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July 29, 2005

Calling All Republicans...

A comment in Hot Guy Friday got me thinking: are there any hot Republican guys? junebee suggested Johnny Depp, and politics don't bother me that much, and Depp looked best, I think, in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Are there any "hot" Republican guys? We've heard about the hot women: Coulter, Malkin, Janine Turner, Bo Derek...but what about the guys? I'm not going to count Arnold Schwarzen....Schwansengegg...the governor of CA!

If anybody knows of any, let me know. I'll be researching too, that should keep me out of trouble for the next week. But I beg of you, NO SEAN HANNITY. It's "HOT GUYS," not big butt-kissers.

Oh yeah, leaving today to go visit the families. (grumble, growl, snarl) This should prove to be a new experience in hell...

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July 28, 2005

Hot Guy Friday

It's a double dose for Friday, since I missed last week.

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee! Not bad, huh?

I LOVE Bruce Lee movies, especially "Enter the Dragon." I just think he's hot hot hot.

Admittedly, I did not see "The Crow" with Brandon Lee, but he's just as hot as his father. Thanks to junebee for the suggestion.

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When I Dream, I Dream of You

Okay, folks, this is getting out of hand.

Last night I had a dream about the man pictured here, but not really this man, the man who uses this picture for his ICON. Yes, I had a dream about Hector Vex. But since I wouldn't know Hector if I fell over him, in my dream he was David Hasselhoff. And he drove a "Kit" car...

I'm reading too many damn blogs. Seriously! Now that the computer problem has been fixed, I spent an hour and a half reading blogs last night. Well, reading Hector Vex's blog is a daily habit!

I'm not going to reveal what my dream was about, but it wasn't smutty, probably to the dismay of the subject of my dream and some of the more curious readers.

Now, you ask, why in the hell would I have a dream about a fellow blogger? I don't know. I don't ask questions about my dreams.

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July 27, 2005

A Groovy Zoo

We've got two new additions to the menagerie that congregates around our house. I mentioned the dog that's been hanging around, now it looks like we have a cat living under our porch. We've seen it before, but today as I was going out to the garage I saw it scuttle under the porch.

We do put food out for the fox family that lives in our woods, but so far haven't put anything out for the more domestic animals. I'm almost afraid to, as the last time we did that we wound up keeping a cat. I also rather enjoy the fox, even though the "old man" seems to have marked his territory by using our yard for a toilet.

We also have a fawn that's been hanging out with its mom in the backyard. I feel like Marlon Perkins! Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!

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Just what I've been saying!

I just read this over at The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, about the "punk" band Green Day. Read the post, I mean, the author of this post is saying what a lot of us have been saying...basically shut up and sing.

Yeah, Green Day is so smart. Isn't that Billy Joe the same guy who bragged about how small his "manhood" was? Oh yeah, I'm listening to him. Ugh.

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I think it's working now...

Alright, so after all this time, a power outage, and many many episodes of cussing, Husband finally got the computer problem figured out. Firmware wasn't working with Internet Explorer, the deedle doo thingy had to be rekadoodled...all I know is that now I can work on my laptop without the "workaround" anymore. (That let me work upstairs but I was really looking at the main computer downstairs....) Listen, I worked at IBM a long time ago, and even then I wasn't doing any computer stuff, so give me a break.

At any rate, now we use FoxFire instead of Internet Explorer, what ever, I'm just glad we got everything worked out.

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July 26, 2005

Didya know??

Looks like Tom Cruise has a blog! Well, not really the Tom Cruise, but still...

h/t to RightWingSparkle

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Time Out for a Bitch Session

Okay, I know you're all just dying to know how the last 24 or so hours have gone...well, pour yourselves a strong libation and settle in.

I had planned to do a lot of cleaning yesterday, and at least got both bathrooms scrubbed and disinfected. Husband emailed me that the fridge felt warm, so I track down a repair place and lied about not having a second fridge. (Our old one is in the basement, we keep all the beer in it...) So, I figured, better not vacuum or try to get the kitchen mopped, because repair guys rarely take their shoes off, and the kitchen floor would get messed up anyway. I was right about that. It turns out that my one year old fridge had a bum defroster or something, a very small part, that cost me $92, and that included labor. Not bad, but still, the appliance wasn't that old, and I figured why get the extended warranty? So much for that "Maytage never needs a repairman" myth. Bunch of hooey.

I also had to call the garage because Tahoe is still idling rough, and making a noise. That made me really mad, especially after what I paid for that new fuel pump.

So, a storm blows through, and the power goes out! I was not happy, as the fridge only had about two hours to really run well and cool off, and then BOOM! So, it got hot without the A/C, we ate pb&j for supper and then hustled the kids off to bed at 8 p.m. A neighborhood dog that had been hanging out around here showed up about then, and proceeded to camp out in front of our house under some trees. Then it howled. It was like a sick cow or a dying person moaning. Creepy, and annoying. That damn mutt did this about every hour or so, until Husband got up around 3 a.m. to scare it off. Yep, went out in his skivvies and shooed Fido away. Oh yeah, and still no power at this time. Our phones were out too! (BTW, Son was really freaked out by that howling...)

I had to take the kids to McD's (house of fat) for breakfast, and then came back to harass the power company. We had phones back by then; I called the power folks and was told that the ETA for electric power restoration was midnight July 27. Oh HELL NO I said. I called a hotel to reserve a room.

To make this story a bit shorter, once I got done with the Tahoe business I called the house on my cell and the answering machine picked up, which told me we had power again. Got home, canceled the hotel, and that was that. I'm sitting here now with a big cup of coffee, which I've been craving all day. That crap McD's peddles shouldn't be called coffee...

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July 25, 2005

Got a New Picture

We got this yesterday at church. The folks that do the childrens' church and toddler playroom took pictures of the kids when they were out playing last month. This is Daughter!

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Pretend You're Dr. Phil...

Okay, I'm sending out an appeal to the parents out there for some advice, again. Get ready for this...

We are planning on going back up to our hometown area to visit our respective parents this weekend. When I called my mother last night to talk, she grilled me about when we were going up, how long we were staying, and when she could see the kids, specifically Son. I told her we'd be driving up Friday, and going over to see her sometime Saturday and then spending the night. She demanded to know where we were staying Friday night. With Husband's folks, I told her.

"Oh God," was her response.

"So, when do I get to see my grandson? I only get to see him Saturday night? When are you going home?"

Sunday, I told her, as Son will be busy the next two weeks with camps and stuff. Mother then gets all demanding, wanting to know when she can see her grandson, on and on...

Now, first of all, she does have a granddaughter, which she constantly overlooks. Second, I took Son up last month and he spent almost an entire week with my parents, and then came home with half of ToysRUs!

I vented to Husband last night, told him this is why I never want to go visit. I hate going to see my mother; if I literally just dropped off Son and left (like last month) she would be thrilled. It's like she forgets about Daughter...and then there's the one reason I don't like to visit the in-laws, and that's everyone's favorite (not) sister-in-law. Husband doesn't like to see her either, so we have to schedule our visits around that waste of humanity and practically swear my mother-in-law to secrecy. I don't want to make my MIL feel bad, but I swear I'll leave if favorite in-law shows up with her nasty kids.

So, here I am, all pissed off because my mom is making this a pain in the ass. She expects me to go up the following weekend too so she can have Son for the whole time. I don't want to go, I hate going up to my mom's because she treats Son like a baby instead of an almost six year old. She still gives him sippy cups, has him use the little potty chair...I've gone on about that before.

I don't have the nerve to stand up and say "Look, Mom, knock it off." When Husband was away a lot when Son was a baby, I relied on my folks probably more than I should have, so "self-inflicted pain, no mercy" as it were. But my mother makes it so difficult for me to want to visit...she gets mad at me or Husband if we discipline Son, forgetting what she was like with me when I was a kid.

In short, I'm tired of it! I moved three hours away hoping this would ease up, but it hasn't! I don't even want to visit for the holidays, that's how bad it is getting!

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July 23, 2005

It Is Now Day Two...

...of the computer problem and Husband can't figure out what the hell is wrong. He tried calling the "help line" for what ever he thought was causing the problem, and seriously people, it should be called "idiots reading from a script line." No "help" there at all.

Husband has been working on said problem for the better part of this afternoon, and I've just now been able to pry him away so I could check my e-mail. So, I still can't use my laptop to go online, but I did finish a book, get the laundry done, get gross-eries, and put clean sheets on all the beds.

Damn! This blogging stuff takes up more time than I thought!

And, for those of you who've read about my rather "ample arse," I have been moving said rump off the couch (and this made easier with computer troubles) and walking daily. We have a very long, very steep driveway which makes for a great walk. Yes, GroovyVic is actually trying to do something about her figure.

Anyone see the finale of "Into the West"? Husband and I watched it last night, and all I can say is: I wonder why the Native Americans aren't trying to beat the crap out of us to this day. I wouldn't blame them if they did. We were just shameful. No wonder my mother-in-law is so passionate about the Native Americans. My goodness.

But, why are all these characters just walking off into nowhere? Abe did, we dont' see him again, that one Wheeler cousin who was taken by and then stayed with the NA's was never seen again...it really bothered me that there was no closure for some of these characters. And where the hell does George Voices That Carry go after Wounded Knee? Anybody?

Well, the towels are a-whooshin' in the washer, the undies are a-twirlin' in the dryer, and it doesn't sound like Husband has too much control over the younglings upstairs. I'd better get up there and see what the heck is going on.

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July 22, 2005

A Slight Delay

"Hot Guy Friday" will be a bit late today. Yep, down in the bowels of the house again, network problems again. So, I'll be posting someone later today, I hope, if Husband can get whatever figured out.

Actually, this is a good thing because I haven't figured out just who to post this week. Any suggestions?

Anyhoo, that's that. It's a good thing I've got a good book to read since I won't be on the computer all day like I usually am. And apparently I have to wait for the DHL guy because I have to sign for whatever he's delivering...I know it's the alumni t-shirt I ordered. I don't even know why I bought the thing; it isn't like I'm exactly proud or ashamed of where I went to college, but I've never gone back to visit and I don't plan to, and I've been out for 13 years...but you know, they don't make college shirts that say "big drunken metal head with big hair." That was me! Ah, those were the days.

Huh? Oh yeah, back to reality. Anyway, hot guys are late today and I have nothing of particular significance to say right now, soooooo.....

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July 21, 2005

A Fit of Nostalgia

I found this picture last night and was hit with a fit of nostalgia. I remember exactly what led up to this picture being taken: I was sitting in the rocker with Daughter and Husband asked what I was doing. I told him I wanted to just sit and enjoy holding the baby because I knew then that I'd forgotten what it was like when Son was an infant. So Husband took this picture.

It's like I can still feel Daughter's breathing against my neck as I cuddled her. She loved to be held like that, she's always been a tummy sleeper. We have tons of pictures from the hospital of Husband holding her like this while she dozed.

I guess I'm feeling like this because, as Daughter is almost two, and Son is almost six, I know that there won't be any more babies. I don't feel bad about this, from the standpoint of being pregnant and all that, not to mention the mind numbing exhaustion of taking care of a newborn. Kids have their pros and cons, every stage is both a great thing and a nightmare, and I wouldn't trade my kids for anything. But there is a part of me, a small part, that feels a bit of baby fever.

But then I look at the piles of outgrown clothes, the highchair, count up the costs of diapers and remember the cost of formula, and heave a sigh of relief that I won't be going through all that again.

But come on, for all the complaining we may do about our kids, we all still remember that intoxicating baby smell, the warm weight of our sleeping child in our arms, that overpowering feeling of awe we all had when we looked at that little miracle we were holding.

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No Comment

I said in a comment last night that I was going to bow out of any discussion about John Roberts. I'm not informed enough to have any opinion, and I shouldn't have started anything in the first place. My apologies.

I would, however, encourage anyone to go over to Ex-Donkey to read his post "Define Republican," which I also linked to in my last post. It's that good, folks.

I heard, somewhere, that Ann Coulter doesn't like the new pick, though. Big woo, I don't like Ann Coulter! Please, you think I'm mouthy? I can't stand her. She's part of the reason I stopped listening to Hannity. Nope, don't like him either.

Hmmm...I titled this "No Comment" but I'm sure making one, huh?

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"WHAT I AM..."

This is good. Really good. I wish I had this man's nerve to do something like this.

Head over to Ex-Donkey to read an ad that was placed in the Washington Post. It's pretty lengthy, but settle in and give it a good read.

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July 20, 2005

Potty Singing

While I was making my way to the tanning beds this afternoon (yes, I know the risks and I don't care), I heard part of Jessica Simpson's "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" and my stars, what the hell was it?

Now, is it just me or does Ms. Simpson (and Ms. Spears for that matter) sound like she's on the toilet? It seems an effort for them to get the words out. Listen to them sometime! Use your imagination!

And what the hell was that "Come on, Willie" crap in that song? Now Willie Nelson is being dragged into this? Yes, I know, he's playing Uncle Jesse in the movie, I know all that, but still! And she took a great Nancy Sinatra song and ruined it! (And a Dodge Charger...)

If anyone out there actually goes to see this movie, let me know. I probably won't even rent the DVD, as for me, The Duke Boys will always be John Schneider and Tom Wopat. And Burt Reynolds will always be The Bandit, not Boss Hogg!

My god, now I hear a big screen version of Dallas is in the works. Is nothing sacred anymore?

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I'll Weigh in on This...

“[M]r. Roberts may be difficult for the democrats to attack as being an extremist. Those who have worked with him say he is a likeable, gracious judge who will play well to the broader public audience during his hearings.” (John Harwood and Jess Bravin, “Bush Picks Appeals Judge John Roberts Jr. For Supreme Court,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/19/05)

I haven't been scanning the airwaves to hear what everyone is saying about Roberts, mainly sticking to the blogosphere. From all I've been able to read about this man, he's a "likeable" guy who apparently knows his stuff. Okay, that's good. He'll stick to the Constitution, good again.

I find myself, though, echoing the thoughts of another blogger, why is protecting abortion so important to the Democrats?

I'm not going to spew forth with my thoughts on abortion, mainly because it shouldn't be the focal point of every election or confirmation.

What is important here is how John Roberts has been on the bench, and how he intends to rule on the SCOTUS. I, for one, am pleased with the selection, and frankly glad Bush played a little mind game with everyone.

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Bwaaaahaahahahahahahahaha...tee hee *snort* (wipes a tear)

Ohmagod! People! I am just rolling here.

Go check out Wuzzadem!!

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Apparently, Bush named a SCOTUS nominee last night. Truthfully, I had no clue about it until this morning, when my handy little email from the Washington Times popped up in my inbox to tell me about it.

What was I doing last night when the announcement was being made? Watching a TBS rerun of Sex and the City. (Those suck, all the good stuff has been taken out. Somehow Samantha just isn't the same if she's not dropping "f" bombs all over.)

What is wrong with me lately? I'll tell you what it is, I get all me news from you bloggers! Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather read what you all have to say on current events (and especially David Hasselhoff's 53rd birthday) from you all than, oh, anyone else. If the TV is on these days it's either because the kids are watching Scooby Doo, I'm watching Paula Deen, or Husband and Son are playing a Star Wars game on PlayStation.

Yes, GroovyVic has drifted away from the MSM. The only reason I turn on the local news is to see what the weather will be, and then that's only when Son is in school. There's no point now anyway, as the weather has been those "three h's:" hazy, hot, humid.

Anyhoo, anyone want to go to a Brooks and Dunn concert? I know Husband doesn't really want to go, he's not a concert kind of guy. Hey, well, B&D are touring with Big & Rich. That should be a good time.

Oi! Finished Potter, I cried, enough said.

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July 19, 2005

I Concur

I got this quote from Straka this morning:

"...and while freedom of speech is one of the benefits of our great country, when one makes his living by selling to both sides of the aisle, it might be better to keep one's politics to one's self."

Straka was referring to a Mellencamp/Fogarty concert he'd attended, and that both performers had been pretty vocal about their political choices back in the months leading up to November.

Now, hey, I think it's great that some celebrities are up on current events. I'm glad they're not all like Paris Hilton, that they care enough about their nation to know what's going on. But come on, give me a break. When I turn on the radio or read a book, I don't really want to hear one's political views. I'll turn on Rush or Hannity for that. I don't care, really, if Travis Tritt is a Republican. So what? I like his music. Same for Toby Keith, who is a conservative Democrat. I like the music.

And as for Bruce Springsteeen, John Booger Mellenballs, Jon Bon Jovi, basically the entire West coast...I GET IT!!! You don't like Bush! Okay! You're liberal! You're a Democrat! I hear you! Now shut up and sing, or "act," or write another book...if I want political commentary I'll look to my favorite bloggers.

I'm in a bit of a bitchy mood right now, can you tell?

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July 18, 2005

Blog Free Weekend

Look, Jamboree in the Hills was broadcast live on one of the local TV stations, so I had to watch some of it. George Jones was great, Hank Williams Jr. was great, Brooks and Dunn was awesome!

I got my new Harry Potter book Saturday, just as Amazon promised, and am now 3/4 of the way through it. I shan't bore anyone with a dissection of said book, as I'm sure we're all past the saturation point by now.

Took Son school shopping yesterday. He got new sneaks and clothes, and I found a little red number to wear to a formal dinner next month with Husband. In the words of The Joker: "Wait'll they get a load of me!"

Got my Tahoe back this morning, and good thing too, I was getting sick of whacking my head on that damn Pontiac every time I put Daughter in the back seat.

So, I haven't been reading any blogs, posting anything to mine, or even keeping up with any kind of news. I had a really nice weekend just hanging out with my little family unit.

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July 15, 2005

Hot Guy Friday

Vince Vaughn!

I like this guy, he seems like a reguler guy, know what I mean? I loved him in "Dodgeball" and "Starsky and Hutch." Good thing too, because I'm not much of a Ben Stiller fan.

"Wedding Crashers" comes out today, and I've seen a few reviews that say it kind of stinks, but hey, I'm always up for a good laugh, so maybe I'll go check it out.

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July 14, 2005

I wanna talk about Me...

Okay, I swiped this from Tales of a Wandering Mind:

A is for Age: 35
B is for Booze: most of the time beer, or a Beam and Coke
C is for Career: Mom
D is for Dad's Name: David
E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: just me, JUST ME!
F is for Favorite song at the moment: "Play Somethin' Country" by Brooks and Dunn
G is for Goof off thing to do: read blogs
H is for Hometown: Waterford, PA
I is for Instrument You Play: none
J is for Jam or Jelly you like: Strawberry
K is for Kids: one boy, one girl
L is for Living Arrangement: husband, two kids, three fox, three skunks, two woodchucks and several deer
M is for Mom's name: MaryLee
N is for Names of Good Friends: Husband, Sugar Booger, Cowboy Boots, Skippy
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: twice, each time I had a baby
P is for Phobias: claustrophobia, the dark (yes, really)
Q is for Quotes You Like: at the moment: "You don't know the powwah of the Dark Side!"
R is for Relationships lasted the longest: married almost 8 years to Husband
S is for Siblings: one sister
T is for Texas: I would really like to see it
U is for Unique Trait: remarkable ability to remember the trivial crap
V is for Vegetables you love: peas
W is for Worst Traits: too loud, talk before thinking
X is for Xrays you've had: teeth, chest, back
Y is for Yummy food you make: scrambled eggs
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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Another Conspiracy Theory?

It looks like Mariah Carey is blaming the failure of her crap movie "Glitter" on 9/11.

It couldn't be because you SUCK, though, could it Mariah?

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I'm Missing JITH!

Jamboree in the Hills starts today, and I'm missing it again! The biggest country music festival, four days of camping out, drinking beer, listening to country music....arrrrggghhh!

Dierks Bentley will be there tonight, an hour away from me....George Jones will be there tomorrow night, Brooks and Dunn on Saturday...dammit!

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Oh, Ha Ha Ha...

What this guy can do with a photo...

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I was just wondering...

Last night, as I was reading some of my favorite blogs and going to the links and all that, I got to wondering if anyone ever gets really tired of being argumentative. And when I say "anyone" I mean those in the MSM and D.C., not my fellow bloggers!

I mean, look, I've been defensive and argumentative and a downright a*hole, and not always about my politics (ask Husband), and frankly, after a while I just got tired! I had headaches and my acid reflux was in full flame...I'm surprised I don't have a big burn hole in my chest.

What I mean is, do you think Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Rick Santorum or any of those folks in D.C. go home at night and pop about four Tylenol or eat Rolaids? Do you think Teddy Kennedy sits in his chair at night and just says "I'm so damn tired of this crap."

I think what they'd all really like to do, but obviously can't, is just open a can of whoop-ass on each other, bitch slap and just say "Santorum, you cocksucker!" or "Pelosi, you c***!"

Trust me, if I was over there, I'd be tempted to...I even have a few choice names for some on the Right, believe it or not, starting with that old wrinkled Rumsfeld.

Hmmm...yeah, I've got NO life, sitting here wondering if our representatives ever feel like just calling someone out, or if they just rub their temples at night, sighing.

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July 13, 2005

Good one..

Today's Media Pessimism Would Have Smothered U.S. Revolution

"I have to say, too, if that war [the Revolutionary War] had been covered - this is the most important year in the most important conflict in our history - if it had been covered by the media, and the country had seen now horrible the conditions were, how badly things were being run by the officers, and what a very serious soup we were in, I think that would have been it, too."

- Historian David McCullough, author of 1776, a book about the American Revolution, during an appearance on CNBC's Tim Russert on June 18.

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I've down-sized

Temporarily, that is. I took the Tahoe in to the garage this morning and got a loaner. I guess the fact that the guys in the garage were running behind and I had both kids with me spurred the guy behind the desk to grab a loaner. Well, I can't blame him, I wasn't looking forward to spending time in the waiting area with both kids.

So, now I've got a Pontiac Sunfire. It's red too! I feel like my ass is going to get scraped off, I'm so close to the road! It's sitting out in the garage right now, like a toy. It's amazing how much more room there is out there with a smaller vehicle in the Tahoe's place.

I decided to call the garage back and tell them to go ahead and do the steering stuff too, since they already have my vehicle and I have a loaner. That way I get all this stuff done, and can stop worrying. Now I've just got to find a good body shop to fix a couple rust spots.

You say "Vic, why not just get a newer Tahoe?" No way. I don't like the newer Tahoes. Besides, I plan to drive that thing basically into the ground, and besides, in the eight years I've had it this has to be the first major stuff I've had to deal with.

So, all you SUV haters out there will be happy to know that for the next few days, at least, there will be one less big honkin' truck on the road.

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Mid-Week Shout Out

If you see this icon anywhere in the blogosphere, or the name Hector Vex, run, don't walk, to his blog!

Well, see, he's my "pimp" after all, and he gets 50% of my take from the street, so I figure he's due for some referrals.

Seriously, go check him out. It's White Trash Wednesday...and he has an interesting observation of Angelina Jolie. I'm not crazy about her, even if she is hot, I still say Jennifer Aniston is hotter, and better looking, and I'll bet she's nicer.

Piss on Brad Pitt anyway.

So go over there, just click on his name up there.


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What I AM reading

Since I'm not going to be reading any books by or about Hillary Clinton (although I did read one about her several years ago) and probably won't get to Santorum's book, here's what I am reading right now:

"How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale" by Jenna Jameson.

Yep. It's actually pretty good!

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It takes ME to raise MY children!

I never read Hillary Clinton's book "It Takes a Village." No shock to anyone who reads my stuff that I do not like Hillary (or Bill, for that matter) and I don't want to hear her ideas about raising kids.

I read in the Washington Times that Rick Santorum has also written a book that was just recently released. No, I haven't read that either.

Well, I'm not going to weigh in on this, you'll just have to read it for yourselves.

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This is too "Erie!"

Okay, so most of you know that I'm originally from the Erie, PA area, and that I regularly check out their local paper on the Internet. So I was kind of taken off guard this morning to see one of the headlines is about Geraldo Rivera (or Jerry Riviera, as I call him) is in town investigating the "Pizza Bomber Case."

Remember this? Two years ago a guy robbed a local bank, had some kind of collar bomb around his neck, which exploded before the bomb squad got there. My goodness, it was all over the national news. This happened just a couple weeks before Daughter was born, and I remember being in the hospital, in labor, watching MSNBC yelling to the nurses "Oh my gosh, they're at the State Police barracks! Look, we're on national news!" Well, it took my mind off labor pains anway. And where this happened was at the entrance to the shopping area I always went to for groceries...I drove through a crime scene!

And what's really freaky about all this is the Rothstein "connection" everyone tries to make. He stored the dead body of a dude his female friend shot. And this female friend lived right down the block from my parents. My mother remembers hearing a shotgun blast.

So, hey, don't rely on me to give you the info, go over to this here web page and read the article titled "Focus on Facts."

And I hate to admit that Rivera is right about one thing: Erie is too "mall-centric."

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July 12, 2005

What a Nice Surprise!!

When the phone rang this afternoon I figured it was the dreaded telemarkters, so imagine my happy surprise when the talking caller ID announced that it was my former hair stylist!

I haven't talked to Sugar Booger since February, but sent him a card to let him know I was thinking about him, and he called today to chat. It was so good to hear from him and hear the gossip he had.


I'll have to schedule an appointment with him, I miss our gossip/bitch sessions!

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Could be pretty light today

It's a good thing I posted a bunch yesterday, because today looks to be pretty light. Damn network again, do not get me started on how fed up I am with Husband's bright idea and how it craps out at least once a week. But I was in a bad mood last night anyway, and when he asked me if I'd seen the weather report I just blew up. That straw broke this back.

Anyway, I was going to say that I actually watched NBC Nightly Crybaby News last night. Well, some of it, I fell asleep after the first story, then woke up in time to see the story about the new baby panda at the D.C. zoo...Brian Williams kept saying "everyone, Left and Right, is excited about this!" Okay, given the fact that pandas born in captivity don't usually make it, I can see how folks would be happy, but Williams kept going back to that whole "non-partisan" thing, which was really trite. But then, throughout most of that report I was trying to shut the kids up, so I didn't get to hear too much of anything.

But that's just my observation.

So, hey, ordered the party supplies for Son's birthday party. It won't be until September, but seeing as how anything Star Wars is flying off shelves, I figured I'd better get that stuff now. I even went so far as to get Star Wars cookbooks (wookie cookies, Pickle Jar Jar, Yoda Soda) so that the kids can have theme food. Well, Son really wanted a birthday party, he's into SW to the point of obsession (he hums the "Darth Vader" music constantly) so what the heck. It won't cost me all that much money, and he's never had a party before, at least not one with his school friends.

Daughter, who also has a September birthday, will have a Dragon Tales party, but said "party" will only be the family unit.

Gosh, I hate not being able to blog on my laptop. I don't have any of my resources and other blogs bookmarked down here. At least I'm getting the laundry done while I'm down here.

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July 11, 2005

A couple of things

I found these two interesting posts over at Red State Rant:

Gonzales and the SCOTUS - I happen to agree with this author on this point;

Oliver Stone's depiction of 9/11 - Let's all remember, at least, how he depicted The Doors, even though The Doors doesn't come close to 9/11.

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Here's something...

...to make you all think.

I found this over at RedState.org, and I plan to go back and reread when things get quiet around here, but check this out.

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They're BACK!!!

Go Fug Yourself is back from vacation!

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I found this bit of information via Assumption of Command.

Either make anti-Bush shirts or make shirts memorializing the fallen, don't combine the two just to make a profit.

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Just a bunch of stuff

Or you can call it a bunch of crap if you want, I won't mind.

Less than a week until the new Harry Potter book comes out. I'm excited! Okay, I know these books are aimed at the "tween" set or whatever, but I like those books. I originally got them for the kids to read when they get older, and being the "responsible parent" that I am (no laughing out there) I read through them to, you know, see what they were all about. Well, I went and actually liked those books, so here I am, anxiously awaiting Saturday. Amazon promised they'd have that book on my doorstep on Saturday, so we'll see.

Hmmm...well, went over to Kos the other day to read the diary of a new "cyber" friend, I guess I'll call him. He's a "proud Liberal" but the stuff he posts doesn't raise my blood pressure like some of the other stuff over there. I shot my mouth off, called myself a "die-hard" Repbublican, and someone wanted to know just why I call myself that. I got snotty and defensive, like I tend to do with Liberals, and there you go. I should just keep my mouth shut and lurk over there.

As for the "die-hard" stuff, well, maybe I'm all "yippe-ki-aye Mother Fucker," I don't know. I refuse to answer any more questions about why I'm a Republican, why I like Bush, all of that. Don't ask, don't tell? Oh, if that's how you want to look at it, but as far as I'm concerned, political and religious beliefs are two very personal things.

Speaking of religion, Husband posed the question of becoming members of the church we attend regularly. I don't have a problem with that, I've finally gotten comfortable with the way things are done there (remember, I'm a conservative Lutheran), only I still have the feeling the Pastor doesn't like me. It could be all in my head (so little is, these days) but after a year and a converstion with the man, I just don't think he likes me.

Why the need to have everyone like me? I'm not going into any deep psychological stuff, but what's not to like about me?

Don't answer that.

Enough of this screaming meme. Daughter is awake and I need more coffee, I've got laundry going, and I have to run to the post office, blahblahblahblahblahblah...

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July 10, 2005

Went to the air show yesterday...

...and the featured attraction was the Air Force Thunderbirds. It was...well, it was awesome.

I love those fly boys!!!

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Due to overwhelming demand...

...by one person, anyway, here is the picture of me at VMI during filming of "Gods and Generals." (I'm in the green dress, blue bonnet.)

Here's the setup: Stonewall Jackson is dead, and his body is being brought back to VMI...so we're all supposed to be very sad...but I was just damn hot and my corset was too tight, which is why I'm scowling.

I was even quoted in the Richmond, VA newspapers that day...GroovyVic hits the big time! But, if you have seen or ever do see this movie, don't blink or you'll miss me.

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July 09, 2005

"Gettysburg" is on right now...

...and a week too late, if you ask me. Last weekend was the time to show GWTW and G'burg...but I digress.

I thought, just to be goofy, I'd post this picture of Husband and me at a reenactment several years ago. We were portraying Confederates that weekend. Weren't we cute??

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Just turned on the

Just turned on the telly to find that "Gone with the Wind" is on TNT!!!

So, it looks like, instead of running to the post office, I'll be watching this for a while..."for the billionth time" as Husband just said.

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Slave...for poo

If, in fact, Britney Spears is expecting twins, then she will be a slave for poo!

I don't even know why I'm mentioning this, but when the local newscast reported on it last night, I said "WTF?" I mean, it's not like Spears is the first woman to have a baby, or twins, for that matter, so who cares?

Could it be because she walks around in clothes that she obviously didn't get off the KMart or JCPenney maternity racks (like I did), flaunting her growing bosom and belly. Now, seriously ladies, would any of you have done that, in public at least, when you were pregnant?

Or could all this interest stem from the father of growing child, Kevin Federline, a.k.a. K-Fed? I've seen pictures of this, this, um....man...thing...guy...and all I can say is eeeewwww. Take a shower, shave, and get a haircut, boy! (For that matter, you too, Brit.) I mean, the man just looks oily to me.

Having gone through pregnancy and childbirth twice, although not with twins, I can sit back and let loose with a hearty chuckle at all this. I doubt Ms. Spears knows exactly what's in store for her when she leaves the hospital with her little evidence of love. Yes, yes, those "rich and infamous" get nannies or what ever, but still, just the physical changes alone....get a rubber donut girl, you're gonna need it!!

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July 08, 2005

Law and Order...???

Found this via Ex-Donkey Blog, checked it out, and surprise surprise, I think it's a pretty good idea.

Go check out Gullyborg's thought, let me know what you think.

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Hot Guy Friday

Josh Lucas!

I read an article about in in Elle...or was it Vogue...I can't remember, but it was in one of those two mags. (Yeah, I read those, so what??)

Anyhoo, Josh Lucas! I've only seen him in "Sweet Home Alabama," but the man is hot! I've seen previews for that new movie "Stealth" and yummmmmm. I love a man in uniform. Are they supposed to be Air Force or Navy pilots in this movie? I can't remember...but I'm partial to the Air Force, I don't know why.

Ewan McGregor update: I read in a year-old magazine last week that Ewan McGregor had done a movie called "Young Adam" and he gets naked in this one. The article said something like "he's not afraid to get nude a lot, and show off" or something like that. Oh yeah, you know I'm shelling out the cash to buy that movie. Oh my!!

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Heads are spinnin'

Here's one blogger's take on SCOTUS, thus far.

Yeah, if this is true the Democrats will be giddy with possibility.


h/t: Ex-Donkey

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"Their resilience is impressive."

It hit me yesterday while I was listening to Rush Limbaugh...I know someone living over in the London area! I shot out a quick email to The Knight (his alias for reasons dating back to high school...he'll know why I call him that...) and this morning got a response. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing with you, but:
"I'm fine. I work just under a mile southwest of Tavistock Square and about a mile and a half from Kings Cross. I was a bit late getting in so I was on the Central line tube when they reported that they wouldn't be stopping at Liverpool Street because of a security issue there. I get off long before that so I didn't think very much of it. At work we were on the internet news site a lot. It sounded so dramatic on the news but in the middle of London, it didn't seem like anything. I didn't see any panic here but there was a surreal feel in the air. The tubes and buses stopped going to central London until late in the evening. Most shops shut down in the middle of the day because their second shift of employees couldn't make it to work. Thousands of people were walking home in the afternoon. It was very quiet. It doesn't sound like much, but without traffic noises, you could actually hear the footsteps. It was odd. Today, it's business as usual here. Tubes and buses are all back up and no stress in the air. I guess London is pretty strong after dealing with the near daily IRA bombings years ago. Their resilience is impressive."
Well, that's good! I'm glad The Knight and his wife are okay.

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July 07, 2005

Those ears...those ears!!

Well, just wanted to drop a quick update on Daughter's ears. I had to let any interested readers know that Daughter is acquiring new words every day. This is a great thing, as the pediatrician said if we hadn't gotten those tubes in when we did, she'd be mute now. Daughter has learned "Mommy" very well...almost too well it seems. Yesterday at the library she picked up an Ernie doll and exclaimed "Oynie!!" Best of all, she's starting to tell me when she, ahem, messes herself...can potty training be close at hand???

You get the idea. She even got the hang of saying Nephew's name while we were visiting, chanting it over and over again. Well, Nephew is pretty cute, quite the chick magnet it seems!

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President Allen?

A commenter asked me who I'd like to see as our next President. I mentioned that I'd been hearing a bit about Sen. George Allen of VA over at another blog, and today said blogger links to George Will, who discusses Allen and even equates him somewhat with the late Ronald Reagan.

I've bookmarked Sen. Allen's webpage, I think he warrants looking in to. Get Googling!

h/t to Ex-Donkey

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My Protest

I realize that in light of current events what I am protesting probably doesn't mean squat to a lot of people, but to me it's pretty important.

I got a letter from the Civil War Preservation Trust yesterday, an organization I've donated to for years in order to help preserve Civil War battlefields. Imagine my surprise yesterday when the appeal I opened detailed plans to build a casino in Gettysburg, on historic land!

No, I don't have a problem with gambling, just the choice of where to put said casino. Hello, go up to Erie, PA where a battle of sorts has been raging over just where to put a horse racing track. Why destroy important historical property? You know, I donated plenty of money to take down that tower at Gettysburg, so I have no problem joining this fight.

I'm a big believer in looking to our history in order to understand the present. If Gettysburg battlefields are gobbled up, what is left for future generations? Will my grandchildren go there to understand a pivotal time in the Civil War or to pump quarters into a slot machine?

I plan on appealing to not only the chairman of the PA Gaming Board, but also Gov. "Fast Eddie" Rendell and the Representatives for Adams County. Anyone care to join me?

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July 06, 2005

Happy Happy Happy!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!!

To be honest, I was going to send a card, but the one I found was probably in poor taste. I mean, what would the White House staff have thought if they'd opened a card with a cartoon of Saddam Hussein in drag? Maybe they would have chuckled, but still, how does one pick an appropriate greeting card to send to the President?

And no offense to the RNC, but I didn't like that generic card I was to "fill in the blanks" and return with a hefty donation. It's not that I don't send the RNC money, but sometimes too much is too much.

Anyway, Happy Birthday President Bush!

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Setting some things straight

First, go over to The Jawa Report and read this. I'll tell you here and now that I didn't go over and read the Kos post that TJR references, I can't. My blood pressure goes up way too much when I read any of that Leftie stuff.

Now, I'm going to get on my soap box right now and say this: I am getting pretty sick and tired of being labeled an extremist Christian conservative, or whatever label the Left has chosen to blanket us with. Yeah, I'm a Christian, but that's nobody's business but mine. I don't necessarily want my kids to pray in school, they can do that at home. I would, however, like to be able to utilize that school voucher thing if I wanted to. My kids' education is important to me, and I'll fight tooth and nail with any school board to see that they get the best they can. And yes, if I feel that my kids are being spoon fed some Leftie agenda I'll go right to the superintendent and raise hell.

I care about the environment. I don't litter, I don't drive my SUV if I don't have to, I recycle...but that probably isn't enough, is it?

Let me throw this out at you, tell me what you think. I don't usually do this, but I meandered over to a certain Liberal's blog the other day, to read about her love of Garrison Keillor and his work. (Incidentally, my father had a bunch of "Prarie Home Companion" cassettes and what not...if I actually thought that other blogger would appreciate it, I might have offered to send them to her, but not now.) Anyway, I saw in a catalog an offer for Keillor's book "Homegrown Democrat," which obviously made me think of said blogger. Okay, so here's part of the blurb:

"...this thought provoking collection of essays puts forth Garrison Keillor's view that true liberalism is the 'politics of kindness'." (empasis added)

Huh? Wha? Whatwhatwhat???? POLITICS OF KINDNESS???? I sure as hell have NOT seen any kindness from the liberal stuff I've been reading. Quite a little paradox, don't you think?

Here's where you say "But Vic, you're no 'compassionate conservative,' are ya?" Well, maybe not by your standards, but I haven't ripped anyone a new asshole lately, have I?

I have no problem with this blogger's admiration of Keillor. I myself have authors that I really like, Diana Gabaldon in particular, so hey, I'm not bashing any of that. I encourage reading! Read read read. (And BTW, fellow blogger, I was NOT trying to be a snot when I pointed out your spelling error. I'm anal about spelling, after all, I do have a degree in English and Secondary Education, so excuse me if I "get out my red pen" from time to time.)

I suppose I'm in this mood because I did a bit of "blog surfing" last night, hitting that Next Blog button, and the majority of stuff I saw was decidedly anti-Bush, anti-Republican, stuff like that. I read stuff like that and just want to retreat even more.

With that, I shall now retreat to my coffee and more blogging.

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July 05, 2005


Husband got the network up and running again, so I'm back at my beloved laptop. I feel like I've been in isolation or something, not being able to read my favorite blogs and what not. Now I don't have to sit in the basement...

Sister called last night to see how we were doing and what not. I told her all is well, Son's foot is fine, all the slivers he got are starting to look gross and work their way out. (If anyone has a better way of getting them out of his foot, let me know.) We chatted about this and that, and she asked me what I thought of the tidbit my niece dropped, in that the kids she babysits don't brush their teeth or wear bibs. Niece said it sucked to feed those kids because they always have to get clean clothes after dinner. Sister was amazed that I was so on-the-spot about putting a bib on Daughter.

Not that it would be a big deal to a normal person, but to me this counts as Sister taking notice of the fact that, yes, I do take care of the kids, making sure their teeth are brushed, bibs are on and so on. Son doesn't need a bib, for heaven's sake, but you know what I mean.

Sister was also very impressed with Son's knowledge of dinosaurs and Star Wars. The entire weekend was spent with Son swinging a wiffle bat around pretending Niece was either Padme or Chewie...

Since the laptop wasn't useable, and I hate sitting in the basement, I grabbed a book off my growing bedside stack and dove in. The latest selection is "Mornings on Horseback" by David McCullough. I'm a big Theodore Roosevelt fan, soooooo...I'm looking forward to reading more of this one.

Regular readers should feel lucky that I wasn't able to do more blogging in the past couple of days. I was all wound up this morning about something and was ready to vent, but again, didn't feel like sitting in the basement. So you were all spared listening to me with my panties in a twist.

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I'm just crying

I just went over to check out one of my favorite blogs, An American Housewife, and read the shocking news that her husband passed away. I'm just so stunned, I'm sitting here bawling my head off.

Isn't it funny how I'm crying for a woman I've never really met. I like this blogger and her writing so much, I feel like she's one of my best friends.

Housewife is understandably not blogging right now, but go check her out anyway. She's great.

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July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

We're home, after driving most of yesterday to get here, but we're finally home. It's been a quiet Fourth for us, even quieter because the network thing crapped out again, and Husband has been spending part of the day trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Sooooo...I haven't been online a whole lot today, and just now got down the basement after tucking Daughter in bed.

I was able to get online at my sister's house; they have high speed Internet, which was totally new for me. We've still got that old dial-up, so having something come right up when I wanted it was quite an experience.

I'm behind on the news, but I did manage to read in another blog that the Washington Times was basically crap...at least that's what that particular blogger felt. Oh well, there's no pleasing some people, as this is the same person who ripped me a new bunghole about a variety of things, but using Fox News as a source for news was chief among those issues said blogger had with me. Well, smack my ass and call me Judy, sorry pal-y, but I like the Washington Times. Fold that in five corners and shove it where the sun don't shine!!!

It appears Live 8 was a success. Oh, and I saw where that old C*** Madonna gave the old one finger salute. Class act that one, huh? Yeah, I want my kids reading her books...NOT!

Sandra Day O'Conner Jingleheimer Schmidt is resigning. Get ready for more filibuster threats and RINO caving. You wait, seriously.

If anyone cares, I found that DirecTV now carries that LOGO network a.k.a the Gay and Lesbian channel. Woop-de-feckin'-doo...and we have DirecTV. Blah blah blah...who gives a fat crap, I just turned on "The Longest Day" and tried to find the instructions for blocking channels.

I am going to go sit on my front porch and read THE WASHINGTON TIMES.

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July 02, 2005

Saturday Afternoon

So, here I am at my sister's house. I'm exhausted, I think my entire family unit is, after that drive yesterday, and I don't think any of us slept very well. Son has had a particularly bad day, as he would not, would not get into the pool with either my sister, niece, or myself. Then he got three slivers from the deck. Okay, Sister and I got those out...then about 10 minutes later he got up and sliced his foot open and got about half a dozen more slivers!!

Needless to say, he screamed, and Sister and I rushed him into the house to try to get his foot taken care of. Husband came in and managed to get a few out, but not all of them. Oh well, try again later I suppose. That poor kid...he pretty much collapsed into bed to take a nap.

Oh yeah, I got in the pool and swam. And I got Daughter into her little swim suit and carried her around in the water.

We're heading back home tomorrow, whereupon we have to return the rental car we had to get because my SUV has a bum fuel pump. Oh well, at least we got to drive a brand new car!

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