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December 31, 2006

Looking Back on 2006

Wow, do you realize Im thisclose to finishing my second year with this here blog? And that I passed the one year mark in Munuviana?

Frankly, I cant believe Ive kept this thing going as long as I have. I think, through all this blog hysteria, I may have learned some things


- Dont blog about the extended family, no matter how little info I provide. It always comes back to bite me in the ass. Really hard.

- Dont blog about politics. It always comes back to bite me in the ass. Really hard.

- If I do decide to blog about politics, dont let my mouth write checks my butt cant cash. Throwing out talking points from Rush or Quinn and Rose wont cut it.

- Dont blog about church, no matter how little info I provide. It always comes back to bite me in the ass. Really hard. Especially when I give out the URL for this here blog and somehow the blow-hards at the head office read it!

- My mom can sometimes provide great blog material.

- Stop telling everyone about this here blog. No one in my family (read: in-laws) really gives a flying fart, and no one else in my life understands what a blog is!

- Dont post pictures of Husband. Security, you understand. I could show you, but then Id have to shoot you.

- Post more pictures of Ewan McGregor!

- Have fun. Ive stopped being hyper about my Ecosystem rating, my SiteMeter stats, all that stuff.

- Celebrities are really old!

- Im not going anywhere. Youre going to have GroovyVic around for quite a while!!!

HAPPY 2007!!!!!

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December 30, 2006

Really Good Movie

Last night I watched the DVD Husband gave me for Christmas.

Which one? State of the Union.


I wanted this movie primarily because it starred Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, but then when I started watching and found it was about Republicans...well then, you know I had to stay and watch.

I'm no Angela Lansbury fan, and she played a real bitch in this movie. Hepburn was a loving, if fawning, wife, but I love her characters, especially when they let loose or get tipsy. She snorts!

I wonder if Hepburn snorted in real life when she laughed.

And it's a Frank Capra movie, with the typical feel-good ending. But I liked it because, at the end, Tracy's character said essentially go to hell, I'm going to say and think what I want. I liked that.

The odd thing is that Hepburn and Tracy were both pretty liberal in their everyday life, so seeing them play loyal Republicans, even if it was back in 1948, must have been a stretch for them. (Although at one point, Tracy's character preached something almost akin to Socialism.)

Watch it for yourself and see what you think.

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As For Next Christmas...

I'm going to tell Santa to bring Daughter a laundry basket and a calculator. That way she can have her very own laundry basket to sit in and she can tap numbers on her very on calculator.

And she can leave mine alone!

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Hey Hey, Happy Birthday!!


It's a Monkees day today at Fiddle Dee Dee!

Happy Birthday to Davy Jones, who turns 61 today!

I'm the president of his fan club! Ooops, lapsed into Marcia Brady mode again.


AND!!! Happy Birthday to Mike Nesmith, who is 64 today.

What am I doing hangin' round? I should be on that train and gone. I should be ridin' on that train to San Antone...what am I doing hangin' round?

Sorry, sometimes I just get overwhelmed with Monkees lyrics.

Here we come, walkin' down the street. We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet...


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December 29, 2006

Snort Worthy

Ha ha haaaaa...*giggle*

Read this....*snort*

Via Ace

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Random Ewan McGregor picture post


One of my favorites....

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December 28, 2006

C'mon, Get Happy!


Danny, Danny, Danny. You poor man. Welcome to my world. I feel for you, man, really I do. You speak out in support of our President and some whack-job sends you death threats.

I like you, Dan, I do. Well, maybe not when you were all 'roid raging and all that, but I like you. You seem like the kind of guy I could be friends with. Why don't you come on out to OH and we'll drink decaf and chat.

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I'm Singing

They say it ain't over till the fat lady sings, so...

Tra la la la la la!!

Christmas is now officially over at the Groovy house. Husband and I just got done taking down the decorations and moving the tree outside.

Why so soon, you ask? Well, we have a live tree, and since we're going to have some very mild weather in the next couple days, Husband wants to get the tree planted out in the yard.

Surprisingly, there was little mess as far as the needles were concerned.

But, why does it all always come down faster than it goes up???

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December 27, 2006

A Scene from GroovyVic's House

Picture it: Husband and I are enduring the nightly ritual of putting the younglings to bed. Daughter is sitting on the toilet, crying because she has to go to bed, and Son is about to brush his teeth.

Son: "Waaaaaah!"

Me: "Whaaaaat??"

Son: "I spilled my swish! Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!" ("Swish" is what we call the pre-brush rinse he uses.)

Me: "Well, clean it up! Why are you crying?"

(I look at the bathroom vanity...)

Me: " Stop crying. STOP CRYING!!!"

And so it went on. This was a relatively quiet night, too.

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So I open up Google News this morning to find out that former President Gerald Ford has passed away. The man lived to be 93, there's something pretty good in that, don't you think?

Then I scan down to read this:

"Hundreds of Iraqis Apply to be Hangman"

Hmm...wonder why? I told Husband I'd be more than willing to tighten the noose around that bastard's neck.

And one good reason I'm glad I'm in my mid-30's (on the downward slide towards 40):

"Heartburn drugs raise risk of hip fractures"

In people over the age of 50, that is. Damn Prevacid!!! Damn acid reflux!!!

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December 25, 2006

So, How Was Your Day?

As I start this entry, it is 9:43 P.M. and everyone is asleep. Everyone, including Husband!

I think he wandered in to bed around 7:00 tonight because he said he had a pretty bad headache. I've been fighting a headache all day too, and I'm feeling slightly sick from that damn pumpkin pie flavored pudding I used to make a pie.

(Note: if you see said pumpkin Jell-O pudding, walk away. Ugh!)

But...I got the younglings bathed and put to bed; Daughter was so excited to put on her new Barbie nightgown! Son is, I think, still reading one of his new Star Wars books in bed.

What did I get? Oh, a bunch of books and a Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy DVD. An Alan Jackson Christmas CD.


And one of those nifty cool Black and Decker ScumBusters!

I made a fabulous ham dinner, with spoonbread! Everything turned out really nice!

I have to say, though, that I can no longer listen to "The 12 Days of Christmas" without thinking of Eddie Izzard.


Watch this to find out what I mean.

Soooo....I guess I'll settle in and read one of the Edith Wharton books Husband got for me and enjoy the quiet.

Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas


"...although it's been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas to you..."

A very Merry Christmas to all of you! Thanks for reading and commenting, and putting up with my moods and infatuations.


May the blessings and true meaning of this blessed season be with you all!

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December 24, 2006

Some Holiday Cheese

Mega-thanks to The Ex-Donk for posting this tasty morsel about The Star Wars Holiday Special.

I smell cheddar, don't you?

I'm glad I missed this one in 1978.

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Present for GroovyVic!


Swooner Dreamboat likes to take off his clothes! No surprise there, but he has said:

"I love it. I've been naked in quite a few films. It's for the sisters."

Wowee wow, I'd like to find him under my tree tomorrow morning!

Oh yeah, the above picture is a screen capture from Young Adam, censored, of course.


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December 23, 2006


Johnny Depp to portray Freddie Mercury?

Really? Must we endure this? Why sully the name and memory of Mercury?

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Happy Soapy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to Susan Lucci, a.k.a. Erica Kane, who turns 59 today.

Having once been quite a fan of All My Children, I can tell you with all honesty that I remember waaaay back when she married Tom Cudahy and they went on that honeymoon that was such a big deal because it was, like, the first location shot a soap had ever done.

Yeah, I've been watching these things for as long as I can remember (early to mid-seventies, mind you).

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December 22, 2006

Thanks A Lot, Loud Mouth

While we were waiting in line to see Santa today, Son informed me that a girl in his class told him there was no Santa Claus; the parents put out the presents after the kids go to sleep.

I told him to ignore her, that she didn't know what she was talking about.

But I got a little pissed because Son is only seven! Can't he have at least a couple more years of that innocent belief?

Thanks a lot, you loud mouth kid.

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Holding Up Traffic

I would like to know what pointy-headed idiot decided today would be a good day to stop traffic at all the mall entrances and try to get money.

Oh sure, it was a worthy cause - car seats - but good LAWD people! It's thisclose to Christmas and you're holding up traffic!

Not to mention that GroovyVic and her younglings were waiting in that traffic jam in La Tahoe to go see Santa.

Here I expected, based on the traffice hold-up, to wait eons to see The Man In Red, but not so much. We got there just as he did and only waited about 10 minutes.

And yes, I paid the outrageous price to get their photo taken. I am in the wrong damn line of work!

Oh yeah, and as long as we were there I took the brats kids to the shoe store for new sneakers. Another rip-off as far as I'm concerned, but Son is wearing out the sneaks he just got in August and the school is starting some new walking program in the new year. Oh well...

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Go Easy on Me, I Just Switched to Sanka

Well, decaf anyway.

I had a whole rant I was going to post about Dave "Mr. Foo" Grohl talking out of his ass, but instead of publishing it, I logged out and lost it!

All for the better, I guess, because if any Lib had wandered by I may have pissed them off and started some pointless debate about how right they are and how wrong I am and I just really don't care what those damn Libs think. Go away, Lib, I'm too tired and too sick to give a flying fart.

And I lost my voice. What ever germ du jour that's floating around has found me and I have no voice. Which may be a good thing, I don't know, but still.

Why did I switch to decaf? Several reasons, but chief among them is my health. Did you know that caffeine makes PMS worse? Oh yeah, I'm the poster child for raging PMS.

So don't f**k with me, mmkay?

But I guess you can call me Mrs. Brady, because I lost my voice so close to Christmas!!!

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December 21, 2006

Ferris Bueller, You're My Hero!

Hello? I think Matthew Broderick says it all about Christmas.

At least for me, that is.

Know what you need to do, Matthew? Be the man and put your foot down. I did, and we get Christmas to ourselves in our nice, new house.

Confidentially, as much as I hate snow, it would be nice if we had a white Christmas here in OH.

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December 20, 2006

As God Is My Witness...

...I'll never eat Doritos again! No, nor any of my folk! If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill, as God is my witness, I'll never eat Doritos again!

And I mean that.

One of the moms brought the offensive snack chip in for the kids' party, and I've never gotten so sick of that nacho cheese smell before. Of course, this other mom was scooping them out of the bag...with her hand.

Hello? Cold season? Germs galore? That alone was enough to make me gag.

One kid kept asking for more; I think I gave him three heapin' helpings!

But....I survived, stomach contents intact.

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Ugh, Can You Say Fake?

I found this via Agent Bedhead (thanks, sweetie):

Brit returns home to decorate her tree with her fragrances made out of piss water, flat beer, and bourbon with a cigarette put out in it.

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Time for a Break

Boy, am I glad Son's Christmas break starts tomorrow! What a morning!

I'd forgotten, until this morning, to have Son sign the cards for his bus driver and teacher. At the last possible minute, Son declared he wanted to be cold lunch today, not hot, so I was scrambling to get a lunch packed in less than a minute.

I managed.

Then, just as I'm telling Son to brush his teeth, Daughter decides she needs to get dressed and is parading around in just her Barbie undergarments. And the phone rang. So I multi-tasked, getting Daughter dressed, packing up Son's backpack, and talking to a friend.

Daughter also wanted to go to school with Son; she ran out with her little princess backpack and a sheet of manilla drawing paper. I had to calm her down, telling her she'd be going over to play at a friend's house this afternoon. She seems to be pacified, if only for the moment.

So, yeah, flew down the driveway and got Son on the bus, and now Daughter is yelling at me to get dressed. I will, but not right away. I need some calm time before I venture into the elementary school for the Christmas party.

Twenty-two second graders, all hopped up on sugar and excitement about Christmas.

Think of me from 2:30 to 3:15 today, will you?

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Happy Rockin' Birthday


Happy Birthday to Kiss drummer (and singer of "Beth") Peter Criss, who turns 61 today.

Sixty-one? Really? Oh dear.

("...I think I hear them callin'/oh Beth what can I do?")

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December 19, 2006

Say a Prayer

I found this over at A Rose By Any Other Name:

Pray for the Troops.

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New Swooner Dreamboat?


I'm not saying Gary Cooper is about to nudge Ewan McGregor out of the top spot on my list, but he's running a close second.

I'm just discovering Cooper. Yes, I've seen High Noon, but I have to admit that Sergeant York is one of my favorite movies.

(Watch it, if only to hear Ward Bond go on and on about the "big woman.")

Anyhoo, I see that Cooper is the featured actor this month on TCM. Hmmm....

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Happy Birthday


Birthday greetings to The Late Robert Urich, who would have turned 60 today.

I mention Mr. Urich because he was born not too far from where I live.



Happy Birthday to Mike Lookinland, a.k.a. Bobby Brady, who turns 46 today.

(Even though Greg was my favorite. He fit the suit!)

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December 18, 2006

The Price is Right

From World magazine, December 23, 2006 edition:

Just in time for Christmas: the gift that, quarter by quarter, keeps on giving. Until Dec. 22, anyone interested will be able to place bids on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania says it may sell in a privatization deal if the price is right. The famous toll road generated $571.5 million in revenue last year and was used by 188 million vehicles. Gov. Ed Rendell says he hopes to raise somewhere between $2 billion and $30 billion on the deal - money he says Pennsylvania would use to fund transportation infrastructure.

So, anyone wanna go in with me???

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Yes, Virginia...

...we can get high-speed Internets!

Husband finally got the high-speed satellite thingahootch working, and while not all the bugs have been worked out, I can at least surf at higher speeds.

And last night I discovered what all this YouTube hoo-ha is all about.

Oh dear!

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December 16, 2006

Big, Fat Hypocrite

Okay, this has me fired up:

Why is it that Rosie O'Donnell can get away with being an ass, but no one else can?

Oh, wait, she's a Lib. Apparently that gives a person license to utter racial slurs and nasty comments about religion...

Well, RoRo, for what it's worth, MOOOOO!

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December 15, 2006

Random Ewan McGregor picture post


Another shot of Swooner Dreamboat with a mustache.

Because that's the kind of mood I'm in.

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Ewan Shows Us His Bum


Swooner Dreamboat talks about his latest film and upcoming motorcycle trip.

Apparently, in his next film "The Tourist" he shows off his bum. Fine by me! A nude Swooner Dreamboat is a good Swooner Dreamboat!

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December 14, 2006

A Big Girl

Yes, Daughter is growing up. She's got that whole bathroom thing figured out, even to the point of yelling at everyone to leave her alone.

I wonder where she picked that up?

Yesterday, though, she took another step into womanhood when she picked up a pair of knee highs at Wal-Mart. You know the ones, they cost about 33 cents and are packed into a little plastic ball. Well, she found a pink pair and, since they didn't cost much, I paid for them.

Folks, she's been wearing them ever since we got home. She even wore them to bed last night!

Good grief.

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December 13, 2006

Birthday Gift to ME


Since my birthday is coming up (in two months and four days...mark that down), I have already decided what I want.

Loretta Lynn is going to be in my area a couple weeks before, and I want to go. That's all I want, to see Loretta Lynn.

Where else can I sing "Don't come home a-drinkin' with lovin' on your mind!"

I love this woman.

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Happy Birthday!!


And the hits just keep comin'!

Happy Birthday to Ted Nugent, who turns 58 today.

(Suddenly I feel like Mary Hart...bleck)

Anyhoo, today I shall dig out my Nugent CD's and jam to Wango Tango!!

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December 12, 2006

Snort Worthy

Someone needs to change out their lightbulbs!

Last night I was on my way to town to get groceries, and while sitting at a red light I glanced over at one of the fast-food restaurants and giggled. Apparently they've changed their name and are now called:



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Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday to The Greatest, The Chairman of the the Board, Old Blue Eyes, the late Frank Sinatra. Had he lived he would have turned 91 today.

Frank was just cool, you know? And his voice! I have several of his CD's...and a couple Christmas ones!

And....Happy Birthday to HUSBAND who is turning one year older today!

(Security, you know. I could tell you how old he is, but then I'd have to shoot you.)

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December 10, 2006

One Moody Mutha'

If it wasn't one thing, it was something else. And the weekend isn't over yet!

So much for my plan of sending out small, convenient gift cards. I mailed out three boxes of gifts, two for my sister and her family. I loathe doing this, from wrapping to trying to find a box big enough, to using an entire roll of packing tape.

Because I'm paranoid about the damn box bursting, that's why.

Husband brought in the tree yesterday. A live tree. In a tub full of dirt. So much for my clean floors. Dammit.

Daughter is, I swear, going menstrual on me. Enough said.

I'm trying to watch a movie on my laptop last night, but do you think I could? Nope. Someone always needed something, and I lost my temper. I didn't feel that good in the first place, and all the constant crap from Daughter was the straw that broke my back. Husband and I were both pretty moody; he's pissed, and rightly so, about our Internets problems (damn you to hell, Algore), not to mention the PowerPoint presentation he was working on for church.

Speaking of church, oh did I get a heapin' helpin' of guilt today! It would seem that not enough parents are rotating in the nursery, taking care of the little kids. Folks, there aren't that many parents to begin with, why is anyone surprised? Soooo...after getting stared down by the Pastor (ooops) I told the person who heads the Childrens' Ministry that I'd call her this week to tell her when I could volunteer.

It isn't that I don't want to, but like I said, there aren't that many people in this church, so I'll be up there quite a bit. Oh well.

Oh yeah, we did get the tree decorated last night.


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December 08, 2006

I Just Don't Want to Know!

There are some things I just don't want to know, and finding out that a guy I went out with (once) twenty years ago got busted for having sex with one of his students is one of them.

What a dumbass.

And...may I say that some of us haven't aged gracefully.

No, I'm not even going to post a picture of the stupid fool. I don't anyone to see what horrible taste I had in men.

Good grief! ChicoMan, you really screwed the pooch this time.


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Worst Gift?

Since it's that time of the year, I decided to throw out a question to the two people who read this here blog:

What's the worst present you ever got for Christmas?

I'd have to say the Farting Fat Bastard my husband bought me a few years ago.

You know Fat Bastard, right? That large, flatulent character from the Austin Powers movies? Yeah, well, Husband thought I liked the character so much that he got me the farting figure.

Hey, I like gassy jokes as much as the next person, but a little farting man? Not so much.

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Happy Birthday!!

It's time to show off my eclectic music tastes and start wishing a happy day to:


Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, who is 49 today. Rock on, man, rock on!

Jim Morrison.jpg

The Late Jim Morrison, who would have turned 63 today. True, he'd be old enough to be my father, but still. HAWT! And, I have it from a very good source that if Morrison had whipped it out in Miami, everyone would have seen it!


The Late, Great Sammy Davis Jr., who would have been 81 today. The Candy Man can!

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December 05, 2006

Random Ewan McGregor Picture Post

Not here, over at Agent Bedhead.

Swooner Dreamboat looking hot at the premiere of his latest movie!

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No Violence or Drinking, But...

Regarding my volunteering at the school yesterday, let me say this: it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Oh sure, I got a little fed up with one mother who constantly bitched and complained about everything. Yes, the stuff was basically high-priced Dollar Store crap, but the kids found things they could afford and had a really good time.

When my friend NutterButter asked this other mother what her problem was, I piped up with "It's a day that ends in a Y. What other reason does she need?"

I think that pissed other mother off, but I don't care. I was there to wrap presents for the kids, not gripe about the PTO president (The Grand Tampon).

But the kids! Ohmygosh, the preschool kids came in and they are so little! One little guy shares the name of a fellow blogger and I thought that was so cool! I made a comment about it, and the Other Mother said "Like oregano?" I gave her a look and said "No, more like Basil Rathbone!


Son's class was the first class to come in, and thanks to my savvy eye, one of the moms helping the kids shop took him to just the right stuff. He was so cute; I wanted to go kiss his face! My boy!

Anyway, it was a pretty good day. I was only there for three hours, so I have nothing, really, to complain about.

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December 04, 2006

Bah Humbug

(Someone note that I said this on December 4. This must be a new record!)

Husband has the day off, and therefore can stay home with Daughter. I'm going to go work Santa's Workshop at Son's school. Just until noon, though. I don't think I could stand being around those PTO bitches much longer than that.

Why the crude remark? In sum, I don't refer to the president and the treasurer of the PTO as The Grand Tampon and The Applicator for nothing. These women act like they're still in high school and the PTO is their little clique. Only the "kewl" kids can get in.

Sheesh. I put up with this kind of crap twenty years ago, when I was 16, I'm not dealing with it now. I don't much care if they like me or not; I volunteer my time (against my better judgement) as well as my artificial Christmas trees, canned goods, whatnot, because of the kids.

And the wonder of it all is that, somehow, I've managed to keep my mouth shut! My concern is for Son, in second grade, and Daughter, who will attend that school in the fall. I don't want the principal (a real twit) and her bitch posse to take out their dislike for me on my kids.

Don't think it can't happen, folks. I've seen it before.

So, I'll put on my festive Christmas clothing and truck on over, with a big smile plastered on my face.

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December 02, 2006

Big Day in the Groovy House

When I wasn't wasting time looking for pointless holiday movie trivia, I was actually getting something done around the house.

I have finally, after seven years, put the changing table away. Yep. Just as I was about to put it away the last time, I got pregnant with Daughter...do the math.

Seeing as how Daughter is basically done with diapers, and using the changing table for a jungle gym, I figured it was time to put it away. That and all those training pants.

By the way, if anyone out there would like some barely used cotton training pants and plastic over-pants (for boys and girls), drop me an e-mail.

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A Bit of Holiday Trivia

In the movie White Christmas (1954), the photo that Vera-Ellen shows to Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye of her brother, Bennie, is actually a photo of Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer.


(This isn't the actual picture from the movie, though...)

Just a bit of "wisdom" you can throw around at Christmas parties...

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The North Pole is not P.C.

Seeing as how we're now in the festive month of December, I hauled out all the Christmas DVD's yesterday, and last night we watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (Son's request.)

At one point I looked at Husband and said:

"The North Pole is certainly not Liberal territory, is it? I mean, they're certainly not tolerating diversity. Not politically correct!"

Really. Have you ever noticed that, once Rudolph's nose is uncovered, the other bucks tease him and the coach says "We're not gonna let Rudolph play in any reindeer games!"

Even Santa lays into Donner for Rudolph's nose!

Cripes, it's a wonder this is still aired on commercial television. (Is it?) I mean, the intolerance! The cruel honesty! The bald-faced exclusion! Not everyone got to win!

Even the head elf was mean to Hermey.

I think it's great. You know, real life, kinda but not really.

Watch it for yourself and see what you think.

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Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday to my favorite member of Def Leppard, bassist Rick Savage, who turns 46 today.

Mmmmm....the eighties. Good times, gooooood times....

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Um, Not So Much

How thrilled would Son be if he got the head of C3PO for Christmas?

He would be speechless.

However, I highly doubt I'll be bidding on eBay for memorabilia. A little too pricey for me, you know.

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December 01, 2006

Random Ewan McGregor picture post


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