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September 30, 2006

I'm still here

I haven't abandoned this here blog, I just haven't been in much of a bloggy mood these days.

We all "hit a wall," so to speak, and it would seem I've hit mine. I'm disgusted with just about everything, and you know that old rule: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Right now my biggest concern is finding something to pack Daughter's summer clothes in.

Even the fact that today is Greg Brady's...Johnny Bravo's....Barry Williams'! birthday has no effect. And he was my favorite Brady!

(Psst...he's 52, btw...)

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September 28, 2006

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Or: How I spent my day.

It was quite boring and lackluster, really, which I why I'm posting so late in the day. I spent the morning getting groceries and dodging raindrops with Daughter. The rest of the day found me drinking hot coffee and trying to warm my feet up under about three blankets.

This afternoon I had to go back to the cardiologist. On my way there I spotted something I haven't seen in a long time: chickens in the road. Yeah, it's rural out here, and when I saw that I literally said "Why'd the chicken cross the road?"

Now, I'm used to seeing deer in the road, beside the road, splattered all over the road...but chickens?

As for the doctor visit, I have to say that I must be imagining things because he looked me right in the eye and said that basically nothing is wrong.

Okay. I'm going coo-coo.

I waited 45 minutes to hear that I'm all right but still need an EKG. Whatever.

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September 27, 2006

Oh. My. GAWD!

There are some things in this world I wish I didn't know, and Screech, a.k.a. Dustin Diamond doing the dirtydirty on film is one of them.

Although I'd heard that Mr. Diamond was rather, um, er...."large and in charge," I don't think I really want to see it!

By the way, Phineas G., I think I could have done without the definition of that particular activity too.

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Happy Happy!!


Happy Birthday to Son, who turns seven years old today!!!

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September 26, 2006

Playing Tag the Middle-Aged Way

Gary the Ex-Donk tagged me with this meme: You know you're middle-aged when...

Okay, I'm only 36. Do I officially qualify as being middle-aged? Anyway, he pretty much hit everything, only sometimes I actually ask to be carded, if you can believe that.

Um...I can remember the first time Madonna was on American Bandstand. Yeah, I was fourteen at the time and I thought she had really fat legs and nasty eyebrows.

Middle-aged? Good grief!

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My Favorite Talk Radio Show...

...has been blogged about on The Huffington Post.

Quinn and Rose are almost literally broadcasting down the road from me, but their show is carried on XM Satellite Radio (channel 165), so they're getting national recognition now.

This time it's for the part Quinn and Rose are taking in the "Boot Murtha" rally, being held on Sunday, October 1. (Psst...this is a FREE event!)

Hmmm...Murtha was just exercising his right to free speech, huh? Well, isn't that what Quinn and Rose and everyone else is doing too?

Oh hell. Go! For those PA residents in the Johnstown area, vote for Diana Irey. Just to piss of the Left.

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September 25, 2006

Birthday Shout Outs


Happy Birthday Luke! I mean, Mark Hamill, who turns 55 today.

Eeesh! 55? I can feeeeeeel your anger!

And, in keeping with the Happy Days theme I started on Friday, birthday greetings to Anson "Potsie Weber" Williams, who turns 54 today.



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September 24, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

Conversation between Daughter and I in church this morning (sotto voce):

"Daughter! Stop picking your nose!"

"Mama, I gotta get my boogers out!"

Two minutes pass...

"Daughter! Stop picking your nose!"


Oh, did I forget to add that this was during the time we were all supposed to be quiet and praying?


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We Got Mail

Oh, what fresh hell it is to live in the state of Ohio right now.

I've got Democrats calling me everyday, or trying to; I've started screening my phone calls, and thanks to our talking caller ID I know not to pick up the phone when I hear "Strategic Fundraising."

After answering it once and getting a pre-recorded message about voting Democrat I've learned my lesson.

On Friday, though, I made the mistake of answering the phone and actually got a live person telling me he was going to vote Democrat and so should I. I told him he just wasted 35 cents calling me.

Yesterday we got mail, addressed to "The Eiffel Family" (remember we've got that French last name) telling us to send a message to the Republicans and vote early by mail and blahblahblahblah.

Well, that particular piece of mail is going to line the garbage cans!

Hmmm...do the Dems really think I'm so disappointed in the Republicans that I'd actually listen to them?

Hello, DNC, hear my message: go piss up a rope.

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Par-Tay Highlights

Well, I have to say that I enjoyed the party yesterday far more than last year's. There was, in fact, only six kids in attendance, far better than the 18 that were here last time. The food was appreciated, but we all know the only guests who eat at kid parties are the adults.

The weather was fairly decent, so the younglings played outside for a good portion of the two-hour party. Son got a Star Wars hover-disk from one of his pals, so that kept them occupied until they threw it into the woods. Husband rescued it, but his jeans were stained from all the wild berries.

(And no, Obi-Wan is not on either side of this disk. Bummer!)

Son got a lot of nice gifts, which he'll be writing out thank-you cards for today after church.

Yeah, it turned out to be a good party, but I think we'll be taking the next couple years off until Daughter is in first grade; at that point we'll start up with parties again, and maybe Son will be old enough to have one or two pals over for a sleep-over/movie/junkfood fest.

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September 23, 2006

The Day Of

Today's party day; rainy, gloomy, damp. Ugh. You know what that means, all those hooligans trapped in my house! They'd just better take their shoes off.

But, if there's an upside to this, it's that the guest list has shrunk considerably in the last 24 hours. One of the SIL's called to say they wouldn't be here because her kids are sick; she's got enough sense not to spread the germs into OH.

At any rate, there should be about a half dozen kids here, not so bad compared to last year's fiasco.

I'm taking a few minutes to relax with a cuppa and a romp around Blogaritaville before I have to go back to getting the house ready. And then a jolly joy ride to get the cake. Woo! Hoo!

As per usual, I'm sitting here singing songs that just pop into my head. This morning my family was treated to my redition of "The Gambler." Husband got a sick look on his face at that; I'm not much of a singer.

I don't know how, but then I started in on "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me" and said to Husband:

"When you heard it on the radio, all those years ago, didn't you think he was saying 'four hundred children' instead of 'four hungry children'?"

"No, I always heard it as hungry," he said with a roll of the eyes.

"Well," says I, "I heard hundred and thought no wonder Lucille left!"

This is normal, Saturday morning conversation, people.

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September 22, 2006

Friday Picture Post


Jim Morrison.

Why? Why not?

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Somebody Slap Me

Remind me again just why in the hell am I having a birthday party tomorrow?

If I even entertain the thought of doing this again for either of my kids, slap the crap out of me. Seriously.

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"Wah Wah Wah!"


In a fit of trivial pursuits, I'm wishing a Happy Birthday to Scott Baio, a.k.a. Chachi. Or "Crotchie" as I called him.

What? Oh yeah, he was born in 1961, which makes him 45 today!

Good grief.

He sustains some modicum of credibility only because he dated Pamela Anderson.

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September 20, 2006

Doin' a Happy Boogie

I'm a happy gal this morning, as I finally found my Led Zeppelin CD's!

This is a big deal for me, because for the past two years I've been unable to figure out which mystery box they've been in. I found all my Ozzy stuff, but until today was unable to find my most favorite band of all time.

"I really don't know what time it was..."


Listening to "Black Dog" right now, I suddenly have vivid memories of listening to it in college, sloppy drunk and staring at a picture of Dan Quayle (then the Veep of the U.S.).

Good times. Gooooooooood times!

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Ponder This...

Basil has an interesting question; does anybody have a good answer?

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September 19, 2006

Let's Have a Little Fun

In honor of this being Talk Like a Pirate Day, here's my pirate name:

Cap'n Misty Bloodbeard

RRRRRR's to Mr. Atoz

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Be careful, it's my heart

I just got a call from the cardiologist's office. According to what the nurse told me, the info they got from that heart monitor I wore yielded nothing.

Nothing? Then these palpitations and pain are all in my head?

Am I losing my mind?????

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Aye! Avast!


Arrrrrrr....ye scurvy dogs. It's Talk Like A Pirate Day, and talk like a pirate I be.


(There's a groovy link basil has where you can read other blogs in Pirate lingo. It's a hoot!)

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September 18, 2006

Communist Manifesto!

"Look at this, spouse," I said to Husband, "Son is reading the Communist Party Manifesto!"

Not really. It was a story in his reading book that happened to be called "The Workers."

You know how my mind works.

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Snort Worthy

Or rather, grunt worthy.

Roger "I'm More Depressed than Morrissey" Waters is floating that pig again, this time with his Liberal/hippe/LSD propaganda.

When I heard this I called Husband and told him to get rid of all those Pink Floyd CD's he's got. Not that he will.

And I know people who are actually paying to see this man moan and bitch this weekend!

Hey Roger! I'll show you the dark side of my moon! Bastard!

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No Apologies!

Wyatt Earp pretty much sums it up for me regarding the Pope's telling it like it is.

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September 17, 2006

An Impossible Dream?

John Lillpop imagines a day without Liberals.

Ah....would that it could happen...

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A Dog and Pony Show

The congregation meeting was held today at the church Husband and I used to attend. I say "used to" because we actually stopped going there a few weeks ago to protest the situation with the Pastor, and after today we'll never be going back.

Essentially, the Pastor put in his resignation, mainly (from what I can tell) because stuff with the higher-ups was plain bullshit. I can't say that I blame him, really, and if he wants to make a clean break, so be it. He's almost literally been put through hell.

Emotions were, and still are, running high because of all the members of the church who are leaving because they feel as if they can't trust the ruling elders. This caused a bit of an uproar on the part of those who are aligned with the elders (especially their wives).

Well, why shouldn't we feel distrust? This was all thrown at us, letters we wrote were never read by the higher-ups, no one was given a real chance to speak until today, and even then we weren't allowed to question motives.

Husband and I aren't members of the congregation, which meant we couldn't speak up or vote. I made a promise to a good friend that I wouldn't open my mouth; I'm afraid I did yell out "I don't think so!" at one point, but that was nothing compared to what another guy did. He's also not a member, but he got up and shouted how unfair this all is, and he was shouted down by the moderator and told to leave. Which he did, but after this I started bawling. I couldn't even talk, I was crying so hard. Ugly crying, too.

Why call it a dog and pony show? Because, despite the Pastor's resignation, the whole thing sown up. It was kind of sickening the way those "with" the elders looked at us who were "with" the Pastor.

And when the final vote was read, in favor of accepting the Pastor's resignation (because I think we all pretty much knew Pastor has had enough; his wife broke down in sobs), I could have sworn that one of the elders' wives looked over at us in triumph.

Fine. Have your victory, but it's a hollow one, don't you think? Members of the church are leaving, a church family is severed...a church family I was growing to love and care about.

I hate this.

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September 15, 2006


Not measurements, that's the time remaining on this heart monitor thing.

Okay, so made it through the night with little trouble. I'm so paranoid that this sticky things will fall off that I kept waking up to check if they were all still there.

And the stuck this to me over my foundation garment, so I have to sort of weave my bra through the wires, unless I just put it on over the wires, which I don't think I'd like very much.

I would like to know just how in the hell I'm supposed to write down all the palpitations and what not when I'm in the check-out line at Wal-Mart. One wouldn't dare hold up the line; people are vicious there!

The countdown continues...

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September 14, 2006

Wearing a Wire

Kind of, but not really.

I saw the cardiologist today, and aside from having to watch Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda on CNN in the waiting room, it wasn't bad.

Sooooo....I have to wear a heart monitor for the next 48 hours. More like 43 by now. And I have to go back in a month for an EKG. No biggy there, I had one of those done ten years ago and it's actually kind of cool to watch your own heart beating.

I can't really complain about wearing this monitor, except for the fact that I can't take a shower. No showers! As a woman who takes a least two showers a day, being told that I have to sponge bathe is just wrong.

Son seems to be a bit worried about this, though. He asked me tonight what this all means, and I explained that my heart is just acting a bit fluttery (understatement) and the doctor wants to find out what's going on. I assured him that I feel fine, that I'm okay, but I just have to wear this stupid thing until Saturday afternoon.

At which point I will rip off these sticky doohickeys and take a very long shower.

Oh yes, and I have to write down whenever I feel fluttery or breathless. That is kind of a pain!

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RS with JT

I got the latest issue of Rolling Stone yesterday; the one with a wet Justin Timberlake on the cover.

Anyone want it?

Damn those fookin' magazine subscription people for signing me up for that Liberal rag in the first place. I wouldn't use it to wipe my bum.

I don't know why they bother to continue calling it Rolling Stone anyway. They should just call it "The Bush Bashing, Conservative Hating, Evangelical Christian Fearing, Ugly Looking, Loud Mouthed Musicians Monthly."

Seriously. Every digdarn issue has some headline blaring what a screw-up Bush is. Or how the Ohio election was stolen. (I paged through it whilst waiting for the school bus.)

Good grief.

But if anyone wants that rag, for the JT pics, e-mail me with your mailing address. Otherwise, he'll be lining my garbage can.

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"Whoo! Danger, Danger, Danger!"

Russell Crowe was a friend of Steve Irwin's. Whodathunkit?

Crowe is going to host a tribute concert for The Crocodile Hunter next week in Australia.

Rock on, Russell. Rock on. God keep ya, Steve Irwin!

BTW, to make a donation to The Wildlife Warriors, click here.

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Sean Penn, that left-thinking crusader, is a wanted man in Toronto for smoking a cigarette.

Apparently Penn is "...giving ammo to critics who say the ban on smoking indoors doesn't seem to apply to the rich and famous."

I'll say.

I don't know quite what to think about this; being a former smoker I don't necessarily like to be around second-hand smoke. I'm torn on this whole No Smoking Anywhere thing...

But for crying out loud. Sean Penn is such an ass.



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September 13, 2006

Random Ewan McGregor picture post


Just because I'm in an Obi-Wan Kenobi frame of mind today.

(Check out that lightsaber!!!!!)

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Aw Crap!

Tell me this wouldn't scare you.

I'm checking out my SiteMeter info when I see that someone from Detroit, MI did a Google search for "replacing u joint on an avalanche."

This person's computer was at...brace yourselves...

General Motors Corporation.

As a Chevy owner, I'm kinda worried.

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Malady Unknown

The dude working on La Tahoe doesn't know what's wrong with it.

Doesn't know? Hello? The power steering fluid is spraying out all over the side of the engine!! The reservoir for the ps fluid was bone dry.


I give up. I fookin' give up!! I'm getting a goddamn horse.

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This. Is too much.

A Rolling Stones cartoon?

As if immortalizing Mick and Keith in a Simpson's cartoon wasn't enough.

Talk radio just for women?

Speaking just for myself here, I don't really want to listen a bunch of women bitch about men, money, politics, and their period. I don't even like to talk to my gyno about my lady issues, why the hell would I want to hear some hen party about it?

And....I hear this is being promoted by such heroines as Jane Fonda, Rosie O'Donnell, and Gloria Steinem.


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September 12, 2006

Let's Kick This Up a Notch

A commenter asked me what more he could do regarding the campaign for no casino at Gettysburg.

Well, leave it to ole' GroovyVic and these here Internets to find out all the pertinent people to contact in PA.

All info was found by going to Congress.org and typing in zip code 17325.

Oddly enough, a lot of Republicans here...

Governor Edward G Rendell
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg PA 17120

Senator Rick Santorum
511 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510-3804
e-mail: santorum.senate.gov

Senator Arlen Specter
711 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510-3802
e-mail: specter.senate.gov

Representative Todd R Platts
1032 Longworth House Office Building
Washington DC 20515-3819
e-mail: www.house.gov/platts

Senator Terry L Punt
16 East Wing
Harrisburg PA 17120-3033
e-mail: skohr@pasen.gov

Glenn Snyder
Adams County Commissioner
111 Baltimore Street
Country Courthouse
Gettysburg PA 17325-2312
website: www.adamscounty.us

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More Plain Spoken Commentary

Wyatt Earp speaks his mind.

Like I told him, Husband and I had a conversation about the same thing yesterday.

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Come along and be my potty doll

And so it has begun, that time honored rite of passage: potty training.

After being somewhat scolded by the pediatrician yesterday, we are being "aggressive but not pressuring" with Daughter regarding usage of the lavatory.

She's got the Curious George undergarments she picked out, along with a stunning pair of plastic pants. Quite the fashion statement!

And, in case you were wondering, Daughter got a clean bill of health. She's tall for her age (tell me something I don't know) and despite being delayed in getting her teeth (not uncommon, according to the dentist), she's a very healthy little girl.

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While we're on the subject...

A couple of commenters mentioned Christmas and the ACLU yesterday, which is the perfect tie-in to something I've been saving.

I found this in a mailing from one of the local churches:

Two tons of Christmas Cards would freeze their operations because they wouldn't know if any were regular mail containing contributions. So spend 39 cents and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone. Also tell them that there is no such thing as a "Holiday Tree"...It's a Christmas Tree even in the fields!!

So start stocking up on those pretty Christmas cards! I, for one, found some beautiful cards with Mary and Baby Jesus on them. Very tasteful.

In case you've misplaced it, here's the address:

125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

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Is it starting already?

This morning, while Son and I were waiting for the bus, he told me what his teacher said yesterday, 9/11.

"She said that we're lucky we live in the United States, because in other countries you can't say that your leaders are bad without getting in trouble."

"Did she say anything else?" I asked.


But I told him, if his teacher, any teacher, says something contrary, he has my permission to stand up and offer rebuttal. Even if he gets sent to the principal's office; I'll even come in to his defense.

"Son, your teachers should leave their political leanings on the doorstep of the school."

Of course, there's still a car in the teachers' parking lot with a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on it.

Did I do the right thing? It's no secret to anyone in that school which way my family leans politically. I've never spoken out before, but after this, I just might.

Yes, I know, the beauty of living in this country is that we can speak our minds and we can question our leaders, but to spout off to a bunch of second graders? Son gets enough conservative talk at home (where it should be done, btw)!

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"...that is a lot of telly."

And how!

One hundred Star Wars episodes for TV!!!!

Yes, yes, I know, Swooner Dreamboat will probably not reprise his role as Obi-Wan, but still...

Say what you want about the prequels, I like the series!

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September 11, 2006

Opening the Floor to Suggestions

Now that Daughter's birthday is over (and she made out like a bandit, thank you), it's time to start preparing for Son's birthday party, which is two weeks away.

I would like to keep the little brats blessings out of the house as much as possible (provided the weather cooperates), and another mom has graciously offered up anything she can to achieve that goal.

I had thought, though, of having a scavenger hunt. Then I realized that this would mean a dozen kids tramping all over our 22 semi-wooded acres. See, we have deer that roam the property. Deer = ticks. One can't take chances.

So that idea has seemingly been nixed.

Don't worry, I already plan on locking the younglings' bedroom doors. I found out, too late, that Son invited a juvenile thief to the party. The other mother I mentioned has readily volunteered to keep an eye on the little bastard tyke for Husband and me.

Now I turn it over to you. Got any suggestions as to how to keep a dozen kids outside??? Aside from the glaringly obvious one: don't have anymore birthday parties at my house!

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Five Years Later

There is, and will continue to be, a lot of discussion today about the events of 9/11/01, so I'll refrain from adding anything to it.

My story as to where I was five years ago is insignificant compared to the bigger story. I didn't even know anything had happened until after the fact.

I will say, however, that we shouldn't just take one day to remember the victims and events of 9/11. We should remember everyday.

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September 10, 2006

Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday to Daughter who is three years old today!!!

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September 09, 2006

Snort Worthy

I'm sorry. I know this is terribly immature, but...

Peter Dicks.




*giggle* *snort!*

Forgive me, but I couldn't help myself.

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What the...???

Brad Pitt says he and Angelina "Here's My Lips" Jolie won't get married until "the restrictions on who is allowed to marry in the US are dropped."

Which is just a really p.c. way of saying they have no intentions of getting married, ever.

What ever. Get married or don't, I could care less.

What kills me is this:

...he subscribes to a laid-back parenting style. He adds, "I try not to stifle them in any way. If it's not hurting anyone, I want them to be able to explore. Sometimes that means they're quite rambunctious!"

Read: these kids are hellions! The kids we would really like to smack. You know the ones I'm talking about.

Really nice, ArmPitt. Raise these howler mokeys with no restrictions, so that they grow up to be spoiled little jerks.

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Nicknames and Something I Don't Understand

Do you have nicknames for your kids? Do you use them in public?

The other day Daughter and I were at the checkout counter at the drugstore and I called her "sweet pea." The cashier got a funny look on her face and asked Daughter: "Does Mommy really call you 'sweet pee?'"

Hello, no. It is not "pee." It's "pea." As in the sweet pea plant.

My mom used to call me that when I was younger, so it just carried over to my kids.

Seriously, do people really think I'd call my daughter urine?


I don't understand this whole MySpace thing. I really don't. I mean, I have a page and some friends, but I hardly ever go over there. I don't see what all the hype is. Maybe I'm too old, I don't know, but I have more fun with this here blog.

At any rate, you can certainly go visit my MySpace page, boring though it may be.

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September 08, 2006

Soap and Politics


Hello. My name is GroovyVic and I watch General Hospital. That's right, daytime dramas. Well hells bells, take a peek at Steve Burton, a.k.a. Jason Morgan and seriously ask why I watch.

Actually, I tape it on SoapNet because I can't get ABC here.

So this afternoon I sat down to watch yesterday's episode once Daughter took her nap, and the former D.A. is telling her husband (the interim D.A.) and her daughter to go to a cocktail party being given by the mayor.

The daughter says she doesn't even like the mayor, to which mother replies something bitchy about "all his Republican friends."

Now, dammit, what the piss?

Yeah, so I'm a Republican, big woo. I don't want to watch a digdarn soap opera and hear political swiping! For crap's sake, that's what these here Internets are for!

Are they going to become "General Kos" for the love of crap?

Sooooo...to the writers of General Hospital I say: stop trying to talk politics! Stick to Lucky's drug addiction, Elizabeth's pregnancy, Lulu's pregnancy, Carly and Jax!

And make Jason take his shirt off!!!!!

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There Ain't Nothing Wrong with the Radio

La Tahoe has to go back to the garage. Yeah...the power steering fluid leaked. All of it. Out. Dry as a bone. Not good!

I'm just a tad pissed off because this means I'll once again be stranded without a vehicle. Even if I could drive Husband's car, it would be moot anyway because the man has to go to work, and where would I be all day?

This doesn't mean I'm pissed about La Tahoe having problems. She is, after all, nine years old and has over 110,000 miles on her. I don't expect perfection.

And there's nothing wrong with the radio. Yesterday, while waiting for the bus, I was blasting "Sweet Emotion" (my favorite Aerosmith song) and was amazed that I haven't blown the speakers out yet.

But still, this isn't a good time to be without wheels.

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ABC is a bunch of wimps

All right, dammit. I'm never going to sit here and say that the Bush Administration didn't make mistakes regarding events leading up to 9/11. But let's call a spade a spade, people, and admit that BillyJeff wasn't exactly Johnny-On-The-Spot either.

The man seriously wants to be known throughout history as the President who got a hummer in the Oval Office?

ABC is a bunch of damn wussies! I cannot believe, no matter how many damn Liberals own shares and run that network, that they bowed to pressure to edit this miniseries.

I am so glad I don't get an ABC affiliate out here in the boonies.

I'm just so damn mad! Just go over to Red State; I'm going to let them do the talking for me.

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September 07, 2006

On a Related Note

Agent Bedhead blogs about Rosie O'Donnell's new gig on that damn show I don't like.

On a related note, Glenn Beck was also talking about RoRo's new gig yesterday on his radio show. It seems like Rosie is bragging about her kids, but it sure ain't like the stuff we used to get from KathieLee!

(WARNING: If you are eating or drinking, or have a sensitive stomach, you may want to turn back NOW!)

Read More "On a Related Note" »

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Rush Limbaugh!!!

I heard through Blogaritaville that Rush is going to be on the CBS Evening News tonight.

I may watch.

But take heart, fellow conservatives, because he's also going to be on Glenn Beck's radio program today...and didn't I hear Glenn say Rush would also be on the TV program tonight as well?

Either way, I'm tuning in.

You know I have no love for Katie Crapic, but it would be worth watching if Rush could take her down a few pegs.

Thankew to ThirDEE for alerting me!

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Um, the idea is great...

Yes, we should all pay attention to what's going on in our world. Yes, we should all vote, as that's one way of letting our opinions be voiced.

But...taking such advice from Lindsay Lohan???

I feel I have always been somewhat politically engaged.

Yeah, Lindsay, all that partying and messing around really shows how "politically engaged" you are.

One more reason why those Hollywood types should just stop dispensing advice...on anything.

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September 06, 2006

Oh. My. GAWD!

Do we really want to see this?

It's bad enough that this sick freak sculpted BritBrit buns up and crowning...then baby poo...but a three-way?

Good grief.

Thankew to Mr. Atoz.

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For Husband


Happy Birthday to Roger Waters, who turns 63 today.

I post this for Husband, the Pink Floyd fan in the household.

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Bad Mood

I'm in a pissy mood today.

School fundraising has started already! Son came home yesterday, the fifth day of school, with a big Zap-A-Snack packet; apparently the principal (oh she who wants no parents around) thinks we should all just dive into selling $16 boxes of frozen French bread pizzas.

Thanks all the same, but I can get those a lot cheaper at the Kay-Roe-Shay.

And what the piss is up with that "prize" list? It's extortion, pure and simple. I mean, the more your kid sells the better the prize he/she gets? What seven year old kid needs a tricked out CD player? Sheesh!

I actually watched Larry King Alive last night -- because I can't get enough of the Crocodile Hunter. I can't stand King, but I did like what Jeff Corwin had to say. Yeah, I think I'm more upset about this than Son; I just can't get over Irwin dying so young.

Many thanks to the little bastard who called my house at 10:10 last night with a wrong number. You little pimple-arsed brat, you scared the hell out of me!


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Today is the day!


Today is my turn to take part in the Rolling Victory Fast.

What will I be doing to take my mind off food?


BTW, I do this for Husband, who's now spent half of his life in the military!

ANG logo.jpg

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September 05, 2006

This N' That

Only in my house, I swear.

I love those SudaCare plug-in vaporizer things. Have you tried them for your kids? You should! It wouldn't be autumn, or winter, without the smell of those things in my house.

Four days into the new school year and both younglings have stuffy noses and coughs. (To be fair, they could have picked something up at church, but still!) Anyway, Daughter seems to have it the worst (which I now have too) so I plugged in one of those handy vaporizers last night and tucked her in with a healthy dose of cold medicine swimming in her system.

Five minutes later I hear her saying "Get if off!" After running in to her room, I find her pointing at her mouth and then to the vaporizer. She either licked it or kissed it, I don't know which, but she had the stuff all over her mouth! (When the little pad heats up it gets oily.)

I cleaned her up and then went out to Husband and burst out laughing. Only a kid of mine would do something like that.

BTW, she's fine this morning, if still a bit stuffy.

Remember I blogged about problems in my church? Well, there's a congregation meeting coming up, and we're going. If I can't find a sitter for the kids, I'll send Husband along to do the recon and get the poop. Knowing how high sentiments are running, I wouldn't dare take the younglings!


I've got to disinfect the kids' bathroom. Enough said.

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September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day!

Relax, take it easy.

Have a day off!

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Last night, Husband and I sat down to watch the second half of "Sharpe's Challenge" on BBC America. Husband was really excited about this, since it's the latest Sharpe's movie and all.

And it means that now I have all kinds of Sharpe's books I can get Husband for his birthday and Christmas.

I just wanted to see if Sharpe would really shoot Harper, which he did, but there wasn't enough saltpeter in the gunpowder...

Anyway, this sparked a conversation about how old Sean Bean is, because Harper was looking rode hard and put up wet. Seeing as how these here Internets are good for useless information, I looked up the dude's birthdate....and found out he was in The Island...which means now I have to watch it....Sean Bean and Ewan McGregor....woo woo!!

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Oh Please!

Sharon Osbourne has put on weight. Apparently she blames British cuisine.

Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah!

I blame Doritos! Peanut butter cups! Waffles!

My weight gain has nothing to do with the fact that I can be a bit lazy sometimes. Hell NO! It's the FOOD!


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Shocking News

I was shocked to hear that Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, has died.

Steve Irwin's shows have been regularly viewed in the Groovy household; one year Son was a croc for Halloween, and he even carried a talking Steve Irwin doll.

Yeah, the guy was a little over the top, and yes, his constant chatter got kind of annoying (which is why we switched to Jeff Corwin), but still.

He was only 44! That he died so young is shocking in itself.

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September 03, 2006

Snort Worthy

Wyatt Earp tell us how he really feels about Joe Paterno.


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A question of semantics

So, yeah....Son's birthday party is coming up in a couple weeks, and this year my parents may actually be attending. A friend of mine said she couldn't wait to meet the woman who spawned me; I don't know quite how to take that.

But my issue here is this: do I introduce my parents as "mom n' dad" or "mom and step-father?"

(Isn't this stupid?)

See, my step-dad has been more like a father than Real Dad ever was, but yet everyone close to me knows RD passed away. Usually I just refer to step-dad by his name, but somehow that feels kind of disrespectful when introducing him.

I guess, in the long run, it will make no difference, as everyone will be concentrating on keeping all those little howler monkeys from tearing my house down.

Anyone want an invitation to the par-tay? Please! I could use a diversion!

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September 02, 2006


So, okay, Ernesto is working its way up the coast. We've had some pretty gloomy weather these past couple days, and my sinuses have started their yearly acting up...only now it looks like Son has inherited this nasty bit of business from me. He's been snotting up right along with me.

This damn weather. I noticed last night that it's now called "tropical depression Ernesto" or somesuch. I mused to Husband weather or not Ernesto now felt inferior to Hurricane John, for instance.

How insulting, I said, for a storm to be just a "depression."

Well, what ever the hell the bugger is called, my head is ready to burst from sinus pressure.

Bastard Ernesto.

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A Treasure Trove of Useless Information

I just love these here Internets. Where else can one find so much seemingly useless information at one's fingertips?

For instance, I went looking for the lyrics to The Longest Day, one of my favorite movies. So, I went to everyone's source, Wikipedia, got the lyrics, AND I clicked on the link for Lord Lovat. You know, Peter Lawford played him in the film.

Well! Anyone who's been reading this here blog for very long knows how much I love the Outlander series, featuring one Jamie Fraser. And here I've found some info on Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, 25th Chieftain of the clan Fraser.

Useless, yeah, but neat-o keen to me.

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"War is Hell"

According to Oliver Stone, Hollywood glamorizes war. He cites Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down as examples.

Pearl Harbor smelled like yesterday's diapers. It was all love story with, like, the attack thrown in for drama. I haven't seen Black Hawk Down yet (even though cutie Ewan McGregor is in it), but Husband, at least, thought it was pretty realistic.

What about movies like, oh, Saving Private Ryan? I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty realistic.

Now....has Hollywood been "glamorizing" was just recently, or is he knocking all those WW II era films too?

Boy, Ollie, you've opened up a can of worms with that statement.

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September 01, 2006

A Date to Remember

Today, 9/1, is the date Husband enlisted in the National Guard.

He has now spent half of his life in the military!


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September 1!

Hey, it's September First, so here's some of this and that...because I've been kind of lax in posting lately.

Son likes second grade so far. He's doing well on his papers and such, and has only had a little homework every night. The good thing about his teacher is that she sends home a homework sheet every night that tells us parents exactly what the kids need to do. This is a good thing, because what seven year old can remember what he needs to do? This sheet has to be signed by us parental figures and returned to school.

And! The kids have to do 15 minutes of reading every night. As a serious book addict, I'm loving this.

Son has also lost three teeth thus far (one at school yesterday). In an effort to stress good dental hygiene, I bought this pre-brush rinse from Listerine that shows kids where the plaque is on their teeth. For Son, at least, this has been a wise investment; he's really gotten in to brushing all the blue plaque from his teeth. Trust me, this is good, because if his adult teeth are anything like mine we'll be spending a small fortune in orthodontia, and no cavities would be like money in the bank.

So, it's September, a very busy month in the Groovy household. It seems like everyone in my family was born this month, including my younglings.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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