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August 07, 2005


I'm suprised I haven't seen anything about this over at any of the other blogs I read regularly, but it is Sunday...and I haven't been over to any of the Left's blogs yet and also didn't watch the Nightly News. I'm sure the Left is cheering for this woman, and I can't say I blame this woman for being angry. If it were my son or husband, you can lay money on me getting really, really upset, no matter who the president is. (I have been known to fly off the handle with Husband's bosses as it is...)

And yes, I realize that I'm linking a CNN article about this (at least I'm utilizing Google News...take note of that) but what really concerns me about this is that I read an Al-Jazeera article about this! Why does it bother me that this network also has a story on their website about this? Oh sure, anything that will put Bush in a negative light, but call me nutso if I just don't see Al-Jazeera in the most favorable way.

UPDATE: This comes from Confederate Yankee. I'm glad I read his perspective on this... Let me clarify my above post by saying that I wouldn't go broadcasting my anger and sadness to the media...I can agree with her emotions but not her motives. My biggest problem with the news coverage was that Al-Jazeera had gotten in the game too.

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