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February 28, 2006

This Sounds Like Fun!

Gary the Ex-Donkey tagged me with: Seven Songs I'm Listening to Lately. This sounds like fun, especially since I just finished listening to the new CD I got for my birthday. This list could get confusing, as I have really eclectic tastes these days.

Best I Ever Had - Gary Allan: I fell in love with this song when I first heard it. Yeah, I know Allan's history prior to recording this and that makes it that much better.

Jerkin' Back and Forth - DEVO: Off the New Traditionalist CD I got for sentimental reasons. This was a favorite of mine "back in the day" and now that I'm older I understand the lyrics better. The only downside is that this CD is now considered "oldies." Oldies!

T.V. Eye - Wylde Rattz: This is off the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, and I like it because Swooner Dreamboat sings on this track, waaaaaay before Moulin Rouge. It's basically him screaming, but still....he can sing!

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins: I liked this song to start with because of that guitar riff, and since the LlamaButchers discussed it a few weeks ago, every time I hear it I think of those guys.

East Bound and Down - Jerry Reed: I love Smokey and the Bandit, enough said.

Erotic City - George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic: The only Clinton I'll actually listen to.

Comin' to Your City - Big & Rich: I just like this song, I don't know why.

Now, who will I tag? Hmmmmm....


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Ah, Lent

Lent starts tomorrow and I don't have any paczki. Urgh!

What am I giving up for Lent? I'm going to do my best to turn my back on the "sweet devil" Coca-Cola and fast food. Burper King has added mozzarella sticks to the menu, and I looooooooooooooove mozz sticks. I must excercise more self-control!

But I don't always give something up; usually I like to do something good for me during Lent, like making sure I floss my teeth everyday, clean a room a day, stuff like that. Maybe this year I can put Daughter's potty training into full force during Lent.

What about you???

» Basil's Blog swims in with: Picnic 2006-03-01

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It's no secret...

...how I feel about possible cuts for the National Guard.

I've mentioned before that Husband is in the military...the National Guard to be exact...and cuts could mean cuts in the Groovy household. Not only that, but Husband LOVES what he does; this is a man who truly likes getting up to go to work, and not too many people can say that. He's good at what he does, too.

What is the President thinking? It irritates me because there are people out there (and Guard members too, I've heard them) who think that the Guard and Reserves are the "Diet Coke" of the military. Does the President, himself a former Guardsman (shut up, Libs) think the same thing?

I'm going to get off my soap-box before I say too much!

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February 27, 2006

It sucks...literally!

Husband and I made the decision not to keep that Kirby vacuum we feel like we got rooked into buying. I told him it wouldn't break my heart if I don't have a Kirby, that I've already got a very good Kenmore that doesn't require that I have a damn Master's Degree in Engineering to use the feckin' attachments. And my Kenmore doesn't weigh a thousand pounds.

And while both our mothers had Kirbys, I can't see why we had to spend so much when we could get a new one for $400 on eBay. But we're not getting one.

See? This is how exciting my life is!!

» Basil's Blog swims in with: Picnic 2006-02-28

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Shameless Self Promotion

I've got little to blog about right now, unless you'd like to hear about how I just made orange brownies and a cake for the rigatoni dinner at Son's school.

That being said, this is the week to go ask me a question at Basil's blog!!

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February 26, 2006

"This is war, not a garden party!"

Gone with the Wind is on Turner Classic Movies right now, and Daughter and I are watching. I figure it's good to get the younglings introduced to the classics early.

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Setting the record straight

Last week I posted a rant about my husband and I want to say that he's not the jerky creep I made him out to be.

Theresa at This Mom Blogs had a great post yesterday concerning how much and what we blog about. I told her she "shaped me up" as far as who and what I blog about.

I said before that I don't like to use this space to vent; from now on I'll take pen to paper and keep that kind of stuff private. Well, I won't vent about my family here, that is. It's still open season on Liberals.

I got in trouble a few weeks ago for blogging about family stuff, but I shouldn't have made my husband fair game. He really is a wonderful husband and father. After I slammed the door in his face we had a long talk and got things straightened out.

» basil's blog swims in with: Picnic 2006-02-27

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My Daughter, The Stooge


I mean that in a loving way.

Daughter, being almost 2 1/2, has this habit of saying "Hey Mom! Hey Mom!" She does this in such a voice that it almost sounds as if she's saying "Hey Moe! Hey Moe!"

Maybe I should start calling her "Curly."

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February 25, 2006

Don Knotts, R.I.P.


Don Knotts, probably always better known as Barney Fife, has passed away at age 81.

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TV Heads-Up

I'm settling in to watch How the West Was Won on Turner Classic Movies. I love this movie, even if John Wayne is a bit mis-cast, but at least he's in it.

AND! At 3:00 P.M. today TCM will be showing Sergeant York.

Get some popcorn and settle in!

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She Beat Me to It!

I found this blog yesterday...and look at the groovy "t-shirt of the day" from January!

I. Must. Have. It!!!!

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I don't even know what to call this. I heard this story on a Pittsburgh station yesterday...

What a way to scam a drug test.

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February 24, 2006

My Husband: Blogger

Yes, Husband has given in to those bloggy urges, only the blog he set up can only be viewed by the people who work in his particular office. So I can't link it.

What's funny about this is that there were those in his shop who didn't know what a blog was. You know what he did? He pulled up good old Fiddle Dee Dee. Yep, showin' off the wife.

Apparently everyone liked what they saw. (But all credit goes to Sadie.) He set something up, customized the template, and BANGO!

His boss posts something at least once a day. I told Husband to notify me when his boss posts at least four times a day. That will impress me.

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Yes, this is a banner day for GroovyVic. I called to cancel my subscription to Vanity Fair!

I didn't even get any grief, which kind of disappointed me. I had a response all ready to go and everything.

But it is done.

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Look What One Finds...

...when one sits down with the latest Vanity Fair.

Mamie Van Doren has a Bush-bashing blog. If you don't know who she is, she was a Marilyn Monroe wannabe with turbo boobies that put Pam Anderson to shame.

Anyway, she's using her boobs for evil...or what ever. I don't like the idea of sending traffic her way, but...go check it out and make sure you have a tasty libation with you. Just don't throw anything at your computer screen.

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It Was Bound to Happen

I walk out of my bathroom into my bedroom after my shower - completely naked - and guess what? Jehovah's Witnesses on my porch! Which happens to be right in front of my bedroom window!


I ran back into the bathroom and grabbed something out the hamper. When I peeked out, they were gone.

But it was bound to happen sometime. I wonder if they got an eyeful. Hopefully, if they did, it was enough to scare them off. Trust me, my birthday suit is not that attractive.

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One Born Every Minute

Last night I succumbed to a traveling vacuum salesman. I bought a damn vacuum. Yes, I did.

Well, hell, have you seen those Kirby demonstrations?


Oh well, one can never have too many vacuums, right? RIGHT?

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In my head

Dammit, after that last post I have "November Rain" playing in my head.

Crappity Crap!

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What a....

Found this bit via Agent Bedhead (thanks, hon!):

Looks like Guns N' Roses (or as I like to call them Runs N' Noses) is leaking. New songs, that is. Off that Chinese Democracy album. You know, that urban legend that 's been floating around for years.

Um, yeah...I was a Guns fan back in the day. Who wasn't? Didn't we all scream "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" once in a while?

Does anyone really care at this point though? Axl Rose, oh he of the botox and corn rows (not attractive on a redheaded white guy) should just pack it up and leave the stage to, oh...Velvet Revolver! And I hate to say that I agree with Howard Stern...when did Axl go from being "so cool to being a douche?"

Ha ha...go pick another fight with Vince Neil, you schmuck!

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February 23, 2006

I'd Castrate the Bastard

Have you seen this around the blogosphere? This Marriage Contract?

What a feckin' bastard.

Ladies? What say you? Shall we hunt the asshat down and castrate him???

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Explain This

All of a sudden Daughter is afraid of the toilet. No matter where we are, when ever she hears a toilet flush she claps her hands over her ears and tells me she's scared. And bursts into tears.

Not good when we're starting potty training.

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Trip to the Doctor

Ah, the things one sees when one goes to town.

I'm sitting at a stoplight, and I check my rear view mirror to see a K-Fed weenie wannabe sitting in his tricked out Cavalier. I muttered "Pull up a little closer, K-Fed, I don't think you can smell my ass yet."

Bad Groovy!

Then, as I'm navigating my way through narrow streets with cars parked on both sides in le Ville de Steuben I see yet another K-Fed goober, only this one is standing out in the middle of the road talking on his cellphone and staring at the jack under his car.

"Move your ass out of the road, Kevin Federline."

What the hell? Was he getting instructions on how to change his tire? Jackass.

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Busy Morning

I haven't come to any kind of conclusion about the school situation. I didn't even get the chance to make any calls yesterday, as I was waiting for a call from my doctor...all damn afternoon. I hate that.

Anyway, I may have Son take some art classes; he seems to really enjoy drawing and what not. The community college has a preschool, I was thinking of having Daughter go for a couple hours a day, a couple days a week, when Son starts back to school next fall. We'll see. I was going to give Daughter some "homeschool preschool" next fall anyway...

Oooooo....is it just me or does that Shaggy Dog re-make look kind of funny??

Okay, now I've really got to go. I have to get cleaned up and ready to go. The doc wants to see me today.

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February 22, 2006

Right on time

The force is strong with me...

I got my weekly ParentCenter e-mail, and the top story is "Is your child in the best school...?"


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Linky Love

I think MotherGooseMouse is pretty cool, not only because she was in the Air Force, but because she was the picture of adult coolness when she had an actual conversation with a celebrity.

If that had been me, well...let's just say I'm a spastic weenie when it comes to stuff like this. I read the gossip rags and all that (I have no life, remember), so if I had come face-to-face with this person I probably would have verbally bitch-slapped her for her anti-America comments...and then asked her how big Brad Pitt's penis really is, handed her a Pampers coupon and run.

As for my celebrity sightings, let's see...when I was in NYC twenty years ago (yes, twenty years ago), I saw Penn of Penn & Teller in a deli; I met Brian Pohanka and Ed Bearss (Civil War historians) at a statue dedication for Col. Strong Vincent; and do local news people count???

I need to get out more.

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February 21, 2006

This will get old fast

Jack Black is going to be the host of this years Nick Kids' Choice Awards. I've already seen two different commercials with this guy...and it's getting old fast.

No, I'm not a Jack Black fan.

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Looking at Something Else

I'm starting to think it might be better if I look into private school for Son...and Daughter. I've heard some things about the school district we're in, and more specifically Son's Elementary school, and I'm not too thrilled.

Let me ask you this: if you knew the principal of your child's school didn't want to have parents around, whether for PTO or holiday parties for the kids, wouldn't you get a little leery of the whole thing?

I'm going to call one of the Catholic schools tomorrow and see what I can find out. One of the other moms is going to call the Christian academy, so we'll see what we find out.

I would love to homeschool, and I know I could do it, but I also know my kids.

I'm so frustrated. I don't want to take Son away from the friends he's made, but I have to worry about his academic progression too, don't I?

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Why DON'T We Have One?

Laura at The Wide Awake Cafe thinks there should be a Blogger History Month.

I agree that we should get a whole year...because there are so many of us!!

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Snort Worthy

Today's Snort Worthy blog post is "Rejected Titles for Brokeback Mountain" courtesy of Trekreb.

I know, it's so un-P.C., but dammit, they're funny!

h/t: The Wandering Mind for linking this.

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Strippin' for Jesus


I'm at a loss. I don't know what to say about a stripping Christian.

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Count Dooku defends new Bond

Actor Christopher Lee (who will always be "Count Dooku" in the Groovy household) defends the new Bond, Daniel Craig.

In my opinion, the best Bond was Sean Connery, but I'm biased. I stopped watching the Bond movies after A View to a Kill, and I only wanted to see that because Duran Duran sang the theme song.

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February 20, 2006

Oh. My. GAWD!

"Why Mommy is a Democrat."

Why would anyone care????

Got this link from BIL Stewie...Husband wondered if it was a joke.

Rest assured this book won't be coming into the Groovy houshold. That one about liberals under the bed is coming soon, though.

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Grossly Sick blogging

Okay, I'm not completely grossly sick, but I can feel it coming on. I hate this, because I've been feeling this way for the past few days, and any day now BANGO! Toilet City.

To make things worse, I'm taking Son in to the pediatrician today; he's had a lingering cold for, oh, the past two months or so, and now he's starting to sound like he's barking when he coughs. I can't tell you how much cold medicine and Kleenex we've gone through around here.

I'm going to weave (yes, weave, I'm really dizzy) into the bathroom and scrub the toilet. Got to be prepared, you know.

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More Madonna "news"

I love to pick on celebrities because they always act like they're the end all-be all and their poo doesn't stink.

The latest on Madonna/Madge/Esther/Old Whore is that she's addicted to oxygen.

Judging from the pictures I've seen of OW lately, she'd be better off becoming addicted to a hairstylist. Lately her hair screams "THIRD GRADE!" to me...because I recall wearing my hair this way...in third grade...in 1978.

But, um, uh....aren't we all addicted to oxygen?

Can you say "crock of crap?" I know that you can...

News courtesy of Martinis, Persistence, and A Smile

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February 19, 2006

I'm hiding

I'm hiding in my bedroom with my laptop; I'm in such a mood right now that if I leave my room I may have to kill my husband.

Read More "I'm hiding" »
» basil's blog swims in with: Picnic 2006-02-20

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Swooner Dreamboat is passionate

This man looks better and better all the time. Swooner Dreamboat is getting passionate over how his kids will get to school!

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Conversation in the Book Store

Yesterday Husband, the Younglings, and I were browing through the bookstore. I was looking at the Religious Fiction books when Husband says:

"Look, honey, you should read this book!"

He holds up some anti-Bush book. I made a face and gave Husband the old "one finger salute." He likes to tease me about my Liberal youth.

Husband then says:

"Oh, this one is even better!"

He makes a bee-line for Al Franken. I see where he's heading and say, rather loudly:

"Not Al Franken, please! He makes me puke."

Husband remarked that there was an entire section of anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-Conservative books. I looked and said, loudly again, "Oh, gee, a whole section of Liberal Socialism crap! This is why I buy my books on Amazon. At least there I can find books I WANT TO READ!"

And I don't really give a flying fart if I pissed anyone off or not. Bastards!

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February 18, 2006

Birthday Lunch

Today Husband and the Younglings took me to Outback for my birthday lunch. It must have been some kind of cosmic joke that the music playing at the restaurant was all 80's music. I told Husband it was sickening that I remember when those songs first came out...20 years ago!

What was really sad was me, singing along to "One Night in Bangkok."

Lunch was good, the younglings were pretty good, and then Son almost hurled in the restroom. We left soon after that; he seems fine now.

On the plus side, I got to have steak and beer, and I got to explore a different mall. I'm going back, alone, so I can spend about two hours in the kitchen store.

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Touchy, Touchy

I could be over-sensitive here, but when your child tells you you're "not much of a mom" do you get pissed off?

Son could have been joking or what ever last night, but he gave Husband "points" for being a dad, and when Husband said "What about Mom?" Son piped up with his comment about me not being much of a mom.

I turned around and looked at him and asked Son if he wanted to hurt my feelings. He said no, but he promptly went into his room.

It does me no good to sit here and analyze this, because Son is six years old after all, but I'm not much of a mom?

Oh yeah, an old friend called yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. Some of you may remember me talking about this old friend back around Christmas; she's the one that wanted a hand-made Christmas card, because I have nothing better to do.

Anyway, she asked what I did all day, and I said "Not much."

"Oh, the usual? Doing nothing?" she said.

I told her that I did some baking, cleaned my kitchen, did a bit of laundry, but what I did do wasn't as much as I do in a typical day.

But why in the hell am I defending myself? She could have just been making an off-hand comment, and I'm just being overly sensitive, but I don't sit around doing nothing all day.

Bad enough my friend makes a comment, but then Son says something that really hurt me. Dammit!

I told Husband that it's bad enough I have to "prove" myself to his family becaue of the SIL that really does do nothing all day. But now my own child rips into me.

Oh yeah, I'm over thinking this. But I am sensitive about being a SAHM; I get comments from friends and my in-laws! Whether out of jealousy or spite they throw jabs my way and I'm getting pretty damn sick of it.

Son apologized this morning for hurting my feelings.

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February 17, 2006

Take the Day Off!

I'm declaring this day to be a National Holiday!

Why? Because it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!


This was taken on my sixth birthday...a whopping 30 (gasp!) years ago, which accounts for the poor scan quality. Look, even back then I was wearing red. Look how cute I am in my Toughskins overalls!

For the math majors out there, yes, I am 36 years old today.

So take the day off, close the banks, stop the mail!

Here's a notable event from February 17:

The world's first submarine, H.L. Hunley, mysteriously sinks, killing crew -- Feb. 17, 1864

Ponder that!

As for big plans today, I have none. I'm going to bake my birthday cake, a Boston Creme Pie to be specific.

Who's taking me out for drinks?????

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February 16, 2006

Snort Worthy

Madonna has explosive diarrhea!

Well, not really, she was treated for a hernia (???). A hernia? Woman, what the hell...?

I agree with The Superficial, we don't need to know all the details...

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Gag! Put a shirt on!

Words fail me. Gag reflexes triggered. *urp* Bleck!

Just go to Agent Bedhead and see for yourself.

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It's odd, but I'm thankful

This morning Daughter and I ventured to le Mart de Wal and, I can't believe this, but Daughter didn't want any toys.

She didn't beg, she didn't whine, she didn't carry on like some other kids do, she just politely declined everything she saw. I even tried to talk her into something, and she said "No, put it back."

What did Daughter finally really want? A book. Yes, a book. Dora the Explorer to be exact.

I kept remarking that she was an odd duck; most of the other kids in the store today were carrying on about this and that, but not Daughter. She got more excited in the automotive section when she saw the tires!

Don't get me wrong, while I'm shocked at her toy refusal, I'm really happy she wanted a book over everything else.

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I Knew I Liked This Guy

Gary Sinise, a.k.a. Lt. Dan, is quite a guy. Actor, director, musician. Did you know he has a band? Yeah, the Lt. Dan Band. I didn't know this until about five minutes ago when I was trying to find a picture of him on Google Images. He's done some USO shows, visited with wounded soldiers...I found a great pic of him wearing an AF jacket, but I couldn't scale it down. (Love those flyboys!)

In reading a new favorite blog, Espella Humanzee, I found out that Sinise also supports our military and what they're doing in Iraq.

I knew I liked this guy!

Come on, you know you're thinking it. "Lieutenant Dan! I brought you some ice cream! Lt. Dan! Ice Cream!"

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The Man is All Powerful

President Bush must be some kind of, I don't know, god or something. Did you know that now he's responsible for breaking up Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crowe?

Man, first hurricanes and now this. Bush should harness this power and bottle it!


Note to Crowe: maybe you should look a little closer to home when placing blame for a break-up, instead of trying to blame your lov-ahs political leanings. Twit!

via Ace

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February 15, 2006

Moody Blues

Today I am in what I can only describe as "a mood." I'm not sad, angry, or otherwise upset about anything; "there's nothin' there man, it's just....void."

I don't attribute this mood to my problems with certain family members. I'm not going to give that person any credit for influencing my mood.

Every year about this time I get a little moody. Moodier by the year, actually. My birthday is approaching and somehow it just doesn't mean anything. I don't have, have never really had, birthday parties; I think the last time I had any kind of "celebration" was back on my 25th birthday; a group of drinking buddies and I spent the night in a bar shooting darts and getting tanked.

Now, with two little kids, doing something means more work than usual. Husband and I could go out and take the kids with us, which is a pain, or we could get a sitter, also a pain.

In a way it doesn't really matter to me if we do anything or not. Part of me just wants to stay home, but I would like some kind of acknowledgement from my family. I have to bake my own cake!

So what's my point? Birthday's aren't what they used to be, and I'm getting older. What do I want my birthday to be? I don't know... A national holiday?!

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Why, why, WHY?

Leo DiCraprio to play Theodore Roosevelt?

Does Leo realize that TR was a (gasp!) Republican? Why, oh why, why not cast Tom Berenger in that role? Sure, he's a bit older, but he did an excellent job in The Rough Riders.

And hello, Scorsese? There are other actors out there, you know.

h/t: I Watch Stuff!

» The LLama Butchers swims in with: Bully, Not

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A Milestone, of sorts

Today Daughter did #1 on her Elmo potty. For the first time! She was unimpressed, and I know this is the start of a long ride.


In a perfect world, children would wake up on their second birthday and just be able to use the toilet then and there. No more diapers, no bargaining, no accidents, no pleading to pleeeeeeease try sitting on the potty.

I have been changing diapers for the last six years, I'm ready to give that up. I hope, I really hope, that Daughter trains easier than Son.

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Make up your damn mind

I've seen on several blogs and gossip sites that the break-up of Cruise and Holmes is false. I'm not going to link to any of them, just go to Google News and you'll find links to all the news outlets that are panting over this.

So, what's the deal? There has to be a speck of truth to this rumored split, don't you think? Wouldn't it be wonderful if Katie finally got her head out of Tom's arse long enough to see what's going on?

Gawd, Katie, wake up and smell the aliens already. Sheesh.

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You say "hook-up," I say...

Yesterday I was half listening to "Hollywood Hook-ups" on VH1 while doing some work around the house. Have you seen that program? It talks about various stars and their on-set hook-ups with co-stars, directors...

Well, Julia Roberts and her various hook-ups were discussed. She's been around!

What kills me is VH1 calls all her involvements "hook-ups." Out here in the real world, wouldn't she be called, oh I don't know, a slut?

I know, who am I to judge, me with my history of "hook-ups" (read: one night stands), and I was certainly no virgin when I got married, but why is that kind of behavior trivialized for the celebrity set but deemed stupid and irresponsible for the rest of us?

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February 14, 2006

This is Delicious

Tom and Katie are calling it off.

What happens to the spawn?

But seriously, didn't we all know, deep down, that this was big crock of crap?

You can't hear me, but I'm laughing my ample arse off over this one.

via AgentBedHead

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Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day!


*bloggy love and kisses*

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, how are you all? Any big plans for the day?

Me? Well, I'm going to make a nice beef roast for supper tonight, and there's a cherry dessert thing I'm going to try...Husband likes cherry pie, this is a variation...and NO, it does not entail me strategically placing cherries and whipped cream on my person. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Let's see, it is now 6:25 A.M. and I have a headache and a stomach ache. Let's all hope this isn't that icky stomach thing that everyone else is getting.

UPDATE: Husband came home with a dozen red roses, dinner turned out great, and he really liked that cherry cream pie I made this morning.

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Evil Google news is my homepage, and I have it set to show me stuff about Swooner Dreamboat; you know, recent news stuff out there.

Well, this morning I log on and click on this: "Five of the best of Salzman's uber males" (what ever) and...

"Ewan McGregor. A handsome, fashionable family man, McGregor, comfortable in his own sexuality, is as at home riding his Harley-Davidson as he is on the red carpet."

Yeah baby! Only, keep reading...and you'll be puking, I promise.

Bill Clinton...not afraid to cry...more like not afraid to wave a cigar around. Sick fat bastard....

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February 13, 2006

Good Title

The title of this week's story in Son's reading book:

"Riddle-Dee, Fiddle-Dee-Dee!"

Nicely done, I say.

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Not exactly "just like us"

You know that section of US Magazine: "Stars -- They're Just Like Us!"

Well, today while paging through a copy of the mag I see in this particular section a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James. James is throwing a classic tantrum (it may have something to do with that hat he's wearing) and there's SJP, mouth all tight and you can almost hear that snarly "Stop it or you're gettin' a smack!" She's got a grip on his hand...we've all seen and done this before.

The kicker in all this is the blurb next to the picture:

"Vexed in the city! SARAH JESSICA PARKER soothed her son, James, 3, who preferred playing with his yellow flashlight over cooperating with Mom during an outing in NYC on Jan. 27. 'She was very gentle with him and calmly talked to him,' says a witness."

*snort* Yeah, right! Get real. Why is it that I take a sick kind of pleasure in seeing this?

Page 33 if you're in the checkout lane...

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Um, yeah. I just have a bit of advice for VP Cheney and those in his hunting party: HUNTER SAFETY CLASSES!

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No Snow Here

Gosh, I feel like a real dud with nothing to blog about! We have no snow here in OH! At least, not in this portion of the state. We got a dusting, but that melts off by mid-morning.

It is colder than a mother-in-law's kiss, though.

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February 12, 2006

Not a Total Loss

Do not fear for our souls today. Even though we're skipping church, we're watching Catholic Mass from Notre Dame.

No, we're not Catholic, but I find the mass very soothing. It reminds me of the Lutheran services I used to attend.

I don't think God would mind, do you?

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See that Blue Star Blog logo in my sidebar? You may be wondering why I have that there, as a Blue Star means you have family serving in the military. I do, actually, Husband is in the military, BUT...

I have sworn that what Husband does is NOT TO BE BLOGGED ABOUT. You know, whackos that surf the 'net and maybe even blogs looking for stuff like that. Well, Husband is big on Security and all, so what he does is That Which Must Not Be Blogged.

Just wanted to clear that up.

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Happy Sunday

How was your morning? Mine got started at exactly 12:59 this morning, when I was snatched from a deep, dreamy sleep by wails of "MOMMMMMMY!" I knew it was Daughter, so I slammed my glasses on my face and stumbled to the other end of the house. There was Daughter, pointing to the side of her bed; she'd "lost" one of her Beanie Babies. I retrieved it and muttered all the way back to my bed.

Husband didn't even move.

Anyway, Husband has to work this weekend, so I'd decided the younglings and I would take a break from church. I know for a fact that a disgusting stomach virus is making the rounds, so I decided to try to avoid crowds of children as much as possible. I can't control school, but I can put my foot down about other things.

That being said, the younglings and I slept in this morning. Yep, I got to sleep to the luxurious, decadent time of 7:29 today. That's when Daughter popped up next to my bed, informing me there was a bug in her room. Son came in soon after and I dispatched him to go investigate said bug. He ran back two minutes later to tell me there was, in fact, a bug in Daughter's room. On the ceiling, and it looked black. The kids were bordering on panic, so after I found my glasses and slippers, I stumbled to Daughter's room once again....to find a ladybug (or Asian beetle, whatever) on the ceiling.

No big deal, I thought as I ran to the bathroom.

Once that was settled, "the great breakfast debate" began. This is where Son stands in front of the Lazy Susan and waits for that magical hand to give him something to eat. He settled for Trix. Daughter moaned and groaned, and then decided on a banana.

Every morning. Every stinking morning I go through this.

Have a nice day!

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February 11, 2006

Random Ewan McGregor picture post


Look at Swooner Dreamboat...beer and cigarettes...he's got that look, as if he's thinking "Werrrrrre is that GrrrrrrrroovyVic?"

You know, in that sexy Scottish accent that just melts my butter...I'd just rip that hot looking suit right off him and......

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I may have to order some

Junebee spotlights "Conservative Ice Cream."

I guess this is a Right Thinking answer to Ben & Jerry's.

I must confess, I loooooooooove B&J's chocolate brownie chunk. I hated to have to bid it farewell. Ah well.

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What to do, what to do

Son just requested a trip to the bookstore. I don't have a problem with this, except that today is the day all the beds get stripped and I do a ton of laundry. Not that I want to strip the beds and do a ton of laundry, and I was planning to take the kids to Burper King for lunch.

But taking me into a bookstore is like setting an alcoholic loose in a liquor store. I don't need to get anymore books, I have a ton that I haven't read yet, but still....I did want to check out some homeschooling stuff...

I can hear Husband now, "Go to the library! Books are free there!"

Common sense is struggling with a desire to sit among stacks of books...what to do, what to do?

I'm thrilled that Son wants to get more books, and he'll probably want to pick up a few computer manuals while he's in the store. Trust me, Son is going to be the next computer expert in the family. Last night Husband remarked that Son picked up PowerPoint faster than some of the people he works with!

I asked Son this morning if he wanted his own blog. He said no. I guess he doesn't want to the world to see his writing just yet. (He's not bad, btw.)

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Swimmin' in the dating pool

AgentBedHead has some advice for Heather Locklear.

But, really, can't you picture Locklear and Sambora trading hair products and styling tips? I couldn't be married to a man with hair longer than mine...but Richie Sambora doesn't exactly make me puke. Jon Bon Jovi, on the other hand, bleck.

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February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day Memories

Theresa over at This Mom Blogs posts a Valentine's Day memory as part of her Flashback Friday, and asks "Which Valentine’s Day is most memorable to you?"

Um, well, only one really sticks out in my mind. It was February 14, 2000, and Son was almost five months old. We, he and I, celebrated the day by trying sweet potatoes for the first time. The sweet taters didn't exactly agree with him; he was an urper-upper anyway (what baby isn't) but every time he urped he also brought up yammy goodness. All over me.

I remember I was wearing a grey sweatshirt that day, and my requisite blue sweatpants. I was, in short, a bedheaded mess to begin with, but by the time my husband got home at 5:00 PM I was sporting a lovely sweet potato barf ring around my collar.

Well, you know, he'd brought home those ridiculous novelty things, chocolate roses, stuff like that, and a really nice card. (We weren't exactly rolling in dough back then.) But he got home, took Son in his arms, and told me to just relax. I did, and I ate all that chocolate he brought home.

Not exactly on par with Theresa's memory, but still...

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"Through Being Cool"

I guess so, because I just ordered this CD:


"New Traditionalists" by Devo.

I don't know why, perhaps this purchase has something to do with my upcoming birthday. Maybe I want to recapture my youth. Or it could be because all those years ago I wore out the cassette and now want to just get the CD for shits and giggles.


I blame this entirely on "Devo" who introduced me to this band waaaaaay back in the fifth grade.

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High Priced Crap

I'm sorry, I just don't "get it."

I was paging through Vogue this morning (yes, "Mrs. Sweatpants" reads Vogue) and on the last page, entitled "Last Look," they spotlight a pair of Marc Jacobs "strappy sandals" which have a price tag of, brace yourself... $4,713!

Here's part of the description:

"...Marc Jacob's scarlet crocodile Butterfly slingback makes an unforgettable entrance."

I guess they would, at that price, but to me they look a lot like the shoes my mother used to wear...in the 1970's! You know what I mean: clunky, ugly, plastic pleather stuff.

I can't imagine wearing something on my feet (gawd) that would equal at least two mortgage payments. Ri-goddamn-diculous.

I apologize for not posting a picture of these shoes here, but I can't find a picture. If you encounter the February issue of Vogue (with Drew Barrymore on the cover), turn to the very last page.

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It says a lot

I read this in The American Enterprise:

"Leftist anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was paid $11,000 to give an hour-long speech at State University College in Oneonta, New York. The payment ate up nearly 30 percent of the school's annual lecture budget ... Meanwhile, retired Army officer Scott Rutter, a FOX News analyst who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom, also spoke at the college. He was paid $600."

I don't know why this would come as a suprise to anyone. A "hotbed of liberalism" university holding the likes of Crusty Sheeman in higher regard that a veteran of our armed services. Shock you at all?

(Cross post at Code Red* Women for the Troops)

» Blue Star Chronicles swims in with: Carnival of Blue Stars - Premier Edition
» The Median Sib swims in with: ***CARNIVAL OF BLUE STARS - PREMIER EDITION***

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This car takes a beating

I just got an e-mail from Husband telling me he hit yet another deer on the way to work this morning.

I have seen more deer here in the two years we've lived in this section of Ohio than when I lived in PA. Just yesterday we had a "gang of six" eating in our front yard. Just last week there were three just walking down the road! Walking all "la dee da" like they had nothing better to do. When they saw me and La Tahoe, they moved pretty quick!

I've hit one deer thus far, way back in 1992 when I was about to graduate from college. Husband, on the other hand, has hit so many that I've lost track. I'm amazed that his car (the little foreign jobby) is still roadworthy!

And yeah, he must have banged it up good this time, as he told me he needs to find a shop to take it to.

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Girls do it sooner and more often

Reading this article, all I can say is, it was true in my case, only I started experimenting with alcohol and smoking in 1984.

As as for the assertion that "...girls may become addicted to nicotine faster than boys..." yeah, that's true too. While I hate the smell and all, I would still cut off my right arm for a cigarette sometimes.

What's my point? Only that this kind of thing isn't exactly a new phenomenon. Why do girls do that? I don't know. In my case I could say I was bored, curious...I'm not proud of getting stinky drunk when I was 14, but now I look at it as a learning experience. I swiped all the middle shelf stuff, so I knew what that was all about. I never even tried beer until I got to college!

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February 09, 2006

Fashion Sense and Bluegrass

I was waiting for the bus this afternoon and browsing through the latest edition of Elle magazine, all the while trying to make sense of those Dolce & Gabbana ads (what the hell are they selling anyway? shoes?), making snarky comments about the new Gucci handbags ("yuck"), drooling over a pair of red D&G heels, and snorting the perfume samples.

All the while I was also listening to WDVE and I heard the DJ mention a CD called "Back to Bluegrass."

Why is this so important? Because it's AC/DC...as bluegrass music. The DJ played a bit of a few tracks, like "Highway to Hell" and "Dirty Deeds." I laughed and laughed...

I tried to find it on Amazon so I could link to it, but my search came up with nothing. If anyone out there actually does find it, let me know.

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For the Star Wars fans

I read about this in Family Circle, and thought I would share:

"Got a kid who loves Star Wars but hates museums? A new exhibit may change his mind. Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination explores the real science behind the whimsical technologies in the Star Wars films. With humanoid robots, levitating vehicles and more than 80 props, models and costumes, this is one field trip Dad will be begging to chaperone! Admission cost varies by museum."

And here is the schedule thus far:

Until April 30, 2006: Museum of Science in Boston

June - August 2006: COSI, Columbus, OH

October - December 2006: Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland

Also coming to Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago in 2007.

*sigh* Sadly, Swooner Dreamboat won't be there, but I'm going anyway and taking the younglings on a trip.

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Let's hear it for sweatpants

Pictures like these are why I prefer to keep my ass at home in sweatpants or men's flannel pajamas.

And the world heaves a collective sigh of relief.

From The Superficial

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Just one more reason...

...why I would sincerely like to smack Tom Cruise in the face.

What a fookin' asshole.

h/t: Martinis, Persistence, and A Smile

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Morning Conversation with Mother

To quote my mother from this morning's conversation:

"Can Madonna sing with her clothes on?" - said while watching clips from the Grammy Awards

"Hillary Clinton strikes terror in my heart!" - referring to Hillary's allegations that the Republicans won the last two elections by playing the "terror card"

"Why do women want to see other women standing around with their boobies hanging out? Doesn't pay my light bill." - I don't know why she said this

So now you see where I get it.

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BoohBah and Coffee

I like my little morning routine of getting up shortly after Husband leaves: pouring a big cup of coffee and settling in with my laptop. Only recently, Daughter has taken to getting up anywhere from 5:45 on to join me. This morning she begged to watch BoohBah, and just a minute ago crawled over the couch to whisper "Mommy! Yogoat!" in my ear. (She enjoys drinkable yogurt...)

So, it isn't as if her getting up is a problem. It does get annoying, if only because of the television. And as we seem to have gravitated to All Things Nickelodeon, it surprises me that Daughter is asking to watch BoohBah.

BTW, NOT liking the whole PBS Kids Sprout network. Not at all, which is why we switched over to Nick in the first place.

Anyway, her getting up at 5:45 beats the hell out of her past antics, which included roaming around the house at 3:00 in the morning. I don't know why she feels compelled to get up so early, but the kicker comes when she downright refuses to take a nap. Her little eyes are rimmed with those blue-black bruise looking rings, and she stubbornly refuses to nap. And worse still, kicks and screams at bedtime.

But then, she's never been a good sleeper. Even as a newborn she refused to sleep on her back, so I felt like Worst Mom Ever when I would allow her to sleep on her tummy. I know, I know, all the info we get is "Back to Sleep!" but she wouldn't sleep on her back or propped on her side. It was tummy or nothing, leaving Husband and I to wake up every 20 minutes or so to make sure she was still alive.

Keep your fingers crossed that she naps today, otherwise I'll be dealing with a blonde haired devil all day.

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February 08, 2006

Beer Blogging

Supper is eaten, the kitchen has been cleaned up, the clean clothes are folded and put away...it's time for a beer.

This Bud Light is going down nice and smooth.


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Teen Stars

Anyone watching that Teen Star countdown thing on VH-1? I caught it last night, because, as usual, there was nothing better on.

So guess who is commenting alongside the likes of Donny (GV's original Swooner Dreamboat) Osmond, Tracey Gold, Deborah Gibson? That Lib...er, anti-military....er, weenie...er, um, "journalist" Joel Stein!

Dammit, VH-1! There is a world of bloggers who have nothing but memories to share about our childhoods. Why can't you juxtapose us with those former teen stars? Don't you think the public would rather hear opinions from "everyman" instead of "weenie man?"

But is it just because I'm older? Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon with a dinner napkin around his groin...oh my.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Husband got this from someone at work: Saddam playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Too funny.

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More on the "Great Mom"

Here's what the Brits are reading in The Daily Mail about Britney driving around with the baby in her lap.

I especially love this:

"Malibu Police said they would not be investigating the incident because no complaint had been made."

Total. Effing. Bullshit.

I think plenty of complaints are being made. Malibu Police probably don't want to deal with Britney's "handlers" or whatever they're called.

Perhaps we should all put calls in to the Malibu Police ourselves. What do you think?

Once again the high and mighty just walk away.


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Four more churches in Alabama have been set on fire.

This is sickening, absolutely asinine.

Whatever sick minds are planning these fires and setting them, their day of judgement is coming.

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February 07, 2006

Britney = Slobbering Eejit

This from The Superficial: "Britney Spears is a great mom."

Sarcastic, of course. Comes complete with a pic of Britney driving her SUV with Baby Sean in her lap.


What a moron.

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After reading some reviews of the Super Bowl around the blogosphere, I'm sort of glad I didn't get to see it.

I do like the Stones...circa 1960's. Kudos to them, though, for still trying to rock out. I caught the first 10 minutes of the Today show yesterday, and all anyone could talk about was Mick Jagger's abs. Big whoo.

I am glad that Pittsburgh won. I guess there were parties in the streets of the Steel City Sunday night, and today there's a big victory party. Crowds were told NOT to try to welcome the team home at the airport yesterday.

Yeah, I heard all the post-game commentary on a Pittsburgh station yesterday. I also heard that I could have listened to the game on WDVE.


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February 06, 2006

"Llama Vice"

Push up those linen sleeves, take off your socks, slap on those WayFarers and go check out the Llamas new skin.

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Bloggers Beware

Since I still post over at Blogspot from time to time (at Code Red*) I thought I'd send out this little note about scheduled maintenance tonight from 7-8 PST.

"It won't fix everything," they state.

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There goes that sick mind again

Last night, while we weren't watching the big game, Husband and I kept seeing commercials for Brokeback Mountain. You know the one, bragging about how many Oscar noms it's gotten, blahblahblah.

What caught our ears (and how couldn't it, when we'd seen the commercial a billion times) was the phrase that went something like: "it's touched millions."

I said to Husband, "Yeah, I'll just bet millions have been touched."


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Sick mind at work

Daughter is watching Dora the Explorer and I'm only half listening. It seems they have to get to the "big, blue bush."

"Map" keeps saying BIG BLUE BUSH over and over again.

My sick and twisted sense of humor is going off on a tangent with that one.



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I'm smarter than I thought

What kind of mental giant keeps diaries and nude pictures of oneself in a storage facility? Better still, what millionaire heiress doesn't pay the bill?

I don't understand why The Giant Vagina wouldn't pay her bills. Is she strapped for cash? And why in the name of pantyhose would she put nude pictures of herself in there?

Gee, I guess I'm smarter than I thougt. I keep my nudie shots...oh wait, I don't have any! Duhhhhhh.....

h/t: The Superficial

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February 05, 2006

THE Dumbest Thing

How's this for lame? We can't watch the Super Bowl!

We don't get the local ABC station with just an antenna out here in BFE, and we aren't able to get any networks through the satellite. (DirecTV, if you're interested.) All because we live out in the middle of nowhere.


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Now I've seen everything

I just saw a commercial for a new DVD for kids...called Rockin' with Rosanne. THAT Rosanne. Singing. THAT Rosanne. Singing to kids!

One can only hope she won't reprise her performance of our National Anthem.

BTW, the DVD comes out on Tuesday. I won't be getting it, I don't really want to "rock" with Rosanne, nor would I want any child to.

Good Lord.

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Are ya ready?

I guess we're as ready for Super Bowl XL as we're going to be. We skipped church today, and yes I did use that time to dice potatoes and make a big pot of cream of tater soup. On a day like this it's the perfect thing, too. I made some cheddar garlic biscuits....ahhhh, what a lunch that was!

And we're having it for supper too, since we have so much. The kids even ate it!

I'm watching "Paula Deen's Supper Bowl" right now on Food Network. Turn it on!

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Shootin' my mouth off: talk radio edition

Yesterday I e-mailed Quinn, from Quinn & Rose. They're a conservative talk radio duo out of Pittsburgh, and I love them.

Anyway, I'd found some interesting stuff in the blogosphere and I sent the link on to Quinn. This morning there was a reply in my inbox! From Quinn!

It's a big deal, at least to me. My head is a-spinnin'.

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February 04, 2006


I just said that, "yeeeesh," to myself when I glanced at the clock and saw that it said 9:40. I'm damn tired! It didn't help that Daughter was up and awake at 5 A.M. this morning, whooping it up (literally) in her room. Bad enough it was so early, but this was before I'd even had coffee.

Husband did make the trip up to see his parents last night. No worries there, except, and don't think I'm getting all mushy here, but I can't sleep when he's not here with me. Yeah, I know, one would think I'd enjoy having the bed and blankets to myself, but that's not the case.

Anyhoo, Husband got home this afternoon, and as it's just about time for that infamous "monthly bill" to come, I was in a nasty mood. Too much caffeine, to be sure.

And I doubt we'll be heading to church tomorrow either. Daughter has a cold, and Husband wondered aloud if we should let her go to the playroom like that, and I volunteered to stay home with her. Husband didn't seem to anxious to go anyway, probably because of all that driving he did, but we'll see. Part of me, the lazy part, just wants to hunker down on the couch and read all day. And it would give me that much more time to make a big pot of cream of potato soup. Yummy.

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Hello? Anyone there?

I don't know if it's the painfully, mind-numbingly s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w dial-up Internet connection I have out here in BFE or if it's Blogsnot, but I cannot connect to any of my favorite blogs that are on Blogspot!

Running in the mist....can't...see...anyone...hello?

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You get what you pay for

I knew, I just knew, that a $10 hand mixer was too good to be true. I didn't burn the motor out, but one side won't spin. Dammit.

Looking on the bright side, though, I can still use the one side that spins to make stuff like smoothies or what not, seeing as how I still can't find my blender.

I just got done ordering a really nice, and sturdy, KitchenAid hand mixer. It got great reviews and can handle mashing potatoes and cookie batters. And, it's red!

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"Somewhere in the Vaseline"

Espella Humanzee offers up a new use for Vaseline.

If you do actually sneak in to Brokeback, may I suggest a squirt gun filled with a white lotion?

Use your imagination...

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Burn, baby burn

Admittedly I haven't been keeping up to speed on this cartoon issue in Denmark that's pissing off the Muslim community.

That being said, I would like to put in a good word for a blog I recently added to Blogaritaville. Potfry is wonderfully, deliciously sarcastic, and his post about burning the flag of Denmark was truly snort-worthy.

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February 03, 2006

Whip It?

I was listening to Nickelodeon today, and heard a commercial for something called "Devo 2.0" I thought, "No, they can't have said Devo. No."

But then I heard children's voices singing Devo songs, songs I actually know the words to (yes, I was quite the Devo fan in my youth), I looked at the TV, and there it was.

Kids in those red "flower pot" hats singing "Whip It" and "That's Good" among other Devo tunes.

Good Lord.

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This. Is big.

I don't know what else to say except "wow."

Go check out Gary the Ex-Donk's "Friday WTF?"

Sorta makes one re-think the whole concept of Watership Down, huh?

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Me n' my blog

I may not be Michelle Malkin or Hugh Hewitt, but this blog means something to me, you know? I don't care that I don't have massive readership, that I can't get past being an "Adorable Rodent" in the Ecosystem...that stuff doesn't matter. I have people who stop by regularly to read what ever I'm blathering about, and to me that means something.

This morning I got a slap in the face (figuratively) from someone who doesn't even read this blog. I won't go into details, apparently I did too much of that which is why this person got pissed, but suffice it to say, my feelings got hurt. I've been hugely flamed by Liberals and it didn't hurt me as much as what I got this morning.

I may have overreacted in my response to this person, but I'm not just mad about the blog stuff. What I'm mad about goes way farther back than that. Today's stuff was the cherry on an unappetizing sundae. And trust me, the shower is a great place to cry your head off.

I'm sorry, I'd made a mental vow that I wouldn't get all "MEME" much anymore, but I'd just like to thank those that come by regularly, you mean a lot.

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"Cry for help" or the parents?

I found this interesting tidbit over at Wuzzadem. It makes me wonder just what this kid's parents are telling him over the supper table.

Sure, I've taught Son to say things like "Howard Dean is a freak! No more Democrats!" But advocating violence against the Left? No. Name calling is one thing, childish though I may be, but telling Son I'd like to smack those guys is another thing entirely.

Cry for help? I doubt it. More like this kid has been listening to his parents a little too much.

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Has anyone seen Straka's latest "Grrrrs?"

I especially like:

"Underappreciated: Led Zeppelin (way ahead of their time).
Overappreciated: Jon Bon Jovi (adult contemporary)

You know, that's so true.

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February 02, 2006

Songwriting in the candy aisle?

While on my way to Dick's today (more Steeler shirts, you know) I heard part of a song wherein the main lyric was "Shake that Laffy Taffy."

Was this song written while this dude was in the check-out lane?

Are rappers at a loss for creative euphemisms for a butt? I mean, I've heard of the "Tootsie Roll" and all, but come on.

Well, I want to hear a female rapper say "Swing that Snickers!"

Hump a Heath? Ride a Rollo? Nudge a Now and Later? Pat your Peppermint Patty?


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Straight Eye for a Queer Role?

I've seen this item several times around the blogosphere, and I don't know what to say.

I have a lot of respect for actors, only because the good ones can take on different roles and play them all to (almost) perfection. I mean, hello? Tom Hanks?

But does Pitt feel that his popularity is waning that much? Is this a new trend, some sort of "gay bandwagon?"

Well, I guess, in Pitt's case, it fits. He's with the "hot chick" of the moment, and now he wants the "hot role" of the moment. But wait, what was Troy????

h/t: The Superficial

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More Crap from the Left?

Yet another reason why I stopped watching network television.

Yeah, this looks like the work typical of those Leftie P.C. bastards: Christians are whack jobs.

What a bunch of crap.

Huh, I wonder if I should bang on some pots and pans that night...???

h/t: Martinis, Persistence, and A Smile

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February 01, 2006

The continuation of the bad chick-lit...

Well, it never really ends, does it? But, to keep interested parties up to speed...

Husband and I had a talk with Son last night. I don't know if any of what we said sunk into Son's head, but we did try to make him understand that he's got to start asking for help and that no one is going to be upset if he does. Hopefully Son will start getting more confident about letting someone help him.

Moving on, I meant to watch the SOTU address, I really did. I was all settled in with Husband, shouting insults at certain people on the screen, like shouting "Fart, George, FART! when I saw Nancy Pelosi walking behind President Bush.

So, just as I was calling Kerry and Reid rude names, I suddenly had to...become indisposed. Well, I figured since I'd missed part of the speech anyway I'd just go to bed.

Good thing, too, because around 2:45 Daughter was coughing and wide awake. Yep, she's got a cold. She was whining about her nose, so I did some quick mental math and deduced that she could have more PediaCare. I also changed her pants, got her some water, and assembled one of those plug-in vaporizer doobies, all by the glow of nightlights and the clock on the stove. Not bad, huh?

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