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August 16, 2005

Doing Something...

Yes, GroovyVic is going to get off the couch and actually start getting involved. After talking to some of the mothers with kids in school with Son, I've decided to start going to school board meetings. I need to see for myself what all these other parents are complaining about, especially where this levy business is concerned. I need to get involved. Perhaps I'll even join up with the PTO again, who knows.

Then, I just read somewhere about Reform Ohio Now. I've bookmarked this page, I need to look into it when I get more time, but perhaps I'll get involved with that too. Just getting on here and ranting and raving isn't doing me any good, and I need to look at what's going on closer to home before I complain about the country as a whole. I admit that when I lived in PA I was very interested in the state's goings on, but since moving to OH I've slacked off a bit.

And I started something new last night, but as it has to do with church I won't go into it here. Suffice to say, I'm going to make an effort to get more involved there too.

Add to this the "big dinner" Friday night for Husband's work. I'm no "social butterfly" these days, but I can get out and mingle, and part of said mingling is to get Husband out there too. He's one of those "stand in the corner" kind of guys, and I keep telling him to get out there and get some positive name and face recognition. Schmooze!! So, clad in my new sexy red dress, I shall do my best to get Husband remembered. But, sadly, I'm not going to talk about this here blog stuff; Husband says I'm like a politician when it comes to this!

And if a decent picture is taken of me in said ensemble, I just may post it for you all to see.

So, feeling good about my decisions, I'll go now.

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