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August 30, 2005

Out to Destroy

This picture just about sums up my attitude today. I'm cleaning the house (actually taking a break right now) and sputtering the whole time.

Why why WHY is it that Husband gets his damn whiskers all over the bathroom sink?

Why won't Son figure out how to aim that gun when he's going to the bathroom?

Why is Daughter determined to follow me everywhere, and then run around with her potty on her head?

I hate cleaning the house.

Is it too soon to teach Son how to clean his toilet?

The remnants of Katrina are hitting us, which means rainrainrain. This does nothing to improve my mood, as my sinuses are now on overdrive...which for some reason makes me sick to my stomach...and tired...I just want to go back to bed. My head hurts so bad; I feel like if I bend over my eyeballs will fall out of my head...like eggs...ooey gooey...ugh.

(And, you know, I have such a thing for Anakin Skywalker I just had to post this picture.)

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