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November 13, 2005

Chuck E Cheese and Pez

Yesterday was my first foray to Chuck E Cheese, and my last. Son had been invited to a birthday party there, and he and I rode up with another mom and her son. It was a good thing the other mom drove, because the party was in Canton, which is about an hour or so from where we live, and I, of course, had no clue as to how to get there.

I did see the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It isn't that hard to get to.

Anyway, that party made what we had for Son look tame in comparison. I quickly grew to hate Chuck E Cheese. The pizza smelled like vomit. The other mom and I were only too happy to see the presents opened and the cake cut; that meant we could take our leave.

A very tiring and long day.

On an up note, however, we did see some "Go Home Cindy Sheehan" signs. I laughed and laughed and laughed...

This morning Son got into his Star Wars Pez dispensers. Daughter got a hold of one and proceeded to crack Son in the head with it. Great start to a Sunday morning.

I swear, this ear infection is driving me nuts. I'm on meds for it, but I have this urge to shove a Q-Tip into my eardrum and let the goo drip out. I can literally turn a deaf ear on my family!!!

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