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July 26, 2005

Time Out for a Bitch Session

Okay, I know you're all just dying to know how the last 24 or so hours have gone...well, pour yourselves a strong libation and settle in.

I had planned to do a lot of cleaning yesterday, and at least got both bathrooms scrubbed and disinfected. Husband emailed me that the fridge felt warm, so I track down a repair place and lied about not having a second fridge. (Our old one is in the basement, we keep all the beer in it...) So, I figured, better not vacuum or try to get the kitchen mopped, because repair guys rarely take their shoes off, and the kitchen floor would get messed up anyway. I was right about that. It turns out that my one year old fridge had a bum defroster or something, a very small part, that cost me $92, and that included labor. Not bad, but still, the appliance wasn't that old, and I figured why get the extended warranty? So much for that "Maytage never needs a repairman" myth. Bunch of hooey.

I also had to call the garage because Tahoe is still idling rough, and making a noise. That made me really mad, especially after what I paid for that new fuel pump.

So, a storm blows through, and the power goes out! I was not happy, as the fridge only had about two hours to really run well and cool off, and then BOOM! So, it got hot without the A/C, we ate pb&j for supper and then hustled the kids off to bed at 8 p.m. A neighborhood dog that had been hanging out around here showed up about then, and proceeded to camp out in front of our house under some trees. Then it howled. It was like a sick cow or a dying person moaning. Creepy, and annoying. That damn mutt did this about every hour or so, until Husband got up around 3 a.m. to scare it off. Yep, went out in his skivvies and shooed Fido away. Oh yeah, and still no power at this time. Our phones were out too! (BTW, Son was really freaked out by that howling...)

I had to take the kids to McD's (house of fat) for breakfast, and then came back to harass the power company. We had phones back by then; I called the power folks and was told that the ETA for electric power restoration was midnight July 27. Oh HELL NO I said. I called a hotel to reserve a room.

To make this story a bit shorter, once I got done with the Tahoe business I called the house on my cell and the answering machine picked up, which told me we had power again. Got home, canceled the hotel, and that was that. I'm sitting here now with a big cup of coffee, which I've been craving all day. That crap McD's peddles shouldn't be called coffee...

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