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October 19, 2005

In the mood

And not a good one, at this point.

I like to get up early, have my coffee, browse the blogs, post something, and this morning I'm in a stew over something I read over at a Lib blog. This blogger comments here sometimes, so I figured I'd wander over there. Well, let's just say she doesn't like Wal-Mart too much.

According to her, and her readers, those that shop at WM are basically drooling morons. Oh, really? Thanks so much for lumping us all together! What kills me is, most of the people who commented are young and single, so they probably have no clue about buying diapers and formula.

I have a family, we are on a budget, and WM is one of the best places for me to shop for my family. I have done the comparisons, price-wise, and I can get more for my money there. I've spoken to several other mothers who shop there because "Kroger is too expensive." And I will be damned if I'll go the mall to buy boots for my kids, who outgrow them within months!

Now, I will admit that there are some less than brainy people that shop there, but I like to get there really early in the morning to avoid those crowds.

But tell me, please, where else should I buy winter boots for my growing son, great big boxes of diapers for my daughter, and huge big bags of frozen veggies to feed my family? Hmmm? And their meat department is far better than Kroger's.

And I suppose, but that other blogger's standards, my parents are also idiots for utilizing WM and Sam's Club to buy cat food for all the cats they humanely take care of, gallons of distilled water that they drink and cook with because their city water has flouride in it, and the meat that they buy in bulk and freeze so they don't have to keep running out to the store once a week. Hmmm...and my step-father is retiring soon...budget...hey, those morons!


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