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August 26, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Well here's a bit of good news: today one of the other moms called me and we talked for almost three hours about the school district our kids are in, the teachers, the "pencil rule" our sons' teacher has instituted...we just gabbed and gabbed.

I think we're both concerned about the same things as far as the school district, and after talking to her I'm worried and giving serious thought to putting the kids in a different school. It's that or I run for school board...and no one wants to have GroovyVic in a position of powwah. Trust me. Looks like I'll be going to the school board meetings this year!

It also made me think that maybe I should dust off my teaching certificate and get my butt back in the classroom...on both sides of a desk. I could get my Masters and really kick some butt.

Who knows?

Husband came home really early from work today. I was surprised, pleasantly so, and right now it's all rainy, and we're here together...it's like we're the damn Waltons or something.

I had to stop myself from starting another blog today. I got myself in a tizzy because the original intent of this blog has fallen by the wayside because I've got some rather vocal readers from the other side who never hesitate to try to tear me a new one. While I wanted to blog about politics, I've found that I get easily frustrated with these damn comment arguments; and while I love to write I keep hearing that one little weenie guy saying over and over in my head "Any idiot can have a blog" and I just say FUCK IT.

Yes, I dropped an F-bomb.

But I got sick of all the harping, so I'm leaving the bulk of the political stuff to my co-hort Randolph Dudetooth. I also tried to coax someone else into contributing, but I don't think he's read this here blog thing yet...I spy on you all with SiteMeter, so I know who's reading when.


Oh yeah, as for indulging my writing passion, I'm sticking to old-fashioned pen and paper. No need to inflict that kind of punishment on you all.

Goodnight JohnBoy....goodnight MaryEllen...goodnight Erin...

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