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October 06, 2005

My kids are cute

This morning I went into Son's room to wake him up, and in the fuzzy morning light he looked like his little baby self again. He stretched and yawned, clutching his little Clifford dog, or as we refer to it, "Pup," and for just that brief bit of time, he wasn't my big six year old, he was my little snuggy huggy boy again. It was as if he'd morphed back three years or so, gotten back those round apple cheeks and the soft blonde hair.


On the way home from the car wash this morning, Daughter raised a stink when I changed the radio channel; she wanted to hear Toby Keith! I glanced back, and there she was, bopping up and down, shaking her blonde curls in time to "As Good As I Once Was." That's my girl!

See? My kids are cute!

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