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July 12, 2005

Could be pretty light today

It's a good thing I posted a bunch yesterday, because today looks to be pretty light. Damn network again, do not get me started on how fed up I am with Husband's bright idea and how it craps out at least once a week. But I was in a bad mood last night anyway, and when he asked me if I'd seen the weather report I just blew up. That straw broke this back.

Anyway, I was going to say that I actually watched NBC Nightly Crybaby News last night. Well, some of it, I fell asleep after the first story, then woke up in time to see the story about the new baby panda at the D.C. zoo...Brian Williams kept saying "everyone, Left and Right, is excited about this!" Okay, given the fact that pandas born in captivity don't usually make it, I can see how folks would be happy, but Williams kept going back to that whole "non-partisan" thing, which was really trite. But then, throughout most of that report I was trying to shut the kids up, so I didn't get to hear too much of anything.

But that's just my observation.

So, hey, ordered the party supplies for Son's birthday party. It won't be until September, but seeing as how anything Star Wars is flying off shelves, I figured I'd better get that stuff now. I even went so far as to get Star Wars cookbooks (wookie cookies, Pickle Jar Jar, Yoda Soda) so that the kids can have theme food. Well, Son really wanted a birthday party, he's into SW to the point of obsession (he hums the "Darth Vader" music constantly) so what the heck. It won't cost me all that much money, and he's never had a party before, at least not one with his school friends.

Daughter, who also has a September birthday, will have a Dragon Tales party, but said "party" will only be the family unit.

Gosh, I hate not being able to blog on my laptop. I don't have any of my resources and other blogs bookmarked down here. At least I'm getting the laundry done while I'm down here.

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