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July 20, 2005

Potty Singing

While I was making my way to the tanning beds this afternoon (yes, I know the risks and I don't care), I heard part of Jessica Simpson's "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" and my stars, what the hell was it?

Now, is it just me or does Ms. Simpson (and Ms. Spears for that matter) sound like she's on the toilet? It seems an effort for them to get the words out. Listen to them sometime! Use your imagination!

And what the hell was that "Come on, Willie" crap in that song? Now Willie Nelson is being dragged into this? Yes, I know, he's playing Uncle Jesse in the movie, I know all that, but still! And she took a great Nancy Sinatra song and ruined it! (And a Dodge Charger...)

If anyone out there actually goes to see this movie, let me know. I probably won't even rent the DVD, as for me, The Duke Boys will always be John Schneider and Tom Wopat. And Burt Reynolds will always be The Bandit, not Boss Hogg!

My god, now I hear a big screen version of Dallas is in the works. Is nothing sacred anymore?

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