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August 01, 2005

Weekend Update

Before I launch into the description of my weekend, let me say first that I didn't expect the kind of feedback about "Hot Repbulican Guys" that I got. Oh, sure, it wasn't like I got a million comments, but just the ones that I got surprised me. Once again, the politics of actors, singers, what ever, don't bug me that much (but I have always thought that Green Day stinks and I've never liked Ben Asslick). We'll see what comes out of the suggestions, thanks for them.

And BTW, like I said to one of the commenters, I can be a "hot" Republican woman too...but I digress.

THE WEEKEND! Well, we went to my in-laws first, and it wasn't that bad. The sister-in-law from hell had other plans so she and her kids weren't a problem, but the were discussed. Son and Daughter played and had fun...it really wasn't bad except for one thing: instant coffee! Blech...ugh...blahhhhhh...next time Mr. Coffee is making the trip with me.

As for my mother, well, I wasn't in the house 10 minutes and she started in on me about seeing the kids. I just blew up, I told her roads go both ways, I'm sick of being the one who has to haul ass all the time, and she'd just better stifle it. I was hot and tired and I needed to shower, and she starts in on me. And I'd only had instant coffee...GroovyVic was NOT in a good mood.

My step-father was nice enough to check out the Tahoe for me, and he got me under the hood to check some stuff out. Seriously folks, I should go to auto mechanic school, the people down here don't know what they're doing. Anyway, my step-dad and I also got into a political discussion; he's a Republican too, but he went on and on about how Bush knows nothing about Social Security, Arlen Specter needs to go, Rick Santorum won't win in '06, Casey Jr. is no good...all stuff I basically knew, but I told him that honestly I'm SO uninformed these days it isn't funny...but we had a good time bitching about John McCain and Kelo and the mayor of Erie. And my mom had gotten me some sponge candy, yummy, so I cleaned that up.

I went out to my friend Cowboy Boot's house Saturday night. She was having a birthday party for two of her kids. Cowboy Boots told her sister that I had a blog and that she'd been able to sit down to read some of it. I could just hear his sister thinking "WTF?" as most people do, but I just said, "Oh yeah, people come over to read it, but I don't talk about politics that much anymore." Anyway, I had two beers and was back at my mom's house by 11:30 p.m. I was just too tired.

I forgot to mention that my parents took the kids to ToysRUs and just let them have at it. Well, okay, that can be for birthday and Christmas, plus I was able to scope out what I can get for the kids.

We got home last night (Sunday) and I was so tired and bitchy that I figured I'd better not post anything. As it was I got really snotty when I commented about the Republican guys.

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