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November 04, 2005

Not gonna do it!

I am not going to go see Jarhead, I don't care how many reviews I read.

Why? Well, for one, I don't really like Jake Gyllennnnlalalalalhalalalalalalhallallaalala, who really should be called "Jughead," and second, because I would never willingly walk up to a Marine and call him a Jarhead to his face, so I guess I don't care for the title of the movie.

Is is a swipe at the futility of war? Is is a commentary on how un-ready our military is for action? An allusion to the movies (Apocalypse Now) that shaped our collective idea of war?

As to the sexual frustration, well hey people, it isn't only the military folks who get all charged up with nowhere to go. Let me tell you how it is on the civilian side of things!

No, maybe not.

But anyway, not gonna do it. Not gonna see this flick. Nope. I expect there will be those out there (and you know who they are) who will fly into orgasmic fits over this.

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