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June 30, 2005

Hot Guy Friday

I don't really need to tell you who this is, right?

Well, Jim Morrison passed away on July 1, 1971, and every year I like to have a little moment of silence for him.

It's not as crazy as you might think. Ever read the books by Ray Manzarek or Patricia Kenneally-Morrison? Both books really gave a better description of Morrison that, say, a certain movie did. I actually got to talk to Ms. Kenneally-Morrison, after having written her a gushing letter thanking her for writing about a well-read and smart Morrison. She told me several things, among them that Woodstock wasn't really that great, and "If Jim had exposed himself in Miami, people would have seen it. "

Lizard King indeed!

(I know I'm posting this on Thursday, but I won't be posting this weekend. Reading, maybe, if I get a chance, but not posting, so have a safe and happy Fourth...and don't blow your hands off with illegal fireworks!!!)

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Belated Mid-Week Cutie

Jason Isaacs!

Remember this guy? He was a real BASTARD in "The Patriot," portrayed and will again portray Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies (which, I cannot wait to see more of, as Lucius is a Death Eater, you know) and even had a small part in that stinker that I just love, "Armageddon." (I don't like that movie because Ben Asslick is in it, I like the other guys.)

Anyway, anyone out there read Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander?" If you have, don't you think Jason Isaacs would be a great choice to play Black Jack Randall???? If they ever make a movie out of that book, that is.

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While you're all setting

While you're all setting off fireworks this weekend and savoring beer, hot dogs, and hamburgers, remember that on July 1-3, 1863, Federal and Confederate troops were locked in battle on the Pennsylvania farmlands in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg has been studied and studied, and is defined as the turning point of the Civil War. What if the Southern troops had broken through the Union lines and made it all the way to Washington D.C.? What, then, would our country be like today? Something to consider.

I realize that with our country at war with terrorism and Iraq, most of you couldn't give a rat's rear about something that happened over 100 years ago, but hey, for obvious reasons I look to history a lot in an attempt to understand what's going on now.

But on a lighter note, I've been to Gettysburg so many times that it's like a second home, and anyone who would like to take a tour, and have some great tour guides, let me and Husband know. I'm always up for a trip to G'burg, and if the price is right, Husband and I will get all geared up in our CW era clothes. (But no, you may not look up my hoop skirts!)

Also remember that on July 4, 1863, the seige of Vicksburg ended. The Fourth of July wasn't celebrated in Mississippi for years after that. (h/t to Shelby Foote for that tidbit.)

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It's working again...

Husband got the network back up and running last night, hoooray!!! Now I can sit down and read all my favorite blogs; after the kids eat breakfast I'm sitting down with a big cup of coffee and my laptop and reading the Washington Times website.

Husband is getting out of work early today, which means I won't have to take the kids with me when I take the truck in to get looked at. I hope there are no major things wrong, my Visa card is right this minute smoking in my wallet from overuse...

...because I went to the mall last night. Well, I did have to get a haircut, and for whatever reason Son wanted to go with me. I picked up a new coffee maker at Sears for Hubby to take to work, and then wandered down to the bookstore. BIG MISTAKE. Oh well, better that I buy books, right?

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Funny Ha Ha...

I found this over at another blog and laughed and laughed...

h/t to Ex-Donkey

BTW, go over to the Ex to read his review of "War of the Worlds."

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June 29, 2005

Sitting in the basement

For whatever reason, the network thing isn't working, and I can't get on the Internet upstairs with my laptop, so I have to come down to the basement and try to check things on this here desktop computer. I can't explain exactly why the network isn't working, I guess I don't understand, but here I am in the basement, listening to the washing machine churning.

I can hear the kids upstairs yelling at each other, which is another reason I don't like working down here. I'll wait until Daughter takes her nap; I'll slap the L'Oreal on my hair and come down to read all those blogs I have to read on a daily basis.

I hope Husband gets this network thing figured out, or at least enables my laptop to connect to the Internet without the network. I need to post that "Hot Guy" stuff tomorrow, as I won't be home on Friday to do that.

This is a boring blog post today, and I can hear the kids tearing into each other, so I'd better wrap this one up.

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June 28, 2005

Here Comes the Son

My mother is bringing Son home today. Apparently he had "Christmas in June" yesterday, as she let Son run around Toys R Us and get a ton of stuff.

Including the Darth Vader Voice Changer I was going to get him for his birthday.

Oh well.

I told my mother not to spoil him, and now, when Husband sees all the stuff Son will bring home, there'll be no way in Hell Son will be allowed to stay with my mom again.

Husband is picky like that, I guess he never had a Grandma to spoil him, I don't know, I stopped asking questions about my in-laws a long time ago. Issues, people, like you wouldn't believe.

I spoke to Son last night, and he doesn't want to come home! I can't blame him, but for crap's sake! Daughter is enjoying this "only child" thing though, she's never acted happier, and Husband has been in an eerily good mood all weekend.

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Table Manners

I read this yesterday over at Tales of a Wandering Mind and made a comment over there about it. An Anonymous commenter said, basically, that table manners should be taught in the home, but that most parents these days aren't doing it, and maybe it should be taught in school.

Well, I agree with Anonymous there.

My memories of the dinner table when I was growing up are of being scowled at and told not to talk with my mouth full, or not to talk at all. My father was a man who liked things quiet, most of the time, therefore dinner was to be especially quiet. NO chewing with your mouth open, no elbows on the table, that sort of thing. Common sense stuff, really.

But he would scowl and huff when I, being only six or seven, would attempt to say Grace. Oh, Daddy didn't like that at all. I don't know why, at this point why go into that.

What this boils down to is that, despite the fact that Daddy was strict, although never poked my hand with a fork or anything, my sister and I learned table manners. To this day I'm disgusted by people who chew with their mouth open, or talk with their mouth full. I'm a stickler for no elbows on the table. Son is the one who fidgets, turns away from his plate, gets crumbs everywhere. He's almost six, so I don't get too anal with him, and Daughter is almost two, so I can't get picky about her yet.

But I do know which fork to use, I do place my napkin in my lap, I teach my son not to put his elbows on the table. I find myself being more aware of what I do at the table, such as not hunching down over my plate, which I do when I'm ravenous. After all those years of scowling and reprimands, I did learn good table manners and am really making an effort to pass that on to my kids!

Sheesh, why am I talking about table manners today? Well, I did find that post over at TWM sort of, well, gross. I mean, a toothbrush? And I don't feel like ripping into Bungholio Cruise today...and I'm tired of ranting about the Left right now.

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June 27, 2005

"Cruise vs. Yogurt"

Another must read from WuzzaDem!!!

I love this one...

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Fast Cars and Freedom

I have that song by Rascal Flatts going through my head right now.

"You don't look a day over fast cars and freedom..."

A good song, but why is it playing overandoverandoverandover in my mind???

Oh yeah, good news, Husband said he'll take me to see Brooks and Dunn!!! I think, secretly, he likes Big & Rich, who are touring with B&D, but still, yeah for me!! I saw B&D a year ago when they toured with Joe Nichols and Josh Turner. I had so much fun.

Husband WILL NOT, however, even discuss going to Jamboree in the Hills. He'd camp, but not for four days with a bunch of country music fans...

Jamboree is only an hour from where I live...*sigh*

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Changed my home page

After being lambasted by a commenter about reading Fox News too much, Husband told me to make Google News my home page instead.

"Fox takes too long to load," he told me.

"Everything takes too long to load," I snapped back. "Damn dial-up!"

Same "discussion," different day.

So, how was your weekend? It was hothothot here in the Buckeye state, and Sunday was probably the worst day. Even at 7 p.m. things hadn't cooled down much. But, despite the suffocating heat, we went to church, whereupon Daughter decided she was going to get squirmy. I took her out and walked the lobby until it was time for the kids to go to Children's church, then I snuck back in the sit with Husband.

I called up to see how Son was doing at my mother's, and he was napping. My mother proceeded to guilt trip me again about getting my truck into someone before we leave for MI. It's still making that noise, and she's all "You want to get stranded somewhere in 90 degree heat with those kids?"

I'm taking it into a dealer, or at least going to try, and hopefully they can give me a loaner if they need to keep it over night. I do not relish the thought of sitting in a dealership waiting area with Daughter, but one has to do these things if one wants transportation.

Another hazy day...I need more coffee.

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Take a Cruise...

I found this little gem and thought it was funny.

h/t to TWM

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June 25, 2005


...and it was a hectic morning in the Groovy household. Even with just one kid this weekend, we managed to get it off with a bang.

I went in to get Daughter up, and I won't go into details about what I found. I'll just say she'd gotten her diaper off...you can figure the rest out from there. But I was calm, even though she was sobbing, got her cleaned up, cleaned the mess, and threw all sheets, blankets, mattress pad, in hothothot water. Good thing she's still in the crib, it confined the nasty a bit.

Once Daughter was cleaned up (while Husband stood and watched me clean everything up) I got the other beds stripped and started my Saturday laundry ritual. GASP! Out of detergent, that's not good, so I showered and got dressed so I could run to Kroger for gross-eries. I don't know how it happened, but I've got some kind of icky eye infection from those damn new contacts. I feel like I got socked in the eye.

I got all that running done and had all the stuff home and put away by noon. I was pretty pleased with that. I opened the box to look at my vacuum packed wedding dress. I stood there laughing, as I wouldn't be able to zip the damn thing now. I wonder if Daughter will want to wear it when she gets married...??? *sigh*

Well, I'm going to check to make sure Daughter's blankies are dry so I can tuck her in for a nap. Maybe I can sneak off the to library while she and Husband are napping.

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June 24, 2005

No. More. DRIVING!

I got home from taking Son up to my mother's shortly after 5 p.m. We managed to get out of here at about 10 minutes to 8 this morning (ahead of schedule) and made good time. Daughter and I hung out for a couple hours, then turned around to trek home. I left Son watching "Return of the Jedi," while my mom scratched her head over it, asking me "Who was that, who was that? What is the point of this???"

She's about to have a Star Wars weekend...

I was able to listen to a lot of talk radio today, including Hannity, who I almost never listen to anymore, and he had a clip from the Today show, the one with Matt Lauer and Tom Asshat Cruise. I only heard a small clip, but Cruise came off like an arrogant S.O.B. I don't approve over over- medicating or anything like that, but post-partum depression is a major thing, and if Paxil helped Brooke Shields, well fine. Exercise and vitamins helped me, but I wasn't really bad.

Okay, Tom Cruise, despite what you think, you are not a psychiatrist, you are an assape actor. You're short and not even good looking. You're a goober who shot to stardom in a movie about screwing a whore. Uh-huh...

But I don't feel like getting into any discussions tonight. I'm really tired after all that driving. The truck is making that noise again...any mechanically inclined readers can feel free to dispense auto advice.

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Ohhhmmmmm, Ohhhhhmmmmm...

Teddy Boy is calling for Rumsfeld's resignation again.

There they go with that mantra again..."resign, resign, resign...." Can you picture all those Dems, in the lotus position, chanting their mantra?

Resign (deep breath in) Resign (breathe out)...

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About Last Night...

Lord, I apologize...GIT-R-DONE!!!

No, I'm not still "under the influence," I just had to say that.

But, seriously, I'm sorry I got on here last night and posted when I'd been drinking. I get really stupid when I do that. Keep me away from the Internet...and the phones...*sigh* I'm such a lightweight these days. Oh for those college days...

But, I will say that I DO NOT agree with that whole eminent domain thing, and I don't really stand on my porch with the shotgun when trespassers come up. I do stand on the porch, though, but I'm not dumb enough to wave the shotgun at them, jeez. And although I live in the boonies, I don't like the whole idea of someone being able to come in and force me out. I saw that happen when a new highway was put in up in PA, and I kept wondering where all those people went, and how much they got paid to uproot their lives.

And, as for Karl Rove... Look, he only said what all the rest of us are thinking. Well, at least what I've been thinking. Resign, resign, resign...that's becoming the mantra for the Dems, huh?

Oh well, I don't want to go into that, I'll leave that to those bloggers who have a better grip on that story...and I'll go read those blogs too.

I have to go now ("awwwww") because I'm driving Son up to my mom's today, and that's a "three hour tour...a three hour tour..."

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Hot Guy Friday

David Schwimmer, a.k.a. Groovy's Hypothetical Movie Husband.

But, honestly, my real life husband is a lot cuter, but I may be biased there.

Now, I freely admit to being a "Friends" fan, but did you see Schwimmer in "Band of Brothers?" Everyone said he wouldn't be able to pull off being a stinker, but I think he did a great job. Especially toward the end where he ignores Maj. Winters, and Winters says, "You salute the rank, not the man" (or something like that, but you get what I mean).

But still, I don't know why I think this guy is hot. But hey, he did get to kiss Jennifer Aniston, and that can't be all bad, right?

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This Land is MY LAND!!!

This just sucks, it really makes no sense.

FYI - I like to stand on my porch with a big 'ole gun when I see trespassers come around, so the damn developers better stay the hell away!

Private Property...read it, learn it, live it!!

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A New Whipping Boy?

Seems like the Demoncats have a new whipping boy in Karl Rove.


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June 23, 2005

The Kids are in Bed...

...and I'm havin' a bit of alky-hawl...great time to blog, huh?

Here's something I want you to ponder: who would you want to portray you in a movie about your life? Who would you choose to portray your family members?

I ask this, because for what ever reason, I've been thinking about this lately. Not so much who would "be me" but who would portray members of my family. Or, rather, my in-laws. You see, Husband has six brothers and sisters (!!!) so I have a lot of people to pick. He's got four sisters, and I've already picked Drew Barrymore for the CA sister, and Kate Winslet for one of the PA sisters.

Who would be my husband? No question there, David Schwimmer. Like my husband, Schwimmer is cute, looks kind of geeky, but is a really great guy once you get to know him . Ah, I love my husband...and that way, in this hypothetical movie, I could play me, that way I could make out with David Schwimmer!

Oh, the beauty of a booze fueled blog entry!

You think about that, I'm going to sleep....

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Hooray for me again!

I figured out how to add a button to my sidebar! An actual button that links to another place!!

To most of you this is probably not a big deal, but to me, someone who's been trying to figure this stuff out for weeks, this is a major deal.

Now, can anyone tell me how to add a picture, just a picture no link, to the sidebar?

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A Wacky Site...

...for you to check out. I found out about this through The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, go check it out.

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Going to pick up my wedding dress...

...almost eight years later!

No, this isn't some dippy "RunAway Bride" thing, I just decided that it was about time for me to bring my cleaned and boxed wedding dress home from my mother's house. See, I didn't have room in our old house to store it, and now with the new house I have a whole basement to fill up.

I also decided to bring back some stuff that belonged to my dad. (Sighs deeply) That man's books and videos are a poor substitute, you know?

So I'll be spending part of the day making sure Son has clean clothes and underthings to take for his weekend trip to Gramma's. Son wants to take the Star Wars movies we have and I'll just bet he cons my mother into taking him up to see "Sith" again. She'll love all that, I just know it. Ha ha ha ha...sort of like when she took me to see stuff like "Pretty in Pink." Oh ho ho...

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Another Take on TomKat

Go over to Gallery of the Absurd for another view of this whole "TomKat" thing. You'll be amazed at the art work!

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The Wonder Never Ends

As I continue to sit here and scratch my head (or my rear) in wonderment at this whole Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise thing, I found this little tidbit over at Go Fug Yourself.


Why is it that one of those two always has some weird look on their face these days? Tom looks kind of, I don't know, ill at ease in this pic.

This may be more fun than picking on Michael "let me smell your underoos" Jackson!

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June 22, 2005

You go girl!

Hooray and high fives to this model for opening a can of whoop-ass on Cameron Diaz.

I'd like to give Diaz a good beating, too.

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Mid-Week Funny

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Yeah, what he said...

Found this over at RedState.org. Go check it out.

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That apology

This morning I was trying to listen to Quinn and Rose (linked in the sidebar) and Quinn was talking about Durbin's apology. What I could hear, over Son's monlogue about General Grievous and Obi-Wan (Son has talked about "Sith" constantly since Friday) and Daughter yelling "Gapes, gapes!!" (because she was having some grapes for breakfast), was that Durbin never actually apologized to the military.

Now, it's no secret that I'm a big supporter of the military, for obvious reasons. Yeah, Durbin addressed those who had been through the Holocaust, and made ammends for comparing Gitmo to Pol Pot and the killing fields, but where was the "hey, sorry guys" or something like that for our military down there at Gitmo?

Heh, Quinn also said that if Durbin is so concerned about a "gulag" in Cuba, why doesn't he go over and see what Castro is doing? Hmmmm???

Anyway, I guess now that Durbin has been pressured by the mayor of Chicago to say something, Nancy Pelosi is coming up to "make the Republicans feel the heat," or some such babble.

You know, it's interesting, really, that the Dems are so hell bent on this whole Gitmo thing. Better they should look into how our own guys are treated in captivity. Honestly, did any of those sixties hippie goobers cry over our guys and their treatment in, say, the "Hanoi Hilton?" Did Jane Fonda cry over that, or was she just so focused on the VC?

Pointless to ask that question now, but it really galls me that the treatment of enemy combatants is given more attention than how our own troops are doing.

For some really good discussion, go over to this fellow blogger's place.

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Sending out Congratulations

A pat on the butt for "my pimp", he and his wife just found out they're going to have a girl!! Good news for them, but if you want to find out why, go over to his blog and find out.

Big Daddy, my pimpin' name for him, is going to have a great time with a little girl. He is going to be wrapped around her little pink finger. I should send him some cute little pink clothes now, huh? I only wish I hadn't gotten rid of all the stuff Daughter outgrew; baby clothes never really get worn that much, they grow so fast.

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June 21, 2005

Lose that guiltin' feelin'

I called my Mum this morning to tell her about Son not wanting to do those swim lessons anymore. She immediately says "Did someone say something to him?"

"No, Mom. It just looks like he's so afraid of..." blahblahblah... And really, can someone out there explain why I felt so bad about his choice?

I told her what Husband had said, that Son gets all excited and wound up over something, only to lose interest a couple days later. Well, he is a kid after all. Husband also said "This is why I don't want to get a pet now, he'll lose interest and all that."

To which my mother replies "Well, you and XXX aren't so great with pets yourselves!" (She's referring to a cat Husband and I had eons ago.)

Dammit Mother, why why WHY do you have to do that? Just pour that guilt on, in your scornful tone of voice, make me feel like a real piece of poo...

Ugh. As if I wasn't beating myself up enough this morning, she has to suckerpunch me in the gut. That woman! The same woman, loving mother that she is, who responded with "Oh shit!" when I told her I was pregnant with Daughter.

Uh-huh, supportive woman, don't you think?

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An apology

Well, Durbin apologized for those remarks he made last week.

As far as I'm concerned, he did the right thing. It takes a big person to stand up and apologize.

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A good laugh...

This really made me laugh...

Seriously, book mark Wuzzadem and go there frequently.

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Fish out of water

This morning Son got up and said he didn't want to go to swimming lessons. Even though I assured him he could wear his goggles today, he still acted terrified of going. Well, I'm not going to force him, I don't want him to have a fear of water or anything. He's so afraid of getting water in his eyes...I felt really bad, because he was so excited about learning to swim, and now this. He must have really had a scare last week. Hopefully when we go up to my sister's for the Fourth, Son will be able to relax and let Husband and Niece and Nephew teach him to swim. We'll see.

Husband stated that Son always gets all excited over something, only to lose interest in a few days. I said that maybe his self-confidence was shot over what happened Friday...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree there, as I have no confidence at all. I got a snort at that comment.

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Stupid woman

While I'm on a rant, allow me to ask: Who the hell wants to hear what that damn "runaway bride" has to say now?

Oh for crap's sake, I am NOT going to park my ample arse down to watch that perky snotbag Katie Crapic interview that stupid woman. If she couldn't handle what was going on, why didn't she open her mouth and say "Stop! Enough!" and go get really really drunk like I did a week before I got married.

And now that stupid woman sold her story to I don't care who. Who in the hell is going to watch it? I'd rather watch bugs mate on the Discovery channel.

That woman...she has that face...I'd like to bitch slap her!

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How am I??

So last night I get a comment on my Trent Lott/Dick Durbin post from a seriously Liberal online aquaintance, and aside from questioning the "America hating" stuff I posted, he asked how I've been.

Well, do you really want to know? Because I'm feeling rather like a big purse: unzip me and dump me over, contents spilling everywhere.

As far as that whole open-mind thing where politics is concerned, well, it wore me out. I read Kos, I even read another blog by a card carrying member of the ACLU (and blog rolled them both, briefly) and you know what? I just got really pissed off and a bad case of acid reflux. No offense, but some of the stuff I read was so far over to the Left these people are going to just fall off. It made Howard Dean look calm and quiet!

And do you want to know what really chapped my ass? The attitude I got that if one is a Christian and a conservative, then that person is a raving militant lunatic. Oh really??? I'm not going to start down the religion path here, but I do happen to know a Liberal who is also a Christian, and I'm sure there are a few more out there. But since when was is such a bad thing to be white and Christian, huh Howie Dean? I don't have a damn KKK robe (look in Byrd's closet), and I never once in my life said "God hates fags."

I'm stopping there with that line of thought. Suffice it to say that I'm hanging back, listening and watching, and getting sick and tired of the MSM and Howard Dean appealing to those waaaaaaay over on the Left. Because I have to take Son to swimming lessons so early in the morning, I'm able to listen to conservative talk radio a bit more, and agreeing with everything I hear.

Otherwise, do you all really want to hear about how I have to chase Daughter around the school while Son has his swimming lesson? That Son is now petrified to get in the pool since he got his face in the water on Friday? That the deer at our concord grape leaves and the beans? Health-wise the kids are great, Son is actually over 40 pounds (barely) and had a great eye check-up yesterday.

Father's Day made me think of my father, who died almost 9 years ago. My step-father is a great person, really, but still, my dad isn't here, never met his grandkids, didn't get to see the "Lord of the Rings" movies that I know he would have loved. We could have gone to see "Sith," he would have loved that too...so I've been a bit moody about that too.

How have I been. I've been parenting to the best of my ability and trying to make sense out of the crap going on in this country. That's how I've been. I'm still in a pissy mood from last week.

Here's a parting thought: Iraq wants religion to play a part in their developing government. So how come we in the U.S. are getting slammed for, say, the Pledge of Allegiance because of two little words? Funny, isn't it? We can't even have a cross on a public monument or display the Ten Commandments. What's next, huh? Are the Leftists going to rip crosses off of headstones in cemetaries?

Aaaagggghhhh!!! I'm mad as hell....and you don't know the power...of a seriously pissed off mother...who can't smoke anymore...so shut up.

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Movie Question

Alright, this one if for the really big Star Wars fans out there. I'm sitting here watching the AFI Salute to George Lucas, and obviously they talked about Star Wars...okay. So, they show the end of "Jedi," the part where Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin are watching Luke party with the Ewoks. In the original it was some guy whose name I don't know, BUT in this AFI thing it was Hayden Christensen!

Okay, so is this in the ultra-remastered version? Or was this just for this salute thing? Did anyone see what I'm talking about?

BTW, what was up with Carrie Fisher's lips?

Yeah, slowly going down that Star Wars path, but I'm having a good time...

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June 20, 2005

Okay, now read this...

Over at Confederate Yankee I found this great post that I want you all to go read now.

Confederate Yankee also has a link to some t-shirts, so go check out that blog, now.

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Do you know where these have BEEN???

This is pretty gross, and it takes a lot to gross me out.

I mean, come on people, do you realize just where these have been? Not to mention their rather close companion....eeewwwwwwww!

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Open up and say ahhhhh...

Bite me...

What the hell is this supposed to be? A new Scientology thing: bite the boyfriend?

Has Katie Holmes suddenly had a "Lestat" moment, ala "Interview with a Vampire?"


Maybe this is what happens when your girlfriend is bought and paid for...

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Okay, I found out about this from An American Housewife and had to check out the latest from "America Haters R Us."

The comments are pretty good too.

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Get me a ticket to Canada...

So, I hear that Joe Biden wants to run in 2008.

I guess it's my turn to threaten to move to Canada, eh?

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Has it occurred to anyone that Trent Lott was FORCED to step down from his position in the Senate because of a much less offensive comment?

Why in the hell is Durbin still the second most powerful Demoncat on the Judiciary Committee?

All Lott did was make a comment about Strom Thurmond. A stupid comment, yeah, but at least he wasn't an America hating enemy helping loudmouth.

Ponder that, willya?

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Go read this blog...

Go check out The Wandering Mind today... He links to a new book that sounds great.

I've read Goldberg's other books, so this one promises to be just as good.

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Oh, poooooor baby...NOT!

What a wuss. I mean, it was water for pete's sake. Was he afraid it would make his alien loving body melt or something? Or make him look like an even bigger wiener in front of Katie Holmes?

Sheesh. "...nasty..."

Awwwwwww, poor Tommy.


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Another "Tricky Dick?"

Please go read Mark Steyn, if you haven't already.

This is great, it really is, and I love this line especially: "That's al-Jazeera, where the senator from al-Inois is now a big hero -- for slandering his own country, for confirming the lurid propaganda of his country's enemies."

Hmmm..."slandering his own country" huh? Sounds a lot like the pro-VC stuff that was touted during another so-called "quagmire," don't you think?

Thanks, Dick!

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June 19, 2005

Cramming it down our throats...

Um, yeah, okay. Let's all listen to Robert Redford here. After all, he was in a movie about this.


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June 18, 2005

Goin' to the drive-in

So, last night we took the younglings to the drive-in to see that movie I shan't mention. This drive-in boasts four screens, and none are labeled, so we had no idea which screen we were parked in front of. I had to run over to some other vehicle and check, and a good thing I did, or we'd have been watching "Shark Boy and Lava Girl." We moved in time, though.

Daughter was so excited to be out of her car seat that she crawled all over the place, finally falling asleep in my arms. I'm amazed she slept like she did, as the sound was pretty loud. I like this listening on the radio thing, and it was FM, so we had stereo...

Son liked the movie, and claimed the part where someone burns up didn't scare him. Well, the fact that it was the drive-in lessened the impact a bit.

But what I still can't grasp is these "obliviots" who start up there cars and the lights just turn on and ruin the whole thing. Hello! One tap on the emergency brake will shut off the daytime running lamps! TRY IT SOMETIME! And I was ready to go smash the bitch who parked her damn car in front of us, lights on, so she could take a cell phone call. ARGH! Stupid ass...if I hadn't had Daughter asleep in my arms I would have gotten out and smashed her damn lights.

And why did the people next to us bring their dog? The damn thing ran around the whole time, barking. Ugh.

A great perk to having the kids out and about after midnight was that they slept in pretty late this morning, allowing Husband and I to sleep in as well. Ahhhhh...that feeling of waking up and seeing that it's 9:00 a.m. I haven't slept that late since I had the stomach flu.

That being said, I must go tend the laundry, get a shower, and bake a cake for Husband. I promised him his favorite cake and tapioca pudding for Father's Day.

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June 17, 2005

Another mood

I don't know what it is. Well, yes I do. I gave into that sweet devil Coca-Cola last night and had a bottle. I also totally blew off anything resembling a sensible diet. Now I'm in such a ranky ass mood that I'm just downright nasty.

I threw all caution to the wind a bit ago and railed off a comment directed toward some rather vociferous Libs over at another Right wing blog. I'm getting sick and tired of NOT saying anything, out of fear of having a new arse drilled for my troubles, so screw it. Yeah, screw it.

For that matter, screw it from here on. Well, until my mood improves, at least.

Husband unexpectedly got the day off. It surprised me, because I usually get up with him at 5:30 in the morning. I "slept in" until 6:20, and have felt two steps behind since.

The good thing is, Husband was able to stay home with Daughter, which meant I could actually watch Son's swimming lesson today. And, seeing as how all the CoffeeMate was gone (ON NO! Call the Democrats, I am being tortured!) I even went up to get a few gross-eries.

So, beeeyotches, check you later. I'm going to go back to bed!

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Hot Guy Friday

Jason Scott Lee

You may remember him from "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story." This is the only movie I've seen him in, and he was a hottie in that one.

Thanks to junebee for the suggestion!

Keep them coming, folks.

I apologize for being late with this; I have no energy to do anything today. I'm taking a cue from another mom out in the blogosphere and blaming it all on Howard Dean.

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June 16, 2005

A bit better now

My mood has improved a bit since earlier this morning. I got Son up to swimming on time, but wasn't able to watch much of it because Daughter roamed all over the place. It's a good thing barriers had been put up, because she would have been all over the school. As it was she checked out the gym a few times, and at one point I figured that if I was going to be in a gymnasium I'd run a lap. Well, with a "mother bladder" that was a stupid idea.

But I did manage to tire Daughter out enough to be able to watch the last 10 minutes of the class and strike up a conversation with a grandmother of one of the students. We talked about the school district, stuff like that.

I'm tempted to run the kids up to McDonald's (house of fat) but it's raining, and with weather like this I'd much rather curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

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My mood this morning...

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Better today

Go over and read Straka today as it's a lot better than it was the other day. He still talks about the whole celebrity thing, but his Obliviot thing at the end is good.

Which leads me to a Grrr of my own once again. We're thinking about taking the kids up to the drive-in this weekend to see that movie I promised not to talk about again. Normally I like the drive-in; the kids can get comfy and not bother anyone else, we can talk, that sort of thing. But the last time we went (which was about two years ago) the parents let their kids run all over like lunatics. Folks, my truck was in "park" but there were several vehicles coming in to find a spot that weren't. And what's up with the jackass that can't figure out that the running lamps do in fact turn on when one starts the vehicle?

One tap on the parking break fixes that...just remember to release the break when you leave.

Poo. I'm just tired and still in the shitty mood I was in last night.

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June 15, 2005

Mid-Week Cutie

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.

Last "Sith" reference, I promise!

Okay, so yeah, I think this guy is cute, and since he doesn't qualify as "hot" with me, I decided to put him in the mid-week range. He should keep the long-ish hair going though, I like that shaggy thing.

Thanks to junebee for the "Hot Guy" suggestions. I found a great shot of one of your guys and I also think he's a hottie, so look for that soon!

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This morning Son had his first swimming lesson, and boy was I proud of him! He smiled the whole time, listened to the young girls teaching the class, participated...he was so anxious to get started I swear he would have jumped in the deep end. He was amazed at the size of the pool. I don't know, will I have a future swim team member on my hands?

I really was proud of him, usually he always hangs back, but not this time. There was one little guy, however, who was scared to death and cried the whole time. I smiled at him and encouraged him when he finally did do something. All the moms did.

In between all this I had to wrangle Daughter. She was about to jump in too.

Okay, I've got a confession to make. This morning I submitted a sample of my writing to a mom blog collection sort of thing. I have no self confidence where my writing is concerned, but I took a deep breath and hit "send" anyway. Let's see what happens.

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Remember this?

The only reason I have this picture here today is because of that show "When Star Wars Ruled the World." Son, who can now read very well, saw this title on the on-screen guide for the satellite yesterday and demanded that we watch it...again. So we did, for the umpteenth time, and when the discussion on the program moved to the hype and mania that ensued after the release of the movie, this magazine cover was shown.

Now folks, I had this magazine, but not because of Chewbacca. Shaun Cassidy was my eye candy of choice back then...da doo run run...

What? You don't remember Shaun Cassidy? One of the "Hardy Boys?" Singer? Brother of David Cassidy of "Partridge Family" fame? Oh people...

Rest assured, Mr. Cassidy will not be showing up for "Hot Guy Friday."

I'm a late arrival to this "Star Wars" party, so to speak. Really, I've said it before, I never even saw any of the movies until I started dating Husband and didn't really get into the whole story until a short time ago. So it was only natural that I would toss aside anything SW related for Shaun Cassidy all those years ago.

I only put this up because I was giggling over it all night. Our electricity went out and there wasn't too much else I could do...

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June 14, 2005

Various things today

It's Flag Day, so make sure your flag is flying high today.

I was reminded about today when I read an article in the Erie paper about a Civil War reenacting unit and how their passion was recreating the flag that the regiment they portray had carried into battles. That's a fine idea, one that a lot of CW units have and manage to do. It can be expensive and time consuming, though.

It was sort of funny that I found that article, as last night as Husband was closing windows said "It's perfect reenacting weather." Hmmm....maybe so...I have found myself seized with the desire to go put on my hoop skirts lately. *sigh*


About that whole Michael Jackson thing...well, I guess we can't throw the man in jail because he's a freak, that would be wrong and we would have someone like, say, the ACLU on our case for some reason or another.

The accuser's mother was "despised" by the jurors, I read somewhere this morning. Okay, I didn't follow the trial, haven't read any of the articles that have come out since yesterday, I don't really care. I used to like MJ when he was a black man, now he's just creepy.

But go ahead, mothers, send your kids to Neverland! Uh huh...nothing wrong with a 40 something year old man to want to be surrrounded by young boys. Yep. Eeeeewwwww...


In reading the Grrr's this morning (I'm not going to link to those today) I see that Straka is happy for Cruise and Holmes... Okay, while I'm glad Tom Cruise is happy and all that, and can "be himself," whatever that means, it is a bit weird to have this man jumping all over the place grinning like a jackass...and did I actually read that he said the word "digs" as in "she digs it" somewhere?

Okay, so Katie Holmes is "converting" to Scientology. Converting isn't so off the wall, people convert to Catholicism or Judaism. Heck, I even gave up being a Lutheran because Husband didn't like it, so I guess it isn't so weird that Holmes is embracing Cruise's religion. It's just the whole concept of Scientology that creeps me out.

I know, there are those of you out there who will tell me that mainstream religions are a "cult," but this is a bit sudden.

Oh well, what do I know anyway, right? And for the record, when Husband and I got together I wasn't hopping all over like a fool. I don't think I even did that when we got engaged...I was sort of drunk at the time...

AND...Straka briefly addresses the whole "Brangelina" crap thing. Really, who else is sick of this whole name thing anyway?

Well, got to run, as I have to run Son up to his doctor's appointment today.

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June 13, 2005


Well, Daughter's ears were proclaimed "perfect" by the doc this morning. It was such a pain in the rear; we get there and what does Daughter do but fill her pants, and as soon as I take her into the restroom to clean her up, she gets called back. I could have screamed! Well, sure, it was well worth the effort we took getting to the office and what not...when the doc only looked at her for, like two minutes. All he did was look in her ears! Crap, I could have done that.

Oh well. The day hasn't been a complete wash, the used copy of "Star Wars: Battlefront" came today, which Son is playing now, and it isn't so godawful hot and humid today.

Husband is kicking around the idea of going up to the drive-in to see "Sith." Yeah, we already saw it, but Son hasn't, and the drive-in may "lessen the intensity" a bit. Oh I don't mind, I can drool over my favorite Scotsman AND Anakin. Hey, he's a slice of hottie too... (they can put their boots under my bed anytime...)

What? Huh? Whatwhatwhat?

Oh yeah, got the latest US Weekly today. Britney's getting quite a pair of boobies, huh? Comes with the territory, get used to it, Brit!

And hey, I read the Vanity Fair book excerpt about Hillary Clinton. I was struck by the news that the Moynihans didn't like her...and as for that rape story I read about over at Drudge, well, while I do not like the Clintons, I do not for one second believe BillyJeff raped Hillarious! It's my opinion that the story is a damn sleazy way to sell a book.

(hops off soapbox)

Good day!

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I have so much to do today, and I don't want to move. I stayed up too late last night reading and now I can't keep my eyes open. Daughter has to go to the ear doc this morning; it's the one month check-up for those ear tubes.

For some reason, beloved Chevy Tahoe is making a noise, a whining kind of noise after it's run for a while, I noticed it after we'd run the A/C on Saturday. Great, and I have NO TIME to take it up to Pinky to get it looked at. Son starts swimming this week, blah blah blah, and somehow I've got to get the Tahoe in to the shop to get a look-see before we head up to MI for the Fourth.

Perhaps I should just rent a minivan for that trip.

Somehow, the good mood I got from my daily morning blog reading has just worn off in the face of reality.


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Monday Morning Shout Out

I was just over at this blog and it was exactly what I needed to wake up on a Monday morning. It's great, especially that "PostBot" thing going on over there.

Seriously, go check it out.

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June 12, 2005

Sunday morning

We got back from our "whirlwind" trip to Erie yesterday, tired and worn out. It was so hot and humid and the kids played outside most of the time, which was good, but they were a bit soggy for their troubles.

It was a good trip, I have to admit. I got a nice sunburn on my right side, as I hung out the window of the truck just for that purpose. Now, though, I look kind of stupid, half white half red. Oh well.

Son wanted to stay with the in-laws, which was a shock to Husband and me because normally Son doesn't want to even visit, let alone stay overnight. Husband, Daughter, and I went to our hotel room, which was cheap and looked it. It was a smoking room, therefore everything we had reeked from cigarette smoke...but then, one gets what they pay for, right? It was just a place to shower and sleep, which was about all we were there for.

I even, gulp, drove past my old house while dropping off some baby stuff for a friend of mine. You know what? It was just a house, know what I mean? I felt nothing. I also, on the way out, got behind another SUV with multiple anti-Bush stickers...nasty ones. I passed that guy, but I didn't do anything else. I "took the high road," as it were, and just kept on my way. *sigh* I can't teach algebra to pigs, I'm not even going to try.

In all, it was a good trip in that we, the little family unit, got to spend some time together, talk, laugh...that whole Brady Bunch bit. I did, however, have a great conversation with Husband, and even hit my brother-in-law with some political stuff he didn't know. Thank you fellow bloggers for the info.

And, oh yeah, I bragged about the 'blog, which none of them knew about. I wouldn't put it past certain in-laws to get their nose in here, and if you're anyone in Husband's family who reads this, you know who I mean.

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June 10, 2005

Hot Guy Friday

I give you Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Okay, I saw "Sith" on Monday, and you've been hearing me drool over this man since, so is it any surprise that he's my first pick?

People, he's just hot. I admit to not liking "Moulin Rouge!" and not having seen him in anything else (except when he was on "ER" all those years ago), but he's SCOTTISH and that is just total hotness in my book.

(That's not to say I don't think the Irish or Brits have any cuties, because they do, and I'll post their pictures later.)

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Bought another Vanity Fair

Yes, I did it, I bought another Vanity Fair mag. Well, I'll admit, I wanted to read that article about Micheal "come here little boy" Jackson...and OKAY! I plan on reading that Deep Throat article too. I haven't read it yet, so I don't know just where this man was coming from, so I won't offer up any kind of commentary at this juncture! Wouldn't be prudent!

Whilst Son and I were making out parking lot trek into the mall last night, I spotted a minivan with a sticker proclaming "HILLARY IN 2008!" on the rear window. What did I do? Not a darn thing. I kept on walking. BUT!! Right next to said sticker was another one proclaiming "FAMILY OUTCAST." Hmmmm....I don't suppose that's because they like Hillarious, huh?

I shan't pass judgement. I won't. I choose not to put anything on my SUV...but I may bend eventually and put a "WILDCATS!" sticky something on there somewhere, as wildcats are the school mascot around here. Go Cats!


You know, in my travels around this blogosphere thing, I've noticed quite a few people devote days of the week to certain things, for example "White Trash Wednesday," which is pretty funny. Well, while driving up to the mall last night I had a thought (I do that sometimes...think) and decided I was going to do something just for me, and any of the women who happen by here, and that is devoting a day to a hot guy. You know, who I think is really cute at that time. Does that make sense? Husband snorted at the idea last night.

I welcome any Hot Guy selections that you ladies have, as some of my selections may make one wonder just what the hell I'm drinking when I make my choice. I'm mulling a good title as I write this, and hope to have something posted by the time we leave today for Dreary Erie.

But right now I need coffee!

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Thanks and some concern

High fives and thank you's to "anonymous" who commented on my April post about reenacting. I'm flattered that you came over to read it, and I hope you keep stopping by!

Brian Pohanka is ill? Details, DETAILS! He is a nice guy, and smart as a whip. I know he had to get a glass eye because he had an optic tumor or something like that.

Fill me in!

Husband knows someone who's pretty good friends with Pohanka. I should have my beloved call up and find out what's going on. It's a real shame that Pohanka is ill.

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Picture sparks debate

Well, this picture sparked a rather one-sided debate with that "sort of friend" overseas. I sent this out, hey, I thought it was kind of funny, and he replied with his usual blah blah blah.

I learned about this through a fellow blogger and gave it a whirl. I could have come up with a better caption, but hey, what can I say?

You go over and check it out. One can also caption photos of Arnold Schwarzahooey and John "I'm the Brain" Kerry.

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June 09, 2005

A new site to check out; some news

I just read about this website over at Fox News: www.freekatie.net.

Now, hey, I'm all for "live and let live," and Katie Holmes is a cute girl, but am I the only one getting that creepy ooompa-looompa vibe from all this?

And I should get a shirt from that website...it is Daughter's name too, after all.

Well, got two bits of good news that will probably be more of interest to the mothers out there, but Son had a great dental check-up today, no cavities, and he's officially a first grader! His report card came in today's mail, but I think I was more excited about it than Son was.

Oh well. He's on his way!

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Go read these blogs!

Gang, as I have nothing of note to discuss at this time, I'm going to steer you over to some blogs that I've discovered and want to share with you. Most are on the roll call, and one will be added sometime today.

First, go over to An American Housewife. I like the way this lady speaks, she's not afraid to just lay it out. So go check it out! You can come back here for the rest!

Last night, while perusing Nickie Goomba I read the glowing review of another blog, this one from a young lady in Sardinia who, if I may quote, "She idolizes Ronald Reagan, admires Natan Sharansky, and despises the ACLU."

So, as a favor to Nickie Goomba, and to me, go check out Free Thoughts. If not for me, then for Nickie Goomba!

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"Dean's Throat"

Howard Dean better watch it.

And I never, ever, thought I'd agree with something Pelosi or Biden said!

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June 08, 2005

This and that...

First, I'll be updating the "blah groal" again sometime today. I've found a couple more blogs that I really like and feel the need to share with others.

Okay, so last night after a great homemade dinner (baked spaghetti...thank you again Paula Deen) and getting the younglings (!!!) to bed, Husband and I sat out on our deck with some spirited libations and just talked. We haven't done this in a while, and it was nice. We sat and gabbed as the bunnies hopped and frolicked in the back yard, and the subject of Star Wars came up and....

Well, as I have no life I offered up my analysis of the whole thing. All that stuff in college in my English lit classes really trained me to dig into the meat of the story, know what I mean? Feel the force and all that.

And I also confessed that I'd found a "Sith" PlayStation game, and would hopefully have it in time for Father's Day. I shall be Obi-Wan...because I like Ewan McGregor...hot Scottish man...

Oh, sorry, got off track there. Anyhoo, that's it for me. I hear Daughter waking up, and I've got to get Son up and going too, as we both have eye appointments this morning, and then Son has to clean out the mess he made in the bath tub last night.

"Sometimes it's hard to be....a woman...."

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Vote Groovy

Ha ha ha ha ha....bwahahahahahaha...*snort*....heeheeheeheeeheeee....(wipes a tear)

Oh it's just funny to me that Kerry's not as smart as he thought.

In reading some other blogs, I've found out just how "great" a student John F-ing Kerry was, and hooooo doggies!

People, I'm no scholar, but it looks like I did as well as, if not better than, both Kerry and Bush. Of course, once I got my act together, got into those classes for my major and all, I made Dean's list (not Howie's...but you know what I mean).

Which all means that, while I love Bush, if that man can become the President with those grades...just think of the heights ole' Groovy can climb!

Vote Groovy in '08!

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Spanning the tri-state...

I just read this in my former hometown area newspaper:

"Also in the Erie Times-News was a summary of recent roll call votes taken in the House of Representatives. The military budget for fiscal 2006 of $442 billion passed overwhelmingly. There was also a motion to expand health insurance to give the National Guard and Reserve personnel (who now make up almost half the number of soldiers deployed) the same coverage as the regular Army. It would have cost $5.8 billion over five years. It failed to pass. Unless we support our troops fully with our tax dollars, all the flag waving, the soaring rhetoric, and ribbon decals attached to autos are nothing but empty words and gestures."


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June 07, 2005

Going down a new path; notes to self

Oh I've done it now! I've started down a totally new path, and I don't know just why I'm going this way!

I'm becoming a...(gasp!)... Star Wars fan!

I don't know how this happened. I don't even like science fiction all that much, but dammit, I'm hooked. I even bought a book this morning: "Labyrinth of Evil," which is the prequel to "Sith." Just wait, wait....in a few weeks I'll be on a rampage for all the Star Wars books.

It's my somewhat addictive personality, but I also like a good story, and this is a great one. And better to be addicted to books and reading than something else.

Oh yeah, and I popped in the very first Star Wars this afternoon. The 1977 release too, not the remastered one. (Once again, thanks to my father for buying all those movies on video.)

And DAMMIT I CRIED AGAIN! I'm such a sap. Well, hell, I couldn't help it. There's Vader and Obi-Wan...but I did sit there and say over and over "Dammit Vader! Your kids are right in front of you. Feel the force, huh?"

Yeah, I know, get a life.


Note to self: don't send anymore emails you think are funny to fomer aquaintances now living overseas. You'll get nothing but rambling blah blah blah for your troubles.

Sheesh, said aquaintance should have just stayed with the break dancing.

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Crossed the line again...

So, I found this photo out there, maybe you've seen it. It's a shot of a KFC sign with a "Hillary Special." (If I could figure out where the heck my Hello stuff went so I could post pictures I'd post the picture here, but go check out this blog because he has it over there and posted it yesterday.)

Anyway, I thought it was funny and so forwarded that picture on to some friends of mine, and just happened to include a very Liberal aquaintance on the mailing list. He then replied to me to tell me to remove him from my mailing list.

Okay. Maybe he doesn't like attachments on emails, what with viruses and all that. Perhaps that picture, however innocent I may have thought it was, pissed him off. I don't know. My feelings aren't hurt, I'm not mad, if he doesn't want to get email from me, that's fine, I took him out of my address book completely.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, I don't like to piss anyone off. I thought that photo was kind of funny...and aren't we constantly seeing cartoons and what not poking fun and sarcasm at Bush and his administration?

Regardless of my innocent and humorous intent, sorry if that pic I emailed pissed anyone off. I don't have viruses either, believe me, I scan constantly.

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It's Tuesday...

...and time for those Grrrr's. It looks like Straka is grrr-ing about Russell Crowe's asinine actions this week. Well, frankly, I don't blame Straka!

To paraphrase, Straka says that Hollywood stars today just aren't the class acts of yesteryear, "though maybe they never were." These big box office stars treat us "little people" like their servants.

Hmmmm, they get all snarly and nasty when we pay too much attention to them, but then if we don't photograph them and follow them, they wonder why they aren't popular anymore. Granted, that whole paparazzi thing is something I just don't understand, but I don't like having my picture taken either.

The only example I have to go by is what Husband and his "pards" experienced while making G&G. The actor who portrayed Chamberlain was reputed to be stand-offish and a bit rude, while the actor playing Jackson was really nice and even posed for pictures with the reenactors. We have one, somewhere amidst our still unpacked boxes of Husband shaking hands with the actor.

Now, hmmmm.....why was actor #1 such a poophead? A man who played a ridiculous character in "Dumb and Dumber" shouldn't be so snotty, don't you think? (A funny aside here....Bruce Boxleitner played a Confederate General who I can't remember, and while filming the Fredericksburg scenes, he shouted to his men "Here comes dumb, dumber, dumbass!" as actor #1 came charging up the hill with the Union troops.)

Forgive me, folks, I can't remember names so early in the morning...that "mother brain" thing again.

Anyhoo, I don't know where I'm going with this. I've never encountered any big star types, really. I was a few yards away from Stephen Lang, who played Jackson, and he looked right at me, and do you know what I did? Smiled like a big stupid ass and quoted his lines from "Tombstone." Duh, der, uhhhhhhh.....(drool...) "We don't need no Kansas lawdogs 'round here, savvy?"

Yep, that's me, a class act all the way.

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June 06, 2005

So I just saw "Sith"...

...and I liked it a lot.

I even cried.

Although, during the big fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan my "mother bladder" began to protest, but there was no way I was going to go pee right then.

As far as Padme's birth scene, she didn't yell enough. I watched that as a woman who's given birth twice, the first time without drugs, the second time with an epidural. Believe me, I screamed bloody murder the first time, out of pain and fear.

So Padme yelled a bit. Well, her heart was broken, she had "no will to live," and she was having twins for crying out loud. My goodness, if I'd just learned my husband was now evil and I was about to push out twins, I think I'd yell too. A tame birth scene, to say the least.

But, overall, I liked it. And it was a great excuse to stare at that yummy eye candy Ewan McGregor.

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More Movies

Since this is JUNE 6, once we get back from "Sith" I will be watching....(drum roll)


It's the 50th anniversary colorized version, as I lent the b/w version to my mother. (Thank you Daddy for never renting a movie you liked.)

AND!! Heads up to all you anti-war, anti-Bush folks...and my fellow right wingers too...if you have Turner Classic Movies, make sure you tune in Thursday at 9:15 p.m. p.m. EST to watch "Duck Soup." It's the Marx Brothers, you know, and it makes fun of war...same stuff, different uniforms, that kind of stuff.

So watch that.

I, for now at least, am going to watch TLD with the great John Wayne and the late Eddie Albert, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, etc etc etc....and the plop down to read that book I just got about Richard Winters...you remember, from "Band of Brothers" fame...

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Not much

The ice cream turned out great, thank you very much. Everyone liked it.

It was a hot and humid weekend in this area of the red state. I'm not complaining, I like it! It's a whole lot better than the weather we had a few months ago. It's nice to break out the shorts and stuff for everyone.

Well, Husband and I are going to see "Sith" today. We spent Saturday and Sunday night watching the first two episodes, to get "caught up," and so I could get stuff straight. I could have done without those pod races in the first one...and I hope Anakin isn't as whiny bratty in this one as he was in episode two.

I'll pitch my two cent opinion in later.

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June 05, 2005

Rockin' with the groceries

So yesterday I'm returning home from the gross-ery store, that much loathed chore I don't look forward to. At least I got to go alone, though, so it wasn't all bad. Well, with the exception of that rather large woman in her nightgown on at 4:00 in the afternoon, trolling the aisles ahead of me. And I loathe those "fun cart" things that are supposed to look like race cars or trucks, you know, to amuse the kiddies. They do not amuse me, they steer like a brick shit-house. Some mother had her rather large and obnoxious child in one of those, and they kept farting around in my way. I hate that.

Anyway, the best part of the whole excursion, almost as good as the booze I'd bought, came while cruising the radio dial. I hit one classic rock station and they played Van Halen with Roth!

VH rocked with Roth, sucked with Hagar. I mean, Van Halen and ballads? Phew. No, give me Roth any day of the week. True, he's obnoxious (and I also saw him twice when he was a solo act), but at least the band ROCKED and had that raw, rocking, oh, how do I say it, they just sounded better.

And let's face it, assless spandex pants on the right man look DAMN GOOD!

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Keeping his promise

I like the fact that this man defeated Daschle. And I really like that despite the fact he's a junior Senator, he's keeping his campaign promise regarding Ellsworth AFB. Say what you want, I think this shows some guts on his behalf to come out against Bush, who supported his campaign, to think of the interests of his home state.

Is this politically naive of me???

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June 04, 2005

I made ice cream

Yes, I made ice cream. A simple recipe I got from Paula Deen. I'll let you know how it turns out. Son enjoyed watching me put it together, and he wanted me to "talk it through" like Paula does. Well, I'm really bad at Southern accents, so I didn't.

I have a headache that would drop a horse, so I'm going to lay here on the couch and watch Scooby Doo 2 with son.

I should be cleaning the second bathroom, but this headache has just knocked me off my feet.

Just another exciting day in the Groovy household...

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Conversation with my Mother

Tonight I called my mother, which is not a rare occurence with me, as I talk to her a lot. We both had NBC Nightly News on, but weren't really listening. So, the famous, or infamous, shot of Bush holding hands with that Saudi dude came on, and I said:

"Gawd, I don't know why everyone mades such a stink about that picture. It looks like Bush is holding that guy up! And I've held up my share of elderly grandmas in my time, I should know."

Mom: "I know! That man looked quite feeble. Why does everyone hate Bush so much?"

Me: " Mum, get the Internet! I've been reading some Lefty stuff and they really spell it out."

To which Mum sputtered and hissed and then got off on that whole Deep Throat thing.

BUT!!! She couldn't let a conversation pass without asking when she could see her grandson. Note, she didn't ask when she could see her granddaughter, jus the boy. Well, that's to be expected, and is a long story, suffice to say I don't really feel like dealing with Son when he gets back from visits with my mother. She coddles him to the point where he's using sippy cups and the potty chair again...and he's quite capable, at almost six years old, of using the regular facilities and a regular cup to drink from.

Like I said, it's a long story. I don't relish the drive up there, and so am avoiding any talk of taking the kids up there. We're to go up to see Husband's parents next weekend. I told Husband I'm NOT going to spend the night at his parents' house, so we're getting a hotel room.

It isn't that I don't want to see his folks, that isn't it at all. I just don't relish the drive, and I have to lie to my mother about it. Is a lie of omission still a lie?

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June 03, 2005

Stupid bastard

So, I'm reading the latest US magazine and I get to the "Celebrity Feuds of the Week" section. Now granted, taking advice from Hulk Hogan is the last thing I'd do, but reading about who's fighting with whom is pretty interesting, so I was curious when I saw Tom Cruise was "feuding" with Brooke Shields.

Apparently, Cruise has a bug up his butt because Shields took Paxil for postpartum depression. According to that short shit, Shields should have taken vitamins for it!

Typical of a damn man. They have all the answers, don't they? Especially about women. Oh yeah, I'd like to see Cruise pass a bowling ball out his ass and have his tits swell up and then see how good he feels. What does he, or any man for that matter, know what goes on when a woman has a baby? It's not like the damn diaper commercials, you know?

Hulk said Cruise should "live and let live," and that Shields "did what she had to do."

Damn right.

I've never liked that ass ape Cruise, and now I really don't. Stupid bastard.

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Finally, at last, and thank goodness, hope for me and my ample arse! I just read over at this blog that curvier women "will live longer..."

Go read it! Tell him Groovy sent ya!

Of course, if I would get off said big 'ole butt and quit reading all these blogs I wouldn't have so much junk in my trunk!

But I do want to update the roll call later today...

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"The Aviator," bored kids, and other stuff

Last night Husband and I watched "The Aviator." I'm going to admit here and now that the only reason I rented it was to see Cate Blanchett's portrayel of Katharine Hepburn. She did a great job, by the way.

I am not a Leo DiCraprio fan. Sorry. He looks like a scrawny kid to me, and I'm not saying this because he stumped for Kerry. I didn't like him before the campaign.

The movie itself was pretty good. Howard Hughes had issues, huh? It was kind of sad, really, because here was a good looking, smart man, and he had these "demons" hounding him. What was the deal with his mom bathing him in the beginning, though? I was trying to get kids to bed, so I missed the significance of that.

Oh, but let me tell you about actually going up to Blockbuster to rent the flicks. Son was bored yesterday, and I suggested we go up and rent some movies. I told him, you can either get one movie or one game. He chose a Scooby DVD, fine with me. I even let him pick out some candy too. Well, Daughter thought she could get candy, and proceeded to grab some silly little candy ice cream thing and run off. I grabbed her, put the candy back and she threw herself on the floor and began screaming.

Ever calm and collected, I just scooped her up and went over to present rental card, money, all that, all the while Daughter is throwing herself around crying. Here's the thing, though: I didn't spank her! I fail to see the usefulness in spanking a crying child. HELLO? They'll just cry more! Plus it was getting on towards lunch and nap time, she generally melts down if there is a change in her routine. I just did what needed to be done, put her in her car seat while Son buckled himself in, and that was that. She whined all the way home, but hey, she was tired and hungry.

That's not to say that I don't give my kids a swat every now and then, but not when they're already so miserable.

Anyway, Dr. Spock....

So, Son is all bored and it's only the second day of summer vacation. Well, geez, am I supposed to entertain him all the time? We've got 22 acres he can run around on, swings to swing on, all kind of crap to keep him happy, and he mopes around. He wants to go over to Pittsburgh to the dino exhibit at the museum. Well, we'd love to take him, but our weekends are already full. He wants to go to friends' houses, but no one calls him up and no one returns my calls...what am I supposed to do, plop him on someone's doorstep?

It's going to be a very long summer at this rate.

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June 02, 2005

My opinion of Deep Throat

I stopped by Half Sigma this morning and read the post about Deep Throat. (One of many posts out there about this...) Go over and check this post out though, one I agree with completely.

Back then Felt wanted revenge, now it just seems like he wants the money.

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Mutterings and Hissings

I don't have to be up this early. School's out for summer (ala Alice Cooper today) so I don't have to hustle Son out of bed for the usual morning routine...not until August 25. Yes people, I've started a countdown of my own. It's not that I don't love Son and love having him around, but now I've got both kids, all day every day, and it's a long two weeks until swimming starts. Good thing I scheduled all the check-ups for the next couple weeks, all that running around will keep us busy. And I've got to run some stuff up to the church today for VBS.

So, last night we took Son out for a treat, dinner wherever he wanted to go. He picked Burper King, so that's where we went after we stopped at the garden center for some seeds. Daughter got away from me there, and instead of wreaking havoc, she stood in front of the radio shaking her little diapered butt to a Lonestar song.

We hit Burper King, burped, and then went for a ride. Husband wanted to use his GPS thingahootch, so we meandered around some back roads and what not. As we were puttering along some side streets I noticed a car with a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on it.

"Look at that!" I hissed to Husband, wishing I had my Goo Gone and a razor blade to remove that sticker from that Buick.

"Oh, well," Husband said.

That was the extent of that conversation. But let the record show that I never put any Bush/Cheney stickers on my SUV. Not only would I face vandalism (my paranoia creeping in) but hey, we could have lost, we didn't, but we could have, and then my vehicle would be the one hissed about. Egg on my face and all that.


I emailed some of my "hass skrewl" friends about starting a blog for our class. I've seen other blogs like that, and I thought that would be a great way to keep in touch, and it's FREE, unlike Classmates. com, which one has to pay in order to send emails and stuff like that. I got one reply, basically "I'd read it, but no one would want to hear from me."

Folks, that's the prevailing attitude of most of the class of 1988, and I'll be damned if I'll start another blog up only to have to maintain it myself. I already have a blog, see? I don't really want another one. And I wasn't class prez, I wasn't even on senior class council! (My first election defeat...didn't know how to steal those elections back then...)

I also told them when the class of 1980's reunion is going to be (my sister's class) so they could crash. I said "You'd better crash, as that's the only way you'll get any clas reunions."

Suffice to say, our class was so apathetic and shortsighted. Collectively we just don't care, I guess, and since I helped out so much with the 15 year reunion I'm NOT going to help out anymore. No one is happy, someone is always bitching about this or that...

Oh wait, sounds a little like blogging, huh? Just kidding.

Damn Burper King. I woke up with an upset stomach. (burp)

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June 01, 2005

I'm pretty damn lucky

Today is Son's last day of Kindergarten. Yesterday his Scooby backpack was stuffed full of school things, like his art shirt, workbooks, and extra worksheets so he can "play school" over the summer. His teacher had given each student "Kindergarten Certificates" which were really cute, and she'd rolled them up and tied like a diploma. She also included a little "review" packet of stuff the kids should keep up on over the summer. She had a little "Teacher's Farewell" poem in there too, and yours truly read that and started bawling.

I can't believe Kindergarten is over! It went so fast...before I know it I'll be watching him graduate high school...and Daughter isn't too far behind.

Sitting here, watching that little girl in Peru have the operation on her legs (by the way, they couldn't have sedated her a little before clamping that mask on her face?) and seeing ads for the Children's Miracle Network made me realize how lucky I am. My kids are great, beautiful and healthy, and Husband is still in the States.

I know it's only June 1, but I'm pretty thankful anyway.

Okay, I didn't get all moany and groany last night, so I did it this morning. I'll move on to other things later.

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Change of scenery

Note to my pimp: I changed my template. Is this a little better?

Get used to it, folks. I am a woman, and I do change my mind.

It's late, and I can't sleep, I was a little bored, so instead of whining on and droning introspectively, I browsed some templates and decided to make a change.

That's all there is, there isn't anymore...

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