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October 04, 2005

It's the Stupid, Little Things...

...that make me wonder just where I stand with Husband.

Last night, as we were having supper, he asked if the next time I get mayo or Miracle Whip I could get the squeeze bottles.

"It's just easier, like ketchup," he told me.

I looked at him and asked what the hell is wrong with spreading it with a knife, like we've been for the entire time we've been married.

"It's just easier."

"No, it's because that's what your mother uses, and having spent the weekend with Mummy you now think we should squeeze out our mayo."

Uh-huh, because Mummy does it, that's the way we should do it. What a crock of hooey.

Getting right down to it, this is a pretty petty thing to get pissy about, but it makes me wonder just where I stand in this marriage. We've been married for almost eight years, and all of a sudden jamming a knife in a jar of mayo and slopping it on bread isn't good enough.

What the feck?! I suppose now I should....well, start acting like his mother. No feckin' way!

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