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September 23, 2005

To The Parents...

Okay parents out there, I've got a situation for you!

I'm sitting on a bench watching a bunch of kids play (I'm the only adult present) and I notice your kid doing something that could really hurt him or her, so I tell that child to get down, knock it off, stop! Am I being responsible in looking out for your child, or am I out of line?

This happened last night at Family Fun Night (or Crock of Crap as I call it) and I saw a little boy climb on top of playground equipment and stand up. If he had fallen, he would have least broken an arm or leg. I told him to get down! (He also happens to be the child of my son's teacher...) Do you know what that little brat said to me?

"You're not a teacher, you're not the boss of us."

I told him no, but I'm a mother and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Little brat child. Fine! Break your damn neck, see if I care!


Anyway, back to Crock of Crap. Yeah, loads of fun that was, sitting alone watching my son play alone. Oh, some of his classmates played with him for a while, but for the most part no one played with him, and I sat alone on a damn bench watching him play. I finally said let's go home, as Son managed to get filthy and sweaty, and he wouldn't eat those pale, flaccid boiled hot dogs. Ugh...

Funny, these kids won't play with him on the playground, but they sure are lining up to come to his birthday party tomorrow!

Am I in a bit of a bad mood? Yes, yes I am. Remember Upset Mother? Well, she's still upset...constantly upset would be a better term. I just want to tell her ease up a bit, settle down, and if she has this much of a problem with the way things are done, put her kid in another school! It isn't like she doesn't have options. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it! I'm not exactly thrilled with the school district, but Son is doing well; I'm giving it some time, but I'm also looking into private schools.

Oh well.

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