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August 09, 2005


Brace yourselves, SUV haters. I'm getting fed up with La Tahoe!

It all started this morning when I had to drive past about five different gas stations just to find a place I could afford. Two stations were up to $2.46/gallon! Anyway, finally found a more reasonable station and filled up my budgeted $30. Yes, and it didn't even fill the tank, but I'm used to that.

So, after running errands, I look at the gas gauge only to see how much fuel has been sucked up, and needless to say I was not happy. So I get to thinking mutinous thoughts about going and looking for something different, maybe even a (gasp!) Toyota or Honda. I can hear my mother now, bitching at me about buying a "Jap job." (I can hear you all now, "You are a 35 year old married woman, stop letting your mother bug you." If only it were that easy...)

Don't get me wrong, I love the whole "SUV" factor, and given the region I live in, the four-wheel drive is almost a must have; I need it just to get up my driveway in the winter time.

So this leaves me in a thoughtful mood. I love La Tahoe, I bought it brand new with my own money, no loans or anything, and if I wanted to I could attach all kinds of sentiment to it: it took Husband and I on our honeymoon, many reenactments, we brought our kids home from the hospital in it...but in the end I know it is just an automobile!

I got the thing primarily because I didn't want a mini-van, I needed the four-wheel drive to get back and forth to work...and it is handy with kids and all. But this whole gas thing has me so pissed off right about now.

Any suggestions? What ever I get, if I do get anything, it has to be red.

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