A Shout Out

I love to read other folks' blogs, you know that, and I have my daily routine of which blogs I read...so on and so forth.

So this morning I sit down with my cup of coffee to start off with one of my favorites (and a really nice guy too) and he posts about a conservative film blog! Ooooo...yeah, you bet I bookmarked that one.

I perused it, I liked it!

h/t to Ex-Donkey

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August 10, 2005

I know it's only rock n' roll...????

Huh? Okay, I like the Stones, but they're just getting political now? Or have I missed something, having been born in 1970 (which would make anyone of those old farts old enough to be...my grandad...)???

This, once again from Wuzzadem, made me laugh so loud my Husband wondered what the heck I was doing. Check out the encores too, they're worth it!!!

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Where does the time go?

Allow me to get domestic for a moment.

I got an email from ParentCenter; I get this every week and it's no big deal, I get emails from BabyCenter too. Anyway, I was reading the "Bringing up Ben and Birdy" page when I glanced up to the top and it said that son was 5 3/4 years old. It's true, but I sat there staring at the numbers wondering where in the hell the last 5 3/4 years went.

Son starts school in two weeks, a big first grader. (He got the "nice" teacher, he's excited about that.) Where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday I sat here and wrote that I was counting the days until August 25. The summer has flown and I feel like we, as a family, haven't done a damn thing...unless you count going up to visit the kinfolk in Erie, which I do not.

And did you know that Daughter will be two years old one month from today? It amazes me. I've started that "Introduction to the potty" thing with her, I shan't bore you with the details.

Son will be turing six at the end of September, and in the spirit of his Star Wars obsession, we're having that SW birthday party. I'm already in the planning stages (call me over-reactive and anal-rententive), and I pulled out my two Star Wars cook books to plan the menu. TIE Fighter thingies (hot dogs with bread sticks around them) and what I'll call "Siddious Slop" (sloppy joes), "Anakin's chips" (tater chips...representing Anakin's chip on his shoulder...ha HAW!). What should I call the Rice Krispy treats made with colored marshmallows? Needs to be in keeping with Episode 3 (and yeah, I know, no TIE fighters in 3, but hey, it's an easy recipe.) Ah-ha! "Kashyyk Krispies!!!" And I'll get Hawiian Punch and call that "Yoda Soda." Order that groovy SW cake from Wal-Mart and I'm set.

It's a bunch of six year olds, they'll love it. Slap the Episode 3 soundtrack in ye olde CD player, have them make "lightsabers" and keep a balloon in the air...oh yeah, and Son will probably run around with his Darth Vader helmet on.

Anyone want to come help with "animal control?" Ha ha ha... Anyone like to help me make planets? You know, Tattooine, Naboo, Mustafar, Kamyno, Kashyyk...

Yes, I'm "putting on the dogs" as it were.

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August 09, 2005



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Get your blogs out there!

Another goodie from Wuzzadem: The "Self-Pimping Blog Post Machine."

This sounds like a pretty good idea (tee hee), but I think I'll stick with my big pimpin' daddy Hector Vex.

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Brace yourselves, SUV haters. I'm getting fed up with La Tahoe!

It all started this morning when I had to drive past about five different gas stations just to find a place I could afford. Two stations were up to $2.46/gallon! Anyway, finally found a more reasonable station and filled up my budgeted $30. Yes, and it didn't even fill the tank, but I'm used to that.

So, after running errands, I look at the gas gauge only to see how much fuel has been sucked up, and needless to say I was not happy. So I get to thinking mutinous thoughts about going and looking for something different, maybe even a (gasp!) Toyota or Honda. I can hear my mother now, bitching at me about buying a "Jap job." (I can hear you all now, "You are a 35 year old married woman, stop letting your mother bug you." If only it were that easy...)

Don't get me wrong, I love the whole "SUV" factor, and given the region I live in, the four-wheel drive is almost a must have; I need it just to get up my driveway in the winter time.

So this leaves me in a thoughtful mood. I love La Tahoe, I bought it brand new with my own money, no loans or anything, and if I wanted to I could attach all kinds of sentiment to it: it took Husband and I on our honeymoon, many reenactments, we brought our kids home from the hospital in it...but in the end I know it is just an automobile!

I got the thing primarily because I didn't want a mini-van, I needed the four-wheel drive to get back and forth to work...and it is handy with kids and all. But this whole gas thing has me so pissed off right about now.

Any suggestions? What ever I get, if I do get anything, it has to be red.

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I laughed so loud I woke the kids up...

Go check out Wuzzadem....you have to admit, this is a good one.

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Weeeeeeeeee're OFF...

...to get Vanity Fair, that wonderful liberal mag...

...because Jen Aniston's spilling her guts, we like her more than Jolie...

...because, because, because, because, be-caaaaaaaaause....because of that wonderful show she did!!!!

(Think Wizard of Oz, folks.)

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"I coulda been a contenda..."

Oh, now this sounds like it could be fun.

Don't hate me, but I like the cut of this woman's jib. Plus, and this may be the immature brat in me, but I'd love to see a good old snarly cat fight.

Fights aside, I like the fact that Pirro says she's "...'a moderate and a compromiser'... " which these days is starting sound a lot like yours truly.

Oh who knows, I should keep my snoot out of NY politics, but I would like to see a viable candidate give Hillary a run for her money.

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August 08, 2005

Ha ha ha ha ha...

Not that I'm a Creed or Scott Stapp fan, but I found this via Conservative Grapevine and thought it was pretty darn funny. If you have the time to follow all the links in this post I highly suggest doing so. This is a true story! What I love about it is this: haven't we all wished we could f*** with these "celebrities" to sort of deflate their egos?

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"Ye're a wizard, Harry..."

I think this is great. Harry Potter is great.

Weasley is our King!!!

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Peter Jennings has passed away.

My family and I stopped watching ABC Nightly News during the whole 2000 election fiasco, but I spent most of my "formative" years watching Jennings. I liked his style, his delivery. He got me interested in the news.

He was just too damn young...

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August 07, 2005


I'm suprised I haven't seen anything about this over at any of the other blogs I read regularly, but it is Sunday...and I haven't been over to any of the Left's blogs yet and also didn't watch the Nightly News. I'm sure the Left is cheering for this woman, and I can't say I blame this woman for being angry. If it were my son or husband, you can lay money on me getting really, really upset, no matter who the president is. (I have been known to fly off the handle with Husband's bosses as it is...)

And yes, I realize that I'm linking a CNN article about this (at least I'm utilizing Google News...take note of that) but what really concerns me about this is that I read an Al-Jazeera article about this! Why does it bother me that this network also has a story on their website about this? Oh sure, anything that will put Bush in a negative light, but call me nutso if I just don't see Al-Jazeera in the most favorable way.

UPDATE: This comes from Confederate Yankee. I'm glad I read his perspective on this... Let me clarify my above post by saying that I wouldn't go broadcasting my anger and sadness to the media...I can agree with her emotions but not her motives. My biggest problem with the news coverage was that Al-Jazeera had gotten in the game too.

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I suppose, after reading this, I should consider myself bitch slapped for being just another idiot with a blog.

Those who live in glass houses...???

via An American Housewife

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August 05, 2005

This Makes Two...

...reviews that I've read today that say that The Dukes of Hazzard movie stinks. US magazine said "Stinks like burnt rubber."

I had a particularly good, or is it bad, review from The Seattle Times to link here, but hey, it's Friday and the goddamn computers shit the bed again...but you all don't want to hear me go on about how I'm sitting in the basement, so I'll shut up about that.

To continue, I will admit here and now that I was a fan of the original show and cast, pictured here. I was nine years old when that series began, and I can still to this day remember the lyrics to the theme song (who can't, though). Hey, I was young, and it was on Friday nights, and what the hell else is a nine year old going to do? Besides, Dallas was on right after, so my mother never complained. To me it was a funny show, with your basic good vs. bad stuff. And I loved that damn car. I'm still a freak for a fast, loud car...or you may say I'm just a freak, but poop on you!

Now that I'm an "adult" I can see this show for the big wheel of cheese that it is. I laugh now at how stupid it really is, but it's still one of my favorite shows to watch. Like comfort food, it's my mashed potatoes.

Needless to say, I won't be shelling out the money to see this movie, either in the theaters or on DVD. Seann William Scott will always be "Stifler" to me, and that Knoxville character is just a, well, jackass. As for Jessica Simpson, I'm a woman, so she doesn't do anything for me, and if she acts the way she sings, OHMAGOD, we'd better get ready for a lot of crappy movies.

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Hot Guy Friday


Big h/t to my friend CowboyBoots for making this suggestion over beers last weekend.

There's no need to ask why I think this man is hot, but I'll tell you anyway. Aside from the fact that he was in two of my most favorite movies, Gettysburg and Tombstone, this man is just everything we always think of when we hear the word "cowboy." (At least to me, anyway. He almost ranks right up there with The Great John Wayne.)

That top picture is from Gettysburg, where he portrayed John Buford, a cavalry man. Oh my goodness, you can bet I wanted to stand in the same spot he did in the cupola of the Lutheran Seminary down there in Gettysburg. He was one of the few actors in that movie that didn't need "stick-on facial hair" and looked the part of a real man of the cav.

And oh my, can we forget his portrayal of Virgil Earp in Tombstone? The quiet, strong type...

My gosh, I've seen a lot of movies with Sam Elliott in them, and yeah, I did see The Hulk. He was fairly nasty in that one...and I loved him in The Contender (although I wasn't that thrilled with Gary Oldman's portrayal of a conservative Senator, but that's a rant for another time.)

If you ask "Groovy, have you seen Elliott in Road House?" I would regrettfully say yes. Like Ron "Tater Salad" White says, that movie is what bouncers watch to get off...seriously. I hate that movie, it's a big wheel of cheddar cheese, but hey! Sam Elliott on a motorcycle with that long hair....mmmm.

(I bet you all were expecting me to post some "hot Republican" huh? Fooled you, didn't I? Well, I haven't yet found anyone up to "Groovy standards" just yet, although I am seriously looking at Bruce Willis...)

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August 04, 2005

It's Official...

...Britney Spears is an idiot.

I always take what I read over at The Superficial with a grain of salt, but somehow I don't doubt that Britney Spears wants to name her child Charlie after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

She couldn't use a family name, or even find a unique name in a baby book. Nope, old Cheeto head has to take a name from a Johnny Depp movie. I guess we should be thankful she didn't fall in love with the name "Edward Scissor Hands." Dope.

And speaking of dopes, who in the hell would want a "Kevin Federline Jr." running around? I'm sure there is one somewhere already; that dirtbag has probably planted more seeds than Johnny Appleseed.

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Damn cows...!!!

Oh Sweet Santa Claus! This. Is getting ridiculous.

What's next? Taxing us humans for beleching and tooting? I guess I'd better start saving my money to pay the taxes...!!! Good thing I don't live in New Zealand, huh?

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I'm Weighing In

I may be a Christian, but I'm a woman first, and I find the whole idea of pharmacists refusing to fill scrips for birth control completely asinine.

I don't really give a small rat's rear what my pharmacist's religious beliefs are, my meds are between me and my doctor, right? I heard, on talk radio, the argument that if a pharmacy is small, independently owned, that that pharmacist can make the decision whether or not to stock OTC birth control devices and fill scrips for the Pill and so forth. I suppose that would be within his or her rights, but where do they get off making moral calls for the rest of us?

Look, I'm not going to sit here and say that because I go to church and all that that I'm some kind of angel. I've had to get "bc" and I've bought condoms and all that. (Hey, got to be safe, right?) Does that make me any less of a Christian because I took responsibility for my health and my body?

I do know there are hospitals who won't perform tubal ligations for women, which to me is just ridiculous. A woman who wants to have a C-section and tubal has to go to a different hospital. (I know someone who had to do this.) And now druggists won't fill scrips for the Pill? Explain to me how this is "ending a life." I was under the impression it prevented a life, and in the long run prevented a lot of unwanted kids, poverty, welfare....basic government dependency.

Or maybe I'm missing the point, I don't know, but the whole idea that some asshat can make a moral judgement call for me just pisses me off. Of course, after Daughter was born Husband got his "doorbells disconnected" so the whole bc issue doesn't directly bother me.

Dammit! I'm sorry, but these "conservative religious" jackasses give people like me a bad name. Seriously!

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August 03, 2005

Parental Frustration

This morning Son informed me he didn't feel like going to college camp. I had to sit down with him and try to figure out just why he didn't want to go, and it came down to either another kid was bugging him, and that he didn't know how to play any of the games in team sports. Well, I told him to tell that kid to bugger off, and that the coach for team sports is there to help him learn how to play.

I'm getting pretty damn frustrated with Son giving up whenever something gets the least little bit difficult! He quit swimming lessons because he got scared, he won't go to childrens' church because no one talks to him or plays with him (which, if he never goes, how will he make friends?), he doesn't want to go to back to school, and now he wants to poop out on college camp.

Money aside, and this stuff isn't free, I can understand why he doesn't want to go back to school. I mean, I never wanted to either, but I did, and I'm getting sick of him pouting about this or that. He's giving up, and that's not like Husband or me, and if this keeps up he'll never get anywhere. He'll turn out like a couple of his cousins, who are constantly told by their mother that they can't do stuff "normal" kids do because they're "special." Lazy is more like it, especially their mother, but that's a rant for another time.

I let Son bow out of swimming because if he was scared, why force him? But the other stuff, like not wanting to go to kids' church, pooping out on a week-long camp...what the heck do I do? I don't want to get nasty, I mean, do I want my kids to resent going to church? He was so excited about camp this week, and after two days he wants to quit.

What do I do about this? Husband says to make Son go, and tell him he's going back to school and that's that.

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Last Night's Dinner...

Daughter eating her dinner last night.

(I can't wrap my brain around anything substantial this morning...try back later.)

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August 02, 2005

Gore TV, All Gore, All The...zzzzzzzz......

I'll be damned! I was just browsing through the online guide for our satellite, and guess what we have now?! Current TV, that new brain child of Al "Wooden Head" Gore. Just for shits and giggles I turned it on to see what it was all about. I watched about three minutes of some weiner guy in a MotorHead t-shirt slapping ugly stickers all over the place.

Whatever the hell that was....eeessshhh.

For a fresh take on "Bore TV," go check out Wuzzadem.

Oh yeah, Helen Thomas? Go for it girl, go for it.

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The Anti-Blog

I'm in a mood today, won't go into details because I'd just sound like a big whiner (what else is new), but suffice to say I'm at that stage of blogging where I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing here, and my aspirations of ever writing anything anyone will like are down the crapper.

Blah blah blah...

Husband is home today, he got a tooth pulled yesterday and he's still feeling a bit woozy. It was a tooth that was basically dead anyway (root canal) but he said the oral surgeon had to use a hammer and chisel to get one of the roots out. Yuck, no wonder he stayed home today. The doc gave him a scrip for Vicodin...I told Husband NOT to take it, as I had a very close friend become addicted to it, but Hubby seems to have everything under control.

Otherwise, I'm trying to get back into a "news groove." It isn't easy, especially with Son home from school, he always wants to play Star Wars on the PlayStation. Here's an oldie but a goodie, Son informed me that he doesn't want to go back to school! And so it begins....all you parents that have had to deal with this please feel free to pass out the advice on this one. I mean, do I just say "get on the damn bus and shut up"?

Well, I'm going now, because I have nothing to say (as usual), and I need to get Son dressed to go to camp. He is so excited about it; the junior college has a "college camp" every summer, and Son started yesterday and loves it.

Besides, right now he's encouraging Daughter to say things like "hi butt!" and "hi poopy!" Yeah, the fun never ends in the Groovy household.

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August 01, 2005

Weasley is Our King!

Just because Ron Weasley is my favorite character from the Harry Potter series...

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Weekend Update

Before I launch into the description of my weekend, let me say first that I didn't expect the kind of feedback about "Hot Repbulican Guys" that I got. Oh, sure, it wasn't like I got a million comments, but just the ones that I got surprised me. Once again, the politics of actors, singers, what ever, don't bug me that much (but I have always thought that Green Day stinks and I've never liked Ben Asslick). We'll see what comes out of the suggestions, thanks for them.

And BTW, like I said to one of the commenters, I can be a "hot" Republican woman too...but I digress.

THE WEEKEND! Well, we went to my in-laws first, and it wasn't that bad. The sister-in-law from hell had other plans so she and her kids weren't a problem, but the were discussed. Son and Daughter played and had fun...it really wasn't bad except for one thing: instant coffee! Blech...ugh...blahhhhhh...next time Mr. Coffee is making the trip with me.

As for my mother, well, I wasn't in the house 10 minutes and she started in on me about seeing the kids. I just blew up, I told her roads go both ways, I'm sick of being the one who has to haul ass all the time, and she'd just better stifle it. I was hot and tired and I needed to shower, and she starts in on me. And I'd only had instant coffee...GroovyVic was NOT in a good mood.

My step-father was nice enough to check out the Tahoe for me, and he got me under the hood to check some stuff out. Seriously folks, I should go to auto mechanic school, the people down here don't know what they're doing. Anyway, my step-dad and I also got into a political discussion; he's a Republican too, but he went on and on about how Bush knows nothing about Social Security, Arlen Specter needs to go, Rick Santorum won't win in '06, Casey Jr. is no good...all stuff I basically knew, but I told him that honestly I'm SO uninformed these days it isn't funny...but we had a good time bitching about John McCain and Kelo and the mayor of Erie. And my mom had gotten me some sponge candy, yummy, so I cleaned that up.

I went out to my friend Cowboy Boot's house Saturday night. She was having a birthday party for two of her kids. Cowboy Boots told her sister that I had a blog and that she'd been able to sit down to read some of it. I could just hear his sister thinking "WTF?" as most people do, but I just said, "Oh yeah, people come over to read it, but I don't talk about politics that much anymore." Anyway, I had two beers and was back at my mom's house by 11:30 p.m. I was just too tired.

I forgot to mention that my parents took the kids to ToysRUs and just let them have at it. Well, okay, that can be for birthday and Christmas, plus I was able to scope out what I can get for the kids.

We got home last night (Sunday) and I was so tired and bitchy that I figured I'd better not post anything. As it was I got really snotty when I commented about the Republican guys.

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