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October 31, 2006

THIS will scare you...

The truth comes out.

I don't know about you, but this gives me the creeps.


Thankew Wyatt Earp. ("How lewd!")

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Hammy Halloween!

What a turd of a day this turned out to be. It's raining, so the younglings didn't get to go trick or treating. Which means no Laffy Taffy for me.


So we had a big ham dinner instead.

Oh, shut up.

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Happy Halloween!

I tried to find a scary picture to post, but I didn't think a lineup of Democratic Senators would go over too well. You know, all those accusations of stereotyping and all. (The Democrats never do that. Uh-huh, and how'd you like to buy a beautiful bridge?)

Here's a frightening thought: today is Vanilla Ice's birthday. Yeah, he's 38 today. I would have posted a picture of him, but I'm sorry, he's too stomach churning even for a day like this!

All right, ghosts and goblins, I've got to go.

Woooooooogie Boooooogie Booooooooo!!!

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October 30, 2006

Do You Know Who I Am???

George Clooney gets turned away from a retirement home.


Okay, it's a great thing that he stops by to visit, but passing out DVD's of his own movies? Uck. Did he, by chance, pass out copies of Rock Star?? (He was the Executive Producer.)

And! Demi and Ashton have guns!!

Good for you, Ashton...even if you are a bit of a weenie. But hey, I plan on doing the same thing when my daughter dates; but she won't be allowed to date until she's, oh, 40 or so.

Tom and Katie to wed at Mussolini's pad?

I'm suddenly having disturbing visions of Tom standing on the balcony, arms folded across his chest ala Benito...in his tightie whities and Wayfarers.

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Parenting Skills

Last night, Husband and I helped out at the Harvest Party our church gave for the kids. It was an outreach program; it wasn't just kids from the church, but kids from the community who didn't have a church. The intent was great...

Before I say anymore, let me state now that I harbor no illusions as to my own parenting skills. I do my best; I believe in the old saying "children should be seen and not heard." I don't even really like kids, except for my own, and that gets iffy at times. So...

Long story short, it was a madhouse. For me, at least, it served to cement my aversion to ever working in the nursery or children's church ever again.

I have never seen such pushy, loud, obnoxious children in my life! And the parents let them get away with it! Now, my kids weren't perfect. Well, Son was quiet and well behaved, but for Daughter the allure of a party atmosphere and other children to run with was too much for her. Trust me, I kept her in line as best I could.

When we got into La Tahoe to make the trek home, I said to Husband "Never again! Next year we're going to be out of town. Even if we have to lie, we're NOT doing this again!"

He agreed.

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Happy Birthday! Whoa!


Happy Birthday to The Coolest: The Fonz! Oops, I mean Henry Winkler, who turns 61 today!!

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October 28, 2006

Another Saturday Night...

...and I'm blogging. I've even changed the damn clocks already!

There's nothing worth watching on the tube, unless I want to scare the crap out of myself and watch The Exorcist. And I'm sure as hell not going to watch the Dixie Twits on VH1.

I had an interesting conversation with Husband regarding a new vehicle for me. I'm disgusted because, once again, I have to replace the damn universal joint on La Tahoe. The real shock here is that I'm actually considering...brace yourselves...NOT buying American! Gasp!

Husband said, and I quote, "Not another Chevy Tahoe!" Well hell, he said himself that with what a new Tahoe costs we could buy three Hyundais and still have money left over.

I told him if I had the amount of cash it takes to get a new Tahoe (and I did, nine years ago) I'd put it towards the mortgage payment!

Who knows. I saw one of those Mitsubishi Endeavors up at the mall yesterday; it looks like a Cherokee, but I'll bet it doesn't cost as much.



Gawd I'm bored...

So bored that I did a little wandering around these here Internets and saw that opinion of one Rush Limbaugh is in the toilet. Let me tell you that I haven't listened to him in weeks. Now I doubt if I ever will again. What kind of a dumbass does something like that? Politics aside, you don't make fun of someone's medical condition. It ain't right.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a Republican so I must worship at the alter of Limbaugh. Nope. And I dislike Hannity (or as I call him "Big ButtKiss") too.

All right, dammit. I'm going to bed.

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Drugs on The Street

Newsflash: Elmo is a meth addict.


No street is safe anymore.

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Note: I am EVIL

"Making fun of people with Parkinson's disease is terrible, but to crush a baby's skull in the third trimester is totally acceptable. It's interesting to see how these people define morality."

So said Husband this morning when I told him of Moby's response to Rush Limbaugh's recent comments and actions regarding Michael J. Fox.

NOTE: Husband in NO WAY condones Limbaugh's actions. Husband is just pointing out the double standards at work.

And, for the record, I didn't even know anything about this. I like Fox, I've contributed to his cause to find a cure for Parkinson's, I think Limbaugh was out of line.

But yet because I'm a conservative Republican I'm covered with the "evil" blanket!!!

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October 27, 2006

Birthday Greetings


Well, speak of the devil! Today is Simon Le Bon's 48th birthday!

You know Simon, right? Lead singer of Duran Duran?

And! Today is the day to yell "Bully!" and charge up a hill! Walk softly and carry a big stick! Today is Theodore Roosevelt's birthday!


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October 26, 2006

All Together Now...Awwwwww

Twenty-odd years ago, Andy Taylor leaving Duran Duran (again) may have meant something to me.

Now? Not so much.

Andy wasn't the cutest Taylor anyway.

And they're damn Libs.

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Dammit dammit sonofabitch!

This morning I baked a beautiful double chocolate gooey butter cake. Then I dropped the damn thing on the floor.

Damn those foil baking pans to HELL!

It looked like one of the kids took a poo on the kitchen floor. And trust me, it was a very gooey cake.

My Bible group is going to be very disappointed tonight! Oh well, at least the applesauce bread turned out nicely.

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Catching Up

If anyone is interested in an update regarding Daughter's potty training, here ya go. She's a potty monster! Every five to ten minutes (I'm not making that up) she has to sit on her potty and go...just to get M&M's.

God bless her, she stayed dry all day yesterday, even during her nap, but I felt like I had a newborn again! Every time I tried to sit down, get a shower, do anything, there she was wanting to try to piddle...again.

To her credit, she has mastered clothing removal in order to "hit the head." She seems to prefer the potty her brother used; I think the Elmo one is pinching her fanny.

Did you know that the Dixie Bitches are doing a "Storytellers" on VH1? Yeah, it airs Saturday night. I won't be watching.

Husband and I were recruited to help out at the Harvest Party for church. We hadn't planned on going, but how could we turn down helping out? We're going to a young, growing church, and figured any help would be welcome. Soooo...we got a roll of butcher paper, and I'm now in the process of making stencils of pumpkins and leaves. Cutting out maples leaves is a real bitch.

Weeeell...I suppose I've got things to do.

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October 25, 2006

What the...???

What in the hell is "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan"??? It's on the Boomerang channel now....looks like a big wedge of cheese to me.

They're no Mystery Inc., that's for sure.

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Treasure Trove of Useless Info

Just in case you need any conversation tidbits, you can tell your friends that your blog bud GroovyVic went to high school with this guy.

Although he graduated a year or two after me.

And I attended the same college, at the same time, as this guy.

I didn't see him at too many keg parties, though.

I'm a fount of useless knowledge.

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Random Ewan McGregor picture post


Swiped from Agent Bedhead.

Yeah, he may have made a good Bond, but as I commented in the Agent's post, one doesn't really see a naked Bond...and Ewan seems to like showing off his goodies...which is a good thing!

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They're Not Kidding

Don't mix those cleaning chemicals.

Seriously. They're not kidding when they tell you not to mix stuff when cleaning.

My bathroom is now like a toxic waste dump, since I mixed bleach with Lysol. Not on purpose, mind you, they just sort of ran together.


I should know better.

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October 23, 2006

Out of the mouth of GroovyVic

Husband, Daughter, and I were on our way home from Lowes today, where we'd heard "Let It Be." In a fit of inspiration, I started singing:

Poop and pee,
Poop and pee,
Poop and pee, yeah poop and pee!
Do it on the toilet,
Poop and pee.

Potty training Daughter has messed with my mind.

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October 22, 2006

McGregor. Ewan McGregor

It has been revealed that Ewan McGregor was originally the first choice to be the new James Bond. Online sources suggest that McGregor got the offer ahead of new 007 Daniel Craig, for the movie CASINO ROYALE. McGregor turned down the role for fear of becoming typecast, according to the Sunday Times.

Well, it would have gotten me into the theater!


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I love a man in uniform

On Friday afternoon, Husband did something he hasn't done in a long time...he came home in his uniform!

He usually leaves this at work and drives back and forth in his civvies, but since he had to remember to bring his BDU's home to be washed, he actually wore them home.

I think it's been about two years since I've seen him all decked out, and it was a nice surprise. Well, once a year he puts on his Mess Dress, but still...

Ahhhh...I love my man in uniform!

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October 20, 2006

"It was their duty..."

Last night Husband and I watched "Celebrities in Uniform." I knew Jimmy Stewart had served, but not that he had enlisted before Pearl Harbor. And that he had enlisted in the Army Air Forces. Stewart flew missions, was part of the mission that bombed Berlin, and served in the Air Force Reserves after the war. He even flew a mission in Vietnam and retired as a General.

Henry Fonda was in the Navy. Yep. Which makes one wonder what he thought of his daughter's antics.

Charles Durning served in WW II and was wounded three times! He received, I believe, three Purple Hearts and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. (Hmm...actually wounded, John F-ing Kerry...)

What really resonated throughout this program was the word "patriotic." These men felt it was their duty to serve this country, and they never tried to capitalize on their military service. The country banded together.

Novel idea, no?

And when discussing Elvis Presley's two year Army stint, one person said that the in time from the end of WW II up to Vietnam, it was considered "macho" to serve in the military. A cool thing to do!

Damn, I was born too late.

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October 19, 2006

Linky Love

An ass grab to Robert and Steve for this. (You get your Christmas "goose" early this year!)

See, the more I hear about the upcoming election, the more worried I become. I'm not just concerned for me and mine, living in the hotly contested state of Ohio, but for my parents as well. They're still in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. So yeah, this election has me pretty concerned. I just hope my parents vote!

I heard a caller on Quinn and Rose say that, as an OH resident, he's going to hold his nose and vote for DeWine. I agree with him, and I'll bet a lot of other Buckeye State residents do too. Considering the alternative, Sherrod Brown, what choice do we have?

The caller also said that if, God forbid, Santorum loses in PA, could we have him over here in Ohio???

And remember my mentioning all those phone calls from the Democrats telling me how to vote and use that absentee voter form? Well, I got an application for an absentee ballot in the mail. It promptly went into the garbage.

I asked Husband if he thought my vote would count if I used that ballot to vote Republican. He said it probably wouldn't.

Huh...after we (the right) we accused of voter fraud and stealing back in '04...

But not to worry, I still plan on going to my local precinct, the fire hall, to vote.

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The Romance Ain't Dead

So, what did Husband and I do last night? Well, sorry Robbo, but we didn't dress up in our Civil War stuff or anything (but thanks for the suggestion; I'll file it away for next year).

We had take-out Chinese for dinner (an anniversary tradition), Husband played some video games with Son, and we plunked Daughter down on her potty so she could do her "homework."

The romance ain't dead in this marriage, huh?

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October 18, 2006

Nine Years of Wedded Bliss


Yes, nine years ago I took that fateful walk that forever bound me to Husband. Didn't I look nice?? Don't I look thin?

(And yes, this picture is off kilter a bit. I had to wrestle with what is literally a five pound wedding album to get this picture scanned!)

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October 17, 2006

It's raining in OH

There's your weather report, it's raining in Ohio. At least here in my little section of the Buckeye State.

A rainy morning and what do I have planned? I'm taking La Tahoe up for an oil change and tire rotation. I'm a little pissed because I swear the damn u-joint is going again. Can anyone realize that the stupid thing needs to be greased? I'm about to sue that damn garage I took it to last time. I've got to have my step-dad show me where to point the grease gun...I'll do it myself!

Anyway...it's quiet here this morning because Daughter is actually still asleep. She was such a woman yesterday! Husband always wonders if Daughter isn't getting all menstrual...at age three. She acts like it!!

Actually, I think it's her teeth. For some crazy reason, her teeth are delayed. The dentist assures me this is normal - his own daughter's teeth are delayed - but still. My daughter was almost a year old before she got her first teeth! I think that may be causing her teething pain, still, and yesterday she was like freakin' Sybil. Happy one minute, screeching and crying the next.

Good grief. If she's like this at three, I DO NOT want to be around her in about ten years.


After a week of my own hormone hell, I finally dragged my arse out yesterday and bought gross-eries. A thankless job, but at least now we have milk and bread. I even bought dinner fixings, so we won't be eating cereal and waffles for supper.

It's been that kind of week around here.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Since I'm not allowed to post pictures of my husband on this here blog, I'm going to haul out The Wedding Album From HELL and scan a shot of just me. I looked fabulous that day!

Okay, talk amongst yourselves, I need another cup of coffee.

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Oh, Please


Seriously? This guy? Come on!

We're not going to let some bastard with height issues get the better of us, are we? Good grief.

Yeah, I said that, you're a little bastard! Come and get me Kimmy!!

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Happy Birthday!!


Birthday greetings to one of my favorite country singers, Alan Jackson, who turns 48 today.

I love this man's singing; his influences shine through in almost every song. But hey, with that accent of his, he could read the phone book to me and I'd be thrilled.

Anyway, have a happy day, Alan, and I won't rock the jukebox.

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October 16, 2006


If there is one down-side to marriage, it has to be the mandatory holiday get-togethers. It isn't even Halloween yet, and Thanksgiving is already planned.

Oh sure, I'm one to bitch. I've already ordered my Christmas cards and will have them mailed out by the second week of December, but that's all the prep I've done so far. I haven't (gasp!) started Christmas shopping yet. Usually I've started by the first of September!

(By the by, anyone who would like a personal GroovyVic Christmas card can drop me your mailing address via e-mail and I will happily send a card to you!)

Seeing as how this here blog thing has gotten me in trouble before with family posting and what-not, I'm just going to say that I very much resent this "got to get together with the passle and put on a fake nice face!" all the time. Sure, I'll get to see my parents too, but good grief.

And I'm NOT drinking this year! Last year I did, and somehow became the best friend of my least favorite SIL. EEEESSSHHH!!!

Well, I can't complain. I told Husband that if we must do Thanksgiving with his family, then we get to stay home for Christmas...and he agreed!!!


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October 15, 2006


Is this thing on? Does "Fiddle Dee Dee" still exist?

Yeah, sorry, it's been suffering from that dread disease of all bloggers, "lack-a-posting."

What with one thing and another, I fear I've been quite neglectful.

Well, get over it!

I finally found a job I can do from home: online proofreading. I'm so qualified, with my B.S. (read "bullshit") degree in English Ed. and all the various and sundry jobs I've held in the past where I either composed, typed, or proofed someone else's work. It's a cake walk, but Algore's Internets gods have cursed me with dial-up, so it's going kinda slow. Really slow. Husband and I are in talks to boost things up with a satellite thingahootch; we'll see about that.

Oh yeah, speaking of my bullshit degree, I've also been reasearching the process to obtain my OH teacher certification. Yes, I even called Harrisburg to find out the status of my PA license, inactive but still valid, and then Columbus to find out what I need to do got get an OH license. Go back to school for at least six semester hours. Blah.

I did find out that I can take all the courses I'd need online (yay!) but I don't know if I want to get back to the front of the classroom. I discovered, quite late in my course of studies, that I really don't like the little bastards blessings very much.

But! These here Internets provide a plethora of online tutoring and teaching jobs, so we'll see about that, too.

As for the family, well, it has begun. Son's constant stuffy nose, the increase by 100% in tissue usage, the purchasing of OTC cold/cough/fever meds...that season that in my house runs from October to May. Ugh. I'm supposed to be getting the younglings and myself ready to go to church, but Son is still sleeping, and he needs the rest (he was feverish last night), so we may just be sinning around the house today.

I did manage to get the kids' noses wiped up long enough to get their pictures taken at Sears yesterday. While I was there I got a Christmas picture taken, which I had made into THE Christmas card. And you know what? At a dollar a card, I still spent less then I did through Shutterfly last year.

Well, the Son is up, so I've got to check his temperature and start the orange juice transfusions.

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October 13, 2006

Just My Opinion, Folks!

Okay, so apparently the Screech dirtydirty video is on the market. I've seen a link for it, haven't clicked on it. Why? I'd prefer not to toss my cookies! And as for watching a clip, well, I've got that demon dial-up, and you know what that means.

Anyway, everyone is jabbering on about Screech. Admittedly, that's gross, but what about the two chicks he was with? So far all I've heard is that they're dancers, but not much else.

How drunk were they? How desperate do they have to be for some sort of "exposure" *snort* that they would mess around with Screech?? How desperate is Screech to have some sort of career? Hello? Do you NOT remember that guy from The Toy? (Of course, that guy had a problem with wood, if I recall.)

Jeez, first we get "Flavor of Love" (which I've seen....oh good lawd) and now we seem to have "Smell of Love."

Just my opinion, folks!

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Snort Worthy

Ahhh...stars being treated like real people. A wonderful idea, isn't it?

Well, it would seem that someone with a big ego finally got a slap of reality: Sienna Miller wasn't allowed in a Pittsburgh bar.

Folks, she had no ID. And even I know that one has to flash ID at the door. I was a young drinker once, I remember the rules.

Hello, Siennadumbass? Do you really think the law cares that you're a "famous actress?" My gawd, I've heard the horror stories of the PA LCB (I even got busted for underage drinking on my college campus).

Good grief.

But...I must admit it would have been fun to watch!

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October 12, 2006


It was bound to happen.

"NBC will produce a new television series based on the 1970s hit show The Bionic Woman, which was a spin-off of The Six Million Dollar Man. Lindsay Wagner starred in the original series as tennis pro-turned superwoman Jamie Sommers. No casting decisions have been made yet for the new series"

I'm only mildly irritated at this because The Bionic Woman was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. Although I will admit that thirty years later things can be more high-tech, I doubt they'll achieve just that perfect level of cheese that was this show in the '70's.

And yes, I had both of the dolls!!

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October 11, 2006

Pounding the Pavement

So to speak.

I'm trying to find a job! Well, something I can do from home. I spent a good portion of the afternoon yesterday tweaking my resume (ugh) and researching all those home-based job sites on these here Internets.

I found one that said "get paid to blog!" but haven't really looked into it.

I just found a listing for a "phone chat operator." It may involve "adult content." Ha ha ha ha...yeah, right. I don't even talk like that to Husband!

What I'd really like to find is something that makes use of my typing skills, and I'd prefer not to do that call center stuff. I mean, I could, but yuck.

Soooo....I'll be checking things out, seeing what's out there.

But to get paid to blog? Weeee!

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October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday!


Birthday greetings to David Lee Roth, who turns (gasp!) 52 today!!!

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In Which Much Is Revealed


We went to Gettysburg!!!!

Husband took a different route, going into WV and then MD, so as soon as we got on to 15 North I knew exactly where we were going. Surprise!!

This was my anniversary gift, because 1) we got engaged ten years ago, on 10/13; 2) we got married nine years ago, on 10/18. It was a great gift! Husband surprised me with where we were staying, as well. He took me and the kids to a bed and breakfast which was wonderful, and I highly recommend that you all stay there when you visit Gettysburg. It's waaay off the beaten path, but not miles outside of town, AND the main part of the house was built in 1805! We got to stay in the old part of the house, and it was nice. We even had a fireplace in our room! The management was very accomodating with the kids, too, as they moved two roll-away beds into the sitting room for us. (We had a suite.) So the kids got their own room.

The weather was gorgeous, but there were waaaaay too many people for my liking. Well, it was a three-day weekend for most. Anyway, due to time restraints, we only hit a few spots, like Cemetery Hill....site of our own "engagement" all those years ago. We also went to Devil's Den and Little Round Top. The picture above is from our visit to the observation tower not far from the Eisenhower farm.

Yeah, it was a good time, and I was happy to be back there. I can't believe how many trees have been cleared out around Devil's Den! I hardly recognized it!

Back to the B&B; every morning there is a history talk before breakfast. Well, this guy has all the accoutrements of a soldier and as he launched into his talk he asked if there were any reenactors in his audience. Of course Husband and I raised our hands. (The speaker is big into reenacting Berdan's Sharpshooters.) So, at certain points, the guy would refer to Husband for a few things, like were there left-handed soldiers? Yeah, but they had to learn to shoot right.

We also got to shoot the guy's Springfield. Ah, it felt like old times with that beauty in my hands. The smell of the black powder...ahhhhhh...

What was really kind of fun was the fact that Husband and I sort of had our own audience during breakfast. Everyone at the table was listening to us answer the questions of a couple from CA. And I passed out bits of trivia, like Custer was born in New Rumley, OH, which is not far from where we live. And the book titles I gave out! I think I overwhelmed that couple a bit.


May I make a request? If visit Gettysburg and stop to see Little Round Top, would you work your way down from the 44th New York monument to visit this marker for Strong Vincent? It's so lonely!


And then pop down the hill a bit to visit Strong, please? I'm sick of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain getting all the credit!

Then, go across the road and find the park marker with the painting of Vincent and Chamberlain. Did you know that my husband, the love of my life, was part of a group that got that paiting made? Yep. And a bit of trivia: that marker for the spot where Vincent was wounded is not the original. The original is back in Erie, because it broke in half!

I've got a couple more bits of trivia about Strong Vincent, but you'll have to e-mail me to find out.

Oh yeah, sorry guys. I know we'd sort of talked about a blogmeet in Gettysburg, but this was a surprise and all...and I didn't have e-mail! But we should meet! If not at G'burg, then somewhere else.

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October 09, 2006

They're OFF!

For the time being, comments are off. I just got back from my weekend surprise trip (of which I'll blog about tomorrow) and spent more time deleting filthy comment spam.

I'm sick and tired of it, so if you read anything and want to comment on it, you can just e-mail me.

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October 07, 2006

A Radical Proposition

This morning I made a radical statment to Husband: let's sell all those Franklin Mint Gone with the Wind dolls on eBay.

And some of the reenacting clothing, as well.

See, I have stuff for Son to wear for reenacting, shoes, clothes and the like, but none of that stuff will fit him anymore, as well as some dresses that I'm too big for. Husband seemed agreeable to that, but wanted to know why I want to get rid of Scarlett and Rhett.

Well, I told him, even once the kids are out of the house, I doubt I'll feel like unpacking all those dolls (and there's a lot) and putting them on display. They just need to be dusted, and lawd knows I don't need anymore dust collecters.

(Pssst...if you happen to know any GWTW fans who want such things, send them my way.)

Hey, it's a chance to make some money.

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"I don't like Spam!!"


Damn spamming bastards are at it again.

I had 22 messages in my inbox this morning, and almost 3/4 of it was comment spam.


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October 06, 2006

"Celebrities in Uniform"

Here's something we only see in history books: Hollywood celebs who joined the military.

The Military Channel will air a show discussing this, appropriately titles Celebrities in Uniform.

Plan to watch!

(I'm sure they won't be talking about Sean Penn. YAY!!!)

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Random Ewan McGregor picture post


Something to soothe the eye after that Travis Barker picture.

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I guess I must really be old. What is it about this man that women find so attractive? Eeeeesh.

Women are actually fighting over this guy. Huh? Good grief, I'd fight to get away from him!

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Clone Wars!

No, the younglings aren't fighting; George Lucas is continuing the Clone Wars animation program!!


Yeah, this is big news around my house.

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October 05, 2006


No, not to me, although if you'd like to donate to me, my hand is always out!

The university I graduated from just called me, looking for a donation for the new science center that's being built. I wasn't aware that the existing one was bad, but yeah, they're putting up a new one.

The chick that called (she couldn't have been older that twenty, the tart) had the nerve to ask me if I remembered the science center!!!

Uh, yeah, dumbass, I do. I had classes there...and I think I threw up behind it on my way home from a fraternity party.

I didn't donate any money, because 1) she pissed me off with that comment; 2) I haven't even been donating to the Republicans lately, so my alma mater isn't seeing a dime from me.

Do I remember the science center...dumbass!

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October 04, 2006

Cake or Death?


Eddie Izzard, my new crush du jour.

Husband doesn't get it; he keeps asking if I'm watching my "Eddie Gizzard" DVD's.

Hey, this guy is a riot. Hello? "Star Wars Canteen?"

And I sat here the other night watching Dress to Kill and just about pissed myself...I was laughing so hard.

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"Make You Feel Old" Picture Post


Adam Ant!

Since 80's music is the new Muzak; I wonder when I'll hear "Stand and Deliver" while shopping at the Kay-Roe-Shay.

P.S. Yes, I liked Adam Ant back in the day!

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October 03, 2006

Truth in Advertising

Finally, a politician who tells the truth!

A clown is running for mayor of a CA town.

Making a mockery of the system? Indeed not! I say this man perfectly represents the system!

And it is California, after all.

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But who will be Booger?!

Say it ain't so: a re-make of Revenge of the Nerds.

No one will be can top the original. Carradine's laugh? Please. And what about Booger?

Let's not forget that pin-up wanna be Ted McGinley!

Hells bells, if they want to film revenge of the nerds they can just film my damn life!

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Say Yes to Yoga


Dave Mustaine, that golden-haired front man of Megadeth, is a yoga devotee.

I wonder if he ties his hair back in a cute ponytail whilst contorting and flexing?

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What a Morning

I love to embarrass my kids. Have you found the fun in that too?

This morning, as per usual, we were waiting at the end of our driveway in La Tahoe, when I decided to put my Beach Boys CD in and play a song. I chose "Dance, Dance, Dance" just for the hell of it, and proceeded to groove.

Son was not amused. Daughter, however, thought I was hysterically funny.

After Son was safely placed on the bus, Daughter and I set off to le Mart de Wal to pick up The Little Mermaid. (I've been barraged about this for the past two weeks, you know.) So, we're sitting at a stop sign when all of a sudden we hear this tremendous bellowing!

In the truck next to us was a calf, bawling his head off. I burst out laughing; it wasn't exactly what I expected to hear on the road.

And once our shopping trip was winding down, I noticed that the song playing on the loudspeaker at Wal-Fart was Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer."

"My gawd," I thought, "is that considered easy listening oldies now?"


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Ewan bares it AGAIN


Swooner Dreamboat is going to star in a movie with another cutie, Hugh Jackman! (Or as I refer to him, Hugh G. Rection)

Anyway, The Tourist starts production on October 13, AND! Ewan McGregor will be NAKED in this one!!!

You know I'll be first in line to see that movie.

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October 02, 2006

Magical Mystery Tour

Husband announced, just out of the blue, that he was going to take us somewhere this weekend. He won't tell me where we're going, except to say that it's West of the East Coast.

That narrows it down, huh?

Seeing as how we'll have the younglings with us, and Husband mentioned we'd be doing a lot of driving, I can't help but wonder if all my talking (and frankly, nagging) about going to Gettysburg paid off.

You see, ten years ago this month, October 13 to be exact, Husband and I got engaged in Gettysburg. Right in front of Evergreen Cemetery. Next to a line of artillery. And right in front of the monument for Weidrich's Battery, an artillery unit out of NY, who we just happened to know of because we knew the unit who portrayed them at reenactments.


No, we weren't in period attire. No, it was at night -- terribly romantic -- and I was, well...I was rather intoxicated -- not so romantic. Well, I couldn't very well let good wine go to waste, could I?

And, in case you were wondering, this picture is from waaaaaay before Husband and I ever got there.

At any rate, I'm excited to see where we'll be going this weekend. It isn't like Husband to be so spontaneous these days.

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Happy Birthday

Today would have been my father's 65th birthday.

Would have been...if he hadn't died ten years ago.

It's funny, my life has obviously gone on, but I still think about my dad everyday. I'm still sad that I never really got to know my father, never got to go to D.C. with him, that he'll never have the chance to see his grandchildren.

But at the same time I'm still really angry at him for not taking better care of himself. He didn't have to die of CHF. If he'd eaten better, exercised, stopped drinking so much...if he'd cared enough about me to take better care of himself.

Is that selfish of me to say that? It isn't all about me, but it shouldn't have been all about him, either. He wanted to feel sorry for himself, and in turn have everyone feel sorry for him too. Divorce isn't easy, but he could have pulled his head out of his arse long enough to see he still had me, even if I had moved out with my mother.

It's moot, at this point, to speculate about my dad, or even to be angry. I'm happy with the way my life has turned out and I've resolved not to be the person my father was.

But, all the same, every October 2 I spend a little more time thinking about my dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad. If there's a plus side to all this, it's that you're not getting those black Gold Toe socks anymore!

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"That's Hollywood"

Last night Husband and I watched The Undefeated, and about five minutes into it, I started griping.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the movie, per se. I LOVE John Wayne, and Rock Hudson is pretty good. No, it wasn't that; I was irritated because this is supposed to be a post-Civil War theme and everything was FARB.

The hair was wrong. The dresses! Eeeesh! And the Confederate uniforms! Not only were they perfectly intact, but they looked about two sizes too small. Merlin Oleson looked like he was in pain!

I remarked to Husband: "Look at that. Farb! Everywhere! FARB!"

"That's Hollywood," he replied.

What? What does "farb" mean. Well, I found a definition here, if you're inclined to find out.

It's a word I learned when I was reenacting and it has stuck with me ever since. I'm no expert when it comes to authentic clothing and such, but I'm no idiot either. (Hello? Bullet bra boobies in the 1860's? Not so much.)

Usually it was a term we ladies used when we saw another lady dressed like Scarlett O'Hara, or as we called them "wedding cakes." Or if we had to "de-farb" our tent, meaning hide all the modern stuff like, um...sleeping bags, contact lens solution, stuff like that.

Farb! Wrong! Like Gone with the Wind! North and South! FARB!!!

And I just re-read this book, which brought all the farb back into focus.

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