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August 17, 2005

"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair..."

Well, actually, it's only the County Fair, but I can't think of any songs about a county fair right now.

So, we took the younglings last night and had a pretty good time. We didn't go on any of those rides, mainly because we didn't have enough $$$, nor did we indulge in any "fair food" for the same reason. (Although I would have killed for funnel cake!) As it was, Husband and I wound up eating most of the younglings' corn dogs (blech) and people watching (blech).

We probably had the most fun looking at the antique tractors and farm implements and touring the livestock barns. The kids went nuts over all the animals...and Daughter was so excited about the rabbits! It was cute. It was her first time at a fair...

As we were on our way out, Husband pointed out a Democrat Headquarters booth. We looked at each other with mischief in our eyes, but didn't do or say anything. I did say "Hey, let's go see if they try to register us to vote!" but common sense got the better of me.

See, I can keep my mouth shut....some times!

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