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May 31, 2005

My opinions, here

I read over at someone's online diary, okay, over at Daily Kos, that Laura Bush is a maggot! Uh-huh. I won't go into the whole "pot/kettle" thing...

I also read an interesting post over at Michelle Malkin concerning some, er, interesting and oddly award winning artwork. Yeah, okay, if that's "art" please let me photograph the contents of Daughter's diapers and show those off.

Deep Throat has been revealed. He's a hero! He's a snake! He's a hero! He's a bitter second-in-charge who was mad at Nixon! He's a hero!

Gang, seeing as how I was about four years old when this all happened, can anyone tell me why in the hell this man would be hailed as a hero? Oh, he was mad at Nixon. Now I get it! The whole "bad Republican" thing that started with Nixon was because he had someone break into DNC headquarters! Naughty Dick!

Give me a break. Hero? Please explain, because I just don't get it.

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Grrrrs of my own

Daughter and I were on our way up to KMart this morning, and so are driving. I'm minding my own business, going the speed limit (for once) on a road that's full of "S" curves and hills...I'm cautious because with my SUV I'm pretty top heavy. So, glancing in my rear view I see a Saturn RIGHTONMYBUTT. I hate this, I really do. So I signaled and pulled off at the first opportunity, and this car goes flying past me. Needless to say, when I was back on my way I didn't see that car ahead of me.

I get so damn mad when people do this. I "drive by the rules," stay at least a car length behind the person in front of me, and get squat for my troubles. Oh yeah, did I mention the dirty looks I get because I drive an SUV?

People, why don't you just ask why I drive what I do instead of bitching at me because I drive it? I'm NOT going to defend myself to anyone here, except to say that my choice has nothing to do with my political affiliation. And it happens to be red because it's my favorite color. Cripes, BillyJeff was still in the White House when I bought the damn thing. Oh yeah, and my vehicle is ENTIRELY PAID FOR. Can any of you say that?

Do you think I like paying outrageous prices for gas? I don't even fill up the tank anymore, and I don't do any unnecessary driving.

I've got my reasons, if anyone would stop spouting environmental twaddle at me long enough to ask. If Chevy made a hybird SUV, as Ford has, yeah, I'd get it, but that just hasn't happened yet.

Makes me so goddamn mad... Mind what you drive and how you're driving before you start berating me!

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The Sith hits this Fan

Husband and I are going to see "Sith" next Monday. He's got the day off, and I've arranged for the sitters. Yes, plural, they're sisters and they go to our church. My kids just love them, so they're really excited.

Anyway, Husband will want to watch the first two episodes, to get a "refresher" or what ever. I say, hey look, it will be JUNE 6 for crying out loud, we should be watching "The Longest Day." (But I'll watch that movie any day of the year!)

Isn't wireless Internet great? Husband spent all day Saturday "cleaning" my laptop, reinstalling Windows, and getting the network up and running in the house. Everything goes through the computer in the basement, and Husband and I can be on the Internet at the same time, him with his laptop, me with mine. He even set it up so that we can print using the network; now we don't have to haul our laptops downstairs to print. Now if we could just get away from slow dialup, but beggars can't be choosers!

Okay, it's Tuesday, time for Straka's"Grrrrrs..."

Paris Hilton is a skeeze, I think we can all agree on that. I have heard of Carl's Jr. before, but have never been to one. Nor have I seen this commercial. But, I'll say this much, if it boosts business for the place... I mean, when one thinks about it, aren't those Levitra commercials with that smug wife sitting there clasping her hands between her thighs just a little annoying? I guess I'd have to see said burger commercial before I make a judgement, but still, I sort of agree here, but then, at this time of year the TV is off most of the time.

That's the one thing I wanted to comment on. I like Straka's stuff this week...although I don't watch "American Idol" either.

Second to the last day of Kindergarten for Son! I should do something special. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, his birthday is coming up and I want to have a party for him, any suggestions there? I welcome any ideas...

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May 30, 2005

My little weekend update

I'm watching "Kelly's Heroes" right now, and I just have one question: Is this a WW II movie or a Vietnam protest movie? Anybody? Anybody?

So, it's Memorial Day, and while I'd rather be outside doing something, I'm sick and just don't want to move off the couch. The glands in my neck are so swollen it looks like my head is on crooked, and my throat is so sore that swallowing is impossible. If I still feel this bad tomorrow, I'll go to the doctor, by then I'll be in day four of this stuff.

I got up Saturday morning feeling like this, but I had promised Son I would take him to see "Madagascar," so I hauled my ample arse out of bed and started my Saturday chores in the time we had before the flick started. Son and I left the house about an hour or so before the movie started, and we went to Lowe's and got a rhododendron (hopefully the deer won't eat that) and then off to the bookstore...again. I know, we just went last week, but it's my vice.

While walking with Son past the sports store in the mall I noticed a display of Che Guevara shirts. I stopped, right there, and exclaimed "Who in the hell would wear that?" Oh yeah, I got a few snotty looks from the sales personnel, but screw 'em. I doubt, really, that anyone in the age group those shirts are aimed at even knows who or what Che was. I say, learn about that man and then if you still want to wear it, fine, but know something about what you have on your chest.

We got to the movie early, and a good thing, because the place filled up fast. Son and I munched down our popcorn and pop and were having a great time watching the previews. All was well until three preteen girlies sat behind us. They couldn't just sit and watch the flick, they had to talk, comment, get up to pee or buy crap from the concession stand, and, this is the worst, kick my seat. Oooohh, I was getting so damn mad. I kept turning around and giving them nasty looks, but they never stopped.

Yeah, I know, "You should have said something, Vic" but I guess I gave those kids too much credit. I was taught to keep my feet off the seat in front of me if someone is sitting in it...of course, the last time I was dropped off at the flicks was to see "Every Which Way But Loose."

Damn kids. Needless to say, by the time they stopped and I may have been able to enjoy the movie, I had to pee so bad I couldn't concentrate. Luckily the movie was almost over. Son and I did our business in the lavatory and went home.

The rest of the weekend was so-so. Church and brunch on Sunday. Son didn't want to go to children's church because no one ever wants to talk to him or play with him, so he stayed with Husband and I while Daughter went to the playroom. It wasn't bad.

Today I guess we're going to grill burgers. Nothing big around here.

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I found this article very interesting...

On Memorial Day, this is a very interesting article...

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May 28, 2005

A laugh for you

I wanted to post this little funny story for you, something to make you chuckle. I plan on enjoying the weekend with my little family unit, taking Son to the movies, working through the stack of new books I've acquired, and trying to stay off the Internet... So I'll leave you with this little story:

Today as Son was getting off the school bus he started frantically clutching his crotch and said "I've got to go the bathroom!" Well, not wanting to make the poor kid suffer any longer, I hustled him over to a shaded area, where no one could see him from the road, and told him to just go. Well, all was fine, he was at the ready, but I didn't move fast enough, and you guessed it...I got peed on! But Son felt a lot better, and I hurried him into the truck and up to the house so I could change my pants.

I hope you all have a very safe Memorial Day weekend!

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May 27, 2005

It's goofy around here!

Daughter is, at this moment, watching "Oswald." Okay, I have no problem, until I hear Oswald (voiced by "Wonder Year's" Fred Savage) exclaim "Smell the tootie fruits!"

It's my warped sense of toilet humor, but I heard that and just burst out laughing.

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Go check this out...

Now, these folks say it like I wish I had the nerve to...

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Let us pray...

Oh, I like this one.

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Don't watch this

Last night on NBC Nightly News, they ran a story about a television station owner in NC who will refuse to run programs he considers offensive. There is some conservative group out there who agrees with this.

I can't remember names and what not, so bear with me.

There are groups out there who advocate the V-chip and parental locks on the remote control. The more conservative group feels these are useless, no one can figure out how to use them and so forth.

I say, well then, if you don't like it, turn it off! Monitor what your kids are watching. That last statement is easy for me to say because my kids are still young and love to watch PBS Kids, Boomerang, Animal Planet, stuff like that. I don't worry about my kids seeing something questionable, because I know what they're watching.

But, does this station owner have the right to decide what goes on and what doesn't? Is this censorship? Does the "freedom of speech" argument apply?

I don't know, frankly, and I hate to throw that "censorship" thing out, but I guess what sticks in my craw is that...well...why aren't the parents making these decisions instead of TV station owners?

Yes, I know, not all parents have the time to monitor the way I do, and as kids get older they're bound to see stuff somewhere else, no matter what we do in our own homes.

Once again, I'm looking at this in my simple way...but just how am I supposed to look at this? As a mom? A conservative? I get so confused!!

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May 26, 2005

Getting to know you...

Okay, I got this e-mail from a friend (those always loved "tell us about yourself and forward to everyone you know" things), and since I'm supposed to share, here's me:

1. What's your full name? Victoria (you have to guess the rest)
2. What color pants are you wearing? blue sweatpants
3. What are you listening to right now? George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
4. What's the last thing you ate? peanuts
5. Do you wish on stars? yes
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? red
7. The weather right now? sunny, 77 degrees
8. Last person you talked to on the phone? Mom
9. Do you like the person that sent you this? Yes
10. Favorite drink? sweet devil Coca-Cola
11. Hair color? this month it's back to brown
12. Favorite sport? watching others at sports
13. Do you wear contacts? yes
14. Siblings? 1 sister, manymanymanymany in-laws!
15. Favorite month? September -- kids' b-days
16. Favorite Food? Italian, always
17. Last movie you watched? I can't remember
18. Favorite Day of the year? Easter Sunday
19. What do you do to vent anger? yell, but I would like to smoke
20. What was your favorite toy as a child? Barbie and her townhouse
21. Summer or Winter? summer
22. Hugs or Kisses? both
23. Chocolate or vanilla? vanilla
24. Do you want your friends to email back? not necessary
25. Who is the most likely to respond? who knows
26. Who is the least likely to respond? who knows
27. Living Arrangements? husband, two kids, no pets, in the beautiful red state Ohio
28. When was the last time you cried? when someone got snotty on my blog
29. What is under your bed? gift wrap, guns
30. Who is the friend you have had the longest? CowboyBoots
31. What did you do last night? had SEX
32. Favorite smells? fresh coffee, lilacs, clean clothes
33. What inspires you? not much these days
34. What frightens you? Liberals
35. Plain, buttered, or salted popcorn? about a stick of melted artery clogging butter
36. Favorite car? '69 Pontiac GTO
37. Favorite flower? lilac
38. Number of keys on your key ring? two
39. Can you juggle? no!
40. Favorite day of the week? don't have one

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Goin' to Skrewl

I'm taking Son to Skrewl this morning (four days and counting!!!) because the candles are in.

His Elementary school, in yet another attempt to raise money (at times I just wish they'd raise my taxes...) held a candle sale. You know, scented candles in glass "canning" jars...think Yankee Candles but not that brand. Anyhoo, as per usual, students get prizes for what ever dollar level they sell (which my Mother calls extortion [sp?]). While I managed to get enough donations for Son to get all the prizes for the Relay for Life, sadly, we couldn't sell $1001 worth of candles to get him a DVD player. (Anyway, the kid is 5...)

I got a call from the school yesterday telling me the candles are in, but they're too heavy for Son to carry on the bus, and could I come get them? Sure, I say, no problem. I knew this was coming and really have no problem with this. BUT!! People, people, PEOPLE! These are Elementary kids, these candles are in glass jars...how in the hell did the "powers that be" think those candles were going anywhere? They should have said something like "Be prepared to pick these up at the school, they're too heavy to carry on the bus." Something like that.

Sheesh. And this is only the beginning, folks. Twelve years for Son, and Daughter hasn't even started school yet. Really, just raise my damn taxes and quit sending home candy bars, candles, blah blah blah...

Although, dear readers, steady yourselves for my prostitution of said items in the school years to come.

Hey, sugar! Wanna buy a candle???

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May 25, 2005

What's in a name?

Well, not what certain others think. My "pimp," as it were, speculated in his post yesterday as to what the name of my blog means. Generally when I look at myself in the mirror I'm not singing...usually I'm screaming "My God you've gotten fat!"

But I'm not casting sarcasm out on my fellow blogger, I just figured he wasn't a big fan of "Gone with the Wind."

Remember how Scarlett said "fiddle dee dee" all the time? For the time period, and if I'm grasping context correctly, this was a ladylike way to say, for example "Shut up" or "Oh, you're so full of it." But what I really get is that she's saying "I hear you, I get it, I'll think about it tomorrow." Thus the name of this blog.

I hear you, I get it, I'm thinking about, and I'll be thinking about it tomorrow!

(Note: that picture I use is not me. It's Vivien Leigh!)

Scarlett had a brain and she used it, even though at the time she wasn't supposed to act like she really knew what was going on. My suggestion, for a bit of "light" summer reading, is to check GWTW out of the library and give it a going through. I much prefer the book to the movie...although, admittedly, I've read the book so many times I've lost count, and have seen the movie upwards of 25 times.

Yes, I know "Get a life, Vic."

Oh, and the "Groovy" thing? Well, I've always thought that word, "groovy," was, well, groovy, and I grew up on Brady Bunch re-runs...so you can blame it on Greg Brady. ("Johnny Bravo!")

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May 24, 2005

Too damn hot...

I'm seeing a lot of commercials for this place. I would not want to be the poor soul who has to run around in those outfits all day.

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I do not like it

Have you seen the latest Old Navy commercial for those skirts? First of all, they totally ruin "Super Freak," which is a really good dancing song (when one is three sheets to the wind), and then these girls prance around in what I can only assume is either their Grandma's table cloth or the dust ruffle off their bed.

Sheesh. First a Led Zeppelin song for a Cadillac commercial, and now this.

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Shout outs

So, I sit down at the computer with my Pop-Tarts (here is the pop, I am the tart...tee hee), to read some blogs that I like, and whoa! I got recommended by someone!

"You like me! You really like me!"

I feel rather like Forrest Gump after he first met Lt. Dan..."I sure hope I don't let him down."

My name's Groovy, GroovyVic...

But, I must say, Husband and I don't reenact anymore, we don't have the time, and I'm not a Daughter of the South...well, maybe by way of Pennsylvania; we were Union reenactors, you know, Strong Vincent? Little Round Top? Oh well... You can "check out our work" in that uber-stinker of cinematic poop "Gods and Generals." And, as for the skirts, well, what can I say? A woman has to find a way to amuse herself while the boys are out a-fightin'.

Alright, now I really am going to go clean the bathrooms all the doo-da day.

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Mmmmmkay, I've been tagged. ??? I'll see if I can do this right (still in a fog).

1) Total number of books I've owned: oh, honey, you should never ask me this. In my life time, too many, scads and scads, not counting inherited books. ONE MILLION...oh wait...going Dr. Evil on ya...

2) Last book I bought: The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy by Byron York

3) Last book I read: Forever by Pete Hamill

4) Books which mean a lot to me: here again, too many to mention

And I'll add some more, if I may...

5) Last CD I bought: Hank Williams: The Ultimate Collection

6) What's in the CD player now: George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (but the stereo isn't on)

Okay, did I get that right? Oh, I'm supposed to tag someone. Hmmmm....well....

The Wandering Mind, Brent, and RubDMC.

Go to it, boys.

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Tuesday's blathering

The coffee just isn't doing it for me this morning. I can't wake up! As my mom always says, "It must be the barometric pressure." It's raining and gloomy, not very inspiring, and I can't get motivated to do anything. Oh yeah, I did pack Son's lunch...

I was going to run in to Wal-Mart today with Daughter, but I don't want to haul her out in the rain, and I really should get some vacuuming done around here. It doesn't look like the public restroom at a gas station yet, but I need to do something.

The only thing is, Daughter see the vacuum, gets all excited, and then rides the canister portion sidesaddle. I kid you not. I'm always afraid I'll be pulling the vac along and she'll tumble ass over tea kettle off the damn thing. The things we do for clean floors.

Husband said something the other day about me always seeing the negative. He used as an example, of all things, "Kelly's Heroes." Ever see that flick? It's a WW II movie, with Donald Sutherland as some hippie dippy tank commander. And some sixties crappy crap folk hippy song for the theme music. Ummm...'kay. So, Husband proceeds to tell me that I'm like Gavin MacCloud's (sp?) (Capt. Steubing from the Love Boat) character, all negative, and Husband starts quoting Sutherland's "mellow out" crap.

I gave Husband a snotty look and said, "You know damn well I have never seen that whole movie, and I don't even like it, so stop telling me I'm like Captain Steubing!"

By the way, I DO like WW II movies, just not that particular one. I think Husband watches that so much because he knows it bugs me. Well, really, even if it was made in the late sixties or when ever, they could have at least had better music.

Oooof. It's really raining pitchforks and tom cats now!

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A few links today...

I can't think of anything today, so here are some links I found that are pretty interesting:

1) "What was this man thinking?"

2) "Another example of think before you speak."

3) "Not grrrrrrrreat..."

Still, somethings to chew on today.

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May 23, 2005

I am not hip...

I am not cool, I am not trendy.

I was watching "The Fabulous Life of..." on VH1, because I have no life, and well, I was trying to take a nap, and they were talking about how Justin Timberlake went into Harrod's in the middle of the night and spent....$1.7 million! Dollars! Mooola! Dineros!

I thought I was indulging when I went to Kaufmann's and bought a Liz Claiborne purse...that was on sale!

Still another mention was some salon over in London where one can get a hair cut...for $2000!

And I was hyperventilating because I just spent $19 for a cut and style at Penneys. And that was before the tip.

Folks, I guess I'm just too old to care, or too comfortable in my Hanes sweatpants. My niece, and my sister for that matter, laugh at my high waisted jeans. Well, so what if they're up to my rib cage, I still haven't toned that baby flab yet!

But I sat and thought to myself, just what would I do if I had money to burn like that? Probably go crazy at Wal-Mart.

It's true!

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Not quite Scarlett

This is me, really! Not Scarlett, and like I mentioned before, not that attractive. And yes, I do have the hoops on, and a corset...

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THE Confederate flag

This is a sticking point with me, so I looked up a good link for anyone interested in knowing that the "Southern Cross" was a BATTLE FLAG, and NOT the flag of the Confederate states. Although it was incorporated into the Confederacy's flag, what we see today was a battle flag.


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And I'm always thinking about you folks, because sitting down to this blog has given me a chance to keep my brain going, instead of falling into decay. And Husband likes it because it keeps me from spending money on Amazon.com. So, here I sit, broken hearted, paid a dime and only....HEY!! Stay on track here.

Here I sit, with my Led Zeppelin mug full of mountain grown goodness, to talk about something I woke up thinking about this morning. Let's talk about "another Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in status symbol land..." Ooops, lapsing in to the Monkees here...

We got up yesterday, Sunday, and Husband had the whole day planned out. Church, brunch, park. Okay, we all got showered and ready to go (Daughter in her purple capris, just too cute.) We get to church and...let me put in here that we have become "fair weather Christians." It isn't that we don't like church, it's just that sometimes our schedule is messed up, Husband is out of town for his job, stuff like that.

So we get there, and I think at this point enough of the congregants (is that right?) know us but don't know us, ya know? Anyway, it begins. Let me say, I'm not going to go into denominations or anything, suffice to say that this church isn't like what I'm used to. Lots of singing, LOTS, almost 45 minutes, and it's mostly contemporary Christian. I don't mind, I like that stuff, most of the time if you heard it and didn't know what it was you'd think it was a love song. But still, 45 minutes is a bit much.

And a bit much for this conservative Lutheran, let me tell you! But, Husband and I are comfortable with the Pastor's style, it's more like a Bible study than a sermon. And there is a great children's church and toddler playroom, so the kids like that.

We did brunch, ate WAY TOO MUCH and then off to the playground for the kids to run around. It was a nice day, which was so nice that we all came home and fell asleep. All four of us.

AND THEN! Husband and I sat down to watch "The Conquerers" on the History channel last night. It's Civil War week, and well, how could we resist. On the way home from the playground we smelled wood smoke, and I looked over at Husband and said:

"Smell that!"

H: "Yes, and look out the window." (Big, open field). "I see that, and almost want to go grab the Enfield and put the wool on."

ME: "Yeah, almost makes me want to put on the petticoats and the dress. Gawd I miss reenacting sometimes."

[Here is where I tell you that if I can find a pic of me in said getup I will post it. Good for a laugh anyway.]

So, we watch this History channel show, all about Sherman (my hero), and Husband and I launch into a great discussion of why we just can't employ those "marching to the sea" tactics today. Well, that's another topic for another time, and we could never do that anyway, because certain factions in the U.S. would cry "FOUL!" if we tried it.

I can't decide, though, if I like Capt. Dale Dye or R. Lee Ermey (Gunny) better. R. Lee did put on a Zouave uniform, but Dye was in Band of Brothers. Ah, but Gunny was in "Full Metal Jacket" ("you had best un-fuck yourself..."). I think I shall go with The Gunny.

Rambling, yes I am.

Going to run, I must get Son up and ready for school. I'm getting ye olde hair cut this morning; I colored it last night, going back to brown brown brown.

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May 22, 2005

New pic

Yeah, I changed my pic. I like this one better.

"Fiddle dee dee, this war talk's spoiling the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream..."

"If either of you boys says 'war' just once more, I'll go in the house and slam the door!"

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Flexing my mental muscles

I had to sit and jot something down, otherwise I'll fall asleep on the couch, and I don't like doing that.

I just found out that Toby Keith is a (gasp!) conservative Democrat! Well, really, that's fine with me, I like Zell Miller (by the way, I could not find either of Sen. Miller's books at that bastard bookstore today...and I looked...) and honestly, the political leanings of entertainers, celebrities means little to me until the get up on their soapboxes and start stumping.

"Oh, look at me, I'm Billy Blabberbutt! I'm famous and fabulous and I am everything you will never be. I'm good looking, I have a tight butt, pefect hair, and clear skin! Listen to ME and vote for Joe Pimpleass because I SAID SO. This candidate is GREAT!"

[Me blowing a big raspberry...]

Frankly, unless either John Kerry or George Bush was going to show up on my doorstep and help me clean the toilets, I could have cared less. Shut up Hollywood. Even if you're a Republican I don't want to hear it. And I like what Alice Cooper, a conservative himself, said about it. Basically, don't listen to celebrities when it comes to politics. Amen to that!

"Welcome to my nightmare." Indeed!

But, Mr. President, I did invite you out for coffee and fishing. Helloooooo? That picture you sent was great, I have it on my fridge door, right next to my GOP calendar, but hey, I'm harmless, really. And my toilets will already be sparklin' clean when you get here.

As far as Toby Keith, or any country music folks go, I like country because I grew up with that music. As Trace Adkins sings "...songs about ME, and who I am..." Although, I don't hear too many country songs about my specific life. Like "Dust bunnies in the corner" or "My hands are dried and crackin' from washin' my hands, 'cause I've been changin' diapers all day-ay-ay-ay-ay." Or how about the ever popular "Wipe your nose on my pants leg."

Look out Nashville, here comes GROOVYVIC!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....(snort!)


So, tonight I called my oldest and dearest friend CowboyBoots to see how she made out driving to Pittsburgh all by herself. Husband gave her directions and apparently they worked. See, CowboyBoots hasn't ever driven there by herself, and she was understandably nervous. I was happy to help, and even happier to hear that she was enjoying her time to herself. She has four kids and she works outside the home (God Bless her), and when I called she had gotten her room service and was watching a movie. She really deserves a break, even if it is for a training seminar for her job.


I read a great little article in my Parenting magazine today. "Five things moms shouldn't feel guilty about." As if I needed validation from a magazine, but still, it was nice to know I'm not the only SAHM out there who reads while the kids are happily playing with, oh, my shower cap and slippers.

Well, let's see. That's about it, and I guess I'm going to bed. ****Yawn!****

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May 21, 2005

It's now later...

...the same day...

THE Kids just went outside to annoy Husband for a while. Husband is out back, switching the septic tank, so....well, it's maintenance, I'll leave it at that.

Son and I went to the mall to go book shopping. He'd come home with "book fair" thingies; 20% of the purchase at this book store would go to the Elementary school. Well, twist my arm, there's nothing I like to do more than go to a book store. I'd rather buy books than food. Really. It's my vice.

I like going to the mall with Son. He gets so excited over little things, like gumball machines. I bought him one, and he chewed and chewed. Oh, what books did we get? Well, Son got the requisite dinosaur book and a Scooby Doo reader. I got a book for Husband, a presidential reference thing (Son was asking about the presidents this morning at breakfast), and a great book for me. "The Vast LEFT WING Conspiracy."

A book I cannot WAIT to sit down with. Although, with Hilary, Al Franken, Dean, Kerry, Soros, and Michael Moore on the cover, this is one book I won't have on the bedside table. Eeeesh... I mean, can you imagine waking up and seeing Michael Moore's fat smarmy face looking back at you. Woof!

Anyhoo, I also picked up the "Brothers in Arms" PlayStation game for Husband. Early Father's Day gift, I guess.

So now I'm sitting here in a snit because I'm once again up against cooking something for dinner. I hate cooking. I hate it. And I can't suggest going out to eat...budget and all that stuff. I guess my mood could be attributed to my new Coca-Cola less life. I'd sell my kids for a bottle right now. And today is the day I usually change all the bedding in the house, and I have to say, you try making a king size bed with a 20 month old rolling around on it. I put Daughter on the floor, the little stinker gets right back up there. UGH!

Dammit, time to go hoist the wet clothes into the dryer. Some days, SOME DAYS...


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An anniversary and other "issues"

This weekend marks the first anniversary of our move to the land that is high in the middle and round on both ends.

It's hard to believe a year has gone by already; I still find myself telling people I live in PA. The move was the best thing for my little family unit, as Husband, who works in Pittsburgh, would have to "camp out" there during the week, making life for me and the kids kind of a pain. BUT! We now have a lot of land, no close neighbors, and a brand new house and Husband is home every night.

I also can't believe that a year ago I went to one of the local dives close to my old home and had drinks with Elvis. It seems like yesterday. It was a great send off, a mini class reunion...Uncle Bum, Hyper, and JukeBoxHero were there, and for some reason, JukeBoxHero and I had a lenghty conversation about vasectomies. Don't ask, alcohol is a great little ice breaker. And I also had a conversation, the first one ever, with O-E, a guy who graduated a couple years ahead of me and never gave me the time of day back in high school. Ahhh, alcohol.

As for my "issues," let me say here and now that I am giving up that sweet devil Coca-Cola. I drink way too much, and am now starting to resemble my 15 year old self, which was a time of life I didn't like the first time I went through it. Adult acne, that's a joke, more like "Adult Pizza Face." Really.

Well, that's it. I'm off to the book store with Son so he can spend some of his allowance on dinosaur books...

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No Excuses

I just finished reading the article I was encouraged to read. (See the comments in the "Conversation with Husband" post...copy and paste that link.)


I have nothing now except a feeling of anger, shame, and frankly, nausea.

I cannot defend the actions of those soldiers, except to say that on page 1 of the article it was suggested that these soldiers were young and poorly trained. That is no excuse, I realize.

Why were the rules changed regarding treatment of detainees? Yes, we were all very angry about 9/11 and still are, but don't we also know that not all Afghans are Al Qeada?

I was prepared to cite history, that atrocities like this happen, "war is hell," comments of that sort. Prisoner abuse has been going on for a long time, long before the Geneva Convention came into being.

I was also prepared to say "If it saves more American lives, then so be it. They could have been sent to Egypt or Pakistan and gotten it a lot, a lot, worse."

But I won't, as anything I could say would just seem to be excusing what these soldiers have done.

I cannot, however, get away from the "young and poorly trained" comment, though. Keep in mind that many of these soldiers probably have not been exposed to the wider world view, they are young and probably have never ventured out of the U.S. They may be operating out of that same fear and anger that we all feel in the aftermath of 9/11.

That again does not excuse what is happening.

Yes, this is a much bigger story than Saddam in his undies. Thank you, Jessica, for bringing this to my attention. I have no answers, and I understand your anger and shame.

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May 20, 2005

Conversation with Husband

I wanted to get this down before I forgot, and I got Husband's permission to quote him.

So, I said "Did you see the latest pictures?"

H: "No, what is it this time?"

At which point I told him about the pictures of Saddam. Among other things on that issue, Husband said "The guy that would have guarded Hitler would have taken a picture of him too, if he could have."

To which I said "Uck, Saddam is bad enough."

I also stated, why the hell are we worried about our rep with Bolton in the U.N. with this kind of stuff going on?

Husband: "Somebody may have done this just to give us a black eye, did you ever think of that?"

Interesting, no?

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A small excerpt from Santorum's comments of 5/19/05

"This is truly a sad day. It has been a sad week. If you look and listen to my constituents--and I am sure all of our constituents--they are not happy about this debate. They are not happy a group of 100 leaders--100 leaders--cannot negotiate and find some way of acting civilly, of reflecting to our children and our grandchildren that we know how to play nice and we know how to play by the rules."

That's all I'm trying to say, gang...

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Website update

I had mentioned the website exposeeriepoliticians.com before, and just wanted to fill any interested parties in on what's going on.

Apparently, the persons who maintained this site have been identified, one of which, it turns out, worked with the Mayor of said city. Okay. This morning I tried to access the site, only to get the "site not available" thingahootch.

Hmmm, okay City Council. I'm getting the message that free speech is great, until it's your ass that's being smacked.

It's enough to make a preacher swear.

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"Tightie Whities"

Okay, what JACKASS decided it was okay to take pictures of Saddam Hussein and then "leak" them to the press? Haven't we learned from Abu Ghraib? Eeesh.

Imagine my shock when that picture of Saddam was the first thing I saw on the Today show this morning. What sick ass decided that would be of interest to anyone?

I'm not defending Saddam, but come on people. What's next, nude photos of Osama? I don't really care if Saddam has to rinse out his "grubby" clothes, or if he sleeps or not, and I really don't care to see his undies. I'm not even going to "go there" as far as what was IN that underwear shot. Uck...some things need to remain a mystery. At least give that man a smidge of dignity...just a BIT.

My GAWD people, everyone gets stirred up over Bolton making the U.S. look bad, what about these pin head morons who take pictures of prisoners in less than attractive situations?

Look, I love our military and admire them, but get smart folks. Much more garbage like this and we just may as well close up shop on this whole thing.

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I was finally able to post my comment over at that other site last night. All for naught, as it turns out; I was told by my friend over there that no one would probably read it...something about the diary scrolling out or some such. Dammit! I spent time thinking about a response, even sat down with Word to put something down so that all I had to do was copy and paste. Not to toot my own horn here, but I thought I sounded pretty rational, maybe a dash sarcastic, but in all I would say it came out reasonable and not moronic. Oh well.

I admit to reading some stuff out there on the Left. I guess namecalling, or nicknames (to be fair) aren't limited to one side. "DryDrunk FratBoy" meaning Bush, and "Wingnuts" apparently the Right, but in fairness that one could go either way, are just two of the names I saw out there. I wasn't upset or anything, it's par for the course, but this makes me wonder even more how on earth anyone is going to get anything done if both sides don't calm down and, well, shut up long enought to do anything. I mentioned leaving this "legacy," if you will, for our kids. I was afraid to put a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on my SUV (as if I don't open myself up enough to road rage), what does this mean for our kids?

Interestingly enough, my online friend said, to summarize and paraphrase, that this all started with Nixon. Okay, that's before my time (I can only remember as far back as Ford), but hmm...convenient scapegoat, don't you think? And LBJ had nothing to do with sending more troops to Vietnam. Hmmmm....

Shut up, Vic, all you think you know is from watching the History channel.

Ah, but, oh ever wise conscience, Husband was a history major, he was. (Shades of Yoda there...) That means we discuss a lot. A LOT!!


One of my frequent readers commented about my blog roll and thanked me for putting him there. (You're welcome, B!) He said he isn't just anti-Bush but anti-ignorance as well. Good point, "good on 'ya mate!" as it were. I too cannot abide ignorance and being spoon fed by the media, whether that media be Left or Right, hence my open mind and annoying questions. It occurs to me, though, that B may call me ignorant because I'm a card carrying Conservative. I'm not saying he did, just wondering. The same could be said of anyone who's views are different, and I'm sure people really have called me ignorant and meant it.


For shits and giggles I tuned into the last half hour of "The Apprentice" last night. I knew I'd be going to bed soon anyway, but was curious about who would win. I haven't watched that show since the first season, so when I tuned in I wasn't happy with what I saw. I didn't like that whole live audience thing. That Tana, or whatever her name is, kept "whoo whooping" and pumping her fist, ala Arsenio. Inapproriate, I thought. And a band? Ugh, I did NOT need to see Omarosa grooving. But, that's all I have to say about that, like I said before, I haven't been watching that show at all. And I didn't feel like staying up to watch "Carter's departure" on ER. I was once a big fan of that show, but somehow it's just all gone down the pooper for me.


I woke up at 5:15 this morning after having a really bad dream. I won't go into details, but I'll just throw this out: anyone remember BillyClyde Tuggle from "All My Children?" (That character goes waaaaaaaaaay back.) Suffice to say, it was something like that. It really shook me up. But I am awake now!!! And it was a bad dream, nothing more.


Husband will be home today, HUZZAH!! Hopefully the weather will improve a bit so we can take the kids to a nearby park to play. They were really good this last week, and they deserve it. Even Daughter is getting used to her ear plugs at bath time. She's going to have to, but still... I just hope I got those little buggers in her ears properly!

FOX ALERT! Of the animal kind, that is. Last night I saw yet another fox around the back of the house/deck area. This was a smaller fox, not as much red on him as on the other one. Cute little stinker...

Well, I believe I'll go watch the local weather and enjoy a big, hot cup of coffee before the kids wake up.

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May 19, 2005

Phone calls and Stuff

I talked to Elvis tonight. My friend Elvis, folks, not THE Elvis.

Anyway, he told me last night was the 50th anniversary of our high school. In the years since we, Elvis and I and our classmates, graduated, there's been quite a bit of renovation. I asked Elvis what it was like, and he said "Not the same. I almost cried." Well, something to that extent. No back hall! No "cold spot." I'll bet the smoking bathrooms are gone too. The four years of "ABC" gum that I stuck under the shelf in my locker...gone!

(Any fellow alumni who read this know what I'm talking about...)

I guess I'm not sad, really, as much as nostalgic. These are the people I've known since Kindergarten and Fifth grade, so the fact that the building where we fought, made friends, had adolescent heartaches...that changed...well, we all have though, so I shall stop whining.

Dammit, there goes Daughter, making modern art with her mac n' cheese. Son is talking to himself about something and ignoring his mac n' cheese.

Great blabbering blatherass, I can't wait for Husband to come home!

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Thinking back on that last post of mine, the one about commenting over at a Liberal site, a wave of exhaustion just flowed over me.

When I read some of the things over there, I was antsy to post comments. Not to be a jerk, but to sort of explain, if you will, where I'm coming from on a few things. So, I found out about the waiting period and thought "Oh, that's good, because I want to make sure my comment is well structured, thought out, and doesn't make me sound totally moronic...as opposed to the semi-moronic like normal."

Anyhoo, this afternoon, when I still couldn't post a comment, I just said to myself "Oh for crap's sake. To hell with it, I'm tired of thinking about it."

I'm also just plan, flat out tired, but I've gone over and over what I'd say, I got all pumped up and ready to go, feeling like "GIT-R-DONE!" and then pffffftt.... Nothin'.

Really, at this point I don't even feel like defending my position or anything. And that has nothing to do with anything other than sheer tiredness.

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Commenting on other opinion sites

Thanks to a new online friend, I'm about to post a comment on a rather, ahem, well, NOT Republican site. Yeah, I know, liberals, anti-Bush folks, all that. I've seen what's over there, but I still want to address a couple things. I'm not going to pick a fight or rant, I've learned a lesson. But here's the thing...

In order to post a comment, one has to register a username. Okay, did that. THEN one has to wait 24 hours to even post a comment. Okay, so when I got into the FAQ's I read that this is put in place to prevent someone from posting inflammatory remarks...picking fights.

Hmmmm...nice if we Republicans could be afforded that same consideration.

I'M NOT TRYING TO ANTAGONIZE! I'm just sayin'....

Great Jumping Jehosophat people! It never seems to end.

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I finally figured out how to put a damn blog roll in here without having to change the template! I am proud of me!

Okay, this is just a short list of the blogs I check out. Some are, obviously, Republican, others are more independent minded, and some are, well, Anti-Bush. But I've had great response from those not in total agreement with my politics, and they were kind enough to blogroll me.

I'll add more when I get the time, trust me. I'm finding new blogs every day.

Must run, Paula Deen is on!!

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Thoughts and musings...

I just got out of bed a bit ago, and I'm still rubbing sleep from my eyes. Old Juan Valdez will be working overtime today, count on that. But, I had some thoughts, sitting here waiting for the coffee to drip.

Last night I took the kids up to McD's (or "house of fat" to me) to pick up something for dinner. (Damn Paul Newman, your Ranch dressing kept repeating on me like an old record...) Anyhoo, while we were driving to HOF I was behind a BMW convertible. You know, the James Bond-y looking one. So, I didn't tailgate, keeping at least a car length behind...but this morning I wondered if this man, an older man but that's not important, looked in his rearview mirror and thought "Holy jumping catfish. Look at that SUV compared to me!"

I know when I ride in Husband's little "pregnant rollerskate" that I feel like that. I just wondered if that guy got a little nervy. Trust me when I say I don't drive like a bunghole, that guy shouldn't have been nervy about that. Just the size difference...


So, "Sith" is officially out. Great, I cannot wait to see it. I saw a few little snippets about the release on the local news, and I didn't even giggle at the viewers who dressed up. How could I, when I pondered tricking out in full 1860's regalia for the first showing of "Gods and Generals." The only thing that stopped me was that I was pregnant with Daughter and in that trimester of nausea and constant bathroom stops. I'll let your imaginations wander off to that...


I read over at another blog that the blogowner thinks all those who were in favor of going into Iraq should go over and fight now. Well, she was agreeing with and basically quoting something Bill Maher had said...but I read that particular post with a bit of amusement. I don't disagree with sending Britney Spears and her, um, ahem (gag) husband. Heck, send Michael Jackson too. Oh wait, that might make the U.S. look even worse. Can't you see it: "Come hear little Iraqi boys (HEE HEE, OWWW!!!), let me give you some "juice" and a nice deep tissue massage (HEE HEE, OWWWW!!!) Look at these pictures while I put my hand right....HEE HEE, OWWWW!!!"

On second thought, maybe not.

BUT!! She also said, or Bill Maher said, that Brooks and Dunn should go. OH NO! I LOVE THOSE BOYS! I saw them in concert last year, it was awesome, best show...Okay, is my red neck showing? They are so...awesome. And Kix Brooks...mmmmm, mustache....

Oh! Sorry, drifted off there.

And I'm a country music fan because it's good music and the music I grew up with. Politics and patriotism have nothing to do with it. And I wasn't a Dixie Chicks fan to begin with, so their statement of a few years back had no effect on me. I have never liked them.

OY! I hear daughter, up already. Another day begins...

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May 18, 2005

What I saw tonight

Just after I tucked Kids into bed, I was walking out to my kitchen and I saw the most feckin' incredible thing.

THE fox was right up next to the house.

This almost never happens; usually we see the fox (that must live around our house) out the driveway a bit where we put food. Tonight, however, this fox was in the front yard, and then went around the house and was under our deck. I'd tossed Son's morning toast off the deck this morning, and the fox daintily picked up the one remaining piece and sauntered off.

It was really cool. I wish Husband had been here to see it.

That's it. I'm just waiting for "Mythbusters" to come on.

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Suggested Reading

I have been encouraged by some "Lefties" that I've been conversing with recently to check out some articles, blogs, websites, and the like. Well, it's my turn.

I would like anyone who's questioning, like me, or just want to know what the "other side" is up to, to go check out this blog:


Okay, please don't roll your eyes. I just read an entry, and the attached comments, titled "Some Thoughts on Moslem Outrage and the MSM."

What makes it great are the comments...check it out!

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The News

Or, more specifically, what we see on the news.

Mike Straka wants to "celebrate a little good news around here..." citing that all we hear are stories about Marines being killed, little kids being murdered or sexually molested...

But then I turn to the editor's page in Vanity Fair (I'm sorry, I cannot remember the man's name right now) and he's discussing how Iraq is a "forgotten war."

[Yes, I know, this man does not really like the Bush administration, but hey, I'm trying to be mature here and listen, remember?]

The VF editor goes on to say that updates and/or stories about Iraq are usually buried on back pages of newspapers and appear after health updates on, say, NBC Nightly News. (At which I, as a viewer of said news broadcasts, think "My gosh, he's right!") Another good point is that we on the Right re-elected Bush because of national security, terrorism, and the like. But what does he focus on? Social Security reform.

And furthermore, what does the Senate focus on? Steroid use.

Now, this man has his eye on the ball here. Think about it! I've been reading, with some interest I might add, a blog by someone who'd slammed me in the past, but this person is angry about Iraq, seemingly frustrated with the Right, worried about a friend currently in Iraq. I commented on this person's blog yesterday, telling her that I completely understand her anger. Politics aside, we're pretty much on the same side, so to speak, when it comes to loved ones and their welfare. I didn't want to get all "theocratic" on her, but I have included her friend in my prayers.

Not hokey, folks, human.

My point is, after reading just a few articles and opinions from the Left, my political views haven't changed, but my eyes are opened up. I have questioned why there is so much bitterness and anger, tried to understand, and frankly was getting nowhere with the likes of Sean Hannity. I wanted to understand, and I think I'm starting to.

The aforementioned blog also said the we are being "duped" by the media. Are we? Or have we, with our "MTV attention spans" put the war in Iraq on a back burner to focus on Michael Jackson and runaway brides?

I do not mean to say that child murder and molestation aren't very important issues, but what are we not hearing? And why don't we want to hear it?

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May 17, 2005

Celebrity Feuds and Plastic Surgery

Husband is out of town for the week, so this means that once the kids are in bed, the TV is mine. I curled up and got ready for some quality vegetation time. After maxing out on "Friends" reruns (remember, I'm an Aniston fan...and mmmmmm, David Schwimmer!), I switched over to see what was on VH1. I caught the last half hour of "Most Awesome Celebrity Beefs," and tuned in just in time to see something about Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson.

Now, I don't watch CNN, I don't know exactly what the deal was with Stewart and Carlson, so if any of you can fill me in, please do. I had a beef, however, with Tucker's attire.

Nevermind the name, but a bow tie? That worked for Sen. Paul Simon and, oh, Orville Redenbacher, but you're my age, man! Your not bad to look at, so get your hair trimmed and find some nice ties! No wonder Jon Stewart railed on you.

Also mentioned was the George Clooney/Bill O'Reilly thing. Now, I think it's great that "celebrities" care and want to help out when things get bad, so what is O'Reilly getting wound up about? Once again, not fully clued in on exactly what the issues were, but I'd like to go on record here to say I'm NOT a Bill O'Reilly fan, and not really a Clooney fan either.

Oh sure, I liked Clooney's smarmy grin, but he's become one of those "angry, activist" Hollywood types, the ones that act like "Oh, look at me! I'm famous! Listen to me!"

What I wouldn't give for the days of the likes of Wayne, Gable...those classics.

So, I switched over to E!, because I kept seeing promos for "Dr. 90210" and wanted to see what the fuss is about. The "ick" factor wasn't cranked too high, I mean, I've seen worse on Discovery Health Channel (like "160 lb. Tumor"), but some of it made me screw my eyes shut. I'm not getting plastic surgery anytime soon, either.

I know, "Watch something substantial, Vic!" Well, the headache was back in full force, and I just wanted to "lay like broccoli" and not get too deep into anything.

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May 16, 2005

Vanity Fair

So, on my way through the check-out this morning at Kroger I picked up a Vanity Fair mag.

"But," you say, "that's a seemingly left leaning magazine!!"

So what? I'm not going to let politics stand in the way of entertainment, and I like reading that magazine. It makes me feel like I'm learning something.

I was attracted by Angelina Jolie on the cover. She is hot, admit it, and while the whole Brad Pitt thing interests me NOT, I'm curious about Jolie. But, if pinned down, I'd have to say I'm a Jennifer Aniston fan.

AND!! Get this: "Frank Sinatra's Mob Ties..." I'm a Sinatra fan, and very interested in all things Mafia. I don't know why, I'm not even Italian, and I can't explain my interest.

My custom is to page through a mag first, then go back later, when I can settle in, to read the articles. Here's one that caught my eye:

"No Jokes, Please, We're Liberal" - "How come right-wing pundits are funny, while their left-wing counterparts are stuck in plodding solemnity? An exploration of the humor gap between the conservative and liberal media leads the author from the Ivy League ambitions of Slate straight to the stuffed-shirt empire of The New York Times."

Hmmm...intresting, and I plan to read that article. We right wingers are funny? That's news to me. Seriously.

For any of you who see this particular issue, NO I was NOT attracted by the small print "...Tony Curtis Nude!"

I saw it. That's all I'll say. You go look and draw your own conclusions.

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A pissy mood

I'm in a bad mood this morning. I was in a bad mood yesterday, but now my irritation has clarified. Forget that I log on to the Internet, Fox News being my homepage, and read that Star Wars thing. Let me say again, folks, it is a movie! I'm not even going to give voice to the frustration I'm feeling right now about actors, directors, who ever, making statements and oh we should listen because they are famous after all.


I had a dilly of a migraine yesterday, and despite my efforts to head it off at the first sign (loss of vision) I still got a pounder and couldn't see for about a half hour. Lots of fun when one has kids, let me tell you. And while the worst of it went away, I still had a dull thud in my head after I took a nap. Not fun, especially when Son complained of a sore throat, and it must have been bad, because he burst into tears. Mommy took care of that! Poor kid.

So, okay, we live in feckin' Wild Kingdom here. Skunks, raccoons, a HUGE Tom turkey and his harem of hens, fox...and deer. Those bastards. Yes, I said BASTARDS. I should post a picture of those buggers to prove just how close they get to my house. (I know, in the winter they forage and forage, but it is a bit disconcerting to walk past the picture window and see, oh, half a dozen deer RIGHTTHERE!)

It's shortly after 10 p.m. last night, and the motion detector light goes on. It's over the garage, which is right next to our bedroom. I roll over and say "The light is on!" to Husband, who jumps out of bed, pushes on his specs and looks out the window.

There's a deer, he says, checking out that red maple. Husband just planted it, and along with it, some hosta, which I have always hated. I jumped up and said "Eat the damn hosta!!!"

Irrational, I know, but for what ever reason, and I can't even tell you why, I just hate hosta.

But, the tree's new leaves remained uneaten.

You may be saying "Shoot the deer." No, I would, for sport, but I don't like venison. Another irrational statement, I'll eat beef, pork, chicken, but I don't like venison. And yes, I have tried it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an animal hater. It's fun to watch the fox and the skunk fight, we have muddy raccoon prints all over the new swings, and I've never seen a male turkey thisclose before, all puffed up. I'll have to turn off that motion light, as it freaks one out when it goes on in the middle of the night.

But I'm still in a bad mood this morning!


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Star Wars and Politics...???


"Oh, no..." I moaned when I read this. Now this has trickled over to the movies?

Michael Moore was one thing, but now George Lucas? Okay, the man said "Iraq didn't exist" when he started the prequels, fine. But why, why WHY do we have to dissect down to the nth degree a MOVIE meant to entertain?

This person, me, right here, goes to the movies to just watch a movie, to sink into the seat (as much as possible) and just lose myself in someone else's life. That is the one place I don't want to have to think about politics, right vs. left...blah blah blah.

I'm sick of it. SICK. OF. IT. And you wonder why I don't watch the news, not even Fox News, anymore? Why I can only take Rush and Hannity in small doses?

I know, I KNOW, everyone is allowed their opinion. But come ON, folks, first speculation about a droid's sexuality, and now THIS???

It's enough to make a preacher swear. It's enough to make me just bury my head and be totally ignorant (not half ignorant, as I am now) to what's going on in the world.

What's next? Harry Potter, as the great Liberal liberator, taking on Voldemort, the evil Bushie? Cripes.

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May 15, 2005

Vincente Fox takes a hit...


Read this article. I have to say, I agree with Rev. Jackson on this one.

I'm not even going to weigh in on my opinion here, except to say...President Bush, put up a wall!

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I've been thinking...

First, let me publicly thank Dirk the Turk for visiting and commenting here. I didn't think you would, Dirk, so I was pleasantly surprised to see you'd stopped by. I'm taking your comment about Ken Mehlman into consideration, and will try to watch the news a bit more than I have been.

Now, I heard from Dennis W. from Expose Erie Politicians. Have any of you checked that site out? I was pondering this all night, by that I mean the FBI investigation of that site and so forth.

We all remember the stories that came out of Iraq, the ones about Saddam cutting out the tongues of those who voiced dissent? Hmmm....and we all sat here, somewhat smugly, bragging about how in this country we can say what we want and isn't that great?

Isn't it?

I don't think we're practicing what we preach. At least, the Erie City Council isn't.

I've had my "face slapped" a few times for shooting off my mouth and have been accused of stomping on First Amendment rights. I've apologized, admitted my mistakes, and learned from it. I will be the first one to stand up and say "I'm a Republican," which a few of you already know, but I'll at least listen to a Liberal or a Democrat. (I know not all Liberals are Democrats, and vice versa.)

I have seen quite a bit of anti-Bush stuff out there, and just as much pro-Bush stuff, and I've commented a few times, but, hopefully, I never came across as so narrow minded that I wouldn't listen. Does that make sense?

If you are a Liberal, a Democrat, Libertarian, I respect the fact that you are informed, that you pay attention to current events and make intelligent statements. I used to be a Liberal Democrat, so I'm not going to turn up my nose now because I'm a Conservative Republican!

What I'm trying to say is that we get all fired up if someone makes a contrary comment to what we believe, we get all fired up, but shouldn't we respect the fact that we can make those comments? Are we going to cut out the tongues of the voices of dissent?

You all probably want to cut my tongue out about now, huh? I'm sorry, I should do this when the kids are asleep and not interrupting me...

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May 14, 2005

So I checked out...

I checked out the website I mentioned before...the one about politicians. Okay, I read a few entries, and I don't see what the big deal is! What I saw is no different from blogs I've read, criticizing Bush, his agenda, or even the conservative blogs that call the Democrats into question. The fact that a Councilman would call in the FBI to investigate this website is absurd.

So, I'm going to give you the site address, you judge for yourselves:


Also, go check out: presqueisle.blogspot.com.

Now, okay, I used to live in the Erie, PA area. Most of you, if you check these sites out, won't know the people involved, but just tell me if what you see there is any different from what you yourselves discuss in a public forum.

I'm amazed, really, that a Councilman would, well, stomp on First Amendment rights! What does he expect the FBI to do anyway? I didn't see anything threatening; I could understand if someone was plotting something nasty, but come on! It's commentary!

Oh, I just feel a letter to the editor coming!

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A quick update...

Just wanted to let you dear readers know that Daughter is doing great. She's adjusting to the ear drops she has to get twice a day, and the gunk has stopped coming out of her ears.

And the best thing, last night was the first night in months that I haven't had to give her pain relief or cold medicine before bed. Yippeee!!

Daughter also ran around outside last night; it was so nice and warm. She walked up our very long and steep driveway without falling or needing to be carried.

Must run, the kids are settled in to watch Spongebob, so this is a perfect time for the ear drops.

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PETA's latest; Free Speech and Dirty Politics

Have you heard the latest PETA pitch? They are starting a campaign, aimed at school kids, to tell them about animal abuse. I think we can all agree that animal abuse of any kind is sick and cruel. I have no problem with that aspect of their campaign. But, I do take offense at their next pitch, that being that eating meat and drinking milk (!!) is inhumane.

Mothers out there know that kids can be pretty finicky when it comes to eating. Son wouldn't eat meat. Oh, he'll drink his milk, he likes it, but as for any kind of meat, he mainly stuck to chicken nuggets. It wasn't until about, oh three months ago or something, that he started eating hamburgers and other beef products. I'm NOT joking, and this kid is almost six years old. Now, do I really want someone to tell my son, who is pretty thin, that eating meat is going to hurt a cow? He likes cows, but hasn't yet made that cows=hamburger, nor has he made that chickens=nuggets connection either. He's five, for Pete's sake.

I know there are people out there who eat no animal products at all, and that is great. If they are happy and healthy, more power to them. But my son really needs to eat more, and meat is about the only way he can get any kind of weight on him. I sincerely hope he doesn't come home with any of the PETA stuff...I just may have to address the school board in that event.

And drinking milk is inhumane? What are we to do, keep our kids on the boob forever? Sheesh.

Perhaps I don't fully understand PETA's aim here, that could be, but I'd much rather have my kids eat meat and grow and bulk up than remain thin and turn their noses up. Can any mom out there see what I'm trying to say???


I read in my former hometown paper yesterday that certain members of city council are getting pissed about a website that throws criticism at them. To be honest, I didn't follow city council politics, because I lived out in the county, and I wasn't too crazy about the mayor of said city, but I will give the man credit for one thing: he said that, while he didn't like the website, there is such a thing as free speech. Hoooray for Mr. Mayor, the first thing he (and a Democrat, at that) has said that I applaud.

So what if city council members and mayoral candidates are coming under scrutiny? Do they honestly think they're the first and only ones to suffer criticism? My goodness, look around you, Councilman.

Hey, we all have to "face the music," as it were, but what I'm getting angry about is the Councilman who has a bug up his rear has called in the FBI to investigate this website. Well, hey, dirty politics is just that, no one likes to be called names and put down, but how about those First Amendment rights everyone is so quick to invoke? That's what is at the core here, really, one person's take on city politics, and they make a statement about it. Like it or not, this person does have the right to say it.

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May 13, 2005

"Is C-3PO gay?"

Let me begin by saying last night I was watching SNL reruns on E!, a channel I seldom watch, but I needed a good laugh. So, this channel runs those "crawls" at the bottom of the screen on the half hour, and what do I see?

"Do Wookees shower? What is a Sith? Is C-3PO gay?" Apparently, on the E! website, there are "Eleven Mysteries" about Star Wars that are being answered. And NO, I'm not checking it out.

Now, why...in the heck...does it matter if a robot is gay? Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing "Sith" also, perhaps not as much as some of the more enthusiastic fans out there, but I want to see it. I'm also not up on all the terminology or anything, so for the sake of argument, may I call C-3PO a robot?

Anyway, why has it come to this? No, I don't really care if Chewie takes a shower. And as for "gay robots," oh good heavens. Okay, what qualifies as being gay? A British accent, being able to speak hundreds of languages, being neat, having good manners... British men should be really offended.

Overlooking the fact that there is no noticable genitalia (my stars, why am I talking about this?), THIS IS A MOVIE. Who cares about the sexual preference of any of the characters? Oh sure, it did get a bit "Flowers in the Attic" there, when we found out Luke and Leia were siblings, but that ended pretty quick.

My goodness, can't we just enjoy this movie without having to speculate about which way robots swing? Good LORD! (Said in exasperation...)

I just had to comment on this. By the way, I also saw that Sharon Stone adopted another little boy. Great! Best of luck to you, Ms. Stone. I applaud you and your giving a baby a loving home.

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My take on things...

I'm awaiting Rumsfeld's list of military bases that are being considered for closure. This interests me because, and if I viewed the U.S. map correctly last night on NBC, there is only one base in PA that is being considered. This interests me because this is where the Presidents (note the plural there) land when they are visiting the Pittsburgh area.

Why does this interest me? Well, cost cutting measures primarily. I know a few things about this issue, just a few, but what I want to know is if the war in Iraq has anything to do with this. Now, brace yourselves, I want us out of there too. Oh, I've supported this from the beginning, but I hear those reports of attacks and deaths of our guys, and I don't like it either. I don't like all this money being spent on Iraq anymore than those on the "other side." I agree that we need to get out of there, and fast, but somehow I get the impression that the ones who want us to go the most are the ones holding us up. By that I mean the insurgents. They want us gone, fine, so quit farting around and let us go already.

Perhaps it is the mother in me, you know, getting irritated by a dawdling kid, but if those insurgents would cool it and give us a chance to get out...but the more they blow themselves up and blow other people up, how can we leave? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


So, John Bolton doesn't have an endorsement. Okay, I heard a bit of what Voinovich said. And I read in my National Review (yes, I read that) that Bolton "kissed butt and kicked down" while he was in the State dept. Well, so? Who doesn't do that in the work place? Haven't we all known some brown noser who would shoot you as soon as look at you to get ahead of you? Maybe it's just my goofy way of thinking here, but I don't see how Bolton's actions are so suspect. I guess different rules apply to the high profile jobs?


I read an article from my "hometown" newspaper this morning about a retiree who went to D.C. to protest the Social Security reforms, and now the Senator from that area is not happy. Apparently, this retiree was on a nation wide conference call... Okay. This man is retired, but is concerned about his kids (one of whom I went to school with) and his grandchildren. Well, I don't know why the Senator is so up in arms about this man from his district speaking out. The political affiliation of the retiree wasn't given, but he got involved through MoveOn.org. Okay. The Senator is Republican. Okay too.

So why is the Senator so miffed? Doesn't this retired gentleman have the right to speak his mind? The Social Security issue is one more issue I'm not well informed on, so I don't have much of an opinion about it, and I didn't pay in to the system long enough before I stopped working. But I do know that future recipients have the right to have a say.

I've commented before, and fallen into, the whole verbal "shooting match" over stuff, and I have to say that the PA Senator had better cool it. Let this gentleman have his say, but don't go firing off at him. I've at least learned that from all my experiences.

But, didn't Bill Clinton, while in office, make a comment regarding Social Security? That it was in trouble?

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May 12, 2005


So, if I read another person's comment on their blog correctly, I have no sense of humor. Okay, that's a newsflash. MOVING ON.

Anyone who's read my previous posts knows I tend to shoot my mouth off without thinking. I had yet another person find fault with a stupid comment I made. In essence, I made a dumb remark about certain females in D.C., and am now being accused of spewing "hate speech." And when I admitted it was a dumb comment, I was told my owning up to it was "lame."

I certainly hope that the person who made those remarks, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, visits this blog. Yes, I made a stupid ass comment about throwing darts at pics of Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. Do I hate them? I don't even know them. I also said I threw darts at Osama bin Laden's picture after 9/11. Now really, was I the only one?

North Koreans were pictured aiming a toy gun, or something to that effect, at a picture of George Bush. Now, tell me there aren't a few Liberals and Democrats in this country who don't do the same thing. I said, basically, that now my Kindergartener could shoot darts at the above mentioned women.

How in the hell is that hate speech. And underlying grievances. GIVE ME A SMALL BREAK, DIRK. You want to talk about grievances? How about the seeming "I'm taking my ball and going home" attitude of the Democrats since the last election?

I am so damn sick and tired of the Left saying what ever the hell they want and getting away with it (hello, Harry Reid and his "loser" comment). I'm so sick and tired of taking heat for comments that are my opinion alone in a public forum for Pete's sake.

Hate speech indeed. What I said is absolutely nothing compared to some of the other stuff I see out there.

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Tubes are in

Daughter got her ear tubes this morning, and was home by 10:30 this morning. It wasn't as bad as my overactive imagination thought it was going to be. I got there with Daughter, and she got all prepped; by the time Husband arrived Daughter was getting a bit "happy" on the sedative she'd been given. At least she was happy, and never made a peep the entire time. That was until she came out from the anastth...anasazi...the sleepy stuff, you know what I mean.

I heard Daughter before I saw her, and a nurse was holding her and trying to calm her down and get her to open her eyes. I recognized this from all those years ago when I'd gotten surgery, I kicked and screamed when I was coming out of it. So, I wasn't shocked or upset, merely trying to keep Daughter from pitching herself around and hurting herself. She's a strong kid, I'll say that.

Anyway, Husband helped get her in the truck, and by the time we got home she'd calmed down. She was still a bit woozy and wobbly on her feet, but she was eating. I had to run up to get her scrip filled, so Husband stayed with her and kept her happy. She ate two bananas and some Cheerios.

Now I'm just glad that's over with. Daughter came out fine, and she seems happy now.

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Interesting blog

If you have a chance, please go check out Half Sigma (www.halfsigma.com). This is a great blog, "common sense politics." There's an interesting survey that is mentioned...check this one out.

So, yesterday I get an email from Ken Mehlman of the RNC. Okay, I get these a lot, being a Republican and all, and this one concerned the "party of NO."

"No, no, no, no. That's all you hear from the Democrats in Washington these days. From blocking qualified judges to obstructing Social Security reform, they're obstructing the President's agenda at every turn without offering ideas of their own.

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says Democrats don't need a plan, they just need to stop Republicans. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) says they don't care how long it takes, they will never back down. U.S. News and World Report columnist Gloria Borger says the Democrat Party has become the 'party of no.'"

Okay, admittedly I haven't had time to check out the video link that was mentioned (I didn't include that here, sorry) but this goes back to my "huh?" post...and I just don't get it. No no no...sounds a lot like Daughter...dare I say it, are the Democrats affecting the collective attitude of two year olds? They "don't need a plan"???? That's a big switch from ole' John Kerry's "I have a plan, I have a plan" blah blah blah. Ugh, that JFK wannabe. Ick.

Now, I know the party as a whole isn't all bad. I sort of like Zell Miller, he seems like a nice guy, and I admit I like that accent. But still, I'm getting tired of all the shrieking and carrying on.

Another blog of note, check out rightwingsparkle. She knows her stuff, and she's blogrolled "Blogs for Bush."

I'd get a blogroll too, but I can't figure the damn thing out!

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May 11, 2005

It's happening...

So, the surgery center did call this morning, Daughter is going to get those tubes tomorrow. I have to have her up there at 7:45 tomorrow morning. Husband will get Son up and off to school and then meet me there.

I feel, well, I don't feel as wound up as I was before. I'm confessing here and now that my biggest fears are that Daughter will have the same kind of reaction to the anasht...ansatiz...oh hell, being "put to sleep" that I had way back in 1988. I was sick, massively sick, for hours. Daughter is just a baby, well 20 months, and I don't want that happening to her. I also fear that she'll be scared. I know, be brave for her, but still. I could be barking at shadows here, I mean, she's so interested in everything that she may act like she does at the pediatrician's office...into anything she can reach.

But we'll see. I know this is best for her, that pumping all those antibiotics into her was becoming moot. I don't like pumping crap into my own body, why would I do that to my kids?

I'll keep any interested parties updated on this one. Think of me tomorrow, willya??

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Waiting for the phone to ring

As tomorrow is supposed to be the day Daughter gets those ear tubes (come on, insurance, do it this time), I'm waiting for the surgery center to call to give us a time. Since we live in the boonies, we only have one phone line. So, when someone calls, they just hear ringringringringring if anyone is on the Internet. (And no, I won't get CallWave. I had it once, then they tried to get me to pay for it...I said NO.)

So, it will be a great exercise in restraint for me to stay off the computer today. Well, that's fine, since it looks like it will be a great day. I make an effort to turn off the TV these days (hence my lack of knowledge about anything really important) and enjoy the day.

But, I'm a bit panicky. What if we have a repeat performance of last week? What if the doc's office calls and says they're having problems with the insurance again? If they even try to claim they couldn't get in touch with me I will scream. For the past two days I haven't gotten on the computer during business hours just to keep the phone line open.

What a load of crap.

I haven't hung over a phone like this since I was a teenager. It's pathetic. What really bites is that we don't have a faster Internet connection, but that's a gripe for another time. I don't know what I would do if we had faster connection speeds. What, not have to wait and wait and wait and wait for a page to load? Imagine that.

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May 10, 2005

I'm being stalked...

Okay, so I'm not really being stalked, I'm just the victim of a bunch of pretty stupid coincidences. Duran Duran is after me!!

On Sunday I heard "Save a Prayer" at Outback (it must have been 80's day or something), and then today, while flipping around the TV for the, oh, 15 minutes I had the thing on, I found "The Reflex" video on VH1 Classics. Now, this used to be my all time favorite video by that band. I mean, John Taylor...oh my. (The really sad thing is that my hair is exactly that length now, so I can get my hair to look like that....)

Anyway, this wouldn't be such a big deal if a few months ago I hadn't gotten mouthy with the group's spokesperson. I read on their website that two of the members actually wanted Kerry to win the election, liked "Farenheit 9/11," and called Bush a "real gangster," or some such tripe to that effect. I mainly stated that, after all these years of loving them, that of all the things to talk about in 2004, they pick that. I was "shocked" and dismayed to see their political leanings.

Oh, you know what that person emailed back to me! I'm "not tolerant." Uh-huh, the universal label for any and all Republicans. Pfft. So what if John Taylor lives in CA? Is he a citizen? Probably not. He is a big old cocaine freak.

Hey boys, pick on Tony Blair. Start in your own homeland before you pick on mine.

Have you seen them lately? They look like something from a Tim Burton movie. And their songs, well, hey, the 80's are over, give up. You are not the Rolling Stones.

For any of my high school classmates who may read this, I would like to state for the record that I do not like Duran Duran anymore! So quit bringing that up at class reunions! And Elvis, stop telling me you're "hungry like the wolf." Go eat, I don't care, that joke is old.

Yes, after all these 20 some years, I still get teased about liking that band. Well, yeah, I do have a picture somewhere of me in my DD shirt, collar flipped up, and those big 80's glasses. I thought I was coooooooool. I was a dork.

Would anyone like a collection of CD's, actual vinyl records, and some videos?

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"...a certain...I don't know what..."

So this morning I read on the Fox News site that Renee Zellwegger Jingleheimer Schmitt and Kenny Chesney got married. That was met with a "WHAT?!" from me, as I'd just read yesterday in US magazine that they had indeed met and were making out all over the place. Well, I say fine. Great! Good for them. I hope it works out and lasts forever, and I'm not being snarky here.

I like Kenny's music, and my goodness, he's easy on the eyes. For Renee's part, I hope she has him shirtless, running around singing "When the Sun Goes Down." Yummy. I've seen stuff on TV of Kenny hanging out with Sammy Hagar. Okay, that's fine, as long as Sammy doesn't launch into "I Can't Drive 55" or sit around doing tequila shots bitching about Van Halen. (Who, by the was, was much better with Roth, but that's a debate for another time. Ahh, good old Diamond Dave and those assless spandex pants.)

And can we all agree that Kenny is quite an improvement over Jack White? Let's all be glad Renee isn't all "goth" or what ever that was anymore. She's just so cute...

As long as we're, sort of, on the subject of country music, last night I put Hank in the CD player. (Hank Williams, you know.) Anyway, we're eating supper and Husband listens to the music, and comments "Didn't the man sing anything happy?" Oh Hubby, if you only knew why Hank sang the songs he sang.... But then "Hey Good Lookin'" came on, and I did what I'd been punished for as a kid...I SANG AT THE SUPPER TABLE. My father was probably spinning in his grave. I can't help it, that's a good song! And yes, I liked the Jimmy Buffet and friends version (although I'm not a Parrot Head), but it was HANK for crying out loud.

I think, and I may be wrong, that my fondness for country music may be rubbing off on Husband. He came down to the basement the other day while I was attending to the laundry and asks "Alan Jackson is the one with the mustache and blonde hair, right?" Yep, although I told Hubby not to confuse Alan with Trace Adkins, who has longer blonde hair. We were listening to some Alan Jackson the other day and Husband says "This guy sounds like George Jones." I exclaimed "Oh, he's influenced by Jones and those guys. That's why I like him, you can hear that influence!"

But, and this is another one of my stupid twit moments, the other day we saw a guy on his riding mower, I guess he was crossing the road or something, and I yelped out "Hey look, that guy is doing a George Jones!"

I apologize, George, really. I didn't understand that whole "duck" thing, but I love ya.

"He stopped loving her today...."

And, I have to say this, while we were going to lunch Sunday, Husband didn't cringe or complain when I had to, yes HAD TO, listen to the Foxworthy countdown. Although he wouldn't let me turn up the radio when Joe Nichols came on. Mmmmm...Joe Nichols!

"If it was cool to be a fool..."


I need more coffee.

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May 09, 2005


I just got done reading this week's US magazine (I know...LOSER), and all I have to say is "What the crap?"

I know, Britney is pregnant. And now she says she's having a boy? As the mother of a boy, I feel sorry for that kid. That kid's father is a homeboy wannabe...a David "90210" Silver look-a-like, and eeewww, I'm sorry, I wouldn't punish my kids by making them live with that. And Brit is sooo excited. That's fine, any woman would be, but you know, there are aspects of motherhood no one tells you about. Like how, at 2:30 in the morning, the baby is crying, your boobs are leaking milk, and in the attempted diaper change, the baby gets the Hershey squirts and goes all over your hands and the changing table. Oh yeah, and how about the way little boys pee... on their own face?

And hey, Brit, take a damn BATH once in a while. Wonderous advances have been made in bathing soaps and shampoos. There's this thing? It's called a COMB! Try using one, ya big skank. If you look like this now, what the heck will you look like when Jr. keeps you up all night? Oh yeah, I forgot, they don't live like us folks in the real world, they get nannies....pfffft.

I'm no prize pig, but Britney Spears and that bottom feeder she married (hey Kev, shave, wouldya?) make white trash look good. They are so, just, ICK!

Look, I'm no fan of Tom Cruise. Really. I only watch Top Gun for Ice and Goose! So I don't really give a rat's rear about him and Katie Holmes. What ever gets you through the night, you two. ICK.

Hmmm...so you ask "Why do you read this, Vic?" Because I'm a big loser, hopelessly without life, and must therefore rely on cheap gossip rags to stay amused. Seriously. It gives me great pleasure to crow with delight over all the stuff Brit has coming her way. Oh sure, I enjoyed both my pregnancies, but I mean it, there are those things NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT. I had to find out, just like every other woman out there, and I'm chuckling into my deviled ham sandwich about Miss "I'm Gonna Be a Virgin 'til I'm Married" Spears.

Oh yeah, and Brit? While you're in the tub, wouldya please take a washcloth and some soap and wash your face? That raccoon eye thing is not attractive, and it may clear up the zits on your chin. And hey, lay off the damn Cheetos! All that salt will make your ankles swell.

Hmmmm...on second thought, I'll send you a case.

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Observations on a ride to town

This morning I had to go to KMart (sales, you know), so I took the back roads in order to avoid some road construction, and to hustle into the small neighboring town to fuel up. (Husband was home with Daughter.)

So, on said drive through wooded acres, I made a few observations, some of which are carry-overs from our drive yesterday. One thing that puzzles me, whether I'm in this area or other areas of the country, are abandoned houses. Just yesterday there was an enormous house, set high on a hill, with all the windows knocked out, wood siding all falling off...the barn was falling in too. I commented to Husband what a shame that was, at one time that house was someone's pride and joy and now look at it. Truly, in its day it must have been beautiful, I could tell just from the outside. How does this happen? Families don't want it, so it just fall into disrepair for generations? Husband said that that just may happen to our house someday.

Keep in mind that I'm reading the "Little House" series...that may have influenced what I said, but my feelings on abandoned houses are the same no matter what, it is a terrible shame.

I move on to cars. Now, I know we've all had to get rid of cars in our lifetimes, but I have a special fondness for Buick Regals...especially the mid-80's models. Landau roofs, those looooong doors...when I was a senior in college my parents got me an '84 Regal; I was going to be student teaching and needed something to drive. Oh, that car was gorgeous, a deep burgundy with the same color interior, landau roof...I loved that car. It looked even more awesome when my step-father polished up a set of mags and put those on, and boosted the rear with gasmatic shocks. Oh, I turned some heads. I loved that car. And, dare I say it, the thing smelled like an ashtray from all the sssssmokin' I did in it. I drove it until the day it "died," a day I still remember with sadness.

So, I'm driving along and I spot a Regal, white and green, but still, it looks almost identical to the one I had. I almost hurt when I saw that poor car sitting there in the weeds.

I know, "It's only a car, Vic," but still. I tend to get attached to cars. I love 'em. My mother has an '87 Regal Limited, and I always said I wanted to take that and restore it back to its glory. But I probably won't....but both my mom and I still drool over Grand Nationals.

Weird, I know, but I notice stuff, I have to. It keeps me from getting car sick when I'm the passenger...

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In a fit of childhood nostalgia, I decided to pull all those Laura Ingalls Wilder books off the shelf and re-read them, for the first time in over 20 years. Right now I'm reading "The Long Winter" and all I can think of is: insulation, Pa, where is your Corning Fiberglass pink insulation? But then, hey, I know it's the 1880's and all, but there was nothing? What a difference I've found, from reading these books as a 7 to 8 year old and then pulling them down as a 35 year old.

And is it just me or does Pa have ants in his pants? Keep moving West!

But still, I can't wait to introduce Daughter to these books....and Nancy Drew!!!

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May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

We, the family and I, just got back a bit ago from my Mother's Day lunch. It was nice; we took a long drive to Outback Steakhouse (and it is a long drive for us) and were right on time to get in when the doors opened. It was nice, the kids were good, and we're all stuffed.

Daughter, however, was introduced to the Crayola Wonder Markers this morning, and had to take one of them with her to lunch. That was fine, until I had to pry her little hands off of them for her nap. She kicked, she screamed, I think she even bit Husband while he brushed her teeth, and then while I was pulling her pants up after changing her diaper, she yanked a big handful of my hair.

Happy Mother's Day.

I got a nice arrangement of flowers yesterday from my mom and step-dad. I also got an 800 minute calling card from them; they don't like it when I use my cell to call. Husband surprised me with a rocking chair for the porch. Son came home from school Friday afternoon with all sorts of "Why I Love My Mom" stuff they'd colored in school, and this morning presented me with a homemade card.

Just the nice, quiet day that I wanted.

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May 07, 2005

Church kicks out Democrats

I mentioned in my previous post that I'd read about this in another blog. So I looked this up for myself, finding a USA Today article online. All I have to say is, this Minister gives the GOP a really bad name.

I'll admit I don't always agree with the stridently Liberal Democrats, or even the moderate ones. I did not, and still don't, agree with John Kerry, either as a politician or as the Democratic nominee, but come on, people. You all know I'm a conservative Republican! But play partisan politics in church? To have a Minister basically say "It's my way or the highway?"

This goes way too far.

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Am I missing something here? When did the Democrats turn into screeching three year olds? I read that "Dingy Harry" Reid called Bush a "loser." But Reid apologized, only after getting some heat about it.

I'm seeing more and more blogs out there written by ardent Bush haters. Bitter, even venomous.

Now, I want to ask everyone out there, if, in 2000, Bush hadn't had to be "appointed" to the Presidency, would the attitudes out there be different? Would there be this seeming backlash against the Christian conservatives if Gore or Kerry was President? Of if we hadn't gone into Iraq?

I'm not trying to be a snot, I really would like to know.

I'd also like to mention that I read in another blog about a Baptist church kicking out all the Democrats and/or people who'd voted for Kerry. Okay, this is just stupid. Aren't we all supposed to be the same...in church?? Someone explain to me why kicking out parishoners of a certain political persuasion is the right thing to do.

Can't anyone take the high road anymore???

Is this a backasswards remark coming from me or what?

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May 06, 2005

Ears update

For all interested parties, the situation regarding Daughter's ear tubes has been resolved. She's now scheduled for May 12.

Let's hope this helps with those ear infections once and for all.

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Mother's Day and other topics

With Mother's Day fast approaching, so come the commercials asking "Isn't Mom worth it?" and the annual speculation of just how much a stay-at-home mom would make, salary-wise, if she got paid. I'm not even going to touch that salary question. As a SAHM, I'm rather biased and somewhat scornful of those speculations. I'm also very defensive about what I do and the reasons I chose to do it. I don't NOT work outside the home because I'm lazy (like someone I know...) and I don't NOT work outside the home because I'm too stupid to handle it.

The kids come first, folks. I was pregnant with my first child when the Columbine tragedy occurred. Now, how was I to look at that and all the talk afterwards about how both sets of parents worked outside the home? To be sure, my parents worked when I was a kid, but I didn't have a VCR, or cable, or the Internet. It was the 80's folks, and we lived in a rural area. I got into the liquor cabinet, but that's it.

But I'm old fashioned in that I firmly believe in a parent being home with and for the kids. I'd gladly hand this over to Husband, but there's no way I could make the kind of money he makes. I'm no June Cleaver, but I would have fit in great in the 1950's.

Anyway, as for being a SAHM, I still get those dull-eyed looks from people at, oh, class reunions. Someone I've know since Kindergarten said "Oh, so you're just a mom?" Still another "friend" said "You don't have the satisfaction of looking at an end result at the end of the day, do you?" Oh what the hell...how about just getting through another day, getting the kids bathed and put to bed? Seeing them laugh, learn new things? Seeing Daughter, with her ears probably so full of infected crap at this point (thank you, ENT doc and your head up your bum) actually hearing me say "Stand up and hold that bar so Mommy can wash your heinie?" And she did it. It's those little things.

So what do I want for Mother's Day? I don't know. It's a nice sentiment and all, but let's be honest here, it's just another Greeting Card induced day.

But I'm not in the greatest mood right now, so forgive me.


Tony Blair won a third term. Hmmm...with what I've been able to glean from the news as late, they made it sound like the man was goin' down hard. An attempt to compare that election to our last national election? Hmmm...media hype? Liberal media hype? Hmmm.....

So the judge in the Lynndie England trial threw out her guilty plea. Do I understand his motivation to be that she, Lynndie, is mentally incompetent? Was that what I heard? And Graner said those photos were for "training purposes." Okay, what the hell? I'll say this, that prisoner abuse was wrong, but somewhere in our minds we know this happens in any conflict. What was really ass stupid was taking pictures. Please people, in this day and age those things were just destined to get out to the general public. As for Lynndie England, well, she should have had the brains to say "Hell no." That Graner must have been a pistol in the sack, I don't know, but she should face punishment for this. Yes, what the Iraqis did, or what Saddam had them do, to their own people was disgusting and awful, but that prisoner abuse stuff was just petty and stupid. Respect other cultures, please.

Bush demoted the person in charge of Abu Ghraib to Colonel. Okay, Georgie, I love ya and all, but that's it?

The "Number 3" guy was caught the other day. Was it just me or did he look like a bad cosmetology practice head in those photos. Thank goodness it wasn't like that other guy, "Mr. So Hairy I Look Like I'm Wearing a Sweater."

Locally, hmmm, well, the band director at the local high school (the district we're in) apparently had a three year sexual relationship with a female student. I guess she really wanted a music scholarship, that's the gossip I heard. Thank goodness Son is only in Kindergarten.

Well, I'm spent. While I vowed I would try to stay away from hot button issues, I had to comment.

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May 05, 2005

A Funny...

Here's a funny for ya'...

A 53 yr-old hippo at the Berlin Zoo has been put on medication to cure her of her sex
drive. She’s a hippo with an overactive libido. And today Bill Clinton said, I think I
know her.

Ha ha ha ha ha tee hee... you've got to admit that's funny!!!

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Rolling Stone

Why, oh why, do I still subscribe to Rolling Stone? It must be a nod to my liberal college days, I don't know. All I know is this, I got the mail today, and since I had to wait for Son's bus to come, I figured "What the hell, I'll give it look." Orlando Bloom was on the cover...that yummy piece of eye candy, AND Robert Plant was interviewed. I'm a big Zeppelin fan...

I start perusing, and I'm met with pictures of skanky looking people, and an ad with a shot of Velvet Revolver...give up the horse, Scott Weiland, you look like a prisoner. And what the hell was with those shots of Crue? Ugh, they look worse than Keith Richards.

And I get to the Plant interview...oh my heavens, why did they get THISCLOSE to the man to take his picture? Not attractive. I literally shouted "Oh my GOD!" several times and had to fold the page over. That bad, folks.

I didn't even get to the Orlando Bloom stuff, as the bus arrived, and by that time I was so disgusted with the Christianity, Republican, Bush bashing tripe that I threw it in the recycle pile.

If you like that magazine, more power to ya. I guess I'm gettin' too old to appreciate it.

I must go, if I keep going I know I'll piss somebody off with my negative opinions of Green Day and the rest of those liberal fuckers.

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Here's a something that was sent to me, and I find it interesting. Check it out...


Now, let me say that I can see both sides of the "smoking in public" argument. When I was a smoker I would have lit up and said "Screw you" to anyone who got pissy about it. And people did shoot me and my friends nasty looks, snarl under their breath. I finally got wise to this and paid attention. Then I quit smoking.

I don't smoke anymore, so now when I go to a bar or restaurant where there are smokers, I'm torn. Don't think for one minute that I'm not REALLY WANTING TO SMOKE. Oh, I want to sooooo bad, but I don't. But I still walk out smelling like an ashtray. And now that I'm a mother, I don't like my kids to be around second hand smoke either.

So, how do I feel about this? In some ways, I find the practice of either not hiring smokers or cracking down on those employees who do smoke discriminatory. Hey, I wasn't unhappy or mental when I smoked. In some ways I'd say I'm more mental now!

Whether I smoke or not, what is at stake here is the health of me and my family. It is the individual's decision to smoke or not, I don't argue with that. I just don't want to be all stinky after the fact.

Yeah, I know, stay home! I do, believe me, I do. I don't like preachy former smokers, so I don't get all judgemental. How can I when I'd like to light up with them? Hypocritical, and I don't like that.

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More Tales of The Ear

As you may know, after reading a previous post titled "Ears," today was to be the day Daughter got her ear tubes. Well, now, no, it isn't. Long story short, the nurse at the doc's office couldn't get the insurance thing straight, so now this procedure is on hold until we, Husband and I, straighten this out.

I choose to look to the positive in this situation, in that this is Someone telling me that now I have time to get Daughter over this cold she has.

Here's the interesting part: the nurse claims to have been trying to call the house for a week and a half with no luck. Now, I'm not always on the Internet (we have the outdated one phone line...) so she didn't try very hard. She also stated that she "doesn't have time" to straighten this out. Oh, okay, and Husband and I have all the time in the world. And I've got all this time that I want to spend taking Daughter back and forth to the pediatrician.

You watch, I'll bet you within a couple days Daughter is screaming and pulling those ears again. And the pediatrician will look at me like I'm clueless and why doesn't she have those tubes yet? Yeah, I want to pump another course of antibiotics through her system.

I've stated before that I wasn't happy with this ENT doc and his attitude. Now I'm not too pleased with his staff. Hey, we're not some white trash family trying to con them into a free ear surgery. Come on!

I would LOVE to tell those people to shove it, but alas, this procedure would start all over again with some other doctor, so I'll keep my piehole shut. Husband is going to handle this today, as far as calling his insurance carrier, calling the doc's office, so forth. He's the one who knows all about this stuff... I think he was a bit surprised last night when I told him "Hey, we obviously can't get this thing fixed tonight, so let's just table it until tomorrow." Yeah, I was pissed, but the fact that I wasn't stomping around the house in a rant surprised him.

BUT, I'm looking at this as a sign. There is a reason this is happening, and it can only be in Daughter's favor.

Still, though, and I'm only going to say this here: GODDAMN BASTARDS!! I don't even know who I should be mad at, or if I should be mad at all. At this point, I'm just fed up.

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May 04, 2005

Some news

So, yesterday was the day to vote on the school levy. If I understand correctly, this is an emergency levy, it wouldn't increase our taxes, and is primarily for operating costs, such as textbooks, etc. We received not only a personal plea from Son's teacher, but a breakdown of costs parents may incur if this levy didn't pass. Well, this morning I tune into the local news and find that the levy failed. The provisional votes have yet to be counted, and the numbers are realclose, but it looks like since this levy failed, parents are going to have to pay for such things as textbooks, elective classes in the junior and hight school, etc.

From what little I was able to gather as far as info on the school board, (we've only lived in this area for about a year) there are some who feel certain members of the school board should retire. Whether this is because they are corrupt, I don't know, I can't get a read on anything.

I want my kids to get a good education, and so far I can't complain. I give Son some "extra" stuff here at home, though, to sort of boost what he learns in school. At any rate...

I read in my former hometown area newspaper that a frozen foods plant is going to close its doors after many buyouts and accounting scandals. It seems that at one point or another most of my in-laws worked there, but within the last couple of years they have either moved on to other jobs or retired. I wonder what will happen with the retirement packages for my in-laws though. Husband is going up to visit this weekend, I'll have him ask.

I was reading Brad's Blog yesterday, and my goodness, he certainly brought up a hot topic. Yes, I posted two comments, and someone actually agreed with me (!!!), and believe it or not, I wasn't snotty. But like any controversial issue these days, it brought some negative feedback. I have to say, as someone who was not only a Civil War reenactor but a history geek, the Confederate flag still hits a nerve. I see it as a symbol of heritage, of the "Old South." A-ha moment here, I just remembered that it wasn't even the official flag of the Confederacy, it was a battle flag! Oohhh, Groovy, you're hot this morning!

But, as I was saying, I'm sure the African Americans don't fly this flag on their front porch. But did you know that at one reenactment I actually saw an African American woman dressed in calico and head rags? I went back to work the following Monday and asked my African American friend who I worked with what she thought of that. Basically, she thought it was a stupid thing to do, at least for a person of color. Why perpetuate that? I agree.

But I'm not jumping on my soapbox about this. No, I back down. I will say that when Country music acts use it, it doesn't offend me. What offends me are the stereotypes thrown around about the South and Southerners.

For that matter, slavery was wrong, for sure, but what were the Northerners doing at that time? Exploiting the Welsh in coal mines, the Irish in everything, the Catholics at every turn, recruiting immigrant men right off the boats to fight in the war (hello, Grant's "Meat Grinder")...so we shouldn't be that quick to throw stones at the South...and hey, remember, our founding fathers had slaves too.

Aw crap, there I go again...

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May 03, 2005

Shootin' my mouth off again...

Oops, I did it again...bleeeeech.

I shot my mouth off and got verbally slapped in the face. Not the first time this has happened, believe it or not. I got mouthy with the spokesperson for Duran Duran, who in turn got snotty right back. I'm not "tolerant of the band's views." No, uh, more like I'm not tolerant of those guys still primping around twenty years later, but no, I don't agree with their politics either.

One would think I'd learned my lesson after yesterday, but hell, I shoot first, know what I mean? I am just an "overweight, SUV driving" mother, after all, too fat and stupid to know what I'm doing.

Stop that.

I posted a couple comments just now, and I'm sure someone will get a fart crosswise about it, but you know what? One puts these things in a public forum and opens themselves up for this kind of stuff. I realize that, why doesn't everyone else? My goodness, have we all forgotten that treasured battlecry "First Amendment!!!" Free speech, we hear it all the time from those who tend to lean a bit left, huh?

You know, I've come across quite a bit of Republican and Bush bashing stuff in these blogs. Up until today I never made any kind of comment because I know that anything I say would just be moot and make me look narrowminded. I can't change their minds anymore than they can change mine. It is still a free country, no? I roll my eyes and move on.

For the record, I'm NOT overweight. I'm just not happy with my post-baby body. So I drive an SUV. Do I pick on those who drive Japanese cars or minivans? NO. So I'm a stay-at-home mother. Does that make me stupid? Gosh, I hope not. I have a degree, thank you very much, and I do have a brain that most of the time works quite well. Do I pick on working mothers? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. That is unfair. I realize not everyone can afford to have a parent stay home with the kids, and there are single moms who can't do that.

I don't pick, and in the days since the election I really try not to judge. I'm really trying to take the high road, especially with my politics being what they are. Yes, dammit, I'm a Republican, and I willingly drove three hours to see President Bush make a campaign speech. Did I yell rude things back to the Kerry supporter who started heckling a bunch of us on the street? No, I just put my head down and stifled it.

"You say it best when you say nothing at all."

Okay, I vowed I wasn't going to go on here and defend myself, but come on! If you disagree, fine, but don't get all rude.

So to anyone who happens upon my blog, that's it. I will not apologize for what I think or write. I'm not a journalist, but yes, I want to write. This is an outlet for me, nothing more. And I'm really won't write about my childrens' bowel movements.

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Come to Gym day

Just got home from the Come to Gym day at Son's school. It was fun to see the kids get all excited, and I'm glad that I was able to go. Since not all the parents showed up, another kid was on our "team." Although, I use the term "team" loosely, since all I did was follow the kids from station to station and cheer for them. I had to take Daughter, and she had decided early on that she was NOT going to be contained. Well, I nipped that one in the bud. After holding my 32 pound daughter for 40 minutes, my arm is killing me.

But, like I said, I'm glad I was able to go. I think it made Son feel good that I showed up and cheered him on.

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It's early, forgive me...

As part of my morning routine, I jumped on the Internet this morning to check email, read Mike Straka, and look up the daily newspaper online from...well, I won't say where I used to live. It was in PA, that's all I'm saying.

Anyway, why do I do this if I don't live there anymore? Death, folks. Every time I called my buddy Elvis, it seemed like someone had just died or had died a month ago, and I didn't know. You know, parents of kids I went to high school with, that kind of stuff. So I check the obituaries every day. Well, today the site wasn't available, so I read a letter to the editor and was surprised to read that someone was upset over the placement of an article concerning the search for WMD's. I guess the article was put on the bottom of the second page, not on the front page, where this reader thought it should be. I was kind of surprised. We all know PA is a blue BLUE state, and this town is definitely BLUEBLUEBLUE, and I always thought that newspaper was too. So then, why bury that article? But, hey, in my defense, it is early in the morning, and I'm not a journalist, and to be honest I really don't care about where articles are placed. It is interesting, though, to read letters to the editor.

Hmmmm...is it odd that I'm really getting excited about the new Star Wars movie? I've said before that I was never a fan in the past. I wasn't all hot for Luke Skywalker or Han Solo waybackwhen, and I hadn't even seen any of those first movies until I met my husband. But, I got all caught up and am now really excited. So excited that I'm even considering getting all those "fill in the gaps" books that are out there. Obsessive? Perhaps, but I like the whole story continuation aspect. You know, how Anakin becomes Darth Vader, and what happens to Luke and Leia?

I can't wait! Husband and I have planned a "Star Wars-athon" when "Sith" comes out on DVD. We're going to "lay like broccoli" and watch all six movies. Come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to do this. Son is excited too, his Gramma got him a Darth Vader figure with a shield AND a light saber...I have to say it's pretty cool.

Believe it or not, I have nothing else to say!

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May 02, 2005

Runaway Bride II

Okay, so I don't always listen to Sean Hannity (I can only take him in small doses) but he said something today regarding the bride in Georgia that got me thinking. Yeah, if I lived in that town I'd be ticked too, but let's be thankful she's alive. Can we agree that with every abduction our hearts sink a little more? Yes, she was wrong in her methods, to be sure, but she's still alive. Think of Laci Peterson. A beautiful woman who just wanted to have a baby, and her life, and that of her child's, was cut short. Scott Peterson should have just left her, divorced her. That would be sick, sure, but in the end Laci and Connor would still be alive.

I guess somehow once Hannity put it in that perspective I stopped snickering at it. I got nervous before my wedding, but I went out and got loaded the week before, and the day before my wedding I just holed up alone in my house. That's how I dealt with the nerves.

Oh yeah, I spoke with a nurse from the ENT doc's office today, and unless Daughter develops a fever or gets really bad with her stuff nose, the procedure is still on. In a way I was relieved, I'd just like to get the ear tubes over with. I've been chewing my nails for the last three weeks!

Husband is now feeling the effects of whatever germs are now invading our home. Thankfully there is only a month left of school, let's hope all this cold nonsense ends then so we can have a somewhat healthier summer.

I am counting the minutes until Son and Daughter are tucked in bed. I got a book on Saturday ("Forever" by Pete Hamill) and it really has me hooked. I can't sit down to read as much as I'd like, however, so anything I choose to read takes me a while. Anyone with kids knows what I mean.

Speaking of books, I'm also counting the days until Diana Gabaldon's newest comes out. I love the "Outlander" series.

Well, by the time on the clock I should be hustling Son into pajamas.

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Taking flak

Amazing. Simply amazing. I've been at this blog thing for like, two weeks, venting frustrations about such things as homosexuality and the Liberal Democrats, and what do I get a snotty comment about? An admittedly dumb ass statement about a local anchor man. Come on, people, let's FOCUS here on something worth getting pissy about.

This commenter said I sounded like a third grader. Well, thanks, that makes me feel a lot better, considering I'm 35. For crap's sake anyway.

If I sat here and wrote out that homosexuals don't deserve civil rights, would anyone say anything? If I sat here and said I think Michael Jackson is a freakin' weirdo that should be castrated, would an MJ fan get all in my face?

Also worth mentioning is that this comment came from another Republican, at least that's what the name was. Hmmmm, now I'm getting picked on by my own kind? I give up, really. I shall play the martyr here, wear my hairshirt and speak only of my children's bowel movements and how I just can't get my kitchen floors sparklin' clean. Apparently my sense of warped humor does not translate into written form.

So, would you like to hear about the FOOT LONG TURD my five year old son produced on Saturday? It was big, it was stinky, it was a TURD.

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"Local Anchor Man Goes Prehistoric"

"Flintstones, meet the Flintstones..."

There is a guy who does the local morning news here, and his name is.....DINO!!!

I'm not kidding.

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Sick again

Okay, I'm not sick exactly, but I've been fighting with a sore throat and stuffy nose since Friday night. I took my last two Sudafed on Saturday morning and was dopey the whole day. Really, I felt all high and stuff. To add to all this fun, Daughter now has a drippin' nose and cough. She can't go in and get this ear surgery with a cold, I guess, so I'm going to call the ENT doc today and see when in the next month or so he can do this procedure. Really, I'm just disgusted with that doctor. He was too brisk, brusque, rushing around, and "This is the first available day." Well, fuck you, maybe it isn't good for me, asshole.

I'm beginning to loathe the medical profession as much as the legal profession. Both are full of self-serving BASTARDS.

"But," you say,"we thought Daughter was on antibiotics!" Ah yes, clever one, she was, but that makes no difference with a virus. So, I'm back to lots of fluids, PediaCare and Motrin. I got some Baby Vicks (formulated for babies, but it still reeks) and slicked her chest with that and I think it helped a little. She took a really long nap, which either meant she's feeling the full brunt of this thing, or the Vicks allowed her to breathe and relax enough to sleep. She woke up at 3:00 this morning crying, but it seemed more like she'd had a nightmare. If it had been her ear she wouldn't have just fallen back asleep with me rubbing her back. Keep an eye on that one.

Husband went back to work today, after having the last four days off. He was starting to drive me a bit crazy, I'll just say that.

We had a 'coon in the garage Saturday. Damn thing pissed all over the place. Somehow it must have gotten out when Husband went up to get a box trap. I said "Trap it and shoot it! I want to watch!" He said "Why shoot it? Just let the thing go." Well, on Sunday morning the trap was empty, so I didn't get to see anything. Oh yeah, I would have shot that damn thing myself.

You do know I was talking about a RACCOON, right?

I missed a car show yesterday. Dammit dammit sonofabitch. I love car shows!

Yesterday afternoon I was able to watch a movie in its entirety. Well, as entire as a movie put on TV can be. Husband and I watched "Rising Sun," primarily because it was the only interesting looking thing on, and I like Sean Connery. Despite Son falling asleep on me, it was nice to just veg out for a while.

I hear Daughter. She's awake and sounds like she's in a pretty good mood.

I really hate to postpone this ear thing; I finally got my mind around this whole thing and was ready to just get it over with. Now, who knows how long we'll have to wait. Dammit dammit sonofabitch!

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