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July 02, 2005

Saturday Afternoon

So, here I am at my sister's house. I'm exhausted, I think my entire family unit is, after that drive yesterday, and I don't think any of us slept very well. Son has had a particularly bad day, as he would not, would not get into the pool with either my sister, niece, or myself. Then he got three slivers from the deck. Okay, Sister and I got those out...then about 10 minutes later he got up and sliced his foot open and got about half a dozen more slivers!!

Needless to say, he screamed, and Sister and I rushed him into the house to try to get his foot taken care of. Husband came in and managed to get a few out, but not all of them. Oh well, try again later I suppose. That poor kid...he pretty much collapsed into bed to take a nap.

Oh yeah, I got in the pool and swam. And I got Daughter into her little swim suit and carried her around in the water.

We're heading back home tomorrow, whereupon we have to return the rental car we had to get because my SUV has a bum fuel pump. Oh well, at least we got to drive a brand new car!

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