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August 31, 2005

I was thinking...

You know I "adopted" a soldier through Soldiers Angels; I've written to him and I actually heard back from him, which was great news to both me and my mentor.

But I got to wondering about those out there who've also decided to write to soldiers, airmen, sailors...those who oppose this war, oppose the President, so on and so forth. What are they saying in their letters?

I just wonder, I'm not being critical of the, um...er..."opposition" I guess I'll call them. I know their intentions are good, they just want to make someone overseas feel better, but I'm curious as to the content of their correspondence.

I shouldn't throw stones, I shouldn't even ponder this. My first e-mail to my soldier was pretty lame, just an introductory kind of thing, the whole "you tell me what you want to talk about" thing. Believe it or not I didn't jump up and wave the flag, but I did tell him that I respect him for what he's doing...I know he can't tell me where he is or what he does and I didn't even ask. I figure this guy would rather hear about stuff other than the MSM or what my political standing is.


I have a headache.

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