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October 27, 2005

And now...the news...

Miers withdrew. Okay. I'm admitting here and now that I haven't been keeping up on that kind of stuff. All I knew about whatshername is that her face had been photoshopped onto Emperor Palpatine, and the resemblance was uncanny. And she wore far too much black eyeliner.

Someone won the World Series. I don't follow sports.

Janet Jackson is denying having a "secret child." Woohoo, next?

Apparently there were a bunch of candlelight vigils last night, held by Moron.org. Yeah, I got a Conservative Alert email yesterday, telling me to go "counter protest." I checked the Moron.org website to see if there were going to be any vigils in my area, just for shits and giggles mind you, and there was one just over the river in Wheeling, WV. Uh-huh, something like 14 people were expected to be there.

I did not go to Wheeling to counter protest. Somehow one of my children being sick was more important and compelled me to keep my ample arse at home.

Rosa Parks passed away this week. Rest In Peace.

My name is being tossed about for Veep of the PTO. Oh yeah, they really need me, not. If elected, I shall immediately go to a secure, unnamed location. And then tell someone "go f*** yourself."

Hector Vex has cereal today. Yummy! Where's my spoon???

Can you tell where my priorities are?

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