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March 31, 2008

Wow! Forty-Five Already?

Tomorrow marks General Hospital's 45th anniversary.

"Vic," you say with disgust, "why in the hell would we care about a soap opera?"

I'll tell you why: this is the show that gave us the concept of the "super couple." That's right, before there was Bo and Hope, Josh and Reva, Patch and Kayla, Beth and Lujack...ad nauseum...there was Luke and Laura.

Oh what a pair that was! Remember the romance of the duo dancing around the department store to "Fascination?" The wedding? Her return to Port Charles the day Luke was inaugurated as mayor?

Rick Springfield? John Stamos? Hmmmm.......those were heady days when we'd rush home from school to swoon and drool over those two.

Anyway, yeah, has sort of hit suck levels of late, with all that mob stuff, Sonny and his "coffee business," Carly, who makes me look like June Cleaver...

But in the end, who cares? It's the one hour a day I get all to myself, to sit and look at pretty people with problems unrelated to me. No teacher strikes or church issues for these characters, oh no. Brain tumors that cause hallucinations, mob wars, trampy bitches in cheap red heels (oh wait, that could be me!)....all done without one hair out of place or a pimple on the chin!

Happy Anniversary, GH!

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Ewan McGregor, who turns 37 today.


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March 30, 2008

Ready To Go?

Today we're going to church. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but after the crap we've gone through over the last couple months, Husband and I are just a bit gun-shy about going to any church.

You may be saying to yourself "Vic, have you always been having issues with church? It seems like you've talked about this before, like a couple years ago."

Well yes, you're right. It would seem that we've had a run of bad luck with churches since moving to OH. Yes, a couple years ago the church we were attending had issues with the pastor, Husband and I (who never actually joined that church) got disgusted with the treatment the pastor was getting, didn't trust the "ruling" elders, and left.

In this recent go-around, Husband and I were disgusted by the treatment we were getting from the pastor and left. The pastor resorted to putting Husband through a guilt trip, claiming our children would be scarred for life, and ultimately placing blame on me for a phone conversation I had with one of the other members.

It's always so easy to make a woman the scapegoat, isn't it?

In my opinion, that bastard was just pissed because: he had no one to run his precious PowerPoint (for which Husband not only gave the church one of our laptops but bought a brand new projector as well); there was one less person to work in the nursery; he had no one to coordinate the food for all his dinners and special prayer meetings.

Still angry? You bet. Not only am I now distrustful of elders, but pastors as well.

But that's a long story, one I really don't feel like going in to again. The kids are excited to be going to a new church, and I'm just kind of holding my breath about the whole thing.

LATER THAT SAME DAY: We went and it was nice. Son didn't want to go to children's church, but Daughter was excited to go; Son stayed with Husband and I during the worship service, which, as it turns out, isn't that out of the ordinary. Kids are actually welcomed to stay with their parents.

Husband stated that the music was a bit loud at some points, but I said it didn't bother me.


(Ha ha...)

Good sermon, I really liked the message and the pastor. Large congregation (I saw my mailman), so Husband and I were able to blend in.

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March 29, 2008


Last night we reinstated Family Movie Night with Evan Almighty. We'd seen Bruce Almighty (although the kids saw the edited for TV version) and liked it, so I thought this would be another, you know, "family time" movie.

We liked it. Husband laughed and laughed during some of the ark building scenes, and the younglings liked all the animals. I thought it delivered a pretty good message.

Oh sure, the political side of me was watchful of those party line distinctions, but in the end I just sat back and enjoyed the movie. I have to say I just adore Morgan Freeman, and Steve Carell is growing on me...

Here's what Christianity Today had to say about it.

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Hello? Welcome To The World!

It seems Angelina Jolie is finding out that pregnancy kind of sucks.

All together now:


Welcome to the real world, Angelina. Sucks to be like everybody else, doesn't it?

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I'll Be D***ed!

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

Thankyewverramuch Wyatt Earp

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March 28, 2008

Revisiting My Youth Again

I used to love this song:

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Ah Sweet Yoot

Robbo points out that today is Marlin Perkins' birthday.

Who of us didn't watch Wild Kingdom at some point in our yoot? I still remember the Mutual of Omaha jingle!

Ah, youth. Many Saturday nights my sister and I waltzed around to Lawrence Welk and giggled at Hee Haw.

And I was just singing this to my kids the other day, with the hand claps and everything.

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Groovy Movie Review

Daughter and I hit the video store this morning and I finally, finally got the chance to see Becoming Jane.

I really liked it! I've found myself drawn to Jane Austen and her novels, and Colin Firth (yum!) aside, I enjoy the movies as well.

As for this one, I guess it may have been the wrong time o' the month, as I bawled like a fool at the end.

But I'll admit, somehow really good looking men show up in the screen adaptations, not the least of which being James McAvoy, who I find out happens to be Scottish. Swoon.......

In sum, good movie, although I'm still going to check out the book.

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Happy Birthday, I Guess

Happy Birthday to Vince Vaughn, who turns 38 today.

Ho. Lee. CRAP! That makes him the same age as...me! Gawd! Do I look like this?


In truth I think Vince is (was?) pretty cute.


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March 27, 2008

Potty Mouth!

Wyatt Earp says "F*cking liberals are ruining this country."

You tell 'em! D****it! I'll say any d**n thing I d**n well feel like saying, a**holes!

F**k off!

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That's about it...blah.

Crappy day, weather wise, and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. I didn't, though.

But yeah...blah.

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Snort Worthy

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March 26, 2008

Oh For Cripes' Sake!

I just read that one of my favorite movies, The Women, has been re-made and will be released in October.

Get this, with Meg Effing Ryan in the Norma Shearer role! Annette Bening in the Rosalind Russell role!

Argh! Noooooo....

I mean really. How can one possibly improve on this? George Cukor! Norma Shearer! Joan Crawford!!!!

If you haven't seen this movie, do so immediately. I mean it.

In other "Hollywood is totally stumped for movie ideas" news, that 70's classic Land of the Lost will also be on the big screen.

Good grief.

"Run, Holly, run!"

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March 25, 2008

Have A Giggle

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Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Or: sorry I haven't posted since Sunday.

It's been one thing or another, what with my sinuses making me feel like my head is either about to explode or swivel right off my neck. Really, sometimes it feels like, if I bend over, my eyeballs will fall out of my head. Like egg yolks.

Getting that visual? Yum!

And why is it that, if my head is the problem, my stomach twirls in revolt? Honestly, I get so sick of this; I feel all pregnant/morning sick again. And I'm NOT pregnant!

So, yeah. Pretty much feeling like poo has kept me busy for the past couple days. Easter Sunday found me curled up on the couch watching We Are Marshall. I would have watched the whole thing (read: Matthew McConaughey = HAWT), if it hadn't been for some bastard ruining the movie for me before I'd even seen it. Let's just say he took the catch phrase "WE ARE MARSHALL!" and made it into his own screwed abortion. Bastard.

So Sunday night we wound up watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, during which I made snotty comments about Angelina Jolie. Daniel Craig = MEGAHAWT.

Shut up. It made me feel better.

For some reason Husband decided we had to rearrange the living room last night, and we did. He couldn't quite grasp the fact that he needed to move himself and the rather large floor lamp the hell out of my way whilst I was vacuuming, but the room doesn't look too bad.

Okay, so now that we're all up to speed around here, I've got things to do.

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March 23, 2008

He Is Risen!


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Happy Easter


The younglings had discovered their baskets and all the eggs Husband and I hid before 7:00 this morning!

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March 21, 2008

Here I Am...

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Good Friday

I had a really good post planned for today, but I woke up with no Internet and a raging sinus headache that made me feel like I was going to vom all over the place.

So I went back to bed.

But! Within an hour I felt better, so I cleaned up, got the younglings dressed, and we all trooped to the mall. It's spring, I have to indulge my passion for accessories, shoes and handbags to be specific.

I bought two new purses today. A woman can never have enough purses.

Despite having the headache from hell I'm actually in a better mood than I was yesterday. There was good news at the school board meeting last night, news that I hope will spark a turnaround in attitudes.

So now I'm going to color Easter eggs with the kids.

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March 20, 2008

Better Today

I'm feeling better today, thank you, but I had no Internets...so no posting until now.

How are you all doing?

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March 19, 2008

All Hopped Up On Goofballs

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I'm engaged in my annual Battle With My Sinuses.

(Somebody cue the echo effect....)

So, yeah...I'm all hopped up on sinus stuff, and feelin' pretty groovy.....colors! The walls are dancing!

Talk amongst yourselves.

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March 17, 2008

Stay Low! Show ID!

I wound up taking Daughter to the doctor this afternoon, and it wasn't until I was halfway there that I realized I'd be driving through an area that just last week was the scene of gunfire.


Just a month or so ago there was a stabbing in the same area!


And I have to drive through this area to get to the doctor's office.

*shakes head*

Well, we're both fine, and Daughter checked out to just have a cold. You see, I got worried about her, what with her history of ear infections and what not. I'm trying to make sure Daughter avoids another ear infection....or it's the tubes again. While the actual procedure wasn't all that bad for her, the wait in the ENT doc's office is excruciatingly painful. We're talking at least a two hour wait.

So, yeah. This explains why I broke down and did what I hate most: got to a pharmacy counter to request "the cold medicine they keep behind the counter." I hate this. I find it plain stupid that I have to present my ID and have the pharmacist take down all my info. I actually looked the guy in the eye and said "I have no intention of making meth, nor do I intend to overdose my child. And this is stupid."

The guy actually agreed with me.

I guess the humiliation of flashing my photo ID was worth it, because the stuff actually worked at clearing Daughter's congestion. Hopefully she'll make it back to school tomorrow.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Let's do something different:

"I ain't goin' out like no punk, bitch..."

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March 16, 2008

"Something D-O-O Economics"

Husband and I were just discussing who we really like in the media, John Stossel, Brit Hume, Ben Stein to name a few.

Husband then said that there's a young kid he works with who thinks Ben Stein is a dope, and Husband apparently told this kid "Do you know how smart that man is?"

"Sure, but has he seen Ferris Bueller? Youth today..." I sputtered.

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Daughter was the cause of much concern last night, as she had a fever of 102 at bedtime.

I dosed her with Motrin and sat wringing my hands, staring at the clock. It was only 8:30 p.m., and I was ready to snatch her up and drive her to the ER.

Luckily, with Husband around, cooler heads prevailed. He found our Johns Hopkins medical book and assured me Daughter would be fine, I should just calm down.

Easy for him to say.

Anyway, yeah, about an hour later I checked on Daughter and her fever was indeed down, although her little nose is so stuffy. She must be feeling better this morning because she's messing around with her pretend bakery set and a cup of water.

But I'm still going to monitor her "fevah."

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Everyone Votes No

After our primary last week, I made some mention about the animal shelter being voted in, and the jail levy voted down, again. I also owned up to voting "yes" to both levies.

This caused quite a bit of comment from folks around the valley, some of which came from a neighboring school district that, yet again, had a 1 mil levy voted down. By the way, neighboring district, your band did a great job in Chicago's parade!!

I could say more, but this post says about the same thing.

P.S. Thank goodness! Someone praises our bus drivers!!

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As Seen On TV

Last night, as we were gathered to watch Doctor Who, we saw a commercial for an "environmentally friendly" lawn mower.

Yep, it runs on a battery.

"Oh what the bloody hell is that?" I exclaimed (can you tell I've been watching a lot of BBC America?).

"Sure, but what do they use to charge the battery? Good old electricity," sputtered Husband.


In other news, Son brought home a Weekly Reader with al-Gore on the cover, the sight of which made me scream and say "Not in my house! Not in my house!"

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March 14, 2008

I Smell Fish. Do You Smell Fish?

Seriously, girl, close those things already!

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Say It With Music

Not in much of a bloggy mood, so I'm saying it with song today.

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Friday Jams

Blur. Frankly, I love any song where I can yell "Woo Hoo!"

Although I prefer Oasis:

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March 13, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Son's Strong Vincent puppet!


Huh? Looks just like him, doesn't it?


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Buy It Like Beckham

Posh and Becks buy some new appliances.

Every home should have one!

(Or two...)

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March 12, 2008

Just Sit Right Back And You'll Hear A Tale

A tale of a fateful drive with a couple joints in the car.

Oh MaryAnn...

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March 11, 2008

Remarkable Brain

I had two parent/teacher conferences tonight. Daughter is doing well, a bit temperamental, but learning and excelling nonetheless. The teacher thought Daughter would be moving on to Kindergarten next year, but I said "Oh, I thought she'd have another year of pre-K, seeing as how she'll turn five in September."

"Oh," said the teacher, "I've been sending her to the computer lab with my four-year-olds!"

"Keep it up, Daughter loves it," I replied.

So that went well.

Then I met with Son's teacher. Now, I have to be honest, I just love this woman. She is just everything one would want in a teacher! She assured me that Son is doing very well, and she wishes she could spend more one-on-one time or have small group time with her better students.

And, I did not know this, but the state mandates that schools have to identify gifted students but they don't have to do anything about it, which leaves me wondering if, Son truly is gifted, what the hell happens then? He's a bright kid, loves sciences...

And! If that revelation wasn't enough, Son's teacher said the district wants to start full inclusion, which said teacher isn't really too happy about. I know the special needs teacher isn't thrilled about it either.

I told Son's teacher that I'd been exploring home schooling. At this stage of the game it's the only viable alternative, but I hate the thought of yanking Son out of school, away from his peer group.

At this rate, I'm just waiting to see what comes down from the almighty school board.

I did, however, leave the school knowing that the younglings are doing well, and that maybe I'm not such a screw-up as a mother after all.

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Olay! I'm Old!

Yeah, I know.


Today I did it, I bought my first Olay Anti-Aging stuff. The really suck thing isn't so much that I bought it, it's that I had to buy the "blemish control" cleanser.

Bad enough to be 38 with fine lines developing around my eyes, but I still break out like I'm in forkin' puberty.

Oh, I'm not wrinkled yet, but I'd like to hold it off as long as I can, know what I mean? Got that class reunion coming up this summer and all...

Looking on the bright side, I can get this stuff at Kroger, and it's not as expensive as I thought.

I suppose piddle pads aren't far behind, huh?

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Oh My Stars!

Gene Simmons! Bald!

It works!

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Snort Worthy

Love Iggy Pop. Madonna looks waxy. Girlfriend is starting to look all Joan Crawford-esque. Not in a good way.

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Gag Worthy

Man...."look what you've done to me...."

Not this early in the morning, please!


Thankee Agent Bedhead for the link.

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March 10, 2008

Oh Really?

Find out how totally 80's are you at LiquidGeneration!

Actually, I didn't really become a Metal Head until college! But please, if I'm going to listen to metal it isn't going to be that pussy hair band crap. Iron Maiden! Classic Judas Priest! MEGADETH!!!

And I don't worship Satan. That's a bunch of crap.

Thankew Agent Bedhead

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March 09, 2008

Sunday Morning Home Worship

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Happy Sunday

Did you remember to set your clocks before going to bed? Are you buried under snow?

I did, and we are, and I'm not going any further than my paper box today.

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March 08, 2008

Oh The Saga...

True to my word, I started watching my favorite Patrick Swayze movie, sort of, North and South.

Technically it's a mini-series, but let's not split hairs.

But, the saga! The drama! Genie Francis! Pretty people! All that FARB!!!

I forgot, however, that in the very first episode Priam gets whipped, so Daughter got a bit upset when she saw that. Maybe if I'd watched my copy of To Wong Foo instead?

If you want my recommendation, though, do yourself a favor and just read the trilogy by John Jakes. I still cry when I read it, and who ever adapted the books for TV made a mess out of them.

Books, people, are always the better way to go.

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It's Like I'm Twenty-Five Years Younger

What. In the bloody hell! What's the fork is up with these colored Wayfarer wannabe sunglasses coming back into vogue?

Is this because I went in to a Claire's Boutique with my daughter yesterday? Are the fates bringing back every tacky fad from the 80's?

(Claire's used to be my favorite store in my youth...)

Oh sure, I had these ugly shades myself, but I think the frames were plaid. But see, back then that kind of thing was considered kewl. Now they're just plain ridiculous.

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White Friday

Yesterday was the second Friday in a row that we've been dumped on by copious amounts of snow. Last week the buses were running late, yesterday the schools were dismissed an hour early.

Son got home at 4:15, his usual time. Huh?

Well, I'm not going to be critical, as the driver was a substitute and the roads were really bad. But I sat at the end of my driveway for almost an hour and a half waiting and worrying, imagining terrible scenarios.

But Son arrived home safely, which is all that matters. Husband even got home an hour early and was able to get his car up the driveway.

So it all worked out in the end.

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March 07, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Daughter and I had a girls' day today; I took her up to the mall to get her hair cut, and then, after lunch, I began teaching her the importance of purses and shoes.

Oh and did I try on some cute shoes today!

I have Manolo taste on a Payless budget.

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Building A Religion

Courtesy of blog bud The Reluctant Optimist: "Obama - Building A Religion"


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Now That's A Good Makeup Job

Robert Downey Jr.'s latest role has him cast as an actor playing a black man.

Wow! I thought it was Don Cheadle at first!

Thankew: Just Jared

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March 06, 2008

Paranoid Much?

This morning I drove the younglings to school; it's Daughter's snack day and I didn't want her to have to haul 24 cups of applesauce in her Disney Princess backpack.

I'm funny that way.

Anyhoo, so Son and I walk Daughter to her classroom, and there's the teacher. I did the usual small talk "good morning" thing, and said to the teacher "I'll see you on Tuesday," as that's when I have a conference with her, "I have something I want your input on." (Impending closure of the middle school, fifth and sixth grade moving to the elementary school, stuff like that.)

She says "I have some stuff I'd like your input on as well."

Which hits my paranoia button. Has she found this here blog? Believe me, she could have, seeing as how there's a link to it at the website for concerned taxpayers and parents in the district. Did she happen to wander over here and read what I said about slipping a recorder in to Daughter's backpack?

I know, paranoid. I haven't, and I won't, record the woman. I just keep thinking that DAMMIT! This is my little corner of the al-Gore Internets, why can't I just say what ever the hell I want (within reason, that is) and be left alone? Do I have to take up the Liberal battle-cry of FREE SPEECH! LOOK IT UP!

I know, stop jumping to conclusions. It was hard to be rational when I hadn't had any coffee.

Oh, to hell with it. Dammit all anyway. I shot my mouth off and have been accused of causing turmoil in a church, why not move on to a school?


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March 05, 2008

More Snort Worthy

Lindsay Lohan wears a skirt.

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Say It Isn't So!

Patrick Swayze is losing his battle with cancer.

This is shocking.

I need to re-watch North and South.

UPDATE: According to People Magazine, Swayze does have cancer, but it isn't as dire as the Enquirer stated.

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Primary Hangover

No school today on account of flooding, so I have some extra time to fart around with this here blog.

So, yeah...McCain. I honestly don't know who I'd rather have as the GOP candidate, so I won't say anything.

Hillary took OH. Well, good for her, I guess. What ever.

Locally, the animal shelter levy passed. I voted in favor of this; even though I don't want dogs or cats in my home doesn't mean I don't care.

And that jail levy! What the hell is up with that? It failed to pass again! (I also voted in favor of this; I like to keep my criminals jailed.) If anyone from my area is reading this, could you please explain why Fred keeps getting shafted? Is there corruption going on?

What am I talking about, there probably is.

This sums it up:

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Wednesday Morning Eye Candy


Yeah, I know, GH is sucking more than a Hoover these days, but you have to appreciate the eye candy.

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Snort Worthy

"Oh my god, look what the cat dragged in..."

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March 04, 2008

Isn't That Special?

General Hospital is rolling out the green screen.

Big woo.

But! The car went over the edge of the bridge and Sam was still in it! Maybe her boobs broke the fall...!!!

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Ewan McGregor Threw A Party...

...and ate haggis.

Apparently he sang as well.

What. Ever.

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It's Primary Day!

Yes, I voted this morning; I voted Republican, so you can pretty much guess how that went.

In the "out of the mouths of babes" category, this morning I mentioned to the kids that I was going to vote and Daughter says "Hitlery Clinton?"

Haw haw haw....

Yesterday Son came home with his president report; he was assigned Zachary Taylor. On one page of the report the kids were supposed to give their opinion: "In U.S.A. history we have elected 43 white, male presidents. What do you think of this? Do you think this will continue in the future?"

What third grader cares who the president is, let alone what color they are? Son, and a lot of other kids I'm sure, just wanted to get the damn report done.

For the record, I have nothing against Obama because he's black. I could care less about what color his skin is. As for Hillary, I don't trust any woman, let alone one who has the capability to fire off nukes at someone. I just flat out don't care for the Liberal point of view.

Seriously, two weeks out of the month you wouldn't want me near sharp knives let alone something like armies or nuclear warheads.


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March 03, 2008

OH Election Update

I've mentioned before that I've seen a handful of Ron Paul signs around my area and gave it no thought whatsoever. This morning, on my weekly Kroger run, I saw not one but two Obama signs.

Well, our primary is tomorrow, remember, and I guess it was only a matter of time. I haven't, however, seen any Hillary or McCain signs...but then again, my route to and from town is pretty limited, and I seldom venture into the downtown area.

And here's something kind of funny: because we watch the local network for the weather and whatnot, Daughter knows just who Obama is. Oh yes. The other day a commercial came on, and there's my four-year-old shouting "Look Mama! Barack Obama!"

To which I replied "Turn away! Don't look at the light! Bad! Baaaaaaad!"

Daughter thought that was hysterical.

Just yesterday a friend of mine asked me who I was voting for, and I said I have no idea, since I can't stand any of the candidates. She said she wasn't sure about Barack or Hillary, that she could possibly vote for McCain, but he'd probably just be another "rich, Republican asshole."

"What do you think I am?" I asked her.

"You're not an asshole," she assured me.

Haw haw haw....

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Gasp Worthy

When I saw this I thought at first it was just a woman with an unfortunately big caboose. Turns out she's got arse implants!

Compared to that, I have no ass!

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Another Dream Thwarted

Robert Plant turned down mucho dinero to tour with Led Zeppelin.

Well, okay, fine. I guess I'll have to travel the world to see John Paul Jones, even if it's just to, you know, see him, and then I guess my long held dream of seeing Led Zeppelin will be fulfilled. (I saw Page and Plant in '98. And, of course, I can't really see John Bonham...)

Dammit all to hell. All I wanted was to see "Black Dog" or "Whole Lotta Love" live. We're all older, but still!

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March 02, 2008

U Pick It!!

This from blog bud The Reluctant Optimist: Pick Obama's Middle Name!

How about Barack Marlboro Man Obama. You know, because he smokes.

Speaking of name changes, I'm considering changing my screen name. Any suggestions?

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March 01, 2008

Oh Davey!

Today I found a show I haven't seen in over thirty years: Davey and Goliath.

Remember that show? I used to find it early on Sunday mornings when I was a kid, back in the days when we only had three networks to watch.

Anyway, I left it on and watched it with the kids, although I think I paid more attention to it than they did. But you know what? I'd rather they watch something like that instead of some of the cartoons out there today.

I even got disgusted tonight while we were watching something about the Titanic on The History Channel tonight. Really, do they need to advertise yeast infection cream and prostate medications? Do you know how hard that is to explain to an eight year old?

Anyway, so yeah, it would seem that more and more these days we're drifting over to the Christian channels.

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Listen Up!

Wyatt Earp lets us know that we need to watch what pictures we post, else someone gets their panties in a twist and grabs us by the short and curlies.

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I Knew It!

Steve-O posted this picture over at his place, so I looked it up and, sure enough, it's a shot from HRCR's recent visit to St. Clairsville High School, only mere miles from where I live.

What kills me about this isn't the fact that the Clintons are storming the OH Valley, but that HRCR was at the HOME OF THE RED DEVILS!

Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw....!!!

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Hey Kids! What Day Is It?

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.

Well, no, actually I'm not sorry. Fuck it!

That was my theme yesterday, and I took full advantage of it. I didn't do any laundry, did no housework, and with the exception of taking care of Daughter I spent most of the day watching this on DVD, since my VCR ate my VHS version.

Oh yeah, and I also watched the weather and panicked that Son would be hours late getting home from school, but as it turns out he was only ten minutes late.

Why the mood, you ask? Well, quite simply I've reached my saturation point with a couple things in my life and just decided to say "FUCK IT!"

This situation with the school district pissed me off when, on the a website for parents and concerned taxpayers, I made the suggestion that maybe this calender we get every year should be cut. How many senior citizens or home schooling families don't really give a fart about conferences and days off? And they can't go to the feckin' dollar store to buy a damn calender?

I'd stated, stupidly I know, that I get calenders from G'burg because I'm part of the preservation group. That drew jeers of a sort from one poster on the site, which really ratcheted up the pissed off factor.

Don't EVER pick on my passion for history. I don't pick on your NASCAR love, do I? Bugger off, asshole.

At which point I said "Fuck it."

And then...AND THEN! Oh, this situation with our church has really become one big, festering, grody zit that popped all over the bathroom mirror. Apparently, once again, I said something to someone and they got their feelings hurt and I am causing "unnecessary emotional turmoil for the church."


What did I say? At this point it doesn't matter, and I won't delve into details that could get me into even more trouble.

Husband was pissed, and believe me when I say it takes a lot to piss that man off.

In short, a call that I made to try to soothe the feelings of one person turned out to come back and bite me in the arse. I would love to be able to post all that correspondence between Pastorman and Husband, but I don't want to violate anymore "rules." Well, I don't want Husband to get mad at me, screw the feckin' pastor.

To say that Husband and I are angry and hurt would be an understatement. I'm being held up as a Jezebel of sorts, seemingly responsible for strife in a church congregation...and I just don't see it. Husband said that even if I hadn't called this person (out of concern and compassion), Pastorman would have found something else totally bogus to hold over our heads.

Needless to say, neither of us is all that eager to go to any church at this point. As much as I hate to say it, I can now better understand why some out there are so anti-religion. My faith in the Lord has not been shaken, but any kind of faith or trust in a church is gone.

Have a great weekend!!!

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