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November 06, 2005

True Confession

Anybody see My Fair Brady tonight? Can you believe it???

Okay, yes, the whole thing with Christopher Knight a.k.a. Peter Brady has been like a car wreck for me, I can't not watch it.

And, in my past, I was in a relationship where the guy was older (although not half my age, but older) so I watched this and thought "Oh crap, how in the hell did I get on TV?" Because Adrianne Curry sounds exactly like I did.

I obviously didn't wind up with that guy....

So fine, yes, I've been hooked into that whole "Celebreality" thing.

Anybody watching Breaking Bonaduce? That man has issues...

UPDATE, MONDAY MORNING: Here's a really good summary of last night's My Fair Brady. Yep, it was all just one big hunk of cheese, but hey, don't we all need something truly mindless to watch once in a while???

I'm starting to think Peter Brady is an old wanker, but you be the judge.

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