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July 05, 2005


Husband got the network up and running again, so I'm back at my beloved laptop. I feel like I've been in isolation or something, not being able to read my favorite blogs and what not. Now I don't have to sit in the basement...

Sister called last night to see how we were doing and what not. I told her all is well, Son's foot is fine, all the slivers he got are starting to look gross and work their way out. (If anyone has a better way of getting them out of his foot, let me know.) We chatted about this and that, and she asked me what I thought of the tidbit my niece dropped, in that the kids she babysits don't brush their teeth or wear bibs. Niece said it sucked to feed those kids because they always have to get clean clothes after dinner. Sister was amazed that I was so on-the-spot about putting a bib on Daughter.

Not that it would be a big deal to a normal person, but to me this counts as Sister taking notice of the fact that, yes, I do take care of the kids, making sure their teeth are brushed, bibs are on and so on. Son doesn't need a bib, for heaven's sake, but you know what I mean.

Sister was also very impressed with Son's knowledge of dinosaurs and Star Wars. The entire weekend was spent with Son swinging a wiffle bat around pretending Niece was either Padme or Chewie...

Since the laptop wasn't useable, and I hate sitting in the basement, I grabbed a book off my growing bedside stack and dove in. The latest selection is "Mornings on Horseback" by David McCullough. I'm a big Theodore Roosevelt fan, soooooo...I'm looking forward to reading more of this one.

Regular readers should feel lucky that I wasn't able to do more blogging in the past couple of days. I was all wound up this morning about something and was ready to vent, but again, didn't feel like sitting in the basement. So you were all spared listening to me with my panties in a twist.

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