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September 27, 2005

What's in a name?

I'm sure I've mentioned before how we have quite an assortment of wildlife here at Groovy-ville. Well, lately we've taken to naming some of the wildlife, and the names we've chosen make me chuckle.

We have a couple woodchucks that like to hang out in front of our house and eat the acorns that fall off the trees. We've named the fattest one "Michael Moore," because he is so fat and has a nasty looking little tail, much like the real Moore is fat with a nasty little mustache. The second fattest has been dubbed "Cindy Sheehan," mostly because she is here all the time and has become quite a pain in the ass, much like the real Sheehan.

Did you know woodchucks can climb trees? Yep, the other morning "Cindy" scrambled up one of our trees - something must have frightened her. I told Husband "She probably knows we're Republicans!" Haw haw.

Our next character is a stray cat that likes to hang out and scare off the fox family. We've named the cat "Bill Clinton," because, well, he's a tom cat who pops up when we least expect it and don't want him. Need I say more? Damn cat, we trapped him once and drove out to another farm to let him go (trying to be humane, you know) and the bastard came back! He eats the food we put out for the fox, and we like the fox family. Old Bill comes up and scares off the animals we do want hanging around. Bastard cat.

Do I have to explain why I'm going to get my rifle with the scope from my mother?

And hey, if the skunk ever come back, I just may call them "Ray Nagin" and "Ted Kennedy."

Hee hee hee...

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