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August 02, 2005

The Anti-Blog

I'm in a mood today, won't go into details because I'd just sound like a big whiner (what else is new), but suffice to say I'm at that stage of blogging where I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing here, and my aspirations of ever writing anything anyone will like are down the crapper.

Blah blah blah...

Husband is home today, he got a tooth pulled yesterday and he's still feeling a bit woozy. It was a tooth that was basically dead anyway (root canal) but he said the oral surgeon had to use a hammer and chisel to get one of the roots out. Yuck, no wonder he stayed home today. The doc gave him a scrip for Vicodin...I told Husband NOT to take it, as I had a very close friend become addicted to it, but Hubby seems to have everything under control.

Otherwise, I'm trying to get back into a "news groove." It isn't easy, especially with Son home from school, he always wants to play Star Wars on the PlayStation. Here's an oldie but a goodie, Son informed me that he doesn't want to go back to school! And so it begins....all you parents that have had to deal with this please feel free to pass out the advice on this one. I mean, do I just say "get on the damn bus and shut up"?

Well, I'm going now, because I have nothing to say (as usual), and I need to get Son dressed to go to camp. He is so excited about it; the junior college has a "college camp" every summer, and Son started yesterday and loves it.

Besides, right now he's encouraging Daughter to say things like "hi butt!" and "hi poopy!" Yeah, the fun never ends in the Groovy household.

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