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October 31, 2005

Really Stupid Looking Album Covers

Remember vinyl? Cheezy album covers? Then go check this out. I can't remember where I found this link, but thank you to whoever posted this, it made me laugh! It made me slightly nauseated!

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Blog Like a Liberal Day

The American Princess has declared today "Blog Like a Liberal Day."


h/t: basil's blog

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"I don't like Mondays..."

Sometimes I wonder if The Boomtown Rats had kids when they sang this. If Bob Geldof had offspring back then, he might have sang "I hate, loathe and despise Mondays..."

Or, rather, Sunday nights. Son never wants to go to bed, he pouts and shuffles his way in to brush his teeth; last night he had a tantrum because I made him use Crest instead of his Spongebob toothpaste. Sure, there was another tube of Spongebob toothpaste in the cupboard, but it was just that one time, it was damn Crest and what was the big deal?

My patience was running waaaaaaaaaay short last night, as I'd had a pretty tiring Saturday and was still wiped out last night. In a literal blast from the past, I'd hauled out all my Civil War attire and went up to the church's Harvest party (an alternative to Halloween) dressed as Clara Barton. Hey, it's historical, relevant, and I like to haul out the petticoats from time to time...and I didn't know any Biblical characters to dress as, other than Jezebel, and...um... Well, my corset is pre-baby, so I was basically sucking it in, ala Scarlett O'Hara, to get the thing on. And these days, reenactors don't suck it in. It's not healthy. I think I ruptured something.

Anyway, after having spent Saturday afternoon decorating the fellowship hall, and that evening stuffing myself into the historic ensemble, by Sunday morning I was pretty tired and out of sorts. So last night I was in NO MOOD to nitpick over toothpaste. All this after we'd enjoyed family time watching The Great Pumpkin.

Oh yeah, and now Daughter is getting sick. The fun never ends around here. Ah yes, and let's not forget the whole routine of getting Son out of bed and ready for school. I'm not looking forward to it.

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Uh, okay...what the....???

I'm just....I don't....ugh! I read this and I just don't know what old TrophyHead is trying to say through those clenched, British lips.

Thanx: The Llama Butchers

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October 29, 2005

"I think the devil drives a Coup de Ville..."

Last night was the Joe Nichols concert. We got there justintime, after having a bit of trouble getting to Husband's sister's place over in Pittsburgh. I hate that town. Damn traffic. People do not know how to merge.

Anyway! Pitchers of beer! Chicken and ribs! Cake! Good food, and a nice, small venue, so there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The opening band was a bunch of local guys, with a song I could have sworn was called "Burn You Like a Fryer." The lead singer, my gosh, he's from the Pittsburgh area, and he's all going on with a twangin' country accent. I hate that! If you're not from the South, don't try to act like you are!

They did a medley of cover tunes, and then the lead singer runs backstage to put on a big 'fro wig to sing Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music White Boy." Indeed! I was fine up until they broke into Parliament Funkadelic. With a fiddle. Oh no. No, no, NO!

It was at this point that I gave special attention to the pitcher of Killian's sitting in front of me. Ahhhhh, beer! Mother's Milk!!

On to Joe Nichols, who opened the show with my favorite "Brokenheartsville" and then had us all jump up to sing along with "Cool to be a Fool," another of my favorites. He also did some Merle and Hank Jr. covers, which were awesome!

It was a good time, a great anniversary present, and I'm really glad Husband got the tickets. It was his first country show and he actually liked it! I told him, though, that this in NO WAY means I'm going to start listening to his Pink Floyd. No, no, NO!

"If it was cool to be a fool I'd be the hippest guy around..."

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October 27, 2005

Somebody needs a SMACK!

This mouthy little brat explains why we only allow Son one hour on the PlayStation a day. And that's only after he's finished his homework and eaten all his supper.

If I had ever sassed off like this to my mom, ohmigod, I probably wouldn't be here today.

Thanx: Ex-Donkey

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Leave the Wheeze alone!

Come on, let's leave poor Rupert Grint/Ron Weasley alone, huh?

I wouldn't exactly call his hair "fugly," and what the hell is wrong with Shaun Cassidy?

Whoops, am I showing my age here? Look, unless the lad breaks into a rousing chorus of "Da Doo Run Run" we have nothing to worry about.

By the way, yours truly is really looking forward to the next HP movie. Yep, I'm an even bigger geek about Harry Potter. The fun never ends, does it?

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And now...the news...

Miers withdrew. Okay. I'm admitting here and now that I haven't been keeping up on that kind of stuff. All I knew about whatshername is that her face had been photoshopped onto Emperor Palpatine, and the resemblance was uncanny. And she wore far too much black eyeliner.

Someone won the World Series. I don't follow sports.

Janet Jackson is denying having a "secret child." Woohoo, next?

Apparently there were a bunch of candlelight vigils last night, held by Moron.org. Yeah, I got a Conservative Alert email yesterday, telling me to go "counter protest." I checked the Moron.org website to see if there were going to be any vigils in my area, just for shits and giggles mind you, and there was one just over the river in Wheeling, WV. Uh-huh, something like 14 people were expected to be there.

I did not go to Wheeling to counter protest. Somehow one of my children being sick was more important and compelled me to keep my ample arse at home.

Rosa Parks passed away this week. Rest In Peace.

My name is being tossed about for Veep of the PTO. Oh yeah, they really need me, not. If elected, I shall immediately go to a secure, unnamed location. And then tell someone "go f*** yourself."

Hector Vex has cereal today. Yummy! Where's my spoon???

Can you tell where my priorities are?

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October 26, 2005

Even a trip to the grocery store is fun...

...when I get to go alone and blast Motley Crue.

And then, on the way home, I heard some Merle Haggard...

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Sick, sick, sick!

No, I'm not talking about the Left (haw haw), Son is sick and home from school. Damn those overheated classrooms! I kept him home yesterday, he'll be home today, and may be home tomorrow, depending on what the doc says. Yep, I'm calling the pediatrician today, as Son's cough is all chesty and gross sounding. I just hope Daughter doesn't catch this. Yuck.

Sooooo...it may be pretty scant around here for the next couple days, we'll see.

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October 25, 2005

The countdown has begun

Episode III comes out in ONE WEEK!!!

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October 24, 2005

Put that away!

I love to rip on Britney Spears, and today when my US magazine came in the mail, I whooped it up over this picture.

She's breastfeeding her spawn, which is good, great for the baby, but look, do we really need to see her big mambo nursing bra?

As a mother, someone who nursed Son for a while, hell, had "big mother jugs," I can tell you, the big mambo over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders are NOT fashion statements!

I mean, my goodness.

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What kid wouldn't want an Escalade?

"This realistic Cadillac Escalade EXT riding toy is just as luxurious and sporty as the real thing! It's a two-seater that has a detailed dash and features a real working FM radio, plus a pretend CD player that plays three tunes: rap, pop and rock. It also sports chrome wheels and a rear storage area."

Uh, um...yeah, whatever.

Check out some of the prices for this little beauty. And this is for preschoolers. Woof.

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Hurricane Hutt

This idea had been discussed over at Camp Katrina before, but now it's a mission!

Frankly, I like this. Write early, write often, I say. The U.N. needs something to do.

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"The Oleson twins of the White Nationalist Movement"

This is sickening. This is disgusting. This is horrifying. This is just inappropriate in this day and age.

What's really astounding is that there's even a market for this kind of crap.

h/t: Ex-Donkey Blog

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This does not make me feel good

It does not bode well for me that on the day La Tahoe rolls over 100,000 miles I happen to see a burning car on the highway.

Harbingers of things to come? Let's hope not.

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October 23, 2005

Star Wars potty talk

This morning over breakfast, Son claimed that Darth Vader never went #2 because "he has that belt on his britches."

And Luke Skywalker never needed diapers, did you know that? Yeah, I said that when Obi-Wan dropped off baby Luke, Aunt Baroo should have said something about not having Pampers. This is when Son informed me that Luke didn't need diapers. He was born completely toilet trained!

Husband laughed and said that the force wasn't strong with our kids, then.

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October 21, 2005

Around Blogaritaville

Ace posts about a "practical joke"...

The Wandering Mind has a question for all you bloggers who blog

Go, read, think, whatever...

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Seven things...

I swiped this one from MotherGooseMouse...play along, will you?

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Travel around the US
2. Spend two months in Scotland
3. Buy a farm in Gettysburg
4. Buy a 1969 Pontiac GTO
5. Go to London
6. Write a book
7. Meet the President (preferably a Republican one)

7 things I can do well:
1. Burp
2. Sleep
3. Make scrambled eggs
4. Laundry
5. Vacuum
6. Yell
7. Iron

7 things I can not do well:
1. Play any kind of sport
2. Run
3. Cook
4. Be patient
5. Keep my mouth shut

6. Abstain from cigarettes
7. Be sick

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Hands
2. Teeth
3. Legs
4. Butt
5. Smell (preferably a good, clean smell)
6. Sense of humor
7. Intelligence

7 things I say most often:
1. Groovy!
2. Goddamn sonofabitch!

3. F***ing Liberal!
4. Bastard!
5. Who’s my girl, who’s my baby?

6. My BOY!!
7. I love you more!

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We just got home...

...about 10 minutes ago. What a day! As soon as I got home from the PTO meeting, Husband, Daughter and I set out for Pittsburgh. Husband needed to pick something up from work, so we all went. I got to see where he works. Is it strange that in the eight years we've been married I've never really seen where he works? Well, it isn't so strange....if I were to tell you what he does, but I can't, so I won't.

The three of us had a lovely lunch, where Daughter was a very good girl. She was so excited about everything, even washing her hands in the restroom! We went over to IKEA, because I've never been there, and OHMYGOODNESS did Daughter have a good time. Husband and I couch shopped a bit, and Daughter actually climbed into one of the beds on display and covered up. I think if I'd let her she would have taken her nap right there!

I wanted to see if I could find a bed frame for Daughter, but I wasn't really thrilled with what I saw. In the parking lot, however, I saw something that made me laugh out loud. It was a bumper sticker that said: "Friends don't let friends vote Republican." I've seen these before, but I laughed out loud and Husband said, sort of disgusted, "Well, this is Pittsburgh." Yes, yes it was. So there I am, listening to Rush Limbaugh in the parking lot of Radio Shack...

Oh yeah, that PTO meeting. What a crock of crapola. First of all, the president is a complete two-faced fake, and all she cares about is moneymoneymoney. Everything is a money making scheme. The only thing I heard that was in any reference to the kids was a new set of swings the PTO had purchased.

After an hour of this, I had a headache. I just sat there, not saying anything the whole time, and I think some of the women were pissed at me because I didn't sign up to work Santa's Workshop this year. Well, let me ask you, what the hell good would I be if all I'm doing the whole time is chasing Daughter around? Think I'd get anything productive accomplished?

At any rate, spending the afternoon wandering around Pittsburgh with Husband and Daughter more than made up for the morning I had. I'm going to check out my favorite blogs; that should fill the time until I have to get Son off the bus.

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Gotta go to the PTO

I woke up late, so I don't have my usual morning time to peruse Blogaritaville and post. I've got to get ready to go to a PTO meeting this morning, so I've go to hustle.

I'll be back this afternoon!

BTW, we watched two movies last night, Spiderman 2 and The Longest Yard. Loved TLY, but then, I'm a sucker for football movies and Burt Reynolds! But S2, well, um, we only rented it for Son to watch, and he confessed to not liking Spiderman, soooo...Husband and I watched it while Daughter ran around screaming and standing in front of the TV. Oh well. I've never been a fan of Tobey McGoober and Dr. Sunken Tits anyway.

Oh shoot, look at the time!!! I've got to wake up Son!

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October 20, 2005

Always a Classic

Burt Reynolds.

Hey, we rented The Longest Yard (Adam Sandler version), what can I say?

Also, Smokey and the Bandit is one of my all-time favorite movies!!

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Hurricane Ferris Bueller?

I have to agree with this idea!

via Camp Katrina

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Mark your calendars

So, my mother calls me this morning, which isn't anything so unusual except that she had me mark three days down on my calendar. She said, "Something could happen on these days."

Go grab your day planners and mark down these days: November 8, 19, 29.

You ask, "Vic, WTF?"

Well, my mother listens to AM Coast to Coast during the night; my step-father works third shift so Mom is awake to listen, and I guess she puts a lot of stock in what she hears. Between you and me, a lot of it sounds like conspiracy theories, but I humor my mother.

We'll see, huh?

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Shooting her mouth off!

Comparing Hillary Clinton to Rush Limbaugh? Whoa.

Much thanks to The Llama Butchers for linking this.

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THIS is pretty cool!

Bloggers meet with House Members! Live blogging! Woo!

I have to admit, I think this is pretty cool.

I know I'll be checking it out today.

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October 19, 2005

Random Ewan McGregor picture post

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In the mood

And not a good one, at this point.

I like to get up early, have my coffee, browse the blogs, post something, and this morning I'm in a stew over something I read over at a Lib blog. This blogger comments here sometimes, so I figured I'd wander over there. Well, let's just say she doesn't like Wal-Mart too much.

According to her, and her readers, those that shop at WM are basically drooling morons. Oh, really? Thanks so much for lumping us all together! What kills me is, most of the people who commented are young and single, so they probably have no clue about buying diapers and formula.

I have a family, we are on a budget, and WM is one of the best places for me to shop for my family. I have done the comparisons, price-wise, and I can get more for my money there. I've spoken to several other mothers who shop there because "Kroger is too expensive." And I will be damned if I'll go the mall to buy boots for my kids, who outgrow them within months!

Now, I will admit that there are some less than brainy people that shop there, but I like to get there really early in the morning to avoid those crowds.

But tell me, please, where else should I buy winter boots for my growing son, great big boxes of diapers for my daughter, and huge big bags of frozen veggies to feed my family? Hmmm? And their meat department is far better than Kroger's.

And I suppose, but that other blogger's standards, my parents are also idiots for utilizing WM and Sam's Club to buy cat food for all the cats they humanely take care of, gallons of distilled water that they drink and cook with because their city water has flouride in it, and the meat that they buy in bulk and freeze so they don't have to keep running out to the store once a week. Hmmm...and my step-father is retiring soon...budget...hey, those morons!


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This is not a cheap blog...

My blog is worth $107,262.60.

How much is your blog worth?

h/t: Ace

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October 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Husband and I have been married for eight years! Big night: we're going out for Chinese!

Later, the same day: Yeah, well, we went out and got take-out Chinese tonight. We found a great little place that has the best lo mein. Not much fanfare, though, although we did exchange cards. Well, hey, Husband did get tickets to see Joe Nichols next week, so I'm not complaining!

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October 17, 2005

A moment in motherhood

We tell our kids not to do something, and then they go and do that forbidden thing and WHAMMO! They get hurt.

I have told Son time and again not to jump on the bed. But, in his six year old mind, he's right and I'm just wrongwrongwrong, so jump he does. Well, it's fortunate for him that Daughter's bed isn't that high off the floor (mattress and box springs on the floor, until she gets used to a big kid bed). Son comes home from school, isn't even home 10 minutes and BOOM! He fell flat on his back and knocked the wind out of himself, all because he was jumping on the bed.

He runs out, shaking, he can't breathe, I panic, Husband scoops Son up and calmly tries to figure out what's going on, and yells at me to stop screaming. Well, excuse the feck out of me, but when my child is red-faced, shaking, and his eyes are bulging out of his head, what the hell else would I do?

Once it was determined that Son had indeed been jumping off the bed, I saw red. You moms know what I mean. We warn and scold, with visions of this exact thing happening, and when it does we don't know whether to comfort or spank them. I opted to scream some more, shaking my motherfinger at him. I told him that if he ever jumps on the g-damn bed again, I'll knock more than the wind out of him.

Oh, I was so mad.

I calmed down, Son is fine; he managed to get his homework done and ate all his supper. I, on the other hand, feel guilty about getting so upset with him.

Don't jump on the bed!!!

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Ask Me Anything

So I volunteered to be interviewed over at basil's blog. I figure, what the heck, I'm an open book, right?

So go over there and ask me and the other interviewees a question.

Go! Move it! Shake a leg!

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No wire hangars! EVER!!!

Ah, celebrities; they're like a car accident, we just can't stop looking and talking about them.

Over at The Superficial I read that Madonna is channeling Joan Crawford.

Okay, I'm no June Cleaver and I'll never win Mother of the Year, but Madonna is going a bit overboard in my opinion. Tell me her kids won't have serious issues when they grow up.

Stupid old whore. Nice 1970's era turd curls too, ya old pig!

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October 16, 2005

From around blogaritaville

The Ex-Donkey posted about a new blog he's adding to his blogroll, and seeing as how I like the Ex-Donk, I checked it out and like what I see.

Go check out Jiblog...now! He's conservative and likes "pissing off liberals." That's reason enough to go check him out!

Speaking of liberals, and I don't usually, a fellow blogger is pretty excited about going to see John "Breck Girl" Edwards. I commented that, while I don't really care for him, I hope fellow blogger has a good time...and actually gets to meet him. I'd love to know what product that man uses on his hair to get such a shine!

Seriously, though, I wouldn't pee on Edwards if he was on fire, but you know, what ever floats one's boat.

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Kid Overload

I hate it when Husband works on the weekend. Thankfully, this only happens once a month, but still, I start to feel like I'm suffering from kid overload.

It isn't even that I want to dump the kids off on him, it's just nice to have another person around to share the fun, know what I mean?

I'm sorting of freaking out right now, as Daughter is, um...well, she's sort of...er...red in her "female region." I don't know if this is just a rash from normal body functions (nudge nudge) or if she has a feminine complaint. She seems to act like going #1 hurts, so I'm just going from there. It's hard to get a two year old to describe symptoms.

It's Sunday morning, do I freak out completely and call the doc? I'd feel like a dork if I run her in to the hospital only to be told it's diaper rash, but what if it isn't?

Better to play it safe, I think. But it would be nice if Husband was here to calm me down a bit.

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October 15, 2005

Got the latest Vanity Fair today...

...and I wonder why I spent the money to subscribe to it. It's all anti-Bush, anti-Republican, "let's bash Chunky McHappyBottom" or what ever the Libs are calling GW these days.


And there's a big write up about that bastard Brian Williams...Katrina coverage, know what I mean? Bastard. The only reason he's getting any play out of Katrina is because he jumped on the "bash McHushPuppy" bandwagon.


There is, however, a perfume sample of Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume, "Lovely." It smells pretty nice!

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Husband got home from work tonight, and after opening his mail, handed me two tickets to see Joe Nichols on October 28!

He knows I really want to go, as I saw Nichols when he opened for Brooks and Dunn and thought he was great.

I can't wait!

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"Non Partisan" MY ASS!!

I looked into this a couple months ago, right after Gov. Taft was indicted. The thing no one seems to acknowledge up front is that this is primarily Democrats!

Uh-huh, if this is all flowers and sunshine and non-partisan, then I'm a man.

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I refuse to watch the news...

...but after reading this I wish I still did.

h/t: The Llama Butchers

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October 14, 2005

I guess I'll wait for the DVD

Cameron Crowe's latest film, Elizabethtown, opens today. After having read this review I guess I'll wait for the DVD; besides, I can't get away this weekend to see it anyway.

I know, all reviews are subjective, and this is the only one I've read; I have two reasons for waiting: I really do want to wait for it to come out on DVD, and I'm not really a big Dr. Sunken Tits (Kirsten Dunst) fan.

The only reason I'm really excited about this film is pictured here. Paula Deen, my favorite Food Network person, has a role in this movie. I just love her!

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October 13, 2005

Green Eyed Monster

One of The Llama Butchers may be stopping in Gettysburg while he's on a "bidness trip" in PA.

Damn it!

This is the exact time of year that I love to go to Gettysburg. I told him, I said, hey I'll be your tour guide and I'll put on my hoop skirts!

I had just commented to Husband last night that this is the perfect time to go.

I'm jealous. I haven't been to G'burg since 2002! That's too long for me.


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I hate Burger King

Why do I do this to myself? I go to Burper King and get something to eat, and the next day I am not happy. I shan't go into details.

I don't even eat fast food all that much anymore. I guess that's my problem, huh? My body isn't used to the grease and salt and crap. No wonder Son complained of a bellyache this morning.

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He's still a stupid ass

I don't know what it is about Tom Cruise that makes me dislike him with such an intensity. Could it be his self-righteous attitude? Or is it just his face? I want to slap that face, really hard. Bitch slap that little asshat.

You know, it would probably be more believable if Katie Holmes walked around holding hands with a big old turkey baster.

This is why I love reading The Superficial, as the seem to share my feelings regarding this ridiculous sham.

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Welcome Aboard

Meet one of the newest residents of the United States. Well, actually, it's Peter Mayhew, the guy inside the suit, but still.

Mayhew stated: "I am feeling very happy about it," Mayhew said. "Whatever people say about America, it is still one of the most wonderful countries in the world, despite the politics, religion and everything else that goes on."

Now, I can see where he's going with the whole "despite the politics" comment, but religion? What, there's no religion in England?

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October 12, 2005


For some strange reason, all I can think about is this woman's bladder control.

Other than that, I'm speechless. Well, okay, maybe I think these people are just crazy. Sixteen children! Ooof...my goodness!

h/t: basil's blog

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I didn't forget...

...to post anything, there just isn't anything to talk about. Oh sure, I've been perusing the usual blogs and what not, and since I'm not really keeping up with anything I have no opinion one way or another. I did, however, enjoy that pic of Susan Estrich as Emperor Palpatine.

Speaking of Star Wars (and don't I always?), while in Wal-Mart this morning I took notice of the SW toys on display, and made a comment to myself, as Daughter really wasn't paying attention, about the picture of Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) on a lightsaber box.

"Look at Obi-Wan! He looks sssssssssweaty!"

That was the highlight of my day, trust me. Daughter has teeth issues, in that they're hurting like a son of a bitch.

Any suggestions as to what I should fix for supper???

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October 11, 2005

Feeling Scowly

Anakin's face pretty much sums up my mood today.

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What's under that kilt, laddie?

Since I haven't posted any Ewan McGregor pics in a while...

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This made me laugh...

...but only because I saw a car with neon lights last night.

via Ace

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October 10, 2005

Shake a tail feather...

This was too funny not to swipe!

h/t: RightWingSparkle

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...is a big bunch of crappity crappy crap!

All you mothers out there: how many of you yelled and screamed? I for one sounded like that little girl in The Exorcist.

Kudos to the ladies out there who have given birth without pain medication, but this mom right here was doped to the gills both times. Any and all legal drugs, I say!

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Happy Gigolo Birthday!

Happy Birthday David Lee Roth!

Or, as I like to call him, the man who made Van Halen ROCK!

I actually saw Roth in concert, twice, after he split from VH. Yeah...I still have the t-shirt from the tour in '88...

So, happy day to Diamond Dave! I shall throw "Yankee Rose" in the CD player and do a high kick!

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October 08, 2005

It was nine years ago this weekend...

Here we are, in Gettysburg. This picture was taken the day we got engaged, nine years ago, on Columbus Day weekend. We're at the PA monument, right in front of the 83rd Infantry plaque...the unit we portrayed when we reenacted.

Don't we look happy? Don't I look thin?


I was thin, my hair was long...thank goodness Husband shaved that mustache off before our wedding!

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I need a history lesson here

I finished that book last night; wonderful, I really didn't want to finish!

But, okay, here's where I turn to you, the public, for a history lesson, and I'll do a bit of investigating on my own, but, um....anyone know if they smoked weed back then? You know, rolled up a fatty?

See, there's a character in this book who has glaucoma, and she had been told to smoke hemp. She had some, dried of course, and proceeded to rolll a tidy joint. And this character was also blind. But she blazed up a doobie, right there in 1776.

Now, I know this stuff has been around for a while, but a joint? Really? Wouldn't they, I don't know, smoke it in a pipe or something? Where the heck would they get ZigZags? Hello, roach clip?

Hey, it isn't that I've never smoked the stuff, I have, although I never did it that much. And I inhaled! I don't know how one can smoke and not inhale, but I digress.

I keep hearing lines from Dazed and Confused, you know, where that stoner guy is talking about Martha Washington meeting George at the door with a big, fat bowl. And there's weed on the money! It's green too!

So, if any of you know "the history of the doobie" share the info. I'm just curious, but I have to think if someone is going to put it out there in a book, there must be some truth to it, no?

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October 07, 2005

Postponing the Inevitable

I'm almost done with this book. It comes in at 992 pages, so I've had ample opportunity to savor this over the last (almost) two weeks. I, along with a lot of other fans of this author, waited four years for this, and personally, I wasn't going to just whip right through it.

So I'm blogging about this book in order to put off actually finishing it. I mean, I will, I want to, but I hate to. Anyone out there know what I mean? You get so into a book, the characters...it all just becomes, I don't know, so involving, that you hate to have to say goodbye!

My consolation here is that I hear Ms. Gabaldon is going to write a seventh installment in this series, which will then afford me the opportunity to go back and read the first six all over again.

I love to recommend books to people, so I shall provide the titles of the novels in this series, beginning, as usual, at the beginning.

Dragonfly in Amber
Drums of Autumn
The Fiery Cross
A Breath of Snow and Ashes
The Outlandish Companion
- this one is non-fiction, but it explains a lot about how the author came to write this series

Go to your library, or hit Amazon!

If you do go out and start reading these books, let me give you the advice to just stick with it. Some of the novels start off a tad slow, so don't give up. It's worth it to stick with the story. If you do, trust me on this one, you will fall in love with it!

Take it from GroovyVic. Would I steer you wrong?

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What he said!

The Wandering Mind beat me to it. It looks like neither one of us has anything to post about! No "hot guys" have caught my eye this week, it is a rainy Friday morning, and all I want to do is curl up with my book.

I did notice, though, when I glanced at my blog yesterday that I was a "slithering reptile in the TTLB Ecosystem." Hmmm....readership is down, guess I'll have to post something scintillating. Well, to be perfectly honest, there isn't much that I find scintillating these days.

Maybe something will catch my eye later today while I browse the 'net. For now, though, I'm going to go get a big bowl of something to eat and watch Sesame Street with Daughter.

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October 06, 2005

My sister likes to bitch...

...but that's okay, because I don't mind. I don't get to talk to my sister all that much, so when she emails me to bitch, I just roll with it and offer up sisterly advice.

I shan't tell you what she said, suffice it to say she's sick of being a parent. She's been at it longer than I have, almost 16 years, so she has room to complain. Let's just say, though, that her son's football coach is real trouser snake, if you catch my meaning.

She wanted to know what's going on in my "crappy neck of the woods," something I'd love to hear Al Roker say some morning, and I have nothing to complain about. Oh, I guess I do, but nothing compared to what she bitched about.

Ah well. Like sands through the hourglass...

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No Beheading Videos Here!

Once again, someone Googled "ogrish beheading videos" or somesuch, and wound up here. (Yeah, I check SiteMeter just now.)

WTF people? As far as I know, there's no "objectionable" content here, unless you count the fact that I'm a Republican. Um, do you remember me posting anything about beheadings?

Don't come here looking for that stuff, people. Not gonna find it here.

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My kids are cute

This morning I went into Son's room to wake him up, and in the fuzzy morning light he looked like his little baby self again. He stretched and yawned, clutching his little Clifford dog, or as we refer to it, "Pup," and for just that brief bit of time, he wasn't my big six year old, he was my little snuggy huggy boy again. It was as if he'd morphed back three years or so, gotten back those round apple cheeks and the soft blonde hair.


On the way home from the car wash this morning, Daughter raised a stink when I changed the radio channel; she wanted to hear Toby Keith! I glanced back, and there she was, bopping up and down, shaking her blonde curls in time to "As Good As I Once Was." That's my girl!

See? My kids are cute!

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This is why I don't watch the news

What. In the hell. Is this man talking about?

Great googly-moogly.

via Are You Conservative?

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I don't know what to say about this. Eeewww? Good for them? I mean, at first, this gave me the skeevies, but I'm really at a loss for a comment one way or another.

However! Don't we all know how this will play out? The "glowing" mother, the perfect textbook pregnancy, the nannies, fitness trainers, $1000 strollers. Ten bucks says we never see Ms. Kate covered in spit up, three days out from her last shower, and carrying those extra baby pounds on her thighs and butt.

I'm telling you, if there was any justice in this world, just one Hollywood mother would look like a real mother.

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October 05, 2005


I had mentioned in a post yesterday that I'd been asking some questions about teaching. Now that I have a kid in public school, I have a lot of questions about just how and what he's learning.

Let me state here and now that I don't knowThing One about No Child Left Behind. Call me a bad, lax Republican, but I just never followed that whole thing. Now I wish I had, as I'm not liking what I'm seeing.

I'm getting the distinct impression that teachers are teaching to the proficiency tests and only stressing about the results because their jobs are on the line. I'm all for teacher accountability, but what about our kids? What about those students who have learning disabilities? Not every kid "gets it" the first time out, there are those students who need extra attention, aides...

I read the budget that our school district made public. Essentially, I walked away thinking that cuts are being made because the district needs to keep up with the cost of health insurance bennies. That is another can of worms entirely, as health care costs are skyrocketing...and I happen to know an individual who is not paying the bills for his wife's hospitalization...and it's people like that who make it a pain in the ass for the rest of it...but that's only part of the problem.

Anyway, students are suffering! My son is being taught to read by memorization! What happened to Phonics?

I have no problem being a part of Son's education, helping with his homework, knowing what's going on...God knows Husband doesn't pay attention...but when I have to practially re-teach at home I get a bit worried. I have other moms wanting me to get my elementary certification so I can teach their kids!

Now, while I'd love to chat about this further (and thanks to Jessica for the great comments and conversation on this subject), I have to go pull out the Hooked on Phonics that my parents so thoughtfully purchased for me so I can teach Son how to read the proper way.

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October 04, 2005


What baby book did they get this name from?

Great jumping catfish, people.

via Cake Eater Chronicles

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It's the Stupid, Little Things...

...that make me wonder just where I stand with Husband.

Last night, as we were having supper, he asked if the next time I get mayo or Miracle Whip I could get the squeeze bottles.

"It's just easier, like ketchup," he told me.

I looked at him and asked what the hell is wrong with spreading it with a knife, like we've been for the entire time we've been married.

"It's just easier."

"No, it's because that's what your mother uses, and having spent the weekend with Mummy you now think we should squeeze out our mayo."

Uh-huh, because Mummy does it, that's the way we should do it. What a crock of hooey.

Getting right down to it, this is a pretty petty thing to get pissy about, but it makes me wonder just where I stand in this marriage. We've been married for almost eight years, and all of a sudden jamming a knife in a jar of mayo and slopping it on bread isn't good enough.

What the feck?! I suppose now I should....well, start acting like his mother. No feckin' way!

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And So It Begins...

Thus, the countdown has begun in the Groovy household; Sith comes out on DVD November 1!

Wooooooo! Hoooooooo!

Look at Obi-Wan...yummmmmmmmm. I'd like to feel that force!

Wha? Huh? Oh yeah. November 1.

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I know, I know, this

I know, I know, this is everywhere in blogaritaville, but I just had to link up to this one from The Llama Butchers.

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Some Things...


It seems that, while I've drifted away from talking politics on this here blog, I can't seem to escape it in the real world. I had emailed a...um, er, well...at this point an acquaintance of mine, to ask him a question. He's a teacher over in PA...someone I used to know fairly well, but we hardly talk anymore. He's a Lib, enough said.

I had a pretty valid education question, which he answered, but then shot back with "I won't say anything about you know who who started all this crap with no child left behind."

Damn. I had said from the get-go that I didn't want to get all political, and now here we go again. I've really tried to back off with this guy, after we got into a fight, via e-mail, and we both said some hurtful things. (I will never apologize, though, for saying Kerry looks like what's under a horse's tail.) So I really didn't want to start anything now. But why worry, I ask myself, as I will probably never see this guy again.

So I called him "Cindy." To which he comes back with something about listening to my elders and a feckin' "I told you so." Booger!


You know I have SiteMeter here, and I like to go check out where in the world my "audience" is and how they get here. Sometimes I'm amazed at the locations, and how the found my little corner of the blogosphere. For example, someone keeps looking for beheading videos...and ends up here.

I don't believe I've ever posted nasty beheading videos here, have I?

And, if people want DoodleBop lyrics and stuff, why come here? I may have mentioned them some time ago, but puh-leeze.

I wonder if I posted that picture I found of Ewan McGregor naked how many visits I'd get. Oh, it's a good picture, too. Quite a...er...eh...lightsaber.

Well, that's it, for now. Still reading that book I got last week; it's like ice cream, I want to enjoy it!

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October 02, 2005

Erie Stinks

At least that's what I heard when I got there on Thursday. Apparently, people from Ohio to Buffalo were complaining about a "smell." My mother thought it was the waste water treatment plant, but it turns out that Lake Erie "burped." All those high winds stirred up the uck on the bottom of the lake. Um, okay...I didn't smell anything unusual.

The trip up was fine, uneventful. For the most part, the whole trip was fine. Friday my parents and I took the younglings to the zoo, and then while Daughter napped and Son tried out his new bike, I went to visit Sugar Booger, my former hair stylist, and then did a little shopping. No big whoop there.

Saturday I took the kids over to the in-laws, where Husband was spending the weekend. We hadn't been there a half hour before everyone's least favorite sister-in-law showed up with her yucky children. I took both of my kids upstairs and we all took a nap. I completely avoided SIL and didn't feel bad about it. She's a character, that one.

The best part of Saturday was that Elvis called! I haven't talked to him in over three months, and he called my cell phone because I'd left him a message tellling him I'd be in town. It was nice to talk to him after all this time; we had a lot of catching up to do.

Today I went to the cemetery to see my father. Today would have been his 64th birthday, so I paid a long overdue visit after getting some beautiful autumn flowers. I arranged them just so on his and my grandparents' stones, and then sat down and had my usual cry/talk/prayer thing. My dad has been gone almost nine years and I still break down every time I go to the cemetery.

So, we're home now, tired and ready for bed.

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