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August 25, 2005

It's disgusting...

It's disgusts me to know that this year's incoming Freshmen at colleges were born in 1987.

Last night on NBC Nightly News (yeah, one of the rare times I watch televised news of any sort) they had a story on the class of 2009. We hear this stuff every fall, when these kids were born, how they've always had VCR's, cable or satellite TV, MTV. (By the way, do you remember MTV? Music Television? When they actually showed music videos? )

Anyway, it isn't that these kids don't know who Jackie Gleason is (I do) or can't remember a President past Bush 41 or (ugh) BillyJeff. (BTW, I remember back to Gerald Ford.) It's the fact that these snot noses (ha ha) were born when I was 17 years old.

I looked at my husband and said "Holy crap, when did I get so old?" It has gotten to the point where I actually hear myself saying "When I was your age." And I'm only 35! I'm stunned because most of the time I still feel like I'm 18. It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman at college! (I was so nervous I broke out in hives.)

This thought rattled around in my head most of the night...right up until I fell asleep on the couch...at 9:00 last night...and missed Mythbusters.

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