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June 29, 2005

Sitting in the basement

For whatever reason, the network thing isn't working, and I can't get on the Internet upstairs with my laptop, so I have to come down to the basement and try to check things on this here desktop computer. I can't explain exactly why the network isn't working, I guess I don't understand, but here I am in the basement, listening to the washing machine churning.

I can hear the kids upstairs yelling at each other, which is another reason I don't like working down here. I'll wait until Daughter takes her nap; I'll slap the L'Oreal on my hair and come down to read all those blogs I have to read on a daily basis.

I hope Husband gets this network thing figured out, or at least enables my laptop to connect to the Internet without the network. I need to post that "Hot Guy" stuff tomorrow, as I won't be home on Friday to do that.

This is a boring blog post today, and I can hear the kids tearing into each other, so I'd better wrap this one up.

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