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October 21, 2005

We just got home...

...about 10 minutes ago. What a day! As soon as I got home from the PTO meeting, Husband, Daughter and I set out for Pittsburgh. Husband needed to pick something up from work, so we all went. I got to see where he works. Is it strange that in the eight years we've been married I've never really seen where he works? Well, it isn't so strange....if I were to tell you what he does, but I can't, so I won't.

The three of us had a lovely lunch, where Daughter was a very good girl. She was so excited about everything, even washing her hands in the restroom! We went over to IKEA, because I've never been there, and OHMYGOODNESS did Daughter have a good time. Husband and I couch shopped a bit, and Daughter actually climbed into one of the beds on display and covered up. I think if I'd let her she would have taken her nap right there!

I wanted to see if I could find a bed frame for Daughter, but I wasn't really thrilled with what I saw. In the parking lot, however, I saw something that made me laugh out loud. It was a bumper sticker that said: "Friends don't let friends vote Republican." I've seen these before, but I laughed out loud and Husband said, sort of disgusted, "Well, this is Pittsburgh." Yes, yes it was. So there I am, listening to Rush Limbaugh in the parking lot of Radio Shack...

Oh yeah, that PTO meeting. What a crock of crapola. First of all, the president is a complete two-faced fake, and all she cares about is moneymoneymoney. Everything is a money making scheme. The only thing I heard that was in any reference to the kids was a new set of swings the PTO had purchased.

After an hour of this, I had a headache. I just sat there, not saying anything the whole time, and I think some of the women were pissed at me because I didn't sign up to work Santa's Workshop this year. Well, let me ask you, what the hell good would I be if all I'm doing the whole time is chasing Daughter around? Think I'd get anything productive accomplished?

At any rate, spending the afternoon wandering around Pittsburgh with Husband and Daughter more than made up for the morning I had. I'm going to check out my favorite blogs; that should fill the time until I have to get Son off the bus.

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