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October 29, 2005

"I think the devil drives a Coup de Ville..."

Last night was the Joe Nichols concert. We got there justintime, after having a bit of trouble getting to Husband's sister's place over in Pittsburgh. I hate that town. Damn traffic. People do not know how to merge.

Anyway! Pitchers of beer! Chicken and ribs! Cake! Good food, and a nice, small venue, so there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The opening band was a bunch of local guys, with a song I could have sworn was called "Burn You Like a Fryer." The lead singer, my gosh, he's from the Pittsburgh area, and he's all going on with a twangin' country accent. I hate that! If you're not from the South, don't try to act like you are!

They did a medley of cover tunes, and then the lead singer runs backstage to put on a big 'fro wig to sing Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music White Boy." Indeed! I was fine up until they broke into Parliament Funkadelic. With a fiddle. Oh no. No, no, NO!

It was at this point that I gave special attention to the pitcher of Killian's sitting in front of me. Ahhhhh, beer! Mother's Milk!!

On to Joe Nichols, who opened the show with my favorite "Brokenheartsville" and then had us all jump up to sing along with "Cool to be a Fool," another of my favorites. He also did some Merle and Hank Jr. covers, which were awesome!

It was a good time, a great anniversary present, and I'm really glad Husband got the tickets. It was his first country show and he actually liked it! I told him, though, that this in NO WAY means I'm going to start listening to his Pink Floyd. No, no, NO!

"If it was cool to be a fool I'd be the hippest guy around..."

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