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July 14, 2005

I was just wondering...

Last night, as I was reading some of my favorite blogs and going to the links and all that, I got to wondering if anyone ever gets really tired of being argumentative. And when I say "anyone" I mean those in the MSM and D.C., not my fellow bloggers!

I mean, look, I've been defensive and argumentative and a downright a*hole, and not always about my politics (ask Husband), and frankly, after a while I just got tired! I had headaches and my acid reflux was in full flame...I'm surprised I don't have a big burn hole in my chest.

What I mean is, do you think Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Rick Santorum or any of those folks in D.C. go home at night and pop about four Tylenol or eat Rolaids? Do you think Teddy Kennedy sits in his chair at night and just says "I'm so damn tired of this crap."

I think what they'd all really like to do, but obviously can't, is just open a can of whoop-ass on each other, bitch slap and just say "Santorum, you cocksucker!" or "Pelosi, you c***!"

Trust me, if I was over there, I'd be tempted to...I even have a few choice names for some on the Right, believe it or not, starting with that old wrinkled Rumsfeld.

Hmmm...yeah, I've got NO life, sitting here wondering if our representatives ever feel like just calling someone out, or if they just rub their temples at night, sighing.

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