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November 17, 2005

Attention all SUV haters!

La Tahoe is off the road for the next couple days; I took her to the shop this morning and then picked up a rental. Husband called in for it, and he always gets a compact.

That's fine for him, since he already drives a compact car, but for me it's like driving a really zippy golf cart. I feel like my arse is going to get road rash from riding so close to the pavement.

I got a Kia Rio. It's okay, I guess, but there's that whole thing about getting used to being so much lower and smaller, and I keep thinking I'm longer than I really am. Throws off my perception when I'm turning around.

Well, why bitch, as I don't have too much I've got to do in the next few days, and with this tiny turd I'm driving I'll get where I'm going a lot quicker.

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