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October 05, 2005


I had mentioned in a post yesterday that I'd been asking some questions about teaching. Now that I have a kid in public school, I have a lot of questions about just how and what he's learning.

Let me state here and now that I don't knowThing One about No Child Left Behind. Call me a bad, lax Republican, but I just never followed that whole thing. Now I wish I had, as I'm not liking what I'm seeing.

I'm getting the distinct impression that teachers are teaching to the proficiency tests and only stressing about the results because their jobs are on the line. I'm all for teacher accountability, but what about our kids? What about those students who have learning disabilities? Not every kid "gets it" the first time out, there are those students who need extra attention, aides...

I read the budget that our school district made public. Essentially, I walked away thinking that cuts are being made because the district needs to keep up with the cost of health insurance bennies. That is another can of worms entirely, as health care costs are skyrocketing...and I happen to know an individual who is not paying the bills for his wife's hospitalization...and it's people like that who make it a pain in the ass for the rest of it...but that's only part of the problem.

Anyway, students are suffering! My son is being taught to read by memorization! What happened to Phonics?

I have no problem being a part of Son's education, helping with his homework, knowing what's going on...God knows Husband doesn't pay attention...but when I have to practially re-teach at home I get a bit worried. I have other moms wanting me to get my elementary certification so I can teach their kids!

Now, while I'd love to chat about this further (and thanks to Jessica for the great comments and conversation on this subject), I have to go pull out the Hooked on Phonics that my parents so thoughtfully purchased for me so I can teach Son how to read the proper way.

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