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November 21, 2005

Baby aspririn and mortality

Earlier this month I talked about my father passing away. Now my husband has had a scare where his mother is concerned, and I think mortality is slapping him in the face.

Without going into what happened to his mother, I'll just say that she's in the hospital for tests and observation. The problem has been caught early and can be treated, and if she follows the prescribed course she'll be fine. My grandmother had the same problem.

Saturday night, however, when all the siblings-in-law and Husband were upset and worried because their mother wouldn't go to the emergency room, I looked at Husband and said "You know, my father was stubborn too and wouldn't go to the doctor. You know where he is now." That snapped Husband's head up, and I think it sank in.

Like I said, his mother is fine, she should be home today; Husband is up there now.

When I heard what my MIL's problem was, I said "Tell her to take an aspirin" and I think everyone thought I was nuts. But do you know what the hospital is giving her? Baby aspirin. Maybe Groovy isn't so stupid after all!

I told my mother yesterday "Another holiday, another in-law health problem." See, last Christmas my mother and step-father had the unfortunate surprise of finding my step-dad's brother...dead....shot himself in the head. Uh-huh, isn't nice how these things happen and now holidays have a taint to them now?

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