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October 16, 2005

Kid Overload

I hate it when Husband works on the weekend. Thankfully, this only happens once a month, but still, I start to feel like I'm suffering from kid overload.

It isn't even that I want to dump the kids off on him, it's just nice to have another person around to share the fun, know what I mean?

I'm sorting of freaking out right now, as Daughter is, um...well, she's sort of...er...red in her "female region." I don't know if this is just a rash from normal body functions (nudge nudge) or if she has a feminine complaint. She seems to act like going #1 hurts, so I'm just going from there. It's hard to get a two year old to describe symptoms.

It's Sunday morning, do I freak out completely and call the doc? I'd feel like a dork if I run her in to the hospital only to be told it's diaper rash, but what if it isn't?

Better to play it safe, I think. But it would be nice if Husband was here to calm me down a bit.

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