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August 31, 2005

Diaper Rash Proves Fatal

Did you know that diaper rash can get so bad that a child can die?

I would have never thought of this either, if it hadn't been for this story out of the Pittsburgh area. This mother's child had diaper rash so bad that he died!

Now, in reading this article I noticed that the father of this child had been deployed to Iraq and the defense attorney made a big deal out of that. Call me crazy, but what does this have to do with it? If the mom needed diaper rash cream, just head over to Tractor Supply and get some Bag Balm. Seriously, in those rare instances when my kids had butt trouble I slapped that on and it cleared right up.

But here's the bigger issue: didn't this woman know how to, I don't know, CHANGE A DIAPER? Anything wrong with her ability to at least get a warm, wet washcloth and cleanse this child's rear end?

That whole "my husband is deployed" angle is asinine. Yes, it's hard to deal with all the family things alone, but give me a break, changing a diaper is not brain surgery.

As to her "maturity level," that's a crock of hooey too.

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