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July 19, 2005

I Concur

I got this quote from Straka this morning:

"...and while freedom of speech is one of the benefits of our great country, when one makes his living by selling to both sides of the aisle, it might be better to keep one's politics to one's self."

Straka was referring to a Mellencamp/Fogarty concert he'd attended, and that both performers had been pretty vocal about their political choices back in the months leading up to November.

Now, hey, I think it's great that some celebrities are up on current events. I'm glad they're not all like Paris Hilton, that they care enough about their nation to know what's going on. But come on, give me a break. When I turn on the radio or read a book, I don't really want to hear one's political views. I'll turn on Rush or Hannity for that. I don't care, really, if Travis Tritt is a Republican. So what? I like his music. Same for Toby Keith, who is a conservative Democrat. I like the music.

And as for Bruce Springsteeen, John Booger Mellenballs, Jon Bon Jovi, basically the entire West coast...I GET IT!!! You don't like Bush! Okay! You're liberal! You're a Democrat! I hear you! Now shut up and sing, or "act," or write another book...if I want political commentary I'll look to my favorite bloggers.

I'm in a bit of a bitchy mood right now, can you tell?

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