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August 24, 2005

Getting Ready

It's the day before the First Day of School, and we've got to get that backpack ready to go. You know, make sure we have all the required school supplies, everything has Son's name on it...then we have to go through "The Battle of the Clothes," laying out what Son wants to wear...and then pack that new dinosaur lunch box.

I try to let Son make the decisions regarding a few things, so we fight less. But I fear the biggest fight will come at 8 p.m. tonight when he'll have to go to bed. He's so used to staying up later to play Star Wars that he may get the D.T.'s or something.


Pat Robertson is a wanker.


There isn't anything else to move on to right now! I promised Son a "last day of vacation" lunch up at Burper King...I've got to dig that Scooby backpack out of Son's closet and find the pencils...

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