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January 31, 2008

I Like This Version Better

Ah....if only the actual movie had been this short:

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Take A Chance? Do I Have To?

Oh my dear, sweet Jesus. McCain has picked his campaign song.

Why? Whywhywhywhywhy?

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January 30, 2008

Even More Proof

As if we needed more proof that The Powers That Be in Edison Local are nincompoops!

The wind is blowin' like a house afire and colder than a mother-in-law's kiss (I should know), a lot of districts around here have a two hour delay...and we don't.

The clincher? Not only does our neighboring district have a delay, but The Big One, The Big City School that almost never delays...has a two hour delay.

If I take my kids out there they'll take off like the Flying Nun. I just may keep them home anyway, since they both sound like they're coughing up a lung.

UPDATE: As it turns out, some of the schools called a delay because of power outages. I guess if Edison doesn't delay, the roads must not be bad, and they weren't, because I went up to le Mart de Wal and the roads were fine. It's still colder than a motherf***er and windy as all get out, but other than that, no problems on the roads.

But Edison is still run by nincompoops.

I like that word. Say it with me...


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January 29, 2008

Oh Please, Make It Happen!

A Zeppelin tour?

Please, make it true!

I'd better start saving my money for tickets now.

Oh, I'm going, I'd go, make no mistake about that. Even if I have to go to Cleveland...or Columbus...or Pittsburgh.

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January 28, 2008


Okay, fine. Fine! I'll confess.

I like Doctor Who.

Husband got me hooked. And I'm not usually a sci-fi fan, but when Husband switched the channel I said "Hey! That's Barty Crouch Jr. from the Harry Potter movie!"


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Yesterday, Sunday, I found out just how depressing my son can be.

For some reason, Son has acquired his father's interest in tragedies. I found some program on the Hysterical History channel about the Tunguska event (huh?) and Son was riveted.

After that was some show about the seven things that will kill us. Or seven things that will cause the end of the world. Or maybe it was seven reasons for GroovyVic to turn the forkin' TV off.

I said to Son: "Good grief, boy. We're going to die sometime, in some way, why worry about it now?"

That whole gamma ray thing freaked me out.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Titanic was on again yesterday.

Oh, the humanity!

By the time the ship hit the 'berg I'd had enough and found The Longest Yard, which I really liked, so we watched that and I laughed my ample arse off.


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Oh Dear

Say it isn't so.

New Kids On The Block are getting back together.

No, I'm not excited about this. Not a fan, never was.

Although, I do like Donnie Wahlberg's acting.

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January 27, 2008

Daytime Swooner Picture Post


Jason, before he got his hair cut.

The man is HAWT!

And, kudos to the GH writers for finally, finally having Jason tell Carly that the only thing standing in the way of Jason, Sonny and Carly having what they want is CARLY!

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January 26, 2008

The (Blog) World Keeps Moving...

...and I just sit right here.

Since I went and opened my yap to Pastor about starting a blog, I've been farting around on these here Internets, trying to figure out the best system to use.



Anyone out there have any suggestions?

I'm obviously familiar with Blogsnot, and it is pretty straightforward to use. I'd like to make this a team blog, and I'm taking into consideration the fact that some may not have ever messed around with blog stuff.


I'm getting so confused! I haven't had to mess around with this new blog stuff in quite a while; shoot, I hardly mess around with this here blog!

I'm getting a headache. Good day.

I said good day!

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Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader?

Son came home from school yesterday with a Social Studies worksheet titled "Who Can Be President?"

Son says "We don't have to do it" dismissively as he walks to the pantry to get fruit snacks.

"You're doing it," I said.

He didn't read the directions thoroughly, and I told him he had to sit down and really read the thing. "But we don't have to do it!"

"You're doing it."

So this morning I helped him; he got thrown by the rule about being at least 35 years old, otherwise he did fine. I explained it thus:

"Son, you're a US citizen, you were born here, but you aren't old enough. You're eight. See how this fits together?"

And I think it did sink in, if only a wee bit. Seeing as how one day he just might run for President, this is good stuff for him to know, right?

For the record, if he did run for President, he'd probably outlaw farting and burping. I'm not kidding.

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January 25, 2008

Cow! Soooo Cow!

Okay, after a two hour delay start for school, I get Son on the bus and then proceed to snizzy over a back road to take Daughter to a friend's house while I was enduring my annual mammo. I only took said back road to avoid having to drive behind the bus.

So, I pass my neighbor's farm, and there's a cow with its rear in the road. And then a little further down there's another cow with its ass in the road. Well, cow #2 got spooked, because it jumped and started walking in front of La Tahoe.

A cow. In the road. Damn thing.

So I stop, throw La Tahoe in park (really, is it worth it to kill a cow and my auto so I can drive around without deodorant to go get my boobs flattened?), and grab my purse out of the backseat so I can get my cell phone.

"Are you going to throw it at the cow?" Daughter asks.


I called the friend who's house I was en route to and told her to call Cow Man and tell him his cows are in the road, with a third one making headway as well.

Well, the cow moved off the road and I was able to s-l-o-w-l-y make my way past, but only after Daughter reminded me not to hit the cow.

I mean, really. This is the fourth time I've seen someone's cows in the damn road. I haven't spent this much time worrying about cows since I used to hang out on my Grandad's farm.

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Just A Bit Inconvenient

I have to go in for my mammo today, or as Edina Monsoon said, "A mammoliogram." You know, the tit test.

If you've never had one, or if you're a guy, it kind of feels like this.

And on a cold day like this, I just want to yell this.

Yeah, I know, this is a necessary thing for a woman, especially since my doctor found a lump in one of my fun bags last year. But it's damn inconvenient.

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January 24, 2008


For the love of all things purple, don't drag Swooner Dreamboat in to this whole Tom Cruise bullshit.

I would like to think Ewan has better taste than to diddle Nicole Kidman, but then again, who knows.

Damn you, Ewan McGregor. You could have had me and it never would have made the papers! You're dangerously close to losing your "Swooner Dreamboat" title!

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January 23, 2008

Election Update

Just to keep anyone who's interested up to date, I saw two more Ron Paul signs yesterday in my little corner of OH.

I'm still saying to myself "Ron Paul? Who?"

Not really all that surprised that Fred dropped out, getting a bit hesitant on Huckabee, and as for the rest...I'm reserving judgment, so no comment.

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January 22, 2008


Earlier today, around 11:00 this morning, I checked one of the local channels to find out what was going on, if they were running any of those "Snowbird" reports.

The weather changed so fast this morning! In the fifteen minutes it took me to get up to Kroger, the wind had picked up and there were snow flakes flying everywhere. By the time I left Kroger, 45 minutes later, La Tahoe was covered with snow! The roads were covered too, nasty, hence me turning on the TV.

Well, PM preschool had been canceled! Since Daughter is in the AM class, I wasn't too worried, until I got a phone call at 11:19 this morning from the school to tell me that, since there was no PM pre-K the buses weren't going to bring the AM kids home, and could I please come pick up Daughter?

Oh yeah, did I mention that morning preschool is over at 11:30?

Sure, says I, and make the dash to grab my coat, shoes and purse. It wasn't until I got into La Tahoe that I realized "Holy shit! It takes me 15 minutes to get there in good weather! How long will today take?"

It didn't take that much longer, but the side roads were kind of crappy. At any rate, I picked up Daughter and safely delivered her home.

But I wonder why they didn't just dismiss the rest of the kids early? They're not, by the way.

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Book Review

Well, seeing as I'm only half way through, this is more accurately "book opinion thus far."

You'd have to be pretty dense not to pick up on my affection for Gone With The Wind. I love it, it's one of my all-time favorite books that I read every year without fail. So when I saw this book (in Kroger, no less) I snapped it right up. What book, you ask?

Rhett Butler's People

It is, essentially, "The other side of the greatest love story ever told." At least, that's what it says on the back of the dust jacket.

I'm already noticing discrepancies, however. And even though I have never cared much for the sequel to GWTW, Scarlett, I'm noticing that the two newer books just don't jibe with the original or each other.

(And if you want to know why I don't like the so called "sequel" it's because, while I enjoy Alexandra Ripley's writing on her own, hers is a totally different style from Mitchell, and one can tell that it was written in the latter twentieth century as opposed to the 1930's.)

Anyway, back to Rhett. I'm not saying this is a bad book, per se. I realize this is a different writer, with an entirely different take on the story, and so on.

But....where, oh where, is the scene in which Rhett asks Scarlett to be his mistress? Those familiar with GWTW will know what I mean. Scarlett is on Aunt Pitty's porch, alone and feeling lonesome for Tara but she can't go home because Suellen and Careen have the typhoid. Rhett walks up, and after some talk tells Scarlett he wants her to be his mistress. Remember? He kissed her palm and she felt something "vital and electric."

Oh, sure, there's some backstory to Rhett's "service at the Battle of Franklin," pretty gory in some detail, too. But this book is, from what I can gather, trying to say that Archie hooked up with Rhett during the war!

(If you don't know who Archie is...go get a copy of GWTW.)

Like I said, I'm only about halfway through, up to Reconstruction, anyway.

I'm too picky, I know, but I guess I'm a purist when it comes to Scarlett. And I don't feel like, at this point anyway, I understand Rhett any better. But then again, maybe we aren't supposed to?

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January 21, 2008

"Like A Stonewall" Birthday

Happy Birthday to Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, born on this day in 1824.


"You are the first brigade!"

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January 20, 2008

Maybe This Will Help

You know the Bible 90%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

Thankew Wyatt Earp

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My Feet Are Warm

I can feel the heat; I'm getting closer to Hell.

This morning in church, I said something I shouldn't have.

See, the sound system was being set up, and one of the guys hit a note on the piano. Well, the sound system worked a little too well, as it was an eardrum piercing note.

Everybody jumped and I yelled "DAMN!"

Fortunately no one really heard me, except for my friend who was sitting right behind me.

But I swore in church!


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January 18, 2008

Goin' Crazy

This is it, I am going insane.

Daughter is, I swear, suffering from some kind of small girl PMS. Tonight she's just bursting into tears for no reason at all that I can tell. It is driving me craaaaazy.

While it may be a stretch to say that a four year old is going through PMS, I am suffering nature's little preface to a visit from my red-headed cousin. While Daughter is sobbing, I'm ready to tear someone's head off and inhaling chocolate like it's going out of style.

And in the midst of all this frivolity, Son has once again clogged the crapper. How does an eight year old do that, exactly?

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Snort Worthy

This is for my friend, Ultimate Driving Machine, because we were talking about this yesterday:

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January 17, 2008


Just got the call from the doctor's office (1:48 P.M., make note; I called at 9:05 this morning) and they have called in eye drops for Daughter.

Look, I know that the pediatrician is probably getting slammed right now, but I have been waiting all forkin' day! Daughter looks like the spawn of Satan!

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Pretty Cool

Husband forwarded this link to me, which was sent to him by a former reenacting "pard," naturally.

"Photos of Crowd at Lincoln Inauguration Recently Discovered"

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Time For Round Two

Daughter's got the pink eye.

I'm keeping her home from school today, obviously, and she is not happy about it.

So, I've got to call the school and the doc. Should be a fun day.

And! My birthday is one month from today!!

(Hint, hint....)

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January 16, 2008

Hillbillies Break Up

It came as quite a shock to the OH Valley that the PovertyNeck Hillbillies had broken up.

I have to say, I really liked their music. While I'd never seen them live, I had gotten their CD and it was really good.

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Women Everywhere In Mourning

This just in (to me anyway): Matthew McConaughey is going to be a dad.

Why do I have a startling vision of this first child's words being "You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N."

Maybe I've watched Dazed and Confused too many times....

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January 15, 2008

Good...And Hawt

You know, I like Johnny Depp...as Captain Jack Sparrow.

I know. I've tried, really I have, to watch some of his other movies, but I'm sorry, I just can't seem to grasp the deeper meaning of, say, Edward Scissorhands.

But then I read this and I thought:

"Oh, he's such a nice guy! And Jack Sparrow can sit on my bed anytime!"


(Let the record show that I have not stolen Son's Jack Sparrow blanket...yet.)

Thankew TRO

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January 14, 2008

And So It Begins

Son came home from school today and announced that he couldn't do his book report on Abraham Lincoln because they'll be studying presidents in social studies next month.

What this has to do with his book report is beyond me, but I looked at Husband and said "I'm NOT going to the library again!" at which point I took Son down to the basement and started suggesting bios of famous Americans (which is what is book report is supposed to be on).

"Ava Gardner? Robert Mitchum? Elizabeth Taylor? Paula Deen? Clark Gable?"

Son showed dissatisfaction at my suggestions. Finally I found a book that I'd picked up at Gettysburg, a bio of Strong Vincent.


"This is perfect," I told Son. "Vincent was born in Wateford, our hometown! His grandfather's house is where the parking lot for the post office is now! We were part of the 83rd (as reenactors, of course), and your dad knows a lot about Vincent."

And so the indoctrination education begins.

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Son's New Favorite Song

I'd heard this before, but the kids hadn't. Now Son can't stop singing it:

I know there are some people out there who'd be thrilled at this, but when you've heard it umpteen times in one day, and then your child teaches it to the kids in church, it gets to be a bit much.

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Delays, Delays

Two hour delay today. Ours is the only school district to call a two hour delay, which is asinine because I can still see the grass...the roads must be slick, I don't know. I'm not the transportation director, and good thing too.

Anyway, so, yeah. Husband, oh he of the compressed work cycle, has the day off, therefore causing Daughter (who doesn't have A.M. preschool due to the delay) to get uber-rambunctious. She was crawling under our buffet and kept banging her head on it, at which point I said "Get out of there! I have a lot of antique wine glasses I'd rather not have shattered by your head!"

"Stupid mommy, stupid daddy!" she yelled.

Yes, this is why I had children, to be called stupid by a four-year old.

Speaking of stupid, I stayed up to watch "Scott Baio is 46...and a Big Fat Whiner." Why I did this I have no idea, but at least I didn't subject myself to that inane Bret Michaels Rock of Love stuff.


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January 13, 2008

Here I Go Again

Well, I've gone and opened my big yap and have somehow committed myself to writing another blog.

This shouldn't be a big deal, but it will be. You see, this isn't just any old blog I've volunteered to write, it's a blog for our church website.

In a fit of helpfulness I told the pastor we should have a blog so we can talk about our spiritual journeys and what not. I guess he liked the idea, especially since Husband is taking over upkeep of the website.

I had to assure Pastor that I wouldn't post any naked pictures of Ewan McGregor or talk politics, and thank goodness he hasn't asked for the URL for this here blog. I doubt if seeing "kiss my ass" right off the bat would reassure him about my writing skills, such as they are.

Oh who knows. Once I get into the groove of the whole thing it might not be so bad.

And no, I'm not going to link to it.

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January 12, 2008

Get Yer Boogie On

Daughter was dancing around to this yesterday when we heard it on the radio:

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Screaming MEME!

It's Saturday, Husband is at work, and the kids are messing around, so I thought I'd swipe a MEME from a blog bud:

Have you:
1. Been to a play: Yes, Broadway, 1986.

2. Bungee jumped or something similar: Absolutely not.

3. Been a mentor/big brother/big sister: Well, years ago, when I’d accepted Jesus, one of the ladies in church thanked me for taking her daughter “under my wing.” I guess she thought I’d be a good influence. I have no idea what that girl is doing now.

4. Read at least one of the classics (War and Peace, The Great Gatsby, The Red Badge of Courage, Beowulf, Crime and Punishment, etc): Red Badge, Beowulf, and Gatsby. I was an English major, remember? I even had a whole unit plan made up for Red Badge.

5. Stood up for someone publicly: Does church count?

6. Been on a major roller coaster: Yep. Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. I used to love all roller coasters, but age has started to set in and now I get pukey sick.

7. Been to a drive-in movie: Yes.

8. Done something at a drive-in movie other than watch the movie: I never kiss and tell.

9. Done volunteer work: Does church count?

10. Given a toast at a wedding, a eulogy at a funeral, or some similar, meaningful speech: Hmmm, meaningful speech. Well, if standing up and saying a few words at my bridal shower counts, then yes, I guess so.

11. Been to a major sports playoff game: No.

12. Thrown a costume or theme party: No. Although, when I was reenacting, that was like a three day costume party.

13. Been on or near the set of a major motion picture: Yes. I was at VMI as an extra in Gods and Generals.

14. Taken a compliment well: No. Low self-esteem issues.

15. Planted a tree: Yes, if replanting a live Christmas tree counts.

16. Been stung by a jellyfish or something similar in/near the ocean: No.

17. Quit a crappy job: Yes.

18. Been on a blind date: Yes. And none of them led to anything more than a first date.

19. Done something kind and unexpected for a stranger: I just did something kind and unexpected at Christmas for a guy who goes to our church. I don’t know all that much about him, so does that make him a stranger?

20. Had a major surgery: Does my surgery in May count?

21. Taken a car/truck road trip that covered at least 6 states: Hmmm…we went to NC on our honeymoon. Not enough states.

22. Been in 4 or more countries: Just Canada, but that was a long time ago. Husband is the traveler in the family.

23. Spent New Year’s Eve somewhere special: No. The last time I went anywhere for New Year’s was 20 years ago and our host blew off half his hand with an M-80. Ever since then I’ve had an aversion to New Year’s celebrations.

24. Visited an ancient landmark: Only if repeated trips to Gettysburg count. Again, Husband is the traveler…

25. Been face to face with a celebrity by chance: Um…does Brian Pohanka count? Local news people? I did meet the DA for Erie County, PA…Geraldo has interviewed him!

26. Given to charity in the past two years: Yes. I should own Gettysburg by now!

27. Helped a stray animal: Yes. Several years ago I adopted a stray cat and named him Tut.

28. Dated someone you met online: No.

29. Won money on a long shot: Nope.

30. Won your office/family/friends NCAA tournament pool: Never been in one.

31. Won an award/medal (even if something “small”): I won a Tiffany award (a necklace from Tiffany) when I worked for Manpower.

32. Driven a foreign sports car: No, can’t drive a stick.

33. Been in the front row for a concert: The closest I ever got was second row for a Bryan Adams concert.

34. Attended a symphony orchestra performance: Yes, Husband is a classical music junkie.

35. Caught a criminal in the act and did something about it (reported it, smacked them in the head, etc): No.

36. Sung solo on a stage: No.

37. Witnessed something supernatural: I don’t think so.

38. Covered for someone (who deserved it) at work: Never.

39. Overcome a major fear: No, I’m 37 and still afraid of the dark.

40. Mailed a surprise care package to a loved one: Sort of, when Husband was in Saudi, but it wasn’t very big.

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January 11, 2008


We just got our Internets connection back, after 24 hours without it.

Ack! Gah!

What did I do without these here Internets?

Read a lot, and last night Husband unpacked and hooked up the new Fisher & Paykel washing machine. Didja know that they make a top loading dryer? Yeah, we looked at those; Husband said "Oooo, let's get the dryer now!"

Uh-huh, sure Mr. I Earn All The Money.

So, yeah, today I exercised great self-control and spent a grand total of $11.00 at the Wal-Mart. I think I should get some kind of recognition for that.

On the way to the doctor's office (follow-up for Daughter's ear infection - she's fine) I saw not one but TWO Ron Paul signs.

Seeing as how the only thing I know about this man is that he's running as a Republican, I didn't get too jazzed. Heck, I didn't even know there was a debate last night!

Had a very good conversation with a new friend I've made at church. "Kiss my hairy white ass!" was a phrase most often used. We're both kind of fed up where church is concerned. It would seem that money talks, and sadly we just don't have enough money to be heard by the pastor.

But oh well, who cares? It's just another damn soap opera, albeit with somewhat less attractive characters. I'd rather stick to General Hospital, thankyewverramuch.

Since I mentioned it, have you seen GH? All hell is breaking loose, the shit has hit the fan! Carly knows that Jason is Jake's father! She's on the warpath! She's such a hypocrite!

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January 10, 2008

Snort Worthy

This commercial is hilarious...because it's true!

Know what I mean, ladies????

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January 09, 2008

It's Cheesey

So, yeah, the pastor came over last night.

And once again DID NOT take off his damn shoes. I hate that!

Anyway, I was just as frustrated and irritated after our conversation as I was before. I shan't go in to details, except to say that money apparently does talk, since those within the church who have more are pretty much running the show.

I woke up in such a mood that after I got the kids off to school I actually ate half a cheesecake, much like:


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ROCKIN' Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Page, guitarist for THE GREATEST BAND EVER, who turns 64 today.


Love this man. Love, love, LOVE this man!

Here's Page and the violin bow guitar solo:

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January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pete

Happy Birthday James Longstreet, born on this day in 1821.


...he opposed attacking at Gettysburg in favor of maneuvering Meade out of his position. Longstreet, who had come to believe in the strategic offense and the tactical defense, was proven right when the Confederate attacks on the second and third days were repulsed.

Also of note:

After the war he befriended Grant and became a Republican.

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The Skinny On Fatty

I just wanted to let you all know what I weighed in at today at the doctor.


This is good, considering last year I was up to 168!

Of course, I was fully clothed today (with my shoes on, too) when I got weighed, but still!

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I Want Those Shoes

Look, I don't give a crap about Brad (Arm)Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I don't give a flying fart about Brad's hat, Angelina's lips, what they wear and whatnot.

I do, however, covet her shoes in this picture.

Hand over the shoes and nobody gets hurt!

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No Love For The Haters

No, I did not watch the game last night, because we don't get Fox. Why can't they show the bowl games on ESPN?

Anyway, to all you haters and gloaters out there:

"...you can tell those Buckeye haters that you aren't too upset because no one expected this team to go this far. No one ever bragged that OSU would go to a national championship game like they were bragging here in Michigan at the beginning of the football season. Michigan was going to do great wonderful things and look at the beginning and end of their regular season....they lost to Oregon, Appalacian State AND OSU....big time and in the end that is all that counts. If those Michigan fans brag they won against the Florida team we lost to last year just say "its not the same team, idiot." LSU won fair and square....Buckeyes had some very costly penalties....it sucks because Big Ten ALWAYS plays away games in Bowls....LSU was in front of a home crowd. The players do feed off the fans and the fact that so many were in Ann Arbor and rocking the Big House with O-H-I-O cheers really made a difference."

This from a very reliable source.



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Just Another Day

Got things to do today, which is why I'm up and showered and on my second cup of coffee.

"Whatcha gotta do, Vic?" you ask.

Without going into detail, I'll tell you that I have to visit a medical facility. I shaved my legs and I have on clean socks, mmkay?

Then I have to race home to clean the house because our pastor is coming to talk with Husband and I tonight. Oh. Wow. Not looking forward to this, as I told Husband anything I have to say will come across as snotty...and to be honest I'm in a pretty snotty mood as far as this church is concerned.

Oh hey! Husband bought me a new washer! Yeah! He did all the research and what not (he's worried about water usage and the fill rate on our well, and he's the money earner, as he likes to remind me) and decided on a Fisher & Paykel. Hey, they're built here in Ohio, but that's not why he chose it.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as the damn thing works consistently, I could care less. Anyhoo, we picked it up last night. Yep, it fit in the back of La Tahoe!

We also scoped out the F&P dryers while we were farting around in Lowe's. They're neat!

Gawd, I never thought I'd see the day when I got excited over appliances. And ones without batteries, too!

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January 06, 2008

Skipping Today

Today is, or was supposed to be, the day I work in the nursery at church. I say "supposed to" because now I'm not going.


Because when I got out of the shower and took a good look at Son (who didn't wake up until I was showering), I realized that his left eye was all red and gross looking.

"Pink eye! He can't go to church! He can't go to school tomorrow!"

Thus began a round of phone calls to let the proper people know I wouldn't be able to work nursery duty today. I wound up having to call the pastor, who didn't sound too thrilled to be getting this news so last minute (his wife is basically in charge of the children's ministry).

I can't help it. Son certainly can't help it. This is called life, folks! Kids get sick!

I told Husband (as he was showering) about all the calls I'd made, and said "This is why there needs to be some sort of contingency plan, so we're not scrambling at the last minute!"

I also spoke with the pediatrician on call, and she's calling in eye drops for Son. He, Son, is happy as a clam because now he can mess around with the encyclopedia software Husband installed on one of the laptops. He also isn't too upset at missing school tomorrow.

As for me, I suppose I'll be sputtered about in church today, but I don't care. Do they honestly think I'd take Son and expose all the other kids? Sheesh. I refuse to feel guilty about my kid being contagious!

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January 05, 2008

I Don't Like Spam

You know, over the past few days I've been getting a lot of comment spam. Anyone else out there having a similar problem?

See, this pisses me off because, while I can delete the spam, I have to do rebuilds on this here blog.


Damn you spamming bastards!

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January 04, 2008

Pay Attention


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January 03, 2008

Indy Covers Vanity Fair

Indiana Jones...um, Harrison Ford, that is, I guess...is on the cover of the latest Vanity Fair mag.

Yeah, I'd buy this and read the article, but you know what? The Lib media makes my armpits itch. For all I know they'd blame Bush for not getting the fourth installment out sooner.

That doesn't mean I won't go see the flick when it comes out, though.

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Royal Orleans Birthday

Happy Birthday to John Paul Jones, bassist for The Greatest Band Evaaahhh, who turns 62 today!


Let me add my voice to those who are disappointed about a reformed Zeppelin not going on some kind of tour. I've seen Page and Plant live (in '98...awesome), and would love to see JPJ.


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January 02, 2008

Swooner Dreamboat Is A Geezer

A "Diamond Geezer" to be precise.

What ever. I just like saying that word....geezer.

Say it with me!


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Snort Worthy

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I Hereby Resolve...

I hate making resolutions, because by the second day of January (which is today) I wind up breaking them.

Last year I resolved to lose at least 10 pounds, which I did and then some thanks to the reflux diet and the surgery. I'm holding steady somewhere between 140 and 145, but I need to get off my arse and MOVE. Seeing as how we have such a long driveway, I'm going to do my best to walk up and down it at least once a day. Plus, it's free, and you can't beat that.

I also decided to start doing something pretty radical: floss my teeth. See, one year for Lent I flossed my teeth everyday. I figured instead of giving up something that's bad for me, I'd take up something that's good for me.

This isn't to say that I don't floss, I do, but just not as regularly as the Dental Association recommends. I figure my parents spent a lot of money of the orthodontics, I should at least try to hold on to these choppers as long as I can.

I've also (sort of) resolved to not be so negative around my kids. They pick up on that kind of stuff and I'm hearing them gripe and nag more and more...just like me. Jinkies!

And I'm going to try to stick with a Bible study/devotional this year, but we'll see how long that lasts. By the time I get some quiet time I'm usually ready to fall asleep!

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January 01, 2008

Snort Worthy

Nothing like starting a new year with a good snort, eh?

Here's a good one:

Gary Coleman as Sid Vicious.

Giggle amongst yourselves.

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