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October 17, 2005

A moment in motherhood

We tell our kids not to do something, and then they go and do that forbidden thing and WHAMMO! They get hurt.

I have told Son time and again not to jump on the bed. But, in his six year old mind, he's right and I'm just wrongwrongwrong, so jump he does. Well, it's fortunate for him that Daughter's bed isn't that high off the floor (mattress and box springs on the floor, until she gets used to a big kid bed). Son comes home from school, isn't even home 10 minutes and BOOM! He fell flat on his back and knocked the wind out of himself, all because he was jumping on the bed.

He runs out, shaking, he can't breathe, I panic, Husband scoops Son up and calmly tries to figure out what's going on, and yells at me to stop screaming. Well, excuse the feck out of me, but when my child is red-faced, shaking, and his eyes are bulging out of his head, what the hell else would I do?

Once it was determined that Son had indeed been jumping off the bed, I saw red. You moms know what I mean. We warn and scold, with visions of this exact thing happening, and when it does we don't know whether to comfort or spank them. I opted to scream some more, shaking my motherfinger at him. I told him that if he ever jumps on the g-damn bed again, I'll knock more than the wind out of him.

Oh, I was so mad.

I calmed down, Son is fine; he managed to get his homework done and ate all his supper. I, on the other hand, feel guilty about getting so upset with him.

Don't jump on the bed!!!

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