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December 31, 2005

There was beer

Oddly enought, last night at that party there was beer. The host father offered it up, it was Bud Light, I said yes, all was well. I had two, by the way, and didn't even catch a buzz.

The kids played in the basement while the adults clustered in the dining room and talked. I was the "new kid," so I met some really nice people and the conversation went from the guys being volunteer firemen, handguns, and then somehow we wound up sharing childbirth stories.

We stayed waaaay too long, it was almost 10:00 p.m. by the time we left, but it was fun. Son didn't want to leave!

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December 30, 2005

Bad Mommy!

Son was getting ready to take a bath, you know, because he's going to that party tonight, and while he was going to bathe I was getting out his clothes. I'm in his room and I hear a thunk.

"Did ya fall in the tub?" I yelled.

"No! In the toilet! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" cried Son.

I ran into the bathroom, and I just lost it. There's Son, with his shirt off and his pants down, toilet water all over his torso.

"Are you hurt? Did you bump anything?" I asked between giggles.

Son assured me, amidst sobs, that he was fine. So while I guffawed and had some good belly laughs, I got his water started while he finished undressing.

I'm a rotton, evil mother, aren't I? I mean, my son falls into the toilet, and I'm laughing hysterically.

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Party On!

Last night I got a phone call from one of the mothers; it was a last minute invite to her son's birthday party...tonight! Well, I accepted, because I figured Son would really like to go. So, we're going.

I shall wear my new "Conservative Blogger" sweatshirt that Husband got me for Christmas...see if it sparks any conversation.

Would it be totally gauche to take a few Bud Lites with me? Do you think the host mother would disapprove? Son's teacher will also be there, so it probably wouldn't bode well to throw back a couple and start complaining about having to make sure Son does all this homework over Christmas break.

Nah, I'd probably be better off sticking with pop.

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Hit me baby one more time


Indeed. Yesterday The Superficial reported that Britney wants another baby...and soon. Apparently she thinks another baby will "help smooth out her relationship with Kevin Federline."

Brit, hon, really, buy a clue, wouldya? You need look no further than Shar Jackson to find out just what another kid will do to your "relationship" with that little assmonkey K-Fed.

I have to agree with one of the commenters over at The Superficial: what the hell did Justin Timberflake do to this girl?

And really, if one is going to "buy" love and a husband, at least find someone who doesn't look as if he smells of cigarettes and dirty ass.

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How ya like me now?

Big thanks and vitual o's and x's to Apothegm Designs for the new look! Hat tips go to Sadie for the great communication and hard work.

Seriously, if you're looking for a new blog design, get in touch with Sadie and Phin over at Apothegm Designs. Awesome job!

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December 29, 2005


Anyone out there heard any stuff by Coldplay? I haven't, but I'm intrigued. While sitting at the dentist's office this morning I read something in People Magazine about that band, and I'm curious.

So, if any of you out there have heard or own Coldplay's music, let me know what your thoughts are. Is it worth it to go out and get a CD?

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CNN reports some good news

Cross posted at Code Red* Women for the Troops:

CNN has a report on a Georgia National Guard unit who is now working to save an Iraqi infant girl's life.

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December 28, 2005

Roth coming to Pittsburgh


Well, he'll be on 93.7 FM in Pittsburgh, starting January 3. You know he's taking over for Howard Stern on the East coast, so now I can check him out.

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Rambling Randomly

I just got done checking out SiteMeter; someone did a search for "tightie preteens" and wound up here. Eeeeeewwwwww...gross!

I'm feeling better, thanks for the concern.

Son and I managed to get over to Weirton yesterday (after watching Husband let an oppossum out of the trap...don't ask), and while we checked out both Wal-Mart and KMart to find THE toys he wanted, we didn't find them. I didn't expect to, really. But Son picked out something else he wanted, which was fine with me, and I found some great deals on clothes for the younglings. I also picked up the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game, complete with DVD's.

Which brings me to this confession: I'm getting sick of Star Wars. Really. The only reason I pay any attention anymore is to see my swooner dreamboat as young Obi Wan.

Daughter loves dancing around to those "Kidz Jamz" and "Worship Jamz" commercials that are ALWAYS being shown on Nickelodeon, so last night I put Worship Jamz on the stereo and watched her twirl around the dining room. Now, you ask, why does GroovyVic have a Christian music CD? Well, truth be told, I got a couple to play in the background at the church Harvest party back in October, and since them I've listened to them and I like them. The songs aren't any different from other pop songs, they just say Jesus and Lord, stuff like that. And we sing them in church...I get to practice.

Oh shut up.

Husband surprised me yesterday by not going to work. His boss gave him yesterday (Tues) and today (Weds) off, and we're all enjoying it.

Husband is right now singing "Smoke on the Water," only he's singing "Smoke on the water/ a turd in the bowl." Don't ask.

Last night, once the younglings were in bed, I watched one of the movies I got for Christmas: Auntie Mame. I love Rosalind Russell, and that movie is sooo much better than the 1974 musical version with Lucille Ball. I giggled over the portrayal of "conservatives" in that movie. So narrow minded and clenched jaw. "Rahlly, top drawah, dahling." Bigoted! An over the top caricature of Conservatives, and I hope that's not how we're viewed today.

Rahllly, dahling.

So, I think I'm done rambling randomly.

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December 27, 2005

It's nice to know I'm not the only one

Anna is feeling that post-Christmas letdown, and it's good to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. I'm also heartened knowing I'm not the only one who dislikes shopping.

Yeah, I put a lot of work into it this year, preparing early by wrapping the presents and baking. Being sick threw me off a bit, but not by much. I loved watching the younglings open their presents and then going off to church. I like, too, that we're not packing up to go up to Erie. I hate that trip.

I feel so let down because I hate New Year's, I always have. It's just depressing to me, and it's never been a big deal holiday for me. All I can think about are the damn taxes we'll have to do.

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You've got to be kidding!

I was just surfing around, reading some other blogs, and came across this colossal joke: Kevin Federline's official web page.

It's been said that everybody has a blog. Okay, so then does that mean that now I can get an official webpage for all my "fans?" If that no talent weiner in need of a shave can have one, why can't I?

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Heeeeeeere we go!

Yes, I do intend to get up off the couch today. I'm just about to go get a shower now! Really! I promised Son I would take him to le Mart de Wal so he could look for a Luke Skywalker to go in the new X-wing. I decided I wanted to check out the store over in Weirton...we're off on an adventure!

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Something is wrong...

...with my health. I think a week is too long to be feeling as bad as I've been feeling. My legs feel so weak, like they can't hold my body up. There are other things too, which I won't go into, but I'm starting to get worried and annoyed.

And, may I just say, GroovyVic doesn't care about Kanye West!

I've been wanting to say that for a while now. Do you think Kanye cares about GroovyVic's health? Doubtful. West is nothing but a self-promoting asshat who jumped on the Bush bashing bandwagon to further his own career. Jackass.

Lord I apologize. I was reading all those "look back at 2005" things this morning and they did nothing to lighten my shitty mood.

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December 26, 2005

So? How was it?

Good morning, chickens! How was your day yesterday?

Ours began at 6:45 a.m., when Daughter wandered into our room. While Husband wrestled with the tree to get the lights plugged in, I managed to get Daughter's pants changed and keep both Son and Daughter literally in the dark so they could get a load of the presents at the same time. It worked, both were thrilled.

Son, typical kid, ripped through everything with his name on it, while Daughter unwrapped two gifts and that was it. She proceeded to tell Husband "Open!" and he did. I unwrapped most of Daughter's presents, she only had eyes for whatever was in Daddy's hands.

I sat down to open the toys too, and I'm going to say that when Gary goes after those "sumbitches" who package these toys, I'm joining the posse. Bastard twistyties anyway. Husband actually got paper cuts, big nasty ones, from the cardboard boxes too.

Anyway, what did I get? Some movies I wanted, including Adam's Rib, my favorite Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn movie. Husband got me not only a "Conservative Blogger" mug, but a "CB" sweatshirt! AND...the Joe Nichols Christmas CD! I was thrilled.

It was a good day, we went to church and then came home and had brunch. I also fixed a big ham dinner...and all would have been fine if I hadn't had a relapse of whatever I had on Tuesday. After dinner I was on the couch, feeling too weak to move.

All in all, I have to say this was a great Christmas. We didn't have to jump up and run off somewhere, which I always hate having to do. I have to say that the best part was Friday night, when we went to the Festival of Lights. I loved the younglings' reactions.

And the gifts don't stop coming, as Husband offered to go get groceries today!

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December 24, 2005

May the blessings of the season be upon you all


"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this." -- Isaiah 9:6-7 (KJV)

A very Merry Christmas to all of you, from GroovyVic and Family!

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December 23, 2005

I saw the light

Tonight we packed the younglings into La Tahoe and ventured over the river into WV to The Festival of Lights at Oglebay. It was a driving tour, so yours truly didn't have to change out of her hausfrau attire...and all the while we were munching on artery clogging McD's.

I wish I could have seen the lights through the kids' eyes. They were almost jumping in their seats because of all the displays. Dinosaurs! Charlie Brown! Santa Claus! Jumping horses!

Yeah, it was fun, and I'm glad I suggested we go tonight.

COOKIE UPDATE: Oatmeal cookies and jam thumbprints were baked today, with Husband's help.

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Another MEME

I've been tagged by Anna, and since I love to talk about myself...

Here are the original questions, as I changed one a little:

1. Seven things to do before I die
2. Seven things I cannot do
3. Seven things that attract me to (...)
4. Seven things I say most often
5. Seven books (or series) that I love
6. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time)
7. Seven people I want to join in, too.

Read More "Another MEME" »

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December 22, 2005

My kind of Santa!


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Let's see how this goes

It may be slim pickins' around here for the next couple days, who knows. I've come back around to baking cookies, with the stipulation that Husband help, which he will...if he wants his oatmeal cookies. I've got laundry piling up which needs to be done if I want to wear underpants and the kids want to wear socks. Vacuuming...urgh, don't get me started. Daughter has this funny thing where she nibbles her crayons and leaves little bits all over the floor. Yes, makes for some very interesting diaper changes as well.

So, let me throw out some commentary on the following:

Read More "Let's see how this goes" »

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Random Ewan McGregor picture post


Because we're getting ready to watch Episode III again....

Yeah, swing that lightsaber, Obi baby!!

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Pictures from Biloxi

A blog bud, and fellow Star Wars fan, Rebelmoon, has some great shots from his recent trip to Biloxi.

Read posts "Biloxi Visit" and "Biloxi Again."

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Disgusting cookies

Really, I'm going the store bought route. I just finished baking the gingerbread teddy bears that Son wanted, and they came out looking like turds. Edible turds.

This does nothing to enhance my already crappy (no pun intended) mood, as I got a one of those damn "phishing" e-mails this morning - the second in as many weeks. I knew right off that both were bogus, but this morning I was so frustrated that I closed out my credit card account.

And now that my hand mixer is out in the garbage can, I've dug out the big KitchenAid mixer. It's sitting on my counter now...I don't feel like baking any damn oatmeal cookies. I told Husband he can either help me out or I'm going to get store bought after my haircut tonight.

I know, I know, the important thing here isn't whether or not I bake cookies, and thanks to my gut instincts about my credit card I've avoided possible fraud. But I'm still in a bad "anti-cookie" mood.

At least I got the bathrooms cleaned today, that's something accomplished.

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December 21, 2005

Next year I'm buying them

Tonight I set out to prepare the gingerbread cookie dough to make the cookies that Son wants. As usual, I follow the directions to the letter and have no problems, until it came time to mix the dry (flour mix) and the wet (molasses, brown sugar, butter).

I had to to switch out with Husband, as it was my turn to bathe Daughter (and she'd messed her pants, so Husband was only too glad to turn a hand at cookies), so I told him:

"Just finish mixing this up, wrap it in Saran Wrap and put it in the fridge. Thank you."

Five minutes later the house reeked of that scent common to electrical shorts...he'd burned out the motor in my hand mixer. I'm not even mad. I still have that big KitchenAid mixer, I just have to dig it out of the pantry. And it doesn't hurt that I have to go into le Ville de Steuben tomorrow; I can just pick up another hand held mixer at KMart or something.

But I'm saying it here and now, if Son wants gingerbread men next year, he's getting store bought!

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Never Run Errands with Cranky Kids

All I wanted to do was run a couple errands, get some stuff done before holiday hysteria set in. I was feeling good enough to say "Okay, I'll do this, this and that" but now I realize I set out too late. I messed around with stuff at home, sat on hold with the mortgage company...so by the time I got myself showered and dressed, got the younglings dressed and then set off...Daughter was reaching that melt-down stage.

Things at the bank went fine, as we went through the drive-through, but by the time we got in to Kroger she was throwing her temper. She was screamingcrying, and we mothers know the looks we get when that happens. By the time I got up to self-checkout and that bastard machine wouldn't take my $10 bill, I'd had enough. Someone looked at me and scowled about the noise Daughter was making and I snapped. I shouted "Merry Stinkin' Christmas to you too, nosey!"

I know, I know, bad GroovyVic, but I had reached my limit with the whole thing.

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December 20, 2005

Something is rotten in the state of OH

I'm not talking about alleged voter fraud, Gov. Taft, or even the job situation. I'm referring to what ever bug I've picked up that has made my day utterly miserable. I spent the better part of the day just trying to get some rest, but as usual kept getting interrupted by little things...the UPS man ringing the doorbell, Son needed some Tylenol for his headache, Daughter pooped. That kind of stuff.

Hopefully what ever this is will be gone soon so I can feel like a productive person again.

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This is why I love it here!

Jim, my Munuvian savior, e-mailed me today to tell me that he set up an alternate domain name for me!

Now, in addition to finding me at groovyvic.mu.nu, you can also use fiddledeedee.mu.nu. Either one will bring you right here!

Wasn't that nice?

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Blog Interviews

Go check out basil's blog. Scroll down to find "Fiddle Dee Dee" and ask me a question!!

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It's not what it looks like?


I know what first came to my twisted mind when I saw this picture, and it's the same thing The Superficial was thinking. I mean, look at Cruise's face!!

Um...er...ha ha...spits or swallows??? Mwahahahahahahaha.....*snort*

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Perspective on phone tapping from...

...Hector Vex and his extended family.

Thank you, Hector, for sharing this. Does your dad frequent...I don't know...Kos?

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Try this MEME

I've been tagged by junebee, so here goes and let's have fun:

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot:

Herding Cats
Fiddle Dee Dee

Select five people to pass the love on to so they can do this meme:

Gary (play along)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Drinking, being thin, being single and hating it, substitute teaching and hating it.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Trying to find my Christmas decorations amidst all the boxes in the basement so we could celebrate our first Christmas in our new home. AND shuttling Daughter back and forth to the doc every three weeks because of recurring ear infections.

Five snacks you enjoy:
sweet devil Coca-Cola

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
Play Something Country - Brooks and Dunn
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynrd Skynrd
Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
Who's Your Daddy - Toby Keith
Panama - Van Halen

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Pay off the mortgage
Buy Husband and I new vehicles (yes, another Tahoe for me!)
Buy a 1969 Pontiac GTO
Stash money for the younglings' college education

Five bad habits:
I swear waaaaaaay too much
I drink way too much pop

Five things you would never wear again:

Thong underwear
high heels
thigh high stockings
underwire bra
lip balm with SPF (I'm allergic)

Five Favorite Toys:
CD player
La Tahoe

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My Global Village name

My ethnically enhanced global village name is Quiterie Fontanne.
Take The Global Village Multi Culti Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Thanks and h/t's to Stewie...the Outlaw BIL

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December 19, 2005


This has become a new saying around the Groovy household, right up there with "Don't slam the door!"

Daughter is fascinated with the Christmas tree, so much so that the prickly needles have not deterred her in her quest to grab the ornaments. (We were told, by the tree grower, that the prickly needled trees don't get eaten by those bastard deer. Hence no nice, soft white pine this year.)

Son is no help in keeping Daughter away from the tree; they've been playing games around it and knocking ornaments down.

Seventeen days of this?

And, oh for the love of crap, there's a commercial on the tube for Captain and Tennille DVD's. Sweet Santa Claus.

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Check my morning

I'm late, I know. Now that Son is on his Christmas break we're all sleeping in, and once I got up I figured I'd better check the books and see if we're balanced. We weren't, but that's partially my fault for not keeping up with what Husband is doing. I found the problems, corrected the math, and now we balance to the penny.

I used to do this for a living when I worked at a credit union in Erie. Believe it or not, there were teachers who would admit to not knowing how to balance a checkbook. It galled me, because these people are responsible for teaching the youth...and it isn't that hard to do. If I can balance a checkbook, what's everyone else's excuse? At least, when I worked, I got paid for getting a tremendous headache.

My reward for unsnarling the checking account was baking. Today I did the easy stuff, brownies and those rip-off Pillsbury cut-outs. As ThirDEE and I have found out, one is left with the left-over dough, so if you don't want to waste it, you still have to make more cookies, whether you roll and cut or not. Son is pretty excited, though, and we planned out the rest of our cookie menu, which I've pared down to just three more kinds. It shouldn't be as stressful as I first thought it would be.

Want a cookie?

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December 18, 2005

Have yourself a GroovyVic Christmas

The tree is up. Husband's desire to not only have a real tree but a live tree has provoked a few four-letter oaths from me, but I really should have known better than to do all that mopping yesterday when I knew damn well he'd be dragging that behemoth in today.

An hour out of church and I'm yelling "mother f**ker!" at my husband. Not too good.

But, there it is. I hate having half my life still packed in boxes, as I can't find half my ornaments...grrrrr...

And as for those Christmas cookies I have to make, I'm confessing here and now that I bought those pre-cut Pillsbury sugar cookies. It will save me hauling out those damn cookie cutters and rolling pin.

On the upside, Husband went up to Erie yesterday and got the wine I requested. He actually got three bottles, so now that I've got the presents wrapped I can watch Meet Me in St. Louis the whole way through on Christmas Eve. What better way to watch Judy Garland??? *nudge nudge, wink wink*

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Conversations at the breakfast table

Son gets up, wanders to the breakfast table and sits down. He proceeds to recall him dreams from last night, all Star Wars based (no surprise there), and all of his dreams include Darth Vader.

"I had a dream," I said, "that the guy who played Anakin was outside our house doing Tai Chi, in a black suit, and I ran out and told him that jeez, it was a part in a movie, get over it, he's not really Darth Vader."

"Well, I had a dream" begins Son, "that Darth Vader..."

"Is really Nancy Pelosi?" injects Husband.

I was the only one who got that...I laughed and laughed, and gave my Husband a big kiss.

I then put "Holly Jolly Christmas" on the stereo and watched Daughter dance around the dining room table.

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December 17, 2005

Linky Love

Today I'm showing the love for Code Red* Women for the Troops (to which yours truly contributes, so go on over) and the post regarding what John F-ing Kerry wants for Christmas.

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December 16, 2005

Okay, don't hate me

Really, don't throw bad vibes my way, because...I finished wrapping all the Christmas presents tonight.

*shrinks in fear*

Well, hey, I worked hard to get that stuff done! I have to do it every year and I loathe it. I've always procrastinated, and wound up trying to wrap a buttload of toys on Christmas Eve while all boozed up on spiced wine.

So I got it all done, and I was sober too. Now, ugh, blah, blech, I'm going to spend the next week baking cookies. I mean, I do like to bake and all, but my gingerbread men always look like...um, er...well, turds, and who the heck wants to eat something that looks like that?

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Seventeen days

That's how long Son has off from school, seventeen days. Seventeen days of "Mom, can I play Star Wars later?"

Seventeen days of Star Wars. Given my past remarks about the Lucas saga, you'd think I'd be thrilled to see a PlayStation version of Obi-Wan...but I'm not. In all honesty, I'm getting a little burned out on the whole "...galaxy far, far away."

Waaaaaa! Blatant whining time...

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Yes, gentle readers...

...there were Christmas parties at Son's school today. What a time, I can tell you. We moms were ready to go, organized, and at one point I felt like a waitress, with orange punch in one hand, red punch in the other.

Decaf? Regular?

Anyway, I forgot how kids that age just let it all hang out. Literally, in one case, as the little girl who sits next to Son had her pants unzipped and her belly hanging out.


And kids belch. Without guilt.

I had gotten Nickelodeon candy canes (with characters on them) and, as expected, someone (unzipped pants girl) yelped about getting yucky Jimmy Neutron. Hello? Trade? Everyone else was.

Sheesh. I'm glad I only have to do one party a year, but the kids had a good time, and Son brought home all kinds of candy. I already swiped the chocolate covered marshmallow Santa, so don't even ask.

» The LLama Butchers swims in with: Yay!

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Brooks & Dunn to open for The Stones


Where? Omaha, NE. When? January 29.

How do I know this? Because I'm in the fan club (yeah, really, stop laughing) and I just got an e-mail about this.

B&D are pretty excited, and they should be. Frankly, if it was me, I'd be way too drunk by the time The Stones came on.

Wait, I was pretty drunk when I saw B&D last year.

AAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOO! Play somethin' country!

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Friday Morning...

...and the living is cold!

So far there's a two hour delay...yesterday that delay turned into the whole day off, so I'll have to wait and see what happens today. As much as I love Son and all, he would be terribly disappointed to miss the class Christmas party. I did, however, assure him numerous times that they'd still have it...in January when they went back to school.

If they do have school today, I'll need to get my ample arse off the couch and away from the laptop and finish those treat bags I made up.

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December 15, 2005

Watch out, here I come!

Here I am, the one that you love...

Ha ha...well, thanks to some much needed help from Jim, it's shaping up. If kisses could be sent over the Internet...look out!

No, it isn't as "flashy" as the Blogspot page, but Scarlett is here, I figured out how to post pics of my swooner dreamboat...that's good for now, right?

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Random Ewan McGregor Picture Post


Just to warm things up a bit...

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Like a Virgin

Here I am! Helllooooo???

Okay, so here goes. I'm still trying to get this new format figured out. Movable Type is a little bit more involved than Blogger, but I'm just going to approach this the way I did over at Blogger, dive right in and then muddle the rest out later. I have some great people helping me, though, and I hope they know just how much I appreciate the help.

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I'd like to direct your attention...

...to Camp Katrina, and the interesting Compare and Contrast post.

More confirmation of the double standards at work in the MSM.

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Random stuff

I busted my sister last night. I called her to see if the package I mailed to her got there intact, and she said she hadn't stopped by the post office, but that she would check this morning and let me know. I told her to e-mail me...right after she Googled my blog.

"How do you know I do that?" she exclaimed.

"SiteMeter, baby!"

How's that for sisterly love? She can't even write down the URL! Oh well. Sis, you're busted!

There's a two hour delay this morning and I fear it will turn into a cancellation, with all the freezing rain and slippery roads out there. I almost hope the kids do have school today and tomorrow, as tomorrow is the kids' Christmas party, which yours truly is going to be a "room mother" at. Yes, me in a room with a bunch of hyper first graders...should be interesting, if it happens.

Did anyone watch "The Triangle" when it was on the SciFi channel last week? We taped it and watched it over the past three nights. If you didn't see it, well, spolier alert. According to that show, the Navy was responsible for opening up the Bermuda Triangle in 1943 with the Philadelphia Experiment. And they were responsible for, get this, hurricanes.

It was at this point I got disgusted with the whole thing. Even a fictional damn miniseries is blaming the government and the military.

Okay, so the Triangle does the ripple thing, where it then sort of "spits out" all the planes and ships that it's claimed over the past 60 years. This too was not plausible, as there were too damn many planes and ships flying and floating all at once to be credible.

I know, I know, suspend my rational thinking for just a minute...but I was disgusted with it anyway.

Just now, on the local news, they're reporting on a hunter that was found hunting under the influence...of cocaine. Does that improve one's shot or something?

Alright, Daughter is up, so I'm off to change her diaper.

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I'm no expert...

...but you knew that, didn't you?

I don't really know anyone who is Jewish...well, one person, and I don't even know him all that well. But I don't hate Jews. That attitude would be totally ass ignorant.

I had heard what that Iranian asshat said yesterday, and it pissed me off. Sure, there have been those over the years that denied the Holocaust, but this is just.... grrrrr-ing, to say the least. Why would anyone make something like that up? I suppose all that footage I've seen, grisly and horrifying, was just stunt? Oh. My. GOD!!

He wants to move Isreal to Canada or the US? Bring them over. They are the Chosen Ones, after all.

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What a man

Check out what my swooner dreamboat is up to!

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December 14, 2005

Go over and read this stuff

Right Wing News has some great posts, and there's two in particular I'm recommending: "Tookie Williams Died for Our Sins?" and then scroll down to "The Bizarro World Photo-Op of the Year."

(And while I in no way mean to or want to defend Cindy Sheeman, maybe the reason Casey doesn't have a headstone is because usually they're provided through the government, if the surviving family wants one. Maybe she refused? Backlog on the military's part? Even though it is a gov't stone, one still has to pay...as I got my dad's stone through the gov't because he was in the Army. I don't know, but that could be a reason. Come on, give the kid a dang headstone already woman!)

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Christmas card pet peeve

Actually, it would be more of a return address label peeve, but it relates to the family Christmas cards I sent out this year.

See, our last name is French, let's just say that it's "Eiffel." Okay, so I get these really nice return address labels made up that say "The Eiffels," meaning, you know, all of us. Inside the card, however, it clearly says "The Eiffel Family."

No one seemed to have spotted the difference, because we've gotten cards back from family and friends (mostly mine, but one was a close friend of Husband's) and they were addressed to, you guessed it, "Husband and GroovyVic Eiffels."


I swear before you all here and now that I'm just going to horde all the labels we get from State Farm, The RNC, the Veterans, who ever, and just use those! To hell with being fancy! At least they say "Husband and GroovyVic Eiffel."

Observation doesn't seem to be a particular strong point with my extended family. I know, I know, a French last name is hard to begin with, but read the feckin' card!

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I couldn't have said it better myself

Junebee really sums it up.

And it looks like those at The Jawa Report feel the same.

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Don't drink the blue water

So I cleaned to toilets today, no big whoop there. I dropped in those blue "Bowl Fresh" tabs (so I could always have that public bathroom feel), and I glanced at the back of the package and read this:

"Safe to use around pets and children, although it is not recommended that either be permitted to drink from toilet."

I know pets will, on occasion, drink from the toilet, but children? Just how in the hell is that done anyway? Do the kids get a really long straw and take a sip?

I had to laugh.

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We just used the toilet!

I'm all for good bathroom habits, and it's great that Blue on Blue's Clues can use the potty. Hey, anything that will inspire Daughter to get out of those diapers and use the toilet...

But I'm sitting here, reading The LlamaButchers, and all of a sudden I hear "We know how to pee and poo."

With my warped sense of humor, I just started laughing when I heard that. Like I said, anything to inspire kids to use the bathroom, but a song about it?

Well, I shouldn't judge, as Husband and I still sing the "Potty Dance" song from Bear in the Big Blue House.

"Potty, hey hey hey, potty, hey hey hey, POTTY! Get up and do the potty dance!"

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A Lesson in Multiculteralism...

... from Drew and Cameron.

h/t: Wuzzadem

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Linky Love

Gawd, I wish I had PhotoShop!

Found this at a new (to me) blog, which is also going to "Blogaritaville."

So, go check out: MrsSatan's version of Brokeback Mountain.

Hooooooo! I can't stop laughing! *snort*

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December 13, 2005

Interesting Poll

Via Gary the Ex-Donkey, a new Gallup poll says that 94% of those polled said that they believe there is a God.

Very interesting reading, I must say.

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I'm dead sexy!

Gorgeous Ravishing One Obligingly Volunteering Yummy Vibrations and Intense Caresses

"Yummy Vibrations?" Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah...

Ssshhhh, don't tell my husband!!

h/t: The Wandering Mind

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Grammar pet peeves

For anyone that doesn't already know, I'm an English teacher. Or I'm supposed to be; once I got a taste of the public school system I knew four years of college had gone down the poop chute.

Anyway, the English teacher in me came out yesterday while I was sitting in the waiting room at the doc's office. There was a big banner that said:

"Congratulation's on 10 years in practice!"

First of all, I'm glad they spelled "congratulations" correctly, too many times people put a "d" in there instead of a "t". But what the heck is that apostrophe for? Does congratulation own something? Is it a contraction of "congratulation is?"

I'm anal, I know. I can't help it. I'm a stickler proper for grammar, spoken and written. Nothing chaps me more than when someone says "I seen." Grrrrrrrrr! One time Husband and I went out to dinner and I corrected the hostess at the restuarant because she had written that the day's vegetable was "carrotes." I told her there's no "e" when pluralizing carrots, unless they've been cross bred with potatoes. Dan Quayle must have really made a mark, you know?

Husband was so ashamed, but at least the hostess corrected her sign.

Oh yeah, not to be a stinker, but I tend to spell-check blogs too...my gawd I'm a mess! Hello, life? Can I get one???

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Observations on the road

Yesterday, while motoring through le Ville de Steuben, I saw two...two...TWO cars with Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers on them. I tsked tsked, rolled my eyes, and drove on.

I said later to Husband about that: "Live in the NOW!"

Listen, whether or not you approved of President Bush or not, John Kerry?

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December 12, 2005

Urgh, what a day

Busy, busy. I'm just now sitting down to check e-mail and read favorite blogs and what not.

I had to run Daughter to the ear doc this morning for her six month ear tube check. As usual, we waited for almost 45 minutes in the waiting room, 10 minutes in the exam room, all so the doc could come in and spend two minutes looking in Daughter's ears, say "Perfect! Come back in six months" and that was it.


Once we were done there I met Husband at le Mart de Wal to help him pick out some presents for his dad to give to the MIL. Apparently the FIL won't go shopping, so we did it for him.


Get home, feed Daughter and myself, read mail, start laundry, bake cake (it's Husband's birthday), trytrytry to get Daughter to take a nap (didn't work), got Son off the bus and then we all packed in to go get our Christmas tree.

Then. THEN!!! Get home and I start in on the turkey/birthday dinner for my husband. No big deal, as I'd gotten one of those frozen turkey breasts that don't have to be thawed...just toss them in the oven. It was pretty good. Also made real mashed potatoes, stuffing...

But I'm tired. But I can still get something done! Like wrap presents or something. I feel like I'm two steps behind because I was gone for a good part of the day. My entryway is a mess because of snowy boots and what not...got to clean that. Laundry...presents to wrap...

*sigh* Tomorrow will be no better, as the Christmas program is tomorrow and I'll be tied up with that for a while.

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What's my name??

Snatched from Rebelmoon:


Victory : Latin
Gentle, affectionate and tolerant you are nonetheless determined and ambitious with the ability to lead. Sympathetic and understanding you are a humanitarian who wishes to improve the lives of others less fortunate. You have a keen intellect, strong intuition and creative ideas which are always put to practical purpose. You are loved by others for your inspiring optimism and for being a genuine friend.

Find out what your name means.

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Oh Dear

Isn't this just wrong?

God doesn't want us to shop at Wal-Mart? How do they know?

h/t: Camp Katrina

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This morning Katie Couric will interview Ramsey Clark. There isn't anything on the Today Show website to link to at this point. If interested, folks will just have to tune in.

I shan't be watching, as I turned that program off in my house long ago, and am now basically against anything the National Bastard Corporation puts on the air.

But here's something I did find on their homepage: Blogging Baghdad. According to the blurb along the side of the page, this blog "aims to provide a dynamic look at the story behind the story of covering the news in Iraq."

Apparently that Bastard Brian Williams also has a blog. Bastard.

I may check out the Baghdad Blog from time to time, but I refuse to read that other bastard's stuff.

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December 11, 2005

But let's not forget...

Donny Osmond and Shaun Cassidy. Even at the age of six I had my celebrity crushes.

Ah, that feathered hair.

Any other 70's crushes out there?

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December 10, 2005

My 70's favorites

As long as we're on the subject of favorite 70's shows...

Vinnie Barbarino and Greg Brady!!

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Attention fans of EMERGENCY!

Because you know you love Johnny Gage!

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You kiss your mother with that mouth?

I'm reading Vanity Fair, and the editor is, as usual, bashing President Bush. Apparently there is a website out there that "argues that the president is in the early stages of 'pre-senile dementia.'"

And there's also a bumper sticker out there, a real winner, that says:

"Will someone give this man a blow job so that we can impeach him?"

Real nice, potty mouths. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Once again I question just why in the hell I subscribe to this...this...ponderous trash!

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Sorta bitchy...

...and whiny.

Husband took off with La Tahoe this morning, to get get the propane situation figured out for the whole generator thing.

He says to me last night "I need your truck tomorrow. Can I use your truck?"

"Yeah," mumbles Groovy, "that's why I bought the feckin' thing."

He gripes about how big it is and all, but he sure does like to use to haul his crap around. And it sure does haul his arse up to visit his sainted parents all the time.

I wanted to go get groceries today and the longer he takes, the less I want to go to Kroger. I hate getting groceries in the first place, but don't make me lose my momentum.


This is one of those times when I wish I still smoked. Gawd, how good a Marlboro would be right now!

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A Call for Impeachment

Not mine, but see why The Republican Vet wants Bush impeached.

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December 09, 2005

Why oh why?

What is it with Hollyweird making big screen versions of 70's shows?

Now it looks like we're going to get a big handful of CHiPs. With Wilmer Valderramalamadingdong as Ponch.

Can he carry off those tighttighttight pants like Erik Estrada?

Wait. Did anyone actually watch that show in the first place?

Oy. I mean, what's next? We've already had The Brady Bunch, The Dukes of Hazzard, Starsky and Hutch. I mean, can the big screen adaptation of The Partridge Family be far behind? Welcome Back Kotter?

h/t: The Superficial

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Christmas Memories

As usually happens at this time of year, memories of Christmases past come to mind. One that I remember with a laugh is from back when I was about five or six.

It rained on Christmas Eve, and I was very concerned about Santa being out in all that rain. I worried and worried about that all night. In the morning it was obvious that Santa had been there, but I was still worried that Santa had caught a cold by being out in all that rain.

My mother assured me that Santa was well dressed for the weather, with a yellow rain slicker and matching hat and his rubber boots. And to keep him warm on his travels, my parents gave Santa a big cup of hot coffee...with a shot of Black Velvet in it.

To this day I still remember how much better hearing that made me feel.

How about your Christmas memories?

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It's colder than a mother-in-law's kiss!

And I should know!

Actually, it's warmer than it was yesterday, but not by much.

No school today either, which doesn't bother me much, because all the kids are missing school, not just Son. But it was as if it became a self-fulfilling prophecy! All the teachers said "Don't worry about this for tomorrow" and the bus driver said "I'll see you Monday!" when she dropped Son off.

So here I sit, with my laptop and a cup of coffee. Yeah, it's early, but Daughter was up at 5:08 this morning, and after I tucked her back in bed there was no way I could go back to sleep, so here I am watching the local news for closings and delays.

Mornings like this make me wish I hadn't moved Daughter out of the crib.

As long as Son will be home today, he can help me wrap Husband's presents. Yesterday I got all of Son's gifts wrapped; I wanted to get that stuff done before his Christmas break. It's nice, because once I get Daughter down for her nap I can use my dining room table as a big wrapping table. Take that, Candy Spelling! The only problem is this: I know I bought more Scotch tape, but I'll be damned if I can find it. And the drawback to buying presents so early is that I forget what I got and where I hid it.

I'll probably find the tape and some odd present stashed in the back of the coat closet in, like, June.

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December 08, 2005

Jingle Bell Rock

We were listening to Christmas music tonight during dinner, and while listening to "Jingle Bell Rock" I remarked that it made me think of the first Lethal Weapon movie.

"Oh, I know what I'm going to watch tonight after the kids go to bed. Mel Gibson's butt..."

So maybe I'll sit down with some of that booze the UPS man brought the other day and drool over Mel.

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Film Festival

It's here! Yesterday I got the remastered trilogy (you know, with young Anakin at the end of Return of the Jedi) AND The Clone Wars DVD's. Remember the cartoons on Cartoon Network? Yeah, well, I got BOTH VOLUMES BABY!! And I got Episode I on DVD.

You know what this means, right? Film Fest at Groovy's house!

Not to mention three straight movies with Ewan McGregor! Yeah, swing that lightsaber!

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There's something happening here...

...and it's giving me a headache and an upset stomach.

Son complained of a headache last night, something rare for him. Husband complained of a headache last night too.

Daughter was up and waiting for me this morning at 5:45 when I got out of bed. She'd messed her britches, and it wasn't pleasant. She was all tired and fuzzy acting, even for her, so I tucked her back in bed.

Now I have a headache and my stomach hurts. Ugh, I hope it isn't some icky virus. I can't handle upset stomachs and the results of that, if you know what I mean.

I guess I should super disinfect the toilets, just in case anyone has to have any discussions with the porcelain god.

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Code Red

High fives and huzzahs for my new blog bud ThirDEE!

She's given us right thinking women an alternative to Code Pink (Stink):

Code Red Women for the Troops

Go over and check this out; she's got merchandise through CafePress.com and is even starting up a Code Red blog!

I love this. And red is my favorite color...

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December 07, 2005

You know who you are

It came to my attention last night that a certain commenter and fellow blogger took offense to my reply the other day. This blogger in turn went to her blog, linked to the post, and took on the victim role, as I seemingly attacked her and her "inocuous comment."

I'm not going to dignify this person by linking to her blog. Just acknowledging this whole thing gives her too much ammo. Any interested readers can link to her by going to this post from Sunday, December 4.

Yeah, I'll admit I served a low blow by referring to her recent personal issues, but at least I tried to respect her privacy by not actually going into detail. She can talk about it openly if she wants, but I wasn't going to get as nasty as I really wanted to.

Why get nasty? Well, when someone comes over here and throws out the word "idiot" my dander is raised. To throw that out there in such a fashion, what was I to think? Am I an idiot? Are the others who comment here idiots? That's how I took it, and I don't really want anyone to come along and disrespect my blog friends.

And let's not forget that said commenter got the nasty ball rolling when she came over here and basically called me fat and stupid. But I realize that does not excuse my behavior.

So I'll be the adult here and apologize for my nasty and uncalled for referral in my comment.

I would like to point out, however, that this commenter seems to lay in wait. I can post for weeks on end about my silly little life, but as soon as I get the least little bit provocative in my subject matter there she is. I feel that I was baited with her "idiot" comment, and she knows that she touches nerves with me. It's as if she takes some kind of perverse pleasure in riling me up and then turning my words against me.

"Look at the overreacting neo-con Rethuglican Chunky McHappyHalliburton lover! Ha ha ha!"

So be it. I'm not going to start deleting comments or banning, it's a free country, and despite the fact that I've told her over and over to just GO THE HELL AWAY she keeps coming back.

Okay, fine. Read my posts, comment all you want. Frankly I'm sick of it all. I went over to your blog and posted what I thought were some very nice and understanding comments regarding your personal issues, because, as I said, I unfortunately had some experience with that. And you for that matter read my very personal post regarding the death of my father and actually said nice things. But then you turn around...

I'm not as forgiving as you seem to be.

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Remember and Honor

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Gifts for parents

Last night my sister called me with her annual "what do I get Mom" quiz. Like her, I have no idea. It's so hard to find something for my mother and step-dad. They imposed a spending limit for me, which I followed, but still. My sister and I want to get them something they can use and they won't complain about having.

Like the year I got my step-father a really great "creeper cart" for the garage so he wouldn't have to lay on the cold concrete when he was working on the vehicles. He's never used it!

When I was in college gift buying was a lot easier, I'd just go the the campus bookstore and buy sweatshirts with the university name on them.

But, my shopping is done so I don't have to worry. My sister, on the other hand, well...

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December 06, 2005

The 2005 Groovy Family Christmas Card

The Younglings Son - age 6 Daughter - age 2

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Booze posting

What a good day! Not only did the UPS man deliver the booze I ordered, but he also said Merry Christmas before he left.

But I got my booze!

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Linky Love

Today I'm showing the love for Wuzzadem. His post today made me snort...that's how hard I was laughing.

If I snort, it's darn funny.

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Broken down dishwasher blues

Da-yum! Why now of all times?

The damn dishwasher is starting to poop out on me. The stupid thing is less than two years old, and dummy me never got the warranty thing sent in. Sears rooked me into some kind of service agreement the last time I had a service call on the blasted thing (oh yes, it's a piece of crap) and gave me big ones about service.

Service? Poo. All they do is track up my house because they won't take their boots off, and then make a really big mess on my kitchen floor.

I hate that dishwasher. It came with the house; the builder must contract with Sears for appliances, as both the dishwasher and microwave are Kenmore. I told Husband we should switch out the dishwasher with the one in our old house in PA. That one was practically new and I loved it...but we never got the chance.


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December 05, 2005

Here I Am

Did you think I forgot about you all today? Well, it was a busy day for GroovyVic. I sat down once today to check my e-mail and what not, and even that wasn't long enough.

I started my day by going to the doc. For "that" appointment. I was told, again, to lay off the caffeine; it makes my bazooooms lumpy. That makes a nice mental picture, huh? But other than that, I'm fine.

Today was also gross-ery day, and I went to a different Kroger today to check out their booze selection. I can't believe they don't have any seasonal booze out, like spice wine or spiked eggnog. Bastards! Now I have to send Husband up to Erie to one of the wineries up there for my spice wine. I can't have a Christmas Eve without a nice, hot glass of that!

The rest of the day was filled with other various and sundry things, and then I went to Bible study tonight. Yes, I actually do that.

Tomorrow should be another thrilling day, as I've got to run up to le Mart de Wal to look for a book for the gift exchange for Son's class. And I've got to pick up some buckeyes to send to my BIL in MI.

Busybusybusy, it never ends, and now I've got to gear up to make cookies...!!!

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December 04, 2005

Random Ewan McGregor picture post

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This is good

I was looking over the Scholastic book order form this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see "books of faith" offered alongside the books about Rudolph and Spongebob.

The invitations to the elementary school's Christmas program came home the other day, and yes, they used CHRISTMAS!

This morning we were listening to some Christmas music, and Son told me that they are singing "Away in a Manger" for the program.

Well, that made me feel better!

ATTENTION TROLLS, LURKERS, ETC.: Just go read this, would you?

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"I'm Batman."

No, I'm not Batman, we watched Batman Begins the other night. I remembered that Christian Bale, who plays Bruce Wayne this time around, was also in Velvet Goldmine, so I was curious about his roles in other movies.

I actually liked Batman Begins. Why? Well, while I appreciated all those other actors who played the Caped Crusader (and that one of the characters was named "Vicky"), I'm not a big fan of that Tim Burton-esque style of movie making. I liked the action in this flick better. And I think Tom Cruise must have hit Katie Holmes with the same psychotropic gas that was used in the movie.

No, Christian Bale is not my new celebrity crush. Ewan McGregor still holds the top spot there (somewhere behind Kix Brooks though), but I will admit that Bale is kind of handsome.

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December 03, 2005

I'm a bad, bad Mommy

Today I took the kids to Big Lots to get some Christmas decorations for outside the house. While there I did something I've never done, in public that is. I lost my patience with them! I felt horrible. It isn't like I don't lose patience with the younglings, show me a parent who doesn't, but this was out there in front of other people.

Daughter was fussing because I put the light up reindeer in the cart with her. She was whimpering and pushing at it, so I grabbed it stuffed into the seat of the cart, muttering "Jesus Christ!"

Then, while we were walking across the parking lot to La Tahoe I snapped at Son because he was fiddlefarting in front of me. I said "God damn it! Move!"

And there were tons of people out in the parking lot.

I feel so bad about this. Not because of the swearing in public, I do that everyday, but the snapping at the kids stuff. Tremendous guilt set in, and I took the younglings to Burper King for lunch.

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This is a bit closer

All American Kid
Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain.

You were well rounded and well liked in high school.

h/t: The LlamaButchers

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December 02, 2005

I got mine

I got my LlamaButchers sweatshirt today.

Go get yours.

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SAHM I am, Damn it!

Yesterday I got an e-mail from an old and dear friend, the Laverne to my Shirley...and I have to say, I felt a bit insulted by her tone.

To set the stage, I e-mailed her to tell her about our Thanksgiving weekend, and said that it was probably good we didn't get together while I was up in Erie, as I was so tired the whole time. I then told her what's been going on, how I've got all my shopping and Christmas cards done. I closed by inviting her and hers down over the kids' Christmas break.

To which she replied: "Christmas in OH?...Hell no!!!"

(Don't hold back or anything.)

Then she tells me she expects a handmande Christmas card from me, since I have so much time on my hands. She went on about other stuff, but in the interest of privacy I won't go into it.

But DAMN IT. She works....but I don't? I have so much time on my hands? Really, and not like I have to defend myself to you all, but this here blog thing is my only diversion these days; the only "conversation" I have with anyone other than my kids.

I'm not going to sit here and defend myself to anyone. I made the choice to stay home, I'm doing what I feel to be the right thing for my family.

But still, my friend making the comments that she made pissed me off.

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Snow Day

No school for Son today. It snowed. Oh well. After we do some quick reviews on that counting by tens stuff, Son can play some Star Wars on the PlayStation.

I guess, since it's snowing and the roads are bad and all, that I should use this time to go over my Christmas cookie recipes, make my grocery list, blah blah blah. I've also got some mending to do.

Domestice bliss!

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December 01, 2005

Send a card, won't you?

Courtesy of Thirdee:

Send the ACLU a Christmas card! Get something Christmassy and send it off. Be nice!

"Wishing You Merry Christmas"
125 Broad Street 18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

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Christmas shopping

I'm done, but Son got to do his shopping yesterday at Santa's Workshop. Every year the school's PTO puts that together for the students. Nothing is more than $5, so the kids can get stuff for their families and feel good about it.

Son got off the bus yesterday with a big shopping bag and he was just beaming with pride. All the way up the driveway he told me what he got for each person on his list, and then he said "Mom! I want to give you what I bought for you! Do you wanna see it?"

I told him no, that I wanted to be surprised on Christmas morning! And he was fine with this, as once we got in the house he unpacked his shopping bag and detailed everything he'd gotten for his grandparents. He picked out a mug for Grampa Joe (my step-dad). I said "Oh, he'll love that! He can use that for his coffee!"

I love this. I love how excited and proud he gets.

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It's December 1!

Now the countdown begins in the Groovy household. The younglings have a calendar to mark off the days until Christmas (not an Advent calendar, just something I printed off the Internet), and now I can dig out the Christmas music and movies and listen to the Christmas music on the radio.

Some stations had started playing the Christmas stuff way before Thanksgiving, and I just can't get burned out, know what I mean?

So, once Daughter is down for her nap, I'll get my most favorite Christmas movie out to watch: Holiday Inn. It isn't really a Christmas movie, I guess, but it's one I love to watch every year...every day of December for that matter. I mean, Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire!

And yes, we do watch Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th Street (the original black and white version), and let's not forget Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey! Oh the sob fest when I watch that! "Ears Nestor!"

The best, my most favorite of all those Rankin/Bass Christmas shows is Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. No matter how old I get, I still have to sit down with the younglings and watch that.

The Christmas music! Have you heard Harry Connick Jr's When My Heart Finds Christmas CD? I looooove it, and oddly enough, Husband likes it too. And I'll get out my Time-Life collections too...

But when am I decorating? I have no idea. Husband wants a live tree this year and we have to find a nursery or tree farm. (We want to have a row of evergreens along the East side of our house.) I told Husband if he wants a real tree that's fine, but he's got clean up. I prefer a nice artificial...and I did get him that six foot fiber optic nightmare he wanted. Oh well.

"They call me Heat Miser, what ever I touch starts to melt in my clutch. I'm too much!"

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