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August 04, 2005

I'm Weighing In

I may be a Christian, but I'm a woman first, and I find the whole idea of pharmacists refusing to fill scrips for birth control completely asinine.

I don't really give a small rat's rear what my pharmacist's religious beliefs are, my meds are between me and my doctor, right? I heard, on talk radio, the argument that if a pharmacy is small, independently owned, that that pharmacist can make the decision whether or not to stock OTC birth control devices and fill scrips for the Pill and so forth. I suppose that would be within his or her rights, but where do they get off making moral calls for the rest of us?

Look, I'm not going to sit here and say that because I go to church and all that that I'm some kind of angel. I've had to get "bc" and I've bought condoms and all that. (Hey, got to be safe, right?) Does that make me any less of a Christian because I took responsibility for my health and my body?

I do know there are hospitals who won't perform tubal ligations for women, which to me is just ridiculous. A woman who wants to have a C-section and tubal has to go to a different hospital. (I know someone who had to do this.) And now druggists won't fill scrips for the Pill? Explain to me how this is "ending a life." I was under the impression it prevented a life, and in the long run prevented a lot of unwanted kids, poverty, welfare....basic government dependency.

Or maybe I'm missing the point, I don't know, but the whole idea that some asshat can make a moral judgement call for me just pisses me off. Of course, after Daughter was born Husband got his "doorbells disconnected" so the whole bc issue doesn't directly bother me.

Dammit! I'm sorry, but these "conservative religious" jackasses give people like me a bad name. Seriously!

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